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Giving Baby Nova Up For Adoption Prank | The Prince Family
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Jun 6, 2019




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Comments 26 917
THE PRINCE FAMILY 7 months ago
Sylvia Bussey
Sylvia Bussey 23 days ago
Brenda Hollis
Brenda Hollis 2 months ago
Team Binica Defely
Pam Beasley
Pam Beasley 2 months ago
Bianca. I would do the same
Jaylea Kloppers
Jaylea Kloppers 2 months ago
Team Biannca
essence rodgers
essence rodgers 2 months ago
Team Damien
- JustViolet -
- JustViolet - 2 days ago
This is the worst thing to do to a mother..
Menyon Brittain
Menyon Brittain 2 days ago
Team B always
Menyon Brittain
Menyon Brittain 2 days ago
You wrong for that
Dahlia Johnson
Dahlia Johnson 2 days ago
Respect to Damion friend he did a fantastic job πŸ’―
Teresa Graham
Teresa Graham 2 days ago
Bianca all i got to say is your baby is adorable
Teresa Graham
Teresa Graham 2 days ago
Bianca I bet that was the worst day of your life.
Jonathan SHAW
Jonathan SHAW 2 days ago
I love you but you love you
Rose Ortiz
Rose Ortiz 2 days ago
Team Bianca
Rose Ortiz
Rose Ortiz 2 days ago
No Damien even if she pranks you that's a bad 1
Vivian Heath
Vivian Heath 3 days ago
Both teams
Lady Liberty
Lady Liberty 3 days ago
Don’t play with mamma bear 🐻😑
Rena Poole
Rena Poole 3 days ago
The other family is waiting lol πŸ˜†
Rena Poole
Rena Poole 3 days ago
Really a new born y’all ain’t right lolπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
Esther Lauture
Esther Lauture 3 days ago
why does it look like he put foundation on his face
Mykeon Long
Mykeon Long 3 days ago
This is sad 😒
Ali Stelly
Ali Stelly 4 days ago
When the intro song came on I got chills
Shannon Haywood
Shannon Haywood 4 days ago
This fo real awwwwwww bee majibg me cry
Shannon Haywood
Shannon Haywood 4 days ago
This make me cry
Chrissy Bower
Chrissy Bower 4 days ago
You get her good Damon
Gabriella Beau
Gabriella Beau 4 days ago
πŸ’ both 😁❀❀❀❀
Skye Moon
Skye Moon 4 days ago
Team biannca
Breanna Frisby
Breanna Frisby 4 days ago
I don't love oh y'all videos books
Breanna Frisby
Breanna Frisby 4 days ago
YouMay a video taking away your little girl. Can't you can't do this your wife that your wife do everything in my power to take care of them
chris glover
chris glover 4 days ago
Michael Santos
Michael Santos 4 days ago
Buffie Cobbs
Buffie Cobbs 5 days ago
No team Damien
Buffie Cobbs
Buffie Cobbs 5 days ago
Team Bianca
Buffie Cobbs
Buffie Cobbs 5 days ago
Leave Bianca alone
kayli poe
kayli poe 5 days ago
Biannca was very I'm team biannca
Jordan Carlisle
Jordan Carlisle 5 days ago
Team biannca
Alexza a
Alexza a 5 days ago
team bianca not team damien no
Donna Lajaunie
Donna Lajaunie 5 days ago
Can I have a iPhone5
DELINCE Staton 5 days ago
HEY princess fam Bianca when will you do the same thing Damien to with nova
Shardae Shelby
Shardae Shelby 5 days ago
Damien why you do that.
Sierra Patmon
Sierra Patmon 5 days ago
I'm sitting here like crying my eyes out.. I kno it was a prank but it's sad
kelly like this
kelly like this 6 days ago
He got makeup on
Jessica krueger
Jessica krueger 6 days ago
Leilani Serrano
Leilani Serrano 6 days ago
You are mean to her team Bianca
kyanah ward
kyanah ward 6 days ago
Damien I'm not playing with you I hate you!!!!!!
kyanah ward
kyanah ward 6 days ago
Give her to me I love her I feel bad for her
Samaura Wheeler
Samaura Wheeler 6 days ago
Team Damien
Robert Tamin
Robert Tamin 6 days ago
Keala Wilson
Keala Wilson 7 days ago
I wish I would give my baby away
Frenchy Bogier
Frenchy Bogier 7 days ago
Team biannca all day every day πŸ˜™
Muli Kaea
Muli Kaea 7 days ago
Ngaww πŸ₯Ίβ€οΈ
Armoni Dennis
Armoni Dennis 7 days ago
Davian you are mean
Callie Clouse
Callie Clouse 7 days ago
Bianca is right you don't do that to Peaple
TJ Rush
TJ Rush 7 days ago
Damien i hate u for that Damien and for that i will say team BIANNCA
keyana byrd
keyana byrd 7 days ago
She fine
Kemariedotybaby Doty
Why would you do that I am team Bianca
C. Olivia Thaxton
That was overboard.
C. Olivia Thaxton
Birp lottle nova before she pick up the energy.
Tynisha Williams
Tynisha Williams 7 days ago
Bionca πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Amber Ferguson
Amber Ferguson 7 days ago
Kedra Rice
Kedra Rice 7 days ago
Man he messed up for doing that
Nene Wilson
Nene Wilson 8 days ago
Team Bianca
Jayla Singleton
Jayla Singleton 8 days ago
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