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Giving Baby Nova Up For Adoption Prank | The Prince Family
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Jun 6, 2019




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Comments 25 287
THE PRINCE FAMILY 5 months ago
Jaylea Kloppers
Jaylea Kloppers 11 days ago
Team Biannca
essence rodgers
essence rodgers 11 days ago
Team Damien
Laila Maire
Laila Maire 27 days ago
Rishanda Jackson
MxMari Month ago
Team biaaaaaaanca
Tina Love you r videos Minter
Akelia Willis
Akelia Willis 41 minute ago
Good mom
Brooke Page
Brooke Page 57 minutes ago
Brooke Page
Brooke Page 57 minutes ago
That person that is tacking the baby
Rosemary Ndigune Hove
You want to far
Nioka Tommy
Nioka Tommy 4 hours ago
I hate this prank
jessica tisdale
jessica tisdale 5 hours ago
I fell bad for Bianca but good prank
Airiana Paul
Airiana Paul 13 hours ago
Team biannca
DjMonix C_Tv
DjMonix C_Tv 15 hours ago
al your prank is very good bro hahaha
Phabloone Modela
Phabloone Modela 15 hours ago
Best prank.
Jessica Nicole
Jessica Nicole 16 hours ago
They didn’t put her in the car set right how she fine 🤣🤣🤣
olivia Gonzalez
olivia Gonzalez 16 hours ago
This isn’t even a funny prank
lila wilson
lila wilson 17 hours ago
Team Biannca
lila wilson
lila wilson 17 hours ago
Damian u need to stop doing these kind of pranks
Dalia Rodriguez
Dalia Rodriguez 17 hours ago
Aawww this broke my heart 😭😭😭😭
Arianna Plummer
Arianna Plummer 17 hours ago
Team biannca
Faizoqalbi vlogs
Faizoqalbi vlogs 18 hours ago
I carry hard 😭😭
m1ss0utsp0k3n 20 hours ago
Police would be there 🙄
Breeyannia Phillips
Breeyannia Phillips 22 hours ago
You should’ve kicked him in his nuts!
M&S Day ago
4:20 I swear to God I will punch the f**k out of you 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Moeisha Evans
Burning A
Burning A Day ago
Let her hold her baby
Jasmine Juries
That is wrong and cruel to do that to a mother
desiree napeahi
Damin its not acsly rigth that is her right she is the one that made the baby if i had a baby i whould crab a knife and say give it to me bich and kick and then hit
Quinzie ness
Quinzie ness Day ago
Team Biaimian ovo
Tyesha Armstead
I like you guys intro👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Day Braxton
Day Braxton Day ago
Day Braxton
Day Braxton Day ago
Day Braxton
Day Braxton Day ago
dustine crump
Her baby is pprbly tierified and gonna have a bad life probly
dustine crump
I fell bad for nova because its her baby and she was not just born bit recently kinda born
Marcus Lyons
Marcus Lyons Day ago
It's too damn you all day because this prank is banging
Marcus Lyons
Marcus Lyons Day ago
It's team Damien all day because this prank is banging
Salena Rojas
Salena Rojas Day ago
When she cry I cried I love the mom and 2 sons and dad and daughter
skye Rose
skye Rose Day ago
skye Rose
skye Rose Day ago
Meelah Tanner
I feel bad really Damian I'm sorry
OBEY_DJyt yo
OBEY_DJyt yo Day ago
She is a real mom
Stefanie Fernandez
team binnca
Courtney Day ago
Zainab Omar
Zainab Omar Day ago
I feel bad
Ricky Jaimangal
If you guys feel bad for Bianca give me a like right here ⬇️
Roshan Ramkishun
It’s the prince family but they never show the family only once and a while
Caitlin Smith
💙💗 I still love u Damien but that was to far 💗💙 and I love u Biannca 💗💙
jenny's Jam
jenny's Jam Day ago
Team bianca
Lorine Campbell
Don't do that again😤😤😤😤😡😡😡😠😠
Yellow Mellow
4:05 👀
Crystal Royal
Bianka sing for us
XxmeganXDxX Day ago
Amy Sinkler
Amy Sinkler 2 days ago
Team biannca
Like Awsomeness
Like Awsomeness 2 days ago
The prank wars has to stop if you are not careful its going to break your family
Laiba Shafiq
Laiba Shafiq 2 days ago
She style to say don't touch me is very cute awww....
Astro Tev
Astro Tev 2 days ago
He got a lot of make up on
Rodney Walker
Rodney Walker 2 days ago
14:11 that's how you make them smile boys
Mariah Gonzalez
Mariah Gonzalez 2 days ago
I do not do that to Bianka
Miah Smith
Miah Smith 2 days ago
Yeah this shit ain’t funny at all
Josiah Wilson
Josiah Wilson 2 days ago
14:47 best part lol
Catrina Heard
Catrina Heard 2 days ago
This is wrong she was cryin, damien went too far still love yall though
jc_official 11
jc_official 11 2 days ago
Team Bianca is better
Xxxlovely_wolf 2 days ago
I think i cried a LOT
Layla Morgan
Layla Morgan 2 days ago
Team Biannca is better than team Damien
Joy Volcy
Joy Volcy 2 days ago
Team biaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanca
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