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Mar 25, 2020




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Comments 80
Addie ッ
Addie ッ 5 hours ago
Can i feel? NO
Angela Velasco
Angela Velasco 7 hours ago
Is it just me or he really resembles Remus Lupin?
Chloe Handig
Chloe Handig 21 hour ago
Your husband is from the Haters back of movie! 😨
J Y 22 hours ago
It was so cute
L O T T I E Day ago
*asthma entered the chat*
Genesis Meza
Genesis Meza Day ago
Autumn Cranwell
Autumn Cranwell 2 days ago
That’s Tony Lopez hair time with the perms and Ondreaz Lopez with the long middle part love u
Kaekaecole Oh
Kaekaecole Oh 2 days ago
Elena Alvarez zepeda
I love you Colleen and Erik
Peachiegirl10 AJ
Peachiegirl10 AJ 3 days ago
3:42 No one: Me: He'S gOt A LiTtLe SpRoUt On HiS hEaD Edit: Erik: Grow up Me: That's... kinda mean... Colleen: **Cuts his ear off** Me: Is it too late to take back what I said?
Peachiegirl10 AJ
Peachiegirl10 AJ 3 days ago
You and Erik: **Literally does anything on camera** Me: PATRICK AND MIRANDA Sorry I just finished Haters Back Off-
brandy price
brandy price 4 days ago
I didnt know you married your coworker from haters back off. Thats awesome! I always thought he was so hot i get it!
Maggie Giordano
Maggie Giordano 5 days ago
I like how they call each other love.
Amy Bernethy
Amy Bernethy 5 days ago
omg why was eric being so mean to collen at the beging of the vid by saying get it together, grow up and more!
faranki123 6 days ago
Isn’t he Patrick from Haters Back Off??????????????
McKenzie Cook
McKenzie Cook 8 days ago
Here in the UK we have came up with a saying that the whole country says it's STAY HOME STAY SAFE PROTECT THE NHS
Robin Goodrow
Robin Goodrow 8 days ago
Very Good Job. Here's what happened when my huband cut my hair...I really needed a haircut so what's a person to do!!! You can see the results here ruvid.net/video/video-DbY-4H4r1Lc.html in a very short video called HUBBY HAIRCUT. Now that I've had some time to live with it I actually like it alot. It's choppy looking but perfect for these choppy times!!!!
Oli Bray Boomer
Oli Bray Boomer 10 days ago
Im just watching haters back of
Black Knight
Black Knight 10 days ago
Wtf is up with Gus in the sink at the beginning
Coolbeanz 10 days ago
12:09 this is just british year 9s
Arianna McDonald
Arianna McDonald 10 days ago
OMG Miranda
Arianna McDonald
Arianna McDonald 10 days ago
Jordyn the jelly bean
1:29 THe deviL Is AWAKning
Jeyda Whitewick
Jeyda Whitewick 11 days ago
At 8:00 his hair kinda looked like uncle Jim’s from Haters back off 😂 anyone else... no just me?......ok....
Abigail Crum
Abigail Crum 11 days ago
Literally Flynn looks so freakin much like Eric
Stephanee Kammer
Stephanee Kammer 12 days ago
For real though, "now you're stuck and have to do this all the time" is no joke. I begged to cut my husbands hair and he wanted none of it. He finally let me and BOOM, full time barber shop in the house for him and our son lmao! Now I don't know if its fun anymore.. should be getting paid or something
Becklyn Medina
Becklyn Medina 13 days ago
you did good
Skittle Demon
Skittle Demon 13 days ago
You can’t take a man seriously if he has a ponytail at the top of his head 😂😂
Christian Coleman
Christian Coleman 14 days ago
Colleen: "So I read online..." Eric "There ya go." As if that was good enough. 😂😂😂😂
Alexis Dunn
Alexis Dunn 14 days ago
I’ve literally been staying up all night for the past week watching videos on colleens channel catching up on what I’ve missed and im loving it.
khawk215 14 days ago
Erik is hilarious
Lucy Mongan
Lucy Mongan 15 days ago
Pls follow me please you are asome
Julia Kline
Julia Kline 15 days ago
i was dying when she says hair in my crevices hair in my fingies😂😂😂
Birdgirl 01
Birdgirl 01 16 days ago
Is your husband ‘“Patrick “ from the movie “ haters back off “ ?
Bridie Asquith
Bridie Asquith 18 hours ago
I thought you would have figured that out 🤦🏻‍♀️
Bridie Asquith
Bridie Asquith 18 hours ago
Yes he is
Audrey Zehnder
Audrey Zehnder 16 days ago
When Cory opened the fridge at 8:30 as closed a millisecond later has me dying 😂🤣😂🤣😂
Kenna's Universe
Kenna's Universe 17 days ago
I didn’t Know u dated ur co star from Miranda sings
ii flxwerGxrl ii
ii flxwerGxrl ii 17 days ago
0:01 did anyone else notice the cat? 🤣🤣😭
Terra family
Terra family 21 day ago
00:8 anyone see her cat go in the sink
Kylie Parsons
Kylie Parsons 21 day ago
Is your husband in Lucifer
Amie Magri Galea
Amie Magri Galea 21 day ago
i like how colleen is doing the intro and Daisy is swimming in the sink
faye doherty
faye doherty 22 days ago
I am watching your film on Netflix haters back off
Desi Imes
Desi Imes 22 days ago
Hi beautiful have good day I have good day I love you I love you I love husband I love you baby I love you family
Piper Carter
Piper Carter 22 days ago
Colleen:it’s very serious and important to stay inside Me:everyone in my square outside having a party not social distancing
AlliyahDoHerThing 22 days ago
ohh im slow patryick is your husband
DJ Rave
DJ Rave 22 days ago
my friend was like.....my nigga with a smirk on his face 2:54
Emo Panda
Emo Panda 23 days ago
Couple goals 😍😍😍
sunn y
sunn y 23 days ago
5:17 😂😂😂😂
WeeWolfcute 23 days ago
Am I the only one who thinks Erik looks like Albertstuff?
GG 24 days ago
GG 24 days ago
9:40 current mood
GG 24 days ago
GG 24 days ago
News: y’all gonna die Colleen: makes videos Everyone: up at 3:00 am on RUvid corona forgotten, done, gone-so, no, na, outta here
Lamanske Family Always Entertaining
why do u call u guys love
Az Gaming
Az Gaming 26 days ago
Amy Carman
Amy Carman 27 days ago
This is really funny! My hubby wouldn’t let me cut his hair though even though I think I could do a good job. Cute pets! 🐕🐈
Why does Erik look like Flamingo/Alert? when he had long hair......
Alex R
Alex R 28 days ago
i love how Kory basically lives there XD
Emily Rae
Emily Rae 29 days ago
Mita Sosa
Mita Sosa 29 days ago
“Luv, grow up!” 😂
Brooklyn Martinez
Brooklyn Martinez 29 days ago
Sabrina Lujan
Sabrina Lujan Month ago
4:07 7:01 *(burrito gets shoved in mouth)*
Lainey Allred
Lainey Allred Month ago
cat was in the sink
Natalie Ruth
Natalie Ruth Month ago
you should make another my family video
SakzmaHolic Month ago
Just got into haters back off & true love really does exist❤️❤️🤯
Elyza Edmonds
Elyza Edmonds Month ago
Anyone notice the cat getting in the sink i the beginning of the video
Ruchi Singhal
Ruchi Singhal Month ago
Jacintha Dang
Jacintha Dang Month ago
Errr y Flynn hair is blonde?can anyone explain...
Christhian Benavidez
Miranda cuts hair better lol
J.A.T Fam
J.A.T Fam Month ago
We done the same. I tried to do a skin fade 😳😳
Mitchell Credland
I don't think u haven't knowtist Colleen but ur cat was in the sink 😂
MAĆY miscoski
MAĆY miscoski Month ago
wait r u with Joey or him-!?
Juliana Jordan
Juliana Jordan Month ago
Gacha life with Joey
Love you colleen!
kara swarbrick
kara swarbrick Month ago
giving me jenna marbles ratchet hair salon vibes 😎
I love Sia
I love Sia Month ago
5:21 is so hilarious and cute at the same time 😂😂🤭🌹
Rose K
Rose K Month ago
I can't with the cat jumping in the sink at the very beginning hahaha!
Samantha G
Samantha G Month ago
This was adorable and Man Camp IS legit hilarious
Kendalyn Sheehan
Kendalyn Sheehan
Jocelyn Albarran
Love just let his hair grow look my dad cut my cousins hair and brothers hair but he scared he wanna cut it to long but at the end at the w d of this quarantine my dad will take my Brother to the barber 💈 I love you will do it to
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