Giveon - VANISH (Audio)

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Mar 26, 2020




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J Patt
J Patt 2 days ago
Tbh this was first time listening to this song and I cried as soon as he sang the first line. This song is like my relationship with my mom rn.
Nadya Nurhidayah
Nadya Nurhidayah 2 days ago
Two story this song gave away : 1. Get into argument but cant get mad to each other bcs you loved them too much so you wish they just “vanish” 2. Runaway from reality.
Nadya Nurhidayah
Nadya Nurhidayah 3 days ago
Hol up, HOLD THE F UP, this one hit right in my skull....
i’m gonna go cry now D:
so underrated
Sapphire Gibson
Sapphire Gibson 4 days ago
His voice is so unique wow😍
Bri Bri
Bri Bri 4 days ago
Sooo the replay button is broken . This song is just so good
Ceren K
Ceren K 4 days ago
the one beat of this song just enlightens my so badly i love it. i just embrace the beat and close my eyes.
Mark Coleman
Mark Coleman 4 days ago
This song is the definition of the conflict of internal love . Like no matter how much you hate the person that you love that love will erupt. Sigh that’s that deep rooted love
they0nlyadoreher 3 days ago
SZA SZA 5 days ago
🛑Broken Hearts?🛑
Shahd Maki
Shahd Maki 5 days ago
I fkn literally GASPED this song of his is so underrated omg but I'm in love with u and ur songs ❤️
LeAnn Baker
LeAnn Baker 5 days ago
his voice A L W A Y S drags me in❤️
Chahat 6 days ago
The weight in his voice ❤😞
hannaです 8 days ago
love the perspective switch in the middle
melted ice
melted ice 8 days ago
I have a love-hate relationship with his exes
Hazee T
Hazee T 9 days ago
It’s 2 am and I’m just deeping how incomplete my life was without this song 🥲🥲
Briana Gibson
Briana Gibson 10 days ago
The 219 people that “dislike” this must dislike that it’s not longer 😭 I’ve never heard a song from him I didn’t love! In the past 2 years that I found him!!
Samone Boone
Samone Boone 11 days ago
His voice & vibe is just so authentic 🤯😩 I love his music ❤
Sisters In Stem
Sisters In Stem 12 days ago
im glad he's not a rapper
Branden Thomas
Branden Thomas 15 days ago
Justahumanbeing cats
I love him omg
QueenAri 17 days ago
2021 anyone???
Noah Best Drummer
Noah Best Drummer 17 days ago
Reminds me of someone who wanted to me vanish, I just didn't know it at that point in time. They faked their kindness towards me when I talked to them for the first time in 4 years, (they were nice back then) and then they blocked me. Now I want them to vanish too.
Avieana Gonzalez
Avieana Gonzalez 18 days ago
i fucking love this song, but is it just me when the song is starting it kinda sounds like star shopping
Alejha Janae
Alejha Janae 19 days ago
Like how.... How you make sadness sound so good
AsiaInsane 19 days ago
He just don’t miss !!
Stephanie Perez
Stephanie Perez 20 days ago
This is medicine to the heart😌
julian garcia
julian garcia 24 days ago
gud song
Faye Torres
Faye Torres 25 days ago
Zane Schincke
Zane Schincke 26 days ago
This song has seen endless amounts of my eye sweat 😢
Lynn Smhhh
Lynn Smhhh 28 days ago
you love me- baby i speak your language..
Shamya Beatty
Shamya Beatty Month ago
Is it just me or i can just listen to Giveon's songs on a loop back to back and never get tired of it.
Jonathan Bufalino
1:24 tell me that run doesn’t sound like something justin bieber would do
abraaj Month ago
Can you produce one bad song? Please just one. All I wana know is if ur human
Grandma Croissants
This song makes me want to eat a candlelight dinner by myself crying over the lover I’ve never had.
Shamya Beatty
Shamya Beatty Month ago
Nobody: Me: Me thinking you wanted to eat a candle (where my glasses)
Jose antonio flores
Charlz Month ago
No one gonna mention the Metallica Sample (nothing else matters)?
Amanda Nxala
Amanda Nxala Month ago
Im in tears😭😭😭
benie. Month ago
1. Like I Want You, 2. Fav Mistake, 3. Vanish, 4. The Beach, 5. This aint love 6. World we created
Melody French
Melody French Month ago
The distinct metal ontogenetically consider because afterthought concurringly play up a rapid receipt. sordid, abortive fog
Miss NoFreeNada
Miss NoFreeNada Month ago
I can hear Sam Smith singing this! 🤔🤷🏾‍♀️
Melvin Acupan
Melvin Acupan Month ago
Kai 303
Kai 303 Month ago
this my songgg🥺😫
__.tyxxshaa.__ Lmaoo
okay.. 💞
Serrene Month ago
I'm a new fan of his music very unique sound ❤️
Sports Braa
Sports Braa Month ago
Subscribed with bells i on
Sports Braa
Sports Braa Month ago
Ovo Militant
Ovo Militant Month ago
Big chune
slayying mami
slayying mami Month ago
Best I've heard in a while 🤍
qrakHD Month ago
hes so underrated, like this should have blow long time ago, he is unbelievable
Nee Nee
Nee Nee Month ago
jeanine osborne
jeanine osborne Month ago
Yesss 😩
Unic Delmore
Unic Delmore Month ago
I became a very huge fan of this guy music You can feel it deep
Landryonna Weathersby
I love him bro
ItsFatii 999
ItsFatii 999 Month ago
Listen to him with Purple led lights and AirPods 😫😫
ItsFatii 999
ItsFatii 999 Month ago
I love this man 😍😭
soft caffeine hub
You said you heard me and you wish I would vanish Okay, you love me, baby, I speak your language Sayin' things you don't mean To someone that means the world to you You see what I mean? Sayin' things you don't mean To someone that means the world to you You see what I mean? You said you heard me and you wish I would vanish Okay, you love me, baby I speak your language Sayin' things you don't mean To the one that means the world to you You see what I mean? I say, "I hate you, too, and I wish you would vanish" But, babe, I love you and I think you understand it Sayin' things I don't mean To the one that means the world to me You see what I mean? Sayin' things I don't mean Girl, you mean the world to me, yes, you do, ooh I, I know I'm sorry I can be a hypocrite I got stuff to work on You got stuff to work on But, we're gonna, we're gonna make it work I love you
Μιχαλης Κουλιανος
Mateus Santos
Mateus Santos Month ago
Mas a mancha vai sair mesmo ? #BRPEIDEISAI
Mercy Mburu
Mercy Mburu Month ago
that rain in the background is really having me sink into a puddle of emotions
Lavodrick Wallace
i love your song can you remake the song faded
Karma Sin Corazon
cactusflame 2 months ago
Not one bad song🙌
Potato Noobs
Potato Noobs 2 months ago
Lowkey falls asleep to his music...
Slindile Mkhwebane
Slindile Mkhwebane 2 months ago
Those deep notes🥵🥺
Raymello Alexander
Raymello Alexander 2 months ago
Favorite track off the album. He's one of the GOAT for this album.
IFEX FILMS & TUNE 2 months ago
song messing with my feelings
Raphaela Oliveira
Raphaela Oliveira 2 months ago
Queria morar nessa musica !!!!!
Mateus Santos
Mateus Santos Month ago
Sem sacanagem eu tava procurando o vídeo do comercial vanish multipower
Kali Probst
Kali Probst 2 months ago
He’s just- his voice is just- the lyrics- 😩 Perfection.
S P I C Y I C E 2 months ago
Giveon, I hope one day you really get the credit you deserve. Your music has helped me heal so much and I'm honestly thankful for that. Wishing you the greatest of luck with your journey in music.
Ian Johnson
Ian Johnson 2 months ago
Almost scary how talented this guy is. This is a once in a decade type artist. Very impressed!
Kimberly Suarez
Kimberly Suarez 2 months ago
444 ❤
zoe 2 months ago
Roddy Toomer
Roddy Toomer 2 months ago
On repeat
Ashley Vien
Ashley Vien 2 months ago
Leon Dlamini
Leon Dlamini 2 months ago
This bas has keep me coming back to this track, so many times.
peace& light
peace& light 2 months ago
Wow I discovered him today right now I'm in love with his voice with his soul🤴🏾❤😘black king I'm proud of you🤴🏾😍❤may God bless your steps u are so unique🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤✊🏿
becca July
becca July 2 months ago
I finally left a toxic relationship and I can't stop listening to this 😭
Karma Sin Corazon
Karma Sin Corazon 2 months ago
Sinayo T
Sinayo T 3 months ago
brb crying
Antwan cummings
Antwan cummings 3 months ago
ok but like i'm still blasting this song 6 months later lol
Chloe Falk
Chloe Falk 3 months ago
Bruh I don’t know how I just found you but I’m in love with your music.
becca July
becca July 3 months ago
Im crying myself tonight😭 , I'm out here wondering why he never loved me back
Maire Neal
Maire Neal 3 months ago
Its like Giveon is explaining his toxic Ex relationship within all his songs. Years that have passed explained a little in each song he writes.
Deandre Pree
Deandre Pree 3 months ago
This song made me realize to stop fighting for my ex that I know she still loves me but it's just not good for me and her 😢😢😢😢
Olivia Pestana
Olivia Pestana 3 months ago
Awa Seck
Awa Seck 3 months ago
this has been on replay ever since i first listened to it
Who’s Here After Justin Bieber Instagram Story✌🏻
Mira Anwahi
Mira Anwahi 3 months ago
I can't stop listening to his music ITS SO GOOOOOOD
Samantha Juarez
Samantha Juarez 3 months ago
when he said I got stuff to work on and then you got stuff to work but we’re gonna make it work , period
Vibewith _Miaa
Vibewith _Miaa 3 months ago
His voice🥺
josette badal
josette badal 3 months ago
I literally just had RUvid going... and this song came up. I was on the floor crying and I'm not even broken up with someone.......Now I've had it on repeat for the past 5hours🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
Serena Williams
Serena Williams 3 months ago
His overall soul and essence though, this man's internal is easily lovable just from his expression
Supreme 3 months ago
bro its illegal man, its illegal to be this good, wow
Tyler Fleur
Tyler Fleur 3 months ago
this song makes me appreciate my partner even more!
El Chapo
El Chapo 3 months ago
First time when I listen to this and oh my god. Made me cry and very strong song.
JETT LIFE RECORDS 3 months ago
The most control artist I herd for the longest time... Funny thing is that this generation have no idea wat this is. SOULCURE
HENNIOTAI 3 months ago
He was taking a shower in the making of this heat
ZeinabK 3 months ago
i dont even relate to this song but damn you got me on my feels
Larkyn 3 months ago
Here before 1 mil!
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