Giveon - Stuck On You (Official Music Video)

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"Stuck On You" available at: Giveon.lnk.to/StuckOnYou
Official Audio: ruvid.net/video/video-UlIgAGotomM.html
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Instagram: instagram.com/giveon/?hl=en
Twitter: twitter.com/giveon?lang=en
Facebook: facebook.com/Giveonmusic/
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/giveon
Director: Alexander Black
Starring: Giveon & Jada Selexman
Production Company: Nostalgic
Director of Photography: Tigran Tovmasyan
1st AC: Nick Vera
Editor: Emilie Aubry
Colorist: Dante Pasquinelli
Producer: Hiroki Shirota
Pre Production: Anthony Cabaero
Production Assistants: Robert Atkinson, Kenneth Christopher, Daisuke Okamoto
Wardrobe: Corey Stokes
Wardrobe Assistant: Andrew McFarland
Make Up & Hair Artist: Esther Foster
Make Up & Hair Assistant: Caitlin Wronski
Set Dresser: Edward Candanoza
Production Designers: Bijan Souri, Simone Moscovitch
2nd Unit Coordinator: Korey Waggoner
2nd Unit Camera Operator: Karim Belkasemi
2nd Unit AC: Sergey Lobanov
Steadicam Operator: Jose Babcock
Film Loader: Jose Babcock
Remote Head Camera Operator: Eric Bergez
Precision Drivers: Drew Cobb, Travis Farrel, Nate Holston
Special Thanks: EK, Gurina Chae, Vanessa Prevost, Tobias Hirano,
California state parks, Fotokem, Milk Studios, Apple Inc.
Shot on Kodak 16mm
Up in your room once again, tempted,
Bad for me its the truth but I can’t miss this,
Don’t tell my friends that im here to visit,
Don’t tell my friends that im here,
Mm mm mm,
Waiting for you even how you treat me,
Youre my baby even when you leave me,
Maybe im the one to blame,
Maybe im the cause of the pain,
Waiting for you even how you treat me,
Youre my baby even when you leave me
Maybe im the problem and the one that’s causing all of this,
I can’t say I love you no more,
Cause my friends gone judge me forsure,
It took some time but I realized,
You do me wrong but it feels right,
I can’t say I love you no more,
Cause my friends gone judge me forsure,
It took some time but I realized,
You do me wrong but it feels right,
Feels like im stuck on you,
Trust me I do understand, this is
Bad for me imma fool but I can’t, end it
Far from love, but im stuck,
Staying while you kiss me,
Saying that you miss me,
Hate it when you temp me,
Waiting for you even how you treat me,
Youre my baby even when you leave me,
Maybe im the one to blame,
Maybe im the cause of the pain,
Waiting for you even how you treat me,
Youre my baby even when you leave me
Maybe im the problem and the one that’s causing all of this,
I can’t say I love you no more,
Cause my friends gone judge me forsure,
It took some time but I realized,
You do me wrong but it feels right,
I can’t say I love you no more,
Cause my friends gone judge me forsure,
It took some time but I realized,
You do me wrong but it feels right,
Feels like im stuck on you,
(C) 2020 Epic Records. With Not So Fast LLC.
#Giveon #StuckOnYou #WhenItsAllSaidAndDone


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Oct 8, 2020




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Comments 100
kaela brooks
kaela brooks Hour ago
these lyrics hit me. 🥺🥺😭
Chloe Rutherford
Chloe Rutherford 7 hours ago
I can say I’ve been a fan before he blows up ❤️
Sinayo T
Sinayo T 8 hours ago
Scott Montgomery
Scott Montgomery 12 hours ago
You ever listen to a song and every verse or every other verse got you saying .. Damn Cause that shit so relatable Damn - me, the whole song
Jay Mayfield
Jay Mayfield 14 hours ago
Now this is MUSIC
Jay Mayfield
Jay Mayfield 14 hours ago
Ashley Mariee
Ashley Mariee 21 hour ago
This is the second song I’ve heard right after like I want you ❤️😫
Dreee yooo
Dreee yooo 21 hour ago
Phanthanh Phuongtrinh
1:40 dog: help my please
Fortune Day ago
We love our melanin queens
Simon Mebrahtom
Yess this video is blowing up😭💪🏾he deserves all the hype
kaytlyn johnson
Where's the closed captioning for the Deaf audience? Please add it and thank you. #CAPTIONTHIS
King Keturah
King Keturah Day ago
JEN ab
JEN ab Day ago
Listen and Like my Spotify Chill music playlist. link.tospotify.com/rGJKRumCPbb
Ella Colegado
Ella Colegado 2 days ago
Justvibe Annaya
Justvibe Annaya 2 days ago
When I listen to his music I feel so safe❤️🥺
GACV 2 days ago
The whole video , visuals ,lyrics damn Giveon really gorgeous your art . 2020 its all yours
Carmen Das
Carmen Das 2 days ago
pure gold bravo.
Ja lenciaga
Ja lenciaga 2 days ago
Him and summer walker should make a song . Or h.e.r
Bharlitos 2 days ago
the ration for this video is insane!
Mopati J. Moalafi
This guy is a Gem 💎
Ki Notes
Ki Notes 2 days ago
Your voice is amazing
Minjee Dadashzade
this is real Art
JADEY - 2 days ago
giveon and lucky daye,what yall say cuz I need one
Tyrese Kombora
Tyrese Kombora 2 days ago
Rnb king 🔥🔥👑👑🔥🔥💥💥
lorsdi '
lorsdi ' 3 days ago
in a serious relationship 😍
In Pursuit of Christ
How can such toxicity be so beautiful but mind controlling at the same time?:/
Heather Martinez
Heather Martinez 3 days ago
The doll playing his partner is such a natural beauty...not over the top sensual makes her all the more mysteriously beautiful...just why Dude can't walk away...
chakraphatjnr 3 days ago
drakes features that blew: jorja smith, wizkid, city girls and this man right here
inara's universe
inara's universe 4 days ago
literally on repeat omll
Gabriela Iglesias
Your voice is a gift ❤
Breana Hayes
Breana Hayes 4 days ago
Eli D
Eli D 4 days ago
Wow. Underrated. His voice is something special
Sheffanessea Brown
Black People are the most beautiful people on earth. 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
conceitedzyy 4 days ago
When i tell you ive been listening to this for 3 hours straight😭 I love this song🖤🖤
Massi 4 days ago
Oh, wow ;-;
Mauro Godoy X
Mauro Godoy X 4 days ago
God bless you, my bro, you're an amazing artist!
CY TEO 4 days ago
Anyone knows what’s song he sing at the beginning (at beach)?
Hermine Meme
Hermine Meme 4 days ago
How do people hate this song
MURIEL HENAGU 5 days ago
Es maravilloso 🤍
Sadike Ballantyne
Takes me back to a san andreas moment when I saw the small white house on the beach
Barbie N. I
Barbie N. I 5 days ago
His words literally reach my soul bro , he’s like the dream guy i would love To have 😩❤️ I’m so In love with him , he’s so handsome his words always touch my soul like 🥰😩
Barbie N. I
Barbie N. I 5 days ago
Im completely obsessed with him, so everybody back up
Rebecca Simao
Rebecca Simao 5 days ago
Amazing :D!
clearly jaz
clearly jaz 5 days ago
the fact that there are people who are just hearing him is mind blowing
milly jacqueline
milly jacqueline 5 days ago
shes so beautiful its just .... wow😌
akina Nabarro
akina Nabarro 5 days ago
all of your songs remind me of someone I love, but that person doesn't love me back anymore. the only thing we're still having in common is your music.
Raven George
Raven George 5 days ago
Why am I’m just now discovering thiisss soooonngg 😍
Off-white prestos
What is he singing in the beginning?
Mitchel Dorcius
Mitchel Dorcius 5 days ago
This song stucks in my head. That girl is so gorgeous it hurts 😭🥰😍
Tinah Sipapela
Tinah Sipapela 5 days ago
How did I only discover his music yesterday??? 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Joshua Buyants
Joshua Buyants 5 days ago
Change the playback speed to 0.75x it hits different. You’re welcome :))
Karishma Holy
Karishma Holy 6 days ago
😭❤❤❤❤❤❤❤marry me?
choco .m.
choco .m. 6 days ago
I am absolutely in love with this mans voice.
Ludmila Gomes
Ludmila Gomes 6 days ago
Deusooooo ,faz nenhuma ruim sem defeitos❤🤤🤤
Emanua S
Emanua S 6 days ago
Beautiful song and beautiful clip. You did that sir
SP Dennie
SP Dennie 6 days ago
I'm just now getting to where i can listen to this song without getting emotional. The first 5 times i heard it i cried like a baby everytime and had to skip it for weeks. Lord you can feel his emotion through the speakers. Such a beautiful & timeless tune.
Karin Flower
Karin Flower 6 days ago
How have I only just discovered this voice - Wow
Yuyao Kuang
Yuyao Kuang 6 days ago
Wonderful song
Dwayne Hamilton Artist
Your music is timeless. This touch me
anthony asaacha
anthony asaacha 6 days ago
I dont know how many times i have heard this song and am not stopping it.
Nerdy Neddy
Nerdy Neddy 6 days ago
This song couldn't have been complete without this video. Every scene hits the soul.
Yo Sup
Yo Sup 7 days ago
I’ll never get why artists like these don’t get the recognition they deserve while them cap ass lil whatever get them W 💔
Sona _hvn
Sona _hvn 7 days ago
Lyrics in the description💜
Mags Mcdonagh
Mags Mcdonagh 7 days ago
1st time listening here in ireland,lovely vibe thank ypu
Tropical Rhythms
Tropical Rhythms 7 days ago
There's no way that one voice can carry this much power, this much depth, so much emotion and life... 😭
Kari Lynn
Kari Lynn 8 days ago
Nothando Mdlalose
I know you’re gone and maybe forever but it feels like I lost a piece of myself. I’m getting better but God I still slip and it’s like broken glass is stuck in me
S. A Johnson
S. A Johnson 8 days ago
Refreshing real looking ppl. Sounds good man
No Jason TV
No Jason TV 8 days ago
8damn, the lyrics hit so close to home*
TYK Noah
TYK Noah 8 days ago
Damn bro this hit hard 🤦🏽‍♂️💔..
Samantha Ringold
Samantha Ringold 8 days ago
I know the lyrics by hearts because I listen to this song over and over on repeat
Jadirra Randolph
Jadirra Randolph 8 days ago
Ever cried over a relationship that never happened and your just like why cry over something that never happened so just stop being stupid and get over the fact he doesn't love/like you
Amanda Mitchell
Amanda Mitchell 9 days ago
Claudio TubeCover
Come and listen my "Stuck on you" Cover by Giveon 😊✌️ ruvid.net/video/video-kg172bXW08w.html
marchand charlotte
Ohh god !! Amazing a pure heargasm !!
Thomas Chittano
Thomas Chittano 9 days ago
What's the name of the song he's singing at the beginning of the video? It's heavenly
Blaze. D . Bear
Blaze. D . Bear 9 days ago
Love this man's Work 🙏🏿
Leh and Nonnie
Leh and Nonnie 10 days ago
“You do me wrong but it feels right... feels like I’m stuck on you” 🥺🥺🥺
Dominique Dominique
Mannnn 🥺
Goodvides_101 10 days ago
I need to know her name😍
Q Sam
Q Sam 10 days ago
Jada selexman
nut master69
nut master69 10 days ago
You can tell he's been hurt
Mandaa Rodriguez
Mandaa Rodriguez 10 days ago
This song always gives me chills in the best way. So much talent!
lilitha rayi
lilitha rayi 10 days ago
the people disliking this video are just bored, cause its really stupid. visual perfection.
Melissa Deliciosa
Melissa Deliciosa 10 days ago
Impatiently waiting for the next song to drop 😩
Scoopy_yung_god Gudani Nthambeleni
isnt this hun from south africa?
Rendani Mudau
Rendani Mudau 10 days ago
can we discuss how beautiful the girl is ... wow
Kevin Hill Jr
Kevin Hill Jr 11 days ago
Pressure 💯
Ciera Shanyce
Ciera Shanyce 11 days ago
This song speaks to my soul 🌹been on repeat since i first heard it
Axelle Marie
Axelle Marie 11 days ago
I’m the 3 million views
Take a Snickers
Take a Snickers 11 days ago
he got me missing someone that doesn’t love me no more
Heaven Borelo
Heaven Borelo 11 days ago
His music touches my souls 😭 his voice is so amazing and unique I love it ❤️
Vanwyk MEGO
Vanwyk MEGO 11 days ago
Love it 🔥
Ania Reed
Ania Reed 11 days ago
This is what I mean when I say his music feels like an illusion I don't want to come out of.
Storm Sibisi
Storm Sibisi 11 days ago
ok but was that him in the car or a stunt double?
Effie Wakarima
Effie Wakarima 11 days ago
joiys jenany
joiys jenany 11 days ago
Peter T
Peter T 11 days ago
Worst singer I've heard. Sounds like an American Idol reject.
black Crystal
@Peter T lol!! jst coz u dnt like him doesn't mean everybody doesn't like him...we all have different opinions
Peter T
Peter T 2 days ago
@black Crystal Glad you're a Giveon fan. At least one person will be at his concerts.
Peter T
Peter T 2 days ago
@black Crystal I prefer Jazmine Sullivan to this frog prince sounding buffoon. And you need help.
black Crystal
black Crystal 2 days ago
@Peter T awww thank you for the advice☺️😂eventhough i did not ask for it 🙄darling we are in the 21st century so u shld get use to the fact that this is the new style of R&B🔥
Peter T
Peter T 3 days ago
@black Crystal Go to the doctor. Tell him your ears are messed up. Thank me later.
Shav F
Shav F 12 days ago
Moe Yousif
Moe Yousif 12 days ago
I used to be a fan, but after hearing this masterpiece, I'm a whole air conditioner
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