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Up in your room once again, tempted,
Bad for me its the truth but I can’t miss this,
Don’t tell my friends that im here to visit,
Don’t tell my friends that im here,
Mm mm mm,
Waiting for you even how you treat me,
Youre my baby even when you leave me,
Maybe im the one to blame,
Maybe im the cause of the pain,
Waiting for you even how you treat me,
Youre my baby even when you leave me
Maybe im the problem and the one that’s causing all of this,
I can’t say I love you no more,
Cause my friends gone judge me forsure,
It took some time but I realized,
You do me wrong but it feels right,
I can’t say I love you no more,
Cause my friends gone judge me forsure,
It took some time but I realized,
You do me wrong but it feels right,
Feels like im stuck on you,
Trust me I do understand, this is
Bad for me imma fool but I can’t, end it
Far from love, but im stuck,
Staying while you kiss me,
Saying that you miss me,
Hate it when you temp me,
Waiting for you even how you treat me,
Youre my baby even when you leave me,
Maybe im the one to blame,
Maybe im the cause of the pain,
Waiting for you even how you treat me,
Youre my baby even when you leave me
Maybe im the problem and the one that’s causing all of this,
I can’t say I love you no more,
Cause my friends gone judge me forsure,
It took some time but I realized,
You do me wrong but it feels right,
I can’t say I love you no more,
Cause my friends gone judge me forsure,
It took some time but I realized,
You do me wrong but it feels right,
Feels like im stuck on you,
(C) 2020 Epic Records. With Not So Fast LLC.


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Sep 30, 2020




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Comments 100
Angel Eyes
Angel Eyes 18 hours ago
My soulmate just sent me this song..i had to put it on repeat
Snakob Gaming
The brawny port pathogenetically trouble because dry pharmacodynamically intend off a finicky shade. teeny-tiny, materialistic seat
Joicah Torreon
I cant say I love you no more
Cloudy Glory
Cloudy Glory 2 days ago
For some reason this sounds like a black panther movie song . RIP CHADWICK B
MAHA 2 days ago
This song so good
Esther Cheon
Esther Cheon 2 days ago
i’m in love with his music
teyana starks
teyana starks 6 days ago
really needed this
Økami 7 days ago
This is the kind of song I would listen to on a sunset
Emeleya Fadliyeva
hey you? I see you scrolling through the comments crying right.. me too. I love you a lot stay strong babes I am so proud that you are still with me
cheese taco
cheese taco 8 days ago
i wish i could listen to this song for the first time over and over again
Aniya Azam
Aniya Azam 10 days ago
Clown face Home
Clown face Home 10 days ago
Emotional 😆
Ngxc Khvnh
Ngxc Khvnh 10 days ago
Good and still good
ItsFatii 999
ItsFatii 999 11 days ago
Oh no i hope I don’t fa-
Tyler Dorsey
Tyler Dorsey 12 days ago
1:57, don't mind me im commenting this for later
Slate 12 days ago
Who is here because there heartbroken and can't get over ex💔
D Skizzo
D Skizzo 6 days ago
Bruh no cap 😔
Jacob Santiago
Jacob Santiago 13 days ago
Follow the damn train CJ
Vstone 13 days ago
DONT tell my friends I’m here
Caitlyn Owenby
Caitlyn Owenby 13 days ago
He hits every hour of the day I’m saying
Fifi The girl
Fifi The girl 15 days ago
This song is fine 😭💕💕💕💕💕
KYU Kels
KYU Kels 15 days ago
This song is so beautiful I can listen to this on replay allday screaming the lyrics
Isabella Jiménez Hoyos
I'm legit obsessed with this
Rechelle Aliniabon
Rechelle Aliniabon 14 days ago
yo same😭
Libra Queen
Libra Queen 16 days ago
It's bittersweet cause I love this song.. But it hurts that its the thought of you always brings me back here.. So I could drown & choke on my emotions.. I put so much energy and time into you , I would've changed everything for you..even my religious beliefs.. I pushed you away in the beginning cause ik i get attached & passionate about ppl I love.. But yet you prevailed.. Then ghosted wow huh lol. I hated you for some time cause it seems like it was so easy for you.. And when I think I am better and over it.. This stupid excruciating pain comes back and idc anymore.. I just want to be able to breathe again i just want this to go away.. Its the fact you gave no warning ignored me,and didnt say anything that hurts the most. But it's okay.
E'ZARIAH JOHNSON 16 days ago
this is my 100,000th time listening to this.
this needs more hype
Kapimlek 17 days ago
Ktoś od zapartego? XD
Kayla Myers
Kayla Myers 18 days ago
i sent this to my ex and he left me on read lol.
Arelis Mendez
Arelis Mendez 19 days ago
Heart break anniversary, stuck on you , like I want you, favorite mistake and vanish are my everyday songs I listen to 🥰❤️
I made a slowed+reverb of this song if u wanna check it out🤎
Toàn phan
Toàn phan 22 days ago
my singer 2020
Almighty Cyriss
Almighty Cyriss 22 days ago
Any advice for somebody currently in this situation? 🥺
Carlos Gonzalez
Carlos Gonzalez 12 days ago
Honestly just let time heal you yes you will see the memories that you had with that person but remember we are human those memories will struck you out of nowhere but it just means that memories can’t be forgotten that is what makes us alive I mean yes it’s hard but life has more in store just be patient and love yourself before loving someone to the fullest it will benefit you in the long run
Almighty Cyriss
Almighty Cyriss 22 days ago
Heaven Mcgriff
Heaven Mcgriff 24 days ago
So this is what a heartbreak sounds like
Caroline 25 days ago
an artist.
Hyungwonie Sarang
Hyungwonie Sarang 25 days ago
This was in Day6 Jae's playlist so I gave it a try.. no regrets, I fell in love with his voice😱
Hannah Ajayi
Hannah Ajayi 25 days ago
His songs are to good
TOPSHELFMIKE 27 days ago
Check out my Giveon Close relationship with the 7deadly sins video!! I promise its not my mixtape :)
kvauzjie reeed
kvauzjie reeed 29 days ago
I’m stuck on this song at this point
Kara Amos
Kara Amos 29 days ago
I listen to this song on repeat ALL DAY and cry while listening to it. It hits so differently for me because I only think about one person. "You're baby even when you leave me" ughhhhh
maziyeee 29 days ago
I'm here because DAY6's jae has recommended this song, and again it's really cool, this song is so beautiful, thanks because I can hear this beautiful song. thank you..
Sahnya Braithwaite
what about sza and giveon and brent i think that has a ring to it
Lvis Month ago
Fuck love
Huey Month ago
I'm sorry the kids at my school don't get that this is REAL music like love music that you can feel like you get lost in it but at the same time you know actually were you are. Music that really takes you place you know?......or am i doing to much....probably doing too much.
Rayanne McDonald
shawn parker
shawn parker Month ago
My friends gonna judge for sure i felt that
Kelvyn Simao
Kelvyn Simao Month ago
Anyone else see 25 subscribers or am i trippin?
Ruby Red
Ruby Red Month ago
Why are there even dislikes on this masterpiece?!!!
Ahmad Almalla
Ahmad Almalla Month ago
it's the people in Australia thinking it's the like button
Gi Gi
Gi Gi Month ago
why tf do i keep on replaying this song 😭 it’s so good
Rashylah Huntley
the fact this song is the same way i feel about my toxic ex smh
Tima G Style
Tima G Style Month ago
Favorite song 🥲
1:29 - 1:48 [please ignore edit audio]
brand name
brand name Month ago
i just,,,keep coming back to it i
Zayla Porchman
Zayla Porchman Month ago
2:00 This really hit me
Jason Garcia
Jason Garcia Month ago
chords: F C Am G
beca alvarado
beca alvarado Month ago
guys i keep playing it over and over again.
Nadia Thabet
Nadia Thabet Month ago
Oh God I love everything about this song !!! Your voice, the lyrics, the rythm, the vibes, the message.... Thank you !!!
Vintage Sun
Vintage Sun Month ago
Giveon... such a talented soul with the most beautiful lyrics...One of my favorite artists for sure!
Jazzy Month ago
It's seriously not okay for him to give me goosebumps with every song he sings 😭 He's perfect
Adan Moreno G
Adan Moreno G Month ago
Adan Moreno G
Adan Moreno G Month ago
@Jack Jack oh Ight and Adan_Moreno_g bro
Jack Jack
Jack Jack Month ago
@Adan Moreno G found out it was something good but what's your Instagram bro
Adan Moreno G
Adan Moreno G Month ago
@Jack Jack oh yeah always bro
Jack Jack
Jack Jack Month ago
@Adan Moreno G yea I was just confused. Appreciate my guy😂
Adan Moreno G
Adan Moreno G Month ago
@Jack Jack oh for real bro well it’s just she probably was vibing with it you know I don’t know maybe I be tripping
Tina Brown
Tina Brown Month ago
I like it😘😘😘
Ricci Bautista
Ricci Bautista Month ago
The spooky bongo temporarily arrive because school utrastructurally reduce qua a cut trip. fluttering, towering iron
No Tears Left In Butera
So glad he got nominated for the Grammy. Guess the grammies arent that bad ig
Baloo Month ago
This song and 'Like i want you' and 'Remember me' by Umi, are my all time favorite songs
Cowboys 214
Cowboys 214 Month ago
Imagine Giveon Ft The Weeknd....
brandongo Month ago
Such a unique voice... does anyone else think he almost sounds like Sam smith or just me lol?
keyla perez
keyla perez Month ago
The perfect voice doesn't exi-
cahuillachic Month ago
Latia Lonon
Latia Lonon Month ago
Omg his voice just does something to me.........
carolyn plenty
carolyn plenty Month ago
D M Month ago
Brianna Williams
I have never found a song soooo relatable till I found this. Every lyric is spot on “your my baby even when you leave me” , “I can’t say I love you no more because my friends gone judge me for sure”, and “waiting for you even how you treat me”.
Sarah Cleary
Sarah Cleary Month ago
Grammy nominated
hamona eshetu
hamona eshetu Month ago
i love how his lirycs just relates to all of us
Claudio TubeCover
Come and listen my "Stuck on you" Cover by Giveon 😊✌️ ruvid.net/video/video-kg172bXW08w.html
chenleonardo dicaprio
He is so perfect that his voice said (𝑠𝑙𝑜𝑤𝑒𝑑 + 𝑟𝑒𝑣𝑒𝑟𝑏)✨
Jazzy375 2 months ago
I literally just had this song play on Spotify, it hits the soul! Why is this song not playing everywhere?????
nostalji zamani
nostalji zamani 2 months ago
Okay this isnt a healthy idea bc he probably worked a lot to get this recognition but im so sad that everyones discovering him lmao
Lauren 2 months ago
whoever put thumbs down on my mans music , we gotta fight
Nelli MD
Nelli MD 2 months ago
Kylie Jenner story brought me here!!
Kaylee Corona
Kaylee Corona 2 months ago
His voice is like nothing I've ever herd. And the perfect song doesn't exi-
Michelle Betancourt
Michelle Betancourt 2 months ago
Vengo por la historia de kylie Jenner:)
William Magx
William Magx 2 months ago
I'm here because of Kylie Jenner 🤣🤣🤣
Niyah.Panda Month ago
JENNIFER TORRES 2 months ago
@william magx same i saw it on her story and I was like I gotta hear it
Tausi Jarufu
Tausi Jarufu 2 months ago
Me too 🤣
HS 2 months ago
Who's here from Kylie's story
Sarah H
Sarah H 2 months ago
Kylie led me here lol
regi regi
regi regi 2 months ago
Alguien más viene por que Kylie la subió a su historia? Xd
gift natima
gift natima 2 months ago
U. za
U. za 2 months ago
U. za
U. za 2 months ago
@Juliana Flores dejala piola envidiosa re qla
Juliana Flores
Juliana Flores 2 months ago
Fuck that plastic bitch
Tausi Jarufu
Tausi Jarufu 2 months ago
mollydxllie mollydxllie
Dominic Meersseman
Dominic Meersseman 2 months ago
This song perfectly explains my current situation 💔💔💔
Scott 2 months ago
Legendary af
jackie 2 months ago
Don’t go back. Read that again and again. They’re fucking with your feelings and mental and they don’t care. ESPECIALLY IF THEY CHEATED PLEASE LEAVE THEM. Cheaters ain’t shit. No excuses. Don’t let them make excuses and don’t make excuses for them. They don’t care. And you’re worth so much more and deserve so much better. I love you all 💗
Giselle Hernandez
Giselle Hernandez 2 months ago
I think I’m going to use this a my quinceañera waltz after covid!😍
Lashay walker
Lashay walker 2 months ago
I’ve decided to gatekeep Giveon . New fans bye
Laura JH
Laura JH 2 months ago
I'm obsessed
McKenna Leverette
McKenna Leverette 2 months ago
This song should be on the euphoria soundtrack for sure. It should play in the background of either Maddy and Nate's relationship problems or Rue and Jules relationship problems.
Janiyah Jones
Janiyah Jones 2 months ago
This song hits diff when u really listen to the lyrics
Christian Santiago
Christian Santiago 2 months ago
play it on .75x speed and thank me later!
He is not Leon Bridges 🌉 but ok 👌
Sammantha Powell
Sammantha Powell 2 months ago
he said " I can say i love you no more cause my friends gone judge me for sure." Hey guys, don't let your friends/bros determine how a girl makes you feel. She will open you up and make you a better person. She will love you for you. And you will let her know how you feel, and express yourself as much as you would as if you were talking to your bros.... 💕💕💕.!! ⬇️ please like...
jackie 2 months ago
I think he said that because she did him wrong. Your friends are not going to want you going back to someone who treated you like shit because you deserve better. And they don’t want you putting yourself through emotional abuse yet again.
Tout ce que j'aurais aimé Savoir
POV : tu viens de wattpad
Neal Vas
Neal Vas 2 months ago
The only reason someone would dislike this song is because they fear the idea of being heartbroken.
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