GIRLS Games That Are Actually FOR ADULTS?!

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Back visiting GirlsGoGames.com to see what they've been up to. Still making girls games that are actually for adults I see... what is this website?!
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Feb 1, 2020




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Comments 80
Karyme Santiago
Karyme Santiago 6 hours ago
Darcel Lancaster
Darcel Lancaster 13 hours ago
I'm darcel's kid Ellie's pug is my ñame : )
Izamaya Gauna
Izamaya Gauna 13 hours ago
Elliw sweet sixteen. Ellie Fairytale Looks Ellies hospital resurection Me: THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY!
Iona Mackay
Iona Mackay 20 hours ago
Ellie looks frickin sick- that blush just makes her sick (not cool kinda sick >:c
Leanne McGuinness
Leanne McGuinness 21 hour ago
I love you you’re amazing
Charlotte Fiddes
Michael Goentzel
One like=one person to help Ben
to talk this person you may have to click the "more information" :) thank you for reading this luaren c:
Tsuruzo Yamazaki
“That’s Taro my crush we go to the same school but, he doesn’t know me..” “Today I saw Senpai at the school he’s so dreamy! Will senpai ever notice me?”
Katherine Wadsworth
* Ellie bleeds * Lauren : Eew!! This is FOR KIDS!!! 3 year old me : I wanna be a surgeon!!! * watches bloody, gutsy and EXTREMELY gory surgery shows and is EXTREMELY entertained * Lauren : * covers her eyes *
Katherine Wadsworth
Amy looked dead inside in the photo!!! In fact, she always does!!!
Katherine Wadsworth
Gem Cat
Gem Cat Day ago
My 6 year old sis got grounded for playing those games 😹
RTB 218
RTB 218 2 days ago
Ellie: "says shes a nerd just by watching a star wars movie" Me: *maybe i am a monster*
Rebecca Tu
Rebecca Tu 2 days ago
Lauren: *EViL LAugHInG* Me: hahahahahahhahahahahahahahhaha
Leally L
Leally L 2 days ago
The only crush I had actually knows me ELLIE
Olivia Gallegos
Olivia Gallegos 2 days ago
I hate star wars now I was named after princess leia I hate u now Ellie 😡
Alexis Grace
Alexis Grace 2 days ago
WHAT ARE THESE GAMES ( if you agree like and comment ) 👍🏻👇🏽
Britany Price
Britany Price 2 days ago
i bet that Elly's parents gave her everything she wonted...i mean she looks and acks like it -.-
Jassy 101
Jassy 101 2 days ago
Jassy 101
Jassy 101 2 days ago
I wanna song! I love this sing!
Wayne Andrei Treyes
And ben is a fake ken
Wayne Andrei Treyes
Ellie is like barbie
ResGacha Games
ResGacha Games 3 days ago
I remember as a like a 7 or 8 at the library waiting for my mom at her ladies meeting I would sit on the computer and only play girls go games and I thought they were amazing and looking back that was such a lie
Emma Harris
Emma Harris 3 days ago
My name is emma
Iris Xu
Iris Xu 4 days ago
Aqua Player
Aqua Player 4 days ago
corona u mean by the vaccine game??? XD
_ plushii
_ plushii 4 days ago
I used to play girlsgogames all the time when I was little. I kinda miss the site :)
Julia Willett
Julia Willett 4 days ago
lol Fire Animation
Fire Animation
Fire Animation 4 days ago
Make Ellie in the sims and make her evil.
Yese Castillo
Yese Castillo 4 days ago
I'm a gamer girl!
Phoebe Allison
Phoebe Allison 4 days ago
Lauren..hospital!!! Me..I know!!!!!!!!!!!!
Irene Theodori
Irene Theodori 4 days ago
My sister eat merenda and is like her!!
Alana Cooper
Alana Cooper 4 days ago
Lauren: I’m your best friend! Kokona: *cries in corner*
Skye's Tales
Skye's Tales 4 days ago
3:40 No Ryan will never notice Ellie, if Yandere-chan is still trying to get her senpai to notice her after all these years, no. (Me singing Please Notice me Senpai to myself)
randomgod 123
randomgod 123 5 days ago
Ellie is a boot leg barbie that’s why the guy had blonde hair and the same hair cut as ken and on the question one of the answers on who her sisters were one was skipper Stacy and chealsa THATS BARBIES SISTERS
TARGET LOCKED 5 days ago
# Amy is so adorable with Ellie in that picture I really love that game hopefully this the best game for you don't ruin it I have a picture of it in my bedroom mommy took picture of this game and post it in my bedroom I am very adorable I hope you can meet me at first grade and kindergarten I am now 6 and it's my birthday I really want you to celebrate me because I was born on this day and I got to disease where my head was shaped like a rock when I was a baby and it really hurts in my head but now it's a really normal head spy I spy
ALDC4Life 5 days ago
9:41 “Ellie’s fairytale looks” “Ellie rock band trends” “Ellie sweet sixteen” “ELLIE HOSPITAL RESURRECTION!!!!” - LaurenzSide 2020
Starlight Wolfy
Starlight Wolfy 5 days ago
So with the questions Ellie was basically a fake Barbie
Sydney Nickerson
Sydney Nickerson 5 days ago
Ellie:Thats ryan my crush we go to the same schoool but he doesnt know me Lauren:Demon cackling~ Me:Hides under couch*
AMELIA AMMANN 5 days ago
Amy Cameron
Amy Cameron 5 days ago
MY NAME IS AMY y u be so mean I’m was a rlly big fan :(
Genevieve Schumm
Genevieve Schumm 5 days ago
On the wedding one the first two characters u see are totally Elsa and moana
Ev N
Ev N 5 days ago
Does she know what OCD is?
Ashlyn Steel
Ashlyn Steel 5 days ago
I. love. your. eyeshadow!!!! xd
Tatum Robertson
Tatum Robertson 5 days ago
This is amazing🤣🤣
Super Pokémon
Super Pokémon 5 days ago
Ellie is so mean 😂 why do you keep playing Ellie games?
LebTV 5 days ago
Ellie Fairytale Looks Me: okay Ellie Sweet 16 Me: better ELLIE HOSPITAL RESURRECTION Me: 10/10 BEST GAME OF 2020
That one arty loser
She seid she loves their SINS
Jorjor6 Candy2
Jorjor6 Candy2 6 days ago
7:24 Me: I-
Jorjor6 Candy2
Jorjor6 Candy2 6 days ago
Green Day Is the best Band Ever
3bronyE 6 days ago
10:26 I think I can hear some breathing after the mask was applied. Guessing the developers of the game don't know science, because you can't breathe while your heart is stopped.
Laura K
Laura K 6 days ago
Did anyone else read the option for things she hates criminals instead of animals? 😆
PotatoGirlz !
PotatoGirlz ! 6 days ago
Kai Niro
Kai Niro 6 days ago
My OCD is through the roof....
Misty Vibes
Misty Vibes 6 days ago
0:30 Oh here we go again
• Ayano • Aishi •
um uh c-ca-can w-we uh be f-fr-friends?
Autumn Borchardt
Autumn Borchardt 6 days ago
pretty sure the twins were supposed to be 3 pounds.......bruh SO REALATEBLE
hemry melvin
hemry melvin 7 days ago
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siham kissi
siham kissi 7 days ago
Millo Minecrafter
9:11 she said may 20 but my birthday is on may 24
Ellie 7 days ago
Ellie 7 days ago
... but im not a hoebag
PurpleBunny 7 days ago
Girls ho games is the worst
Hershey 7 days ago
i like your eyeshadow
Nicole Girgenti
Nicole Girgenti 7 days ago
sandra jenkinson
sandra jenkinson 7 days ago
Awww cyoot
Little Ellie gamer 123
Ummmm? Look at my username
Ivan Aby
Ivan Aby 7 days ago
Make a pizza challenge part 2
Itz Alex Karma
Itz Alex Karma 8 days ago
Lets Craft
Lets Craft 8 days ago
*laughs and spills water everywhere* your content is amazing!!!!!
Christine Shank
Christine Shank 8 days ago
Your insulting me and my cousin because her name is Amy ☹️
Eliska Korycankova
Ellies Cry at this coment. ☹️😞😿😩
Derp Puppet uwu
Derp Puppet uwu 8 days ago
At the end of your laugh you sounded like a rubber chicken XD
Lara:3 Elbelli
Lara:3 Elbelli 8 days ago
*lauren Roating Ellie* another Ellie watching this:*crying*
Gatchaandmore 123
Ellie was the first ever Barbie, Barbie was the one that copied ellie
Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy 9 days ago
*Being a Star Wars fan don't mean choo is nerd--* *But, in my case, I ish both.* ÙvÚ
The Sisters
The Sisters 9 days ago
Alli M
Alli M 9 days ago
I’m making Ellie as a sim and her dog and crush
Rosita Brown
Rosita Brown 9 days ago
Barbie is a bish
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