Girlfriends React To Things Guys DO But WON’T Admit..

Jack Brinkman
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Girlfriends react to things guys do but won’t admit...
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TAGS: girls friends react to things guys do but won’t admit
Girls react to things guys do won’t admit reaction
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Jan 18, 2020




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Comments 100
Jack Brinkman
Jack Brinkman 8 months ago
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Rob Velez
Rob Velez 3 months ago
AKijek 4 months ago
Eviani Sanchez
Eviani Sanchez 4 months ago
Eviani Sanchez
Eviani Sanchez 4 months ago
Zakiah Jones
Zakiah Jones 4 months ago
Did it
Mad Vlogs!
Mad Vlogs! 4 days ago
Katie is kinda dramatic about jacks story about Skiing
Zaniyah Jackson
Zaniyah Jackson 6 days ago
Robert Noel
Robert Noel 10 days ago
Brooklyn Paige
Brooklyn Paige 19 days ago
Who’s watching this after they broke up! It’s so sad! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 👇🏻😭😭😭😭😭👇🏻
Rayana AC / MHA
Rayana AC / MHA 20 days ago
A cheer girl took a pic of her poo and thought she had a
Rayana AC / MHA
Rayana AC / MHA 20 days ago
Zoey Hawley
Zoey Hawley 22 days ago
Jack is not afraid to admit it😂
Angelos Bhagwar
Angelos Bhagwar 28 days ago
chandra shekar
chandra shekar 28 days ago
I was really really embarrassed......oh my god
Drew Brees
Drew Brees 28 days ago
Who’s here after they broke up?
Page Lasby
Page Lasby Month ago
Who ever has their merch from when they were together your one lucky one
Crafts with Abby
Katie got so serious 9:23
Kelly Brewer
Kelly Brewer Month ago
Faţe_Kyşter Month ago
Girls say that guys are gross but they just don't admit it because all girls don't and I bet when a girl reads this to they will say they don't just like us boys do
Amby Bamby
Amby Bamby Month ago
Who’s here after they broke up 😿
Hailee Kinard
Hailee Kinard Month ago
Me watching this and realizing how much happier jack is now😩🥺.
Lamby_Loombs 13
Lamby_Loombs 13 Month ago
I miss them dating they were so cute
Savannah Scales
Savannah Scales Month ago
Team CAB
Gacha_Disabled_ 11
Why is it Cab but anyway team cab
nyima calhoun
nyima calhoun Month ago
Jack is something else 🤔😳
Rose } Petals }
Rose } Petals } Month ago
Katie predicted J&J
Alexa and Hailey
Audrey Gerritsen
I’m so sad that they broke up 😢😭
Sherman Campbell Jr.
i do the same
addy rollins
addy rollins Month ago
i miss jack and gab!!!!!!!
•Lets Play!•
My little sister eats her boogers 😂😂😂
Tereasa Dyck
Tereasa Dyck Month ago
They WERE my favorite youtube couple but now that they broke up I'm not really into his vids
Syd Artpix
Syd Artpix Month ago
🥺🥺 every youtuber is just breaking up
Syd Artpix
Syd Artpix Month ago
Ava Boisseau
Ava Boisseau Month ago
Team gab
Ruby laverdure
Ruby laverdure Month ago
9:57 wait so we aren’t gonna talk about Jack intensely rubbing his nipple 😂😂😂
ToPiX Pulse
ToPiX Pulse Month ago
How manny times can you say “Occasionally” jack
Jessica Keyla
Jessica Keyla Month ago
Jack: gabrielle would leave her clothes in my apartment Also jack: idk how or why that happend Katie: he's be put it in that work you know what i'm saying *wink*😉 10+ year old: uuuuuuhhhh🤣🤣
Jhon Rossland
Jhon Rossland Month ago
Feel bad he’s gonin down in subs fs
Kylie H.
Kylie H. Month ago
is something wrong with digging in ur ears 😂
Kylie H.
Kylie H. Month ago
wait a freakin second everyone picks there nose lol 😂
Emma Martin
Emma Martin Month ago
gab fiji fo sure
coconut creme
coconut creme Month ago
Dude after the break up..I realized their intro is hilarious
Freya rose
Freya rose Month ago
I'm sad u broke up 😭😭
Poornewguy 64
Poornewguy 64 Month ago
I am always proud of my gas shits
Nusrat Jahan
Nusrat Jahan Month ago
I can't wait for jatie wedding
Eduardo Juarez
Eduardo Juarez Month ago
My Boogers are always green i dont think that what she said
Eduardo Juarez
Eduardo Juarez Month ago
Is it wrong that i am agreeing with the girls Btw i am a boy
OutKast Cyth
OutKast Cyth Month ago
😭😭😭😭 i miss this
Hunter Benson
Hunter Benson Month ago
I am not the only person that likes the smell of there fart
#Just Marzha
#Just Marzha Month ago
9:58 no shame jack na shame
Michelle Anderson
Omg josh is finally wearing a shirt with sleeves
skatergurl 10
skatergurl 10 Month ago
I bet 600 dollars jack has a bunch of pictures of his poop LOL
rose give
rose give Month ago
Team cab
Varun S
Varun S Month ago
Title: .........things guys are AFRAID to admit. Jack: who is afraid
I'm just revisiting. Nothing else. And yea crying too.
• Stitch’s Fan •
The thumbnail 😂✊🏻
Maia Benarroch
Maia Benarroch 2 months ago
Jack and Gab were so happy I miss them but Ik that they r doing whatever is best for themselves I hope they can work things out but maybe it’s for the best❤️
Abigail Daigle
Abigail Daigle 2 months ago
Yall are for sure yall are both my favorite youtubers 😂😂😍😍❤❤love yall
Kennedy Joy
Kennedy Joy 2 months ago
Klara Barunović
Klara Barunović 2 months ago
Rayven Amparan
Rayven Amparan 2 months ago
My teachers husband is the director for familyguy
Casimir Marie
Casimir Marie 2 months ago
The guys version is SOOOOO much grosser
SoniC_ Dowling
SoniC_ Dowling 2 months ago
Richard Bain
Richard Bain 2 months ago
What Sydney's said was true because when gab was telling a story jack said to chose ur words wisley then she stopped and then started talking again
Bella H.
Bella H. 2 months ago
He was just joking 😂 it’s wasn’t serious and she never “stopped talking”
Anthony Mathieu
Anthony Mathieu 2 months ago
I remember me and my friend were talking about weird things we did and he would say he was pooping and would actually jerk off
ALISIA RENTERIA 2 months ago
Does anyone else notice that Josh's arm is the the same size as Katies stomach🤣
Kyle Lambert
Kyle Lambert 2 months ago
9:10 wtf never done in my life, yur weird
Karsynn Neidinger
Karsynn Neidinger 2 months ago
On jack looks weird like really weird 12:28
Sophie Mandernach
Sophie Mandernach 2 months ago
I ner made a Pic of my.... Ewwww
Hailey Long
Hailey Long 2 months ago
Who else is watching old videos from them because your sad since they broke up
Yeeet Lit
Yeeet Lit 2 months ago
10:56 gab says: you share!! It’s not as bad as being in a stall together.
ac goodwin
ac goodwin 2 months ago
i love how jack was so freakin honest the WHOLE time😂
Shriya 2 months ago
They won't be at the next retreat 😭
Maame Darkoa
Maame Darkoa 2 months ago
Ellie Combs
Ellie Combs 2 months ago
Why was jack rubbing his nipple
Klara Barunović
Klara Barunović 2 months ago
Just 'cause
Emily Miller
Emily Miller 2 months ago
Katie at the beginning going oh that’s us
Quinten de Rooij
Quinten de Rooij 2 months ago
1. I dont do 2. I dont do 3. Sometimes 4. Not really 5. Not really 6. Nope never🤮 7. Nope i always wash my hands 8. Jepp 9. Sometimes
Projj24 2 months ago
Who is watching after the vid sorry!
Jacob markley
Jacob markley 2 months ago
This is so sad to see now 😢
amanda clinton
amanda clinton 2 months ago
The degree deodorant works the best the 42 hour ones work for the whole day.
summer mosallaei
summer mosallaei 2 months ago
Team CAB
Chan Ivana
Chan Ivana 2 months ago
i’m really sad that this is the first video i watched in the jack and gab channel back in few months and now they broke up
Walmart 2 months ago
Ally Notman
Ally Notman 2 months ago
Walmart what do you mean?
Addyson Peets
Addyson Peets 2 months ago
Crystal Lps
Crystal Lps 2 months ago
Emma McLaughlin
Emma McLaughlin 2 months ago
I low-key love the way that both couples are just so casually close to each other like the girl on the left with her leg over her bf or the way that jack just puts his hand on gabs thigh and its just so normal for both of them ugghhhhhh so adorable 🥺
Alan Samuel
Alan Samuel 2 months ago
I hate to break your heart but Jack and Gab broke up.
W Wood
W Wood 2 months ago
Bro I just watched this and what josh said about washing his hands before is so relatable
Kendyl Kahl
Kendyl Kahl 2 months ago
His arm pits were like that in josh and Katie’s video
Brandon Hillgoth
Brandon Hillgoth 2 months ago
3:38 hahaha
Kenzi Mccooke
Kenzi Mccooke 2 months ago
2 million subs AMAZING 😉
Family Bauer
Family Bauer 2 months ago
KxnziePlayyz 2 months ago
Me watching this after they are broken up 🥺🥺🥺😭
Isabella Flores
Isabella Flores 3 months ago
Isabella Flores
Isabella Flores 3 months ago
Jack and josh are embarrassing
Kira Napier
Kira Napier 3 months ago
Bailey knows
Bailey knows 3 months ago
Why does josh look like a youth pastor? 😂
demotomuch the otaku
9:12 my sister did that
Miky Mouse
Miky Mouse 3 months ago
Team ‘CAB’!
Kirk Antoine
Kirk Antoine 3 months ago
Cara Headlee
Cara Headlee 3 months ago
Omg. There intro MAKES ME LAUGH EVERY SINGLE TIME😂😂😂 love it
MR.SKETCH 33 3 months ago
Who's here after the breakup
Rebecca Kirn
Rebecca Kirn 3 months ago
Adda Ada
Adda Ada 3 months ago
Bun inceput...
Heather Bownass
Heather Bownass 3 months ago
Katie thinks she cool. But not
Alexis E
Alexis E 3 months ago
kaceyann prince
kaceyann prince 3 months ago
her face in the intro though
Issy Jones
Issy Jones 3 months ago
Who’s here after the break up 🥺😭
Ana A
Ana A 14 days ago
I am
Olivia Selcuk
Olivia Selcuk Month ago
I Am
Alex Davis
Alex Davis 3 months ago
Rewatching this because jack and gab broke up☹️😞😢😭
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