Girl Code vs. Bro Code | Anwar Jibawi

Anwar Jibawi
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Jun 11, 2019




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Comments 8 135
Sofia Marathias
ohhh tifiney frim the sing 7 rings? this makes sencse bc in the begining of the song it goes like ''breakfast at tifineys ''
•ULтRᎯᏉIᎾLEт ѕкιєѕ•
Is there a way to buy that book? Literally make copies, put it for sale and deadass people will buy it.
Enxble Day ago
She was talking on the phone upside down
Gabi Rios
Gabi Rios Day ago
Bruh I-
Keresia Holmes
Soo where can i buy that book
Nmesoma Ibe
Nmesoma Ibe Day ago
Cheating eh hem no cheating in this house I will also u lier
coolgletter Playz
Your Arabic! Im Arabic to! Btw love your videos!
lewispher shad
lewispher shad 2 days ago
hahahahaha anwar n team best
lewispher shad
lewispher shad 2 days ago
Skully Clause
Skully Clause 2 days ago
Cardi b laugh is microwave
Norske Kyllinger
Norske Kyllinger 2 days ago
«Cardi B laugh» - Microwave ok.
FOOD IS MY BAE 2 days ago
wait... adam was lit under them and he needed the book?
Ankit TheLearner
Ankit TheLearner 2 days ago
Adam and Anwar are the best creators on RUvid.
Goodbye 2019
Goodbye 2019 3 days ago
Anwar: U wanna out some pants on? Adam: No, no I’m good...
Jennifer Saade
Jennifer Saade 3 days ago
Lol the girls at the end fighting boys are like bro it’s fine XD
A person
A person 3 days ago
Why did Adam need the book if he was under neath them?
Cole Ward
Cole Ward 3 days ago
5:29 phones upside down
Bisma Mattoo
Bisma Mattoo 3 days ago
Are you a muslim
Gwendolyn Phillips de Ashborough
They would All get killed!?
Luis Chacon
Luis Chacon 3 days ago
Bros before hoes
Leena dia
Leena dia 3 days ago
Still dont know why adam pick up the code book while he was listening to anwar when he said that he went ice skating with him🙃🙃
Laura Williamson
Laura Williamson 4 days ago
I did
Andres Hernandez
Andres Hernandez 4 days ago
Cheating is not a mistake, but a choice. Those who do that must be shot. No excuses.
Natalka Leonova 4ever
These guys should be doing movies
Yetty Foote
Yetty Foote 4 days ago
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡 💛💛💛💛💛 💚💚💚💚💚 💙💙💙💙💙 💜💜💜💜💜 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
Vodo fearless
Vodo fearless 4 days ago
Wilson Krysten
Wilson Krysten 4 days ago
SulimanS 5 days ago
Why the hell did "tiffany" needed to look up the words on the girl code book while she knew the code when she told her friend that she slept with anwar
Sade Busby
Sade Busby 5 days ago
Notice what
Margaret Orozco
Margaret Orozco 5 days ago
I would roast the cop but my mom said I'm not allowed to burn trash😏
Gitls,are chesters
NiteWalker J-C
NiteWalker J-C 5 days ago
2:39 is that Natalie from Davids vlog?
Conn Toons
Conn Toons 5 days ago
This hurts my brain
Samuel Paladino
Samuel Paladino 5 days ago
I have to take a massive dump
Conn Toons
Conn Toons 5 days ago
Here’s some TP
Sita Plays Fortnite
Guys say sorry then u see girls going crazy
ッValentxno 5 days ago
Bro code Pocket edition
Ashar Saeed Technical
Riley Atkins
Riley Atkins 6 days ago
yo change that thumbnail
Nebunul Cristian
Nebunul Cristian 6 days ago
Did anybody notice that at 5:28 the phone is upside down?
・taken by you・ 俺だけの物〜・
i always saw this in gacha life lol
alexianna Putnam
alexianna Putnam 7 days ago
*Bro Code pocket edition*
Mmaxi10 7 days ago
whats the outro song pls
Kevu Seth
Kevu Seth 7 days ago
What is this discount Dollar Store edition of the Bro Code. This is the one and only legitimate Bro Code. www.goodreads.com/book/show/4725669-the-bro-code
Flawless girl Cool
Boys always make up but girls they just like to keep talking
Mereim Mereim
Mereim Mereim 8 days ago
Safae. Bourzak,ak😊😊😊😊😊
Gacha Sweetheart
Gacha Sweetheart 8 days ago
I need that more than life
Tajana Marshall
Tajana Marshall 8 days ago
The two Best friends :3
I watch this when I’m bored xD
Catalin Iannis
Catalin Iannis 9 days ago
Thats wrrong bro
ArtemisChan xx
ArtemisChan xx 9 days ago
Maybe a weird question, but do you sell the girl's code book?
Amanda K
Amanda K 9 days ago
OverCraft 9 days ago
I'm dead
Vivian Soto
Vivian Soto 10 days ago
They did bros before hoes, women we have to do the same 😂
Alpah_ Zetch
Alpah_ Zetch 10 days ago
That voice crack thou
Conn Toons
Conn Toons 10 days ago
I lost it when Adam pulled out a tiny bro code 😂
Alina Hoeho
Alina Hoeho 10 days ago
Warum muss Adam im Buch nach schauen wenn er doch eh alles unter dem Bett hört ???
Bella Perez
Bella Perez 10 days ago
Actually the boy would get mad to so not all women are like that don't judge a book bye it's cover
Bibi Sharif
Bibi Sharif 10 days ago
Oh my god why you have girl friend
Luke Amparo
Luke Amparo 10 days ago
The bromance is beautiful.
Joley Ran
Joley Ran 10 days ago
My head hurts thinking about it!
Conn Toons
Conn Toons 5 days ago
Same lol
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