GIRL CHAT VAULT: Is It Ever Okay to Lie?

The Real Daytime
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Real fam, have you ever had to lie to make someone feel better?




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Ranita Gadling
Ranita Gadling 10 days ago
Is it ever ok to lie? IMHO it's absolutely ok to lie especially to either your kids or your spouse.
Jamie Sanders
Jamie Sanders 11 days ago
I’m with loni 100% on this. I personally have been hurt by friends being ‘honest’ when it wasn’t asked for. Just because someone’s has a different opinion doesn’t make it fact
Mfon Akpan
Mfon Akpan 12 days ago
Jeannie's fashion side showed up
paola moreno
paola moreno 14 days ago
whoever did Loni's makeup did her dirty
MadFlourish 20 days ago
Lie to the people who want to be lied to, tell the truth to those who want the truth and if no one asks and no one is in danger, keep yo mouth shut
Fuck.boi16 Winning
Fuck.boi16 Winning 24 days ago
Once u lie... i cannot trust u no more...i lose respect for u once i see u lying...
Wanda bella
Wanda bella 24 days ago
This is the first time I’ve seen Mai speechless
chn nnnj1 ,'
chn nnnj1 ,' 26 days ago
To all. Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand! No matter what you may be going through, Jesus loves you and will never forsake you. Just call on Him about anything and He will be there for you! Love you all and May God bless you in Jesus name!!
Noelle Month ago
Ok, serious question. WHAT is wrong with saying "I'm just not in the mood right now sweetie." to your partner when they wanns have sex? Lmao. That's not offensive and it's not a lie. Not that deep 🤷🏽
SAli Month ago
nah it is ghettooooooooooooooooo
Titus Nichols
Titus Nichols Month ago
13:15 14:56 04:21
Gwendolyn Ragland
16:46 16:57 11:12
emilie takahashi
Loni literally called out her aunt about her potato salad saying it was a total disaster lol.... so she’s kind of contradicting herself
Jay McKenzie
Jay McKenzie Month ago
100% honesty ALL the time is a surefire way to lose your friends. Sometimes it's ok to lie to protect someone's feelings. It's not ok to lie to deceive, manipulate or take advantage of someone.
Kendall Adaramola
I love Jeanie 99% of the time I love Adrienne 100% of the time I love Tamera 100% of the time I love Lonnie 99% of the time
Jon Ross
Jon Ross 2 months ago
I can't believe the amount of haters there were for men who wear jewelry 💀💀 men in jewelry is sexy
ayan Nuur
ayan Nuur 2 months ago
Some one needs to tell adam to stop wearing thoes ugly braclets. He looks like a 13yr old girl 😂
immapunchu 2 months ago
Hm, I've been living with a lot of my family members. So I'm alwat flattering everybody's ass. I don't even mean a single thing a said. But honestly that helps me out a lot of time
lalaluve minu
lalaluve minu 3 months ago
I hope ade shallows her spit before talking
M Mu
M Mu 3 months ago
Lani fucking kills me 😂😂😂😆😆😆😆
Janelle Baidein
Janelle Baidein 3 months ago
Love these kinda of talk shows to be real wayy And I mean way better than Willy.. show the essence Hillary something show or whatever this is the best show with amusing acts laughter romance pranks juicy secrets and not forgetting all their drama this is one of a kind love u guys
Jon B
Jon B 3 months ago
Lie to me if you will. If I catch you, you will get punished in a manner that you will never believe is possible. You think tapping the ass of one of your best friends in the bed we once shared is bad, I will get deep! Nothing is off limits, including your sexy family members!
Allena Bategana
Allena Bategana 3 months ago
am with Loni100%
Samantha Fontanez
Samantha Fontanez 3 months ago
They are so much better connected, without Tamar
Cleo Will
Cleo Will 3 months ago
Silence speaks volumes lol. I'm the same, don't ask if u don't want to know. But unsolicited compliments r genuine from me. But of course sometimes friends need a gee up.
Cleo Will
Cleo Will 3 months ago
Don't b rude to people and some people's ego is so fragile... Especially if these r acquaintance or not a close friend. Some people don't want the truth and it can often backfire.
Matt Miller
Matt Miller 3 months ago
Adrienne's hand does not match- lordy the surprise was terrifying
Matt Miller
Matt Miller 3 months ago
and that unit needs to be repositioned ADRIENNE what are we doing on this day this was pre creative director it had to have been
cyn7 4 months ago
How is Adrienne going to be ok with a pinky ring but not a thumb ring lmao
ilenix 4 months ago
Adrienne being extra about the jewelry 🙄
Neicey Balls
Neicey Balls 4 months ago
Loni need to go
Neicey Balls
Neicey Balls 4 months ago
Bring Tamar back
Keyontae Brown
Keyontae Brown 4 months ago
did anyone else notice Caro from Love Island US in the front? 🤩
Jazzy Bay’biez
Jazzy Bay’biez 4 months ago
Adrienne kinda has big ear Lobes....never really noticed untill now
Amanda H.
Amanda H. 4 months ago
Ewww no thumb ring
Amanda H.
Amanda H. 4 months ago
I agreeee wit loni....
Amanda H.
Amanda H. 4 months ago
It’s really hard to give Critism because people can’t handle the truth .... also depends who
Mutia 4 months ago
At the end of the day I think the person KNOWS the truth and they ask to deflect or confirm
Lm M
Lm M 4 months ago
Loni cracks me up so much!! I love her so much!! She keeps it real and hilarious as well♥️♥️😀😀😂😂😂!
Hey Hey Hey
Hey Hey Hey 4 months ago
So Loni was going to Tamera’s house and eating Adam’s portion of the meal
Bre A.
Bre A. Month ago
Joyce Henderson
Joyce Henderson 3 months ago
Joe T right!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣
Prudence Dantye
Prudence Dantye 4 months ago
I love Jeanie’s look. So dope!
Big Grandma
Big Grandma 4 months ago
I'm with the lawn on this loan well with my friends broke up with her boyfriend and they said tell me blah blah blah blah bro I'm helping them out to the fullest like it also tell him to stop worrying about it but I'm still helping them up and yeah
Kristine Faunce
Kristine Faunce 4 months ago
The only time I've ever really (as an adult) said i didn't like a gift was when my dad's 3rd wife bought me and my sisters POS gifts like stuff we would never ever use and I said something to my dad because his wife didn't even come with him and he was even like yeah I'm sorry she said she would take care of it and clearly didn't know us and then he gave me and my sister some cash to get something we would like and from then on he bought our gifts lol otherwise I was raised to say thank you because no one owes you anything that's why it's called a gift
Erica Kang
Erica Kang 4 months ago
Loni, “the best breast in the business!” Hahahaha best use of alliteration I’ve seen in a while.
Tony Parks
Tony Parks 4 months ago
Tony Parks
Tony Parks 4 months ago
Tony Parks
Tony Parks 4 months ago
Kiana Ontiveros
Kiana Ontiveros 4 months ago
I miss it being just them 4😞 I love Amanda but I feel like 5 people is too much and everyone talks over each other , no one is able to get out there full thoughts anymore like when it was just 4
Synthia Richardson
Synthia Richardson 4 months ago
Odd Fact about me....I cannot ingest lavender. I can have it on my skin, I can make products with it, I can touch and smell it but not drink or eat it. Makes me sad.
Rel Rellz
Rel Rellz 4 months ago
They really should give the audience the option to at least buy the drink. And I'm with Loni in that situation Adrien described I'm boosting her self esteem.
Kokiko Devereaux
Kokiko Devereaux 4 months ago
How about saying what you like because you may like more spice than not. Then there are friends who can't handle the truth. I feel no need to offer a "honest" opinion on non- important things that they aren't going to be receptive to it anyway.
Tajahney Espinosa
Tajahney Espinosa 4 months ago
@Loni need to be my hype man ! I love her 😍 😂😂😂
LADA A. 4 months ago
If you call me that night or the next day af a date or sex, you WILL get a voicemail...Call me a day af or so...That way you give me time to relax and need and want you that much more...
LADA A. 4 months ago
Bling is ok as long as you not Bling Bling Auntie from The Block...
LADA A. 4 months ago
If someone gave me a gift i didnt like, id tell them i love it, i love you, and this gift really isnt for me but i love you anyway...😚😚😚😚❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
LADA A. 4 months ago
I need all the drinks they have on the show...
LADA A. 4 months ago
Under extreme circumstances...
Elisabet Sarai
Elisabet Sarai 4 months ago
Loni is soooo funny!!! 😂😂😂
Rita Nooney
Rita Nooney 4 months ago
I agree mostly with Lonnie
Natalie King
Natalie King 4 months ago
Two words: Lenny Kravitz
Kimberly Brabson
Kimberly Brabson 2 months ago
Jeezy CAN wear his jewelry and his 8732 clothing line from head to toe, and cologne? That's absolutely sexy to me! And lays his suits out DAMN!!!!
jennier martinez
jennier martinez 4 months ago
I feel like the audience should have like a taste of the drinks lol I can’t imagine watching them drink and being thirsty or like craving it lol
Jenny L Nieves
Jenny L Nieves 4 months ago
I like to watch these older episodes that Amanda Seales ain't on so I can actually hear the REAL cast.
cheryl 4 months ago
my gosh this video is funny😄👏
IllyrianPrinces00 4 months ago
All this looks good on the RIGHT GUY.
Cynthia Vanessa
Cynthia Vanessa 4 months ago
Is that Caro from Love Island 7:47 lol
IBelieveInMiracles 4 months ago
I'm with Loni on this one.
Baloncica bb
Baloncica bb 4 months ago
Oh I once got a gift I didn't like from an ex, I asked if I could exchange it, yo he got so upset and took it so personally I couldn't understand why. Haven't worn it since.
Jasmine 5 months ago
i really like this hairstyle on loni
vanessuh selenuh
vanessuh selenuh 5 months ago
Excuse me but JEWELRY IS HAWT
LiLmSzDiVa 5 months ago
I’m with Loni, I’m not tearing down my friends. I don’t believe in people necessarily “looking better” than other people, that’s an opinion. It’s not a set in stone fact that someone looks better than another person. In my opinion my friends are the baddest out, period. I’d say the new girl is pretty if she is but I’ll never say she looks better than my friend, which is me being honest.
Jen M
Jen M 5 months ago
I’m the same way I won’t lie on something serious or u know but about the breakup thing I agree with Loni I wouldn’t lie BUT I would boost my friend confidence cause that’s what u supposed to do lol 👌🏾
Jen M
Jen M 5 months ago
Loni”s hair 😍😍😍😍
Emma McCarron
Emma McCarron 5 months ago
Can you imagine the uproar if a group of men where discussing whether or not women should wear jewellery lmao 🥴
Jordan Kay
Jordan Kay 5 months ago
Me and my man hooked up on a one night stand. Have. Even together for almost 10 years. December 2020 will be 10 years we have been together
Jordan Kay
Jordan Kay 5 months ago
I'd hope my ex new chick is prettier than me. Id feel shittieir if he went ugly. . Idky lol
Hailey Glenn
Hailey Glenn 6 months ago
My man wears a necklace with his daughters name on it and it's SEXY!
Vane Za
Vane Za 6 months ago
jewelry doesnt need to come off to get it poppin'
Business XX
Business XX 6 months ago
I'm with loni
Mr. Oslyn
Mr. Oslyn 6 months ago
Sex on the first date, now that's gonna complicate everything.
Cici Cerreta
Cici Cerreta 6 months ago
I learned the 3 day rule with phone calls from Sister Sister hahahaha
Bay Yung
Bay Yung 6 months ago
I can’t be the only one who noticed Caro from LoveIslandUS
Thelma N'Kenda-Bikoumou
Beauty is subjective so my friend is definitely hotter than her ex’s new chick 🤨
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