Gidley on White House impeachment strategy: The team will be 'flawless'

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White House Deputy Principal Press Secretary Hogan Gidley discuses the White House's impeachment trial strategy.
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Published on


Jan 17, 2020




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Comments 100
Ghost Notes
Ghost Notes 2 months ago
Gidley is the biggest wanker on the Trump team.
Bee nicole Hogan
Bee nicole Hogan 4 months ago
Will Mr. Hogan can you help me get a house help me get out of poverty?
Kunle Olomofe
Kunle Olomofe 7 months ago
Sometimes I watch Fox News and have to do a double take to be sure I'm not actually watching CNN I mean WTH with some of these leading questions and cutting off responses that they don't want the audience to hear... Classic CNN MOVE
Mark Knight
Mark Knight 8 months ago
Chimi Cheese
Chimi Cheese 8 months ago
Lev Parnas and Devin Nunes' staffer had more than 100 texts together. I wonder why?
Ray & Deb
Ray & Deb 8 months ago
Keep cutting him off Martha ugh...
YahshuaLovesMe 8 months ago
Where is Guiliani... he'd knock it out of the park!
Clint Ennen
Clint Ennen 8 months ago
Who's the hell cares what Monica Lewinsky thinks...
Tyler Wilson
Tyler Wilson 8 months ago
these days r so evil so stop what ur doing coz they live their here underground jib ur phone its sucked u on.i knew this would happen n if u think ur holograms n torture not seen but felt wake up moron im coming to grt u in a pay back most serious folks they lie lie lie
marc marinacci
marc marinacci 8 months ago
George Kafantaris
George Kafantaris 8 months ago
We were expecting incisive legal arguments from Trump’s new members on his legal team, but so far all we got are more hollow indignations, more nonsense procedural objections and more hyperboles.
Richard Perkey
Richard Perkey 8 months ago
I think Trump should get to do his first term over in 2020 for getting cheated out of it. 9 more years!!!!!!!
Kisho K
Kisho K 8 months ago
I still have no idea why do this people keep praising Trump Is he paying them all
keith hooker
keith hooker 8 months ago
The Pinked Shop
The Pinked Shop 8 months ago
You see how fast she changed the subject when he said "In the House they called 17 witnesses and we got to call ZERO" that's pretty relevant since the left claims if there's no witnesses its a cover up!
Richard Peaslee
Richard Peaslee 8 months ago
That women on Fox news knows more then our President, she should be on CNN. Fox seems to be going to the liberal side,
James Mckeraghan
James Mckeraghan 8 months ago
Sandra Metzler
Sandra Metzler 8 months ago
I'm thinking the same thing. After she tries to make her guests look bad, and she never can, at the end of the visit she is so phoney with her exit. " Well, thank you so much bla bla bla bla, then is done.
Alain Horner
Alain Horner 8 months ago
Why do you keep interrupting your guests?? Let them finish what they say!!!
FreeandFighting 8 months ago
Its Not just Ukraine paying off the Bidens; add in Bulgaria, Romania, Iran, Iraq, & China!!! FREE
Justa Witness
Justa Witness 8 months ago
The democrats and their liberal media machine are just pissed off that their sham impeachment is going to be fully exposed, and will cause the Lunatic Left total embarrassment in front of the American people.
Stew Ramone
Stew Ramone 8 months ago
kenneth darby
kenneth darby 8 months ago
I would not trust this Martha as far as I could throw her, she is definitely a never Trumper.
Marilyn Betts
Marilyn Betts 8 months ago
The Republican Party will be forever Trump
Marc 8 months ago
Sharon Bennett
Sharon Bennett 8 months ago
What the heck is her problem??
Its Not the Voting. - Its the Counting
Republicans don't believe in LAW.
Richard Eastman
Richard Eastman 8 months ago
True. But notice that Congress always ignores the real impeachable offenses of our presidents. Trump will be removed on the senate voting guilty as impeached on the two contrived absurd empty and not-Constitutional grounds and why? Because Trump's promised swamp cleaning was to great a threat to Singer's RINO Senators as well was to the Clinton-McCain-Obama-Biden organized crime Democrat and Neocon organized crime. Come on, Epstein's pal Deshowitz and fake special prosecutor (Janet Reno's Dade County pet who replaced real-prosecutor Robert Fisk Jr. and refocused from Whitewater to Lewinsky, anointed to lose, just as he is with Clinton. And RINO Paul Ryan is now on the board of Fox News explaining what I see Laura Ingraham doing today.
leslie watts
leslie watts 8 months ago
It should be obvious. Old Rudi is a loose cannon. He doesn't know when to cut it off and just shut up. Essentially his infoabout Ukraine is theirs, i.e. the republicans'. They can exploit it if and when necessary.
Emmanuel JESULOLA 8 months ago
The moderator made me laugh! At her opening, she played the fake news media complaining about the choice of Alan, then she suggested the President should have included Giuliani? Really? She should know what CNN and their friends in crime will say, shouldn’t she?
keith mills
keith mills 8 months ago
Well then....One of the questions now is WHO is promising Parnez a reduced sentence for attacking the President ?
achristian's illuminosity
every as'swipey in the world more so on the left and the fake news has an opinion on what trump should do or not do. here is the thing about this. they are not the potus and never will come close to being a potus. so they need to shut their pie hole.
JRG2733 8 months ago
Trump could have avoided this whole mess. Could be respected, if not loved. Could still have both houses of Congress. Could be a shoo-in for a second term. Instead he decided to make enemies of half the population. Went from Walzing at his Inauguration to Whining at his Impeachment in less than 3 years. Worst political suicide in history.
Emmanuel JESULOLA 8 months ago
And CNN is not biased? Shameless people
JRG2733 8 months ago
Wait until Giuliani is indicted, with "Individual #1" on every page. Whooo-eee.
PWD123 8 months ago
Alfred E. Neuman Look him up.
JRG2733 8 months ago
Trump: "Lev Porno? Never heard of him. You'll have to ask Stormy."
Richard White
Richard White 8 months ago
Trump a Great Man !!
Tom Armah
Tom Armah 8 months ago
The impeachment is about phone call between president TRUMP AND UKRAINE president so corrupt Purnas is irrelevant
Mario Power
Mario Power 8 months ago
Shouldn't interrupt when her guest speak. He said very important thing. Democrats had 17 witnesses and republicans had 0 (democrats didn't let them to invite any).
Misaka Mikoto
Misaka Mikoto 8 months ago
Funny how the Democrats cry about Epstein's lawyers while being totally fine with Hillary and Tim Kaine representing rapists in court.
Karen Reddinger
Karen Reddinger 8 months ago
Martha definitely doesn’t hide her bias, does she. She gets on my nerves.
karen edwards
karen edwards 8 months ago
Why is trump using Oj. Simpson and Harvey wienston lawyers
dominik cruz will dethrone conor
Democrats are going to end up like the wig party
Hope Sorrowgrave, The Outcast
So-called democrats are so bigoted.
Richard Schaefer
Richard Schaefer 8 months ago
Pelosi and other scumballs are ALL RABID GREEN LEFTIST HACKS...They couldn't identify an honest, honorable human being if they tripped over one. I find Trump bombastic and egocentric, even so, he is head and shoulders above the Socialist nut-jobs like Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler and Waters etc...
Blake Moss
Blake Moss 8 months ago
For the love of God, CALL WITNESSES!!!! Bidens, SHiff, the nonexistent whistle blower....FRY EM ALL!
Robert Wolfe
Robert Wolfe 8 months ago
I just want justice for the American people. It's not fair we have to pay for the democrats coup attempt.they have been walking all over the constitution and the laws of this land all over this country.and be held accountable to the fullest extent..not just in the house or Congress but to state ,city county level also their puting restrictions on the constitution and braking legal citizens constitutional rights.Making laws that make law abiding citizens into crimmanals in The Virginians and all over this country.not only are they putting their life's in danger Their putting the law in danger and the American people. They aren't pledging allegiance to this nation.
Grr wuff
Grr wuff 8 months ago
5:11 - Hogan Gidley: "Thanks for YOUR time Martha..." - the guest thanks the presenter for HER time??? weird
Creative Space
Creative Space 8 months ago
I really just can't stand FOX. We're so used to liberal insanity bludgeoning the truth and complaining about everything a sane conservative should do, that FOX has slid left. *GET A BRAIN LADY*
Kathleen Bush
Kathleen Bush 8 months ago
Did the president do anything wrong? And the answer is yes, yes, yes. He broke the law, which is called the impoundment act. He bribed and extorted Ukrainian president, which sadly killed soldiers. He, dumb, dumb trump with a 4th grade vocabulary, even had written a script for Ukraine prez to read on CNN. He covered up docs, gagged witnesses and gaslights the world that he does not know lev. Fox and GOP are brain dead and anti American.
Hugh Hammell
Hugh Hammell 8 months ago
Ann Carr
Ann Carr 8 months ago
I do not like this woman as she is a very biased interviewer- fox is becoming another CNN!
Manuela Gabathuler
Manuela Gabathuler 8 months ago
Me too, I do not like I finder her hypocrite.
Steven Schmidt
Steven Schmidt 8 months ago
The president's team is seeing the wrong that the Democrats are doing to the Constitution and the spoils in the office they believe what's happening is downright Criminal
will Robinson
will Robinson 8 months ago
A great defense team.
Jeffery Thorndyke
Jeffery Thorndyke 8 months ago
I wish we could impeach the crooked lying media. The Mainstream media and the Democrat party are one in the same. Never trust anything you here from them. They dont report the news they report Propaganda and lies. That's a fact.
Russel Watson
Russel Watson 8 months ago
All she does is read the questions in front of her and never lets anybody finish their answer to the questions. We knew what ever team the President puts together was going to get smeared. Rudy is great. Uncovered what was going on in the Ukraine. Bill Barr has told Rudy to step aside and let Durham take over. Parnas is a lieing liberal left hack.
Cyvamp 8 months ago
Let's not watch "a little bit of that" I'm sick of it man, the MSM makes me nauseous. You might as well have dead babies on the screen. I don't want to see 8 seconds of CNN.
mashroob 8 months ago
mr. l
mr. l 8 months ago
I hate the way she mumbles into interrupting her guest. I would like to listen to them and not her.
Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones 8 months ago
A great team for the pedos, i am sick of Trump cuddling up to these pedos
Kelli Pickle
Kelli Pickle 8 months ago
Truth will prevail. What a waist of time and money. We need a mulligan. Trump 2024
JCC Silverback
JCC Silverback 8 months ago
She is not bias I think she has an opinion. We are all guided by our personal convictions however, if anyone could demonstrate a different view with facts she would receive it and possibly change her view. She is very beautiful.
Pure Gaming
Pure Gaming 8 months ago
The case is so strong in President Trumps favor, he could win with Gomer Pyle as his attorney....who cares already.
Matthew Thomas
Matthew Thomas 8 months ago
Rudy Giuliani is a clown show. He didn't find anything in Ukraine obviously.
K W 8 months ago
lol you guys re hilarious (HILARIOUSLY DELUSIONAL)!
Philip Fontaine
Philip Fontaine 8 months ago
Time for Republicans to go on offense, and stop playing defense. Period.
stephen glover
stephen glover 8 months ago
Flawless.... OK.... I hope so
Ed Dee
Ed Dee 8 months ago
Richard Willette
Richard Willette 8 months ago
Dershowitz represents Epstein so you know he’s super honest
Ichabod Crane
Ichabod Crane 8 months ago
Flush accountability down the toilet, exonerate Trump !
kahlesstiberius 8 months ago
I take it that monica could only type a tweet as her mouth was busy!
Jaime Olivera
Jaime Olivera 8 months ago
Rudy Juliani for President 2024!!!!
kt mensah
kt mensah 8 months ago
Rudy is a ticking bomb. He will wipe the floor clean. If the Dems bring on 'Judas' parnas, 'Peter' guilliani will chop off his ears one time
Marius Thefaker
Marius Thefaker 8 months ago
Hey up-loader, you misspelled 'lawless'...
But Theyreinvestmentsdear
This impeachment you’re concerned with what came out of Monica’s mouth; whereas last time . . . .
Tim French
Tim French 8 months ago
Don’t worry, America - chaos will not disappoint and arrive on schedule during the coming impeachment charade. Sadly, our great President Trump will have to endure the same, slow, ridiculous Kavanaugh-like torture we’ve witnessed before. But he will survive and, like a super hero 🦸‍♂️, zoom mightily through the evil Demorats 🐭 and emerge triumphant on November 3rd! ❤️🇺🇸 Keep America Great!
Kevin Waters
Kevin Waters 8 months ago
This reporter is a massive dud. She must be legally blonde , because she can’t tell the wheat from the chaff. Maybe the lawyers have a better idea than her about how to run an impeachment trial ? Maybe ?
Dana Ray Art
Dana Ray Art 8 months ago
darlings.. the GOP .. is “DEAD”.. behold the “NEW FASCIST’S”.. more evidence of “BLEACH EXPOSURE”..
Self Learning
Self Learning 8 months ago
Watch the Lev Parnas video where he's leaving the courthouse and walking down the street. In the background you see a guy with a sign, it's almost subliminal. But obviously, whoever would be in that shot, would have to know Parnas' schedule pretty well, especially to be doing that in that weather. So, what happened? Did he call a bunch of people and he was the only one who showed up? Smells like a shill.
feral vicar
feral vicar 8 months ago
I'm sick of hearing Hogan Gidley going down on Lindsey Graham. Republican sperm needs to be kept indoors.
Self Learning
Self Learning 8 months ago
Rudy Giuliani was revered in NYC for making it safe, and yet now, his name is constantly besmirched. We really need to put all of this in our collective pipe and smoke it. The Democrats are not playing politics as usual, and yet a LOT of people think they are. But look, NY State now has a law where most criminals are not even assessed bail. And criminals are provided information regarding their complainants. Meaning...that NY State is saying, "go, commit crimes, and we hate the legitimate honest citizens of this state". That it. That's the only message.
Self Learning
Self Learning 8 months ago
What I predict will happen is that the Democrats will be taking sound bite worthy pot-shots at the attorneys. They're probably out there digging up any thing they can find in the person's past, to suggest to the radicalized democrat base that these people are criminals. if Pam Bondi had her nails done by a Panamanian, they're going to call her racist. if Sekulow's wedding was catered by a company that had no diversity, they'll call him out on being a fascist...it doesn't have to make sense, they'll just do it.
Self Learning
Self Learning 8 months ago
What a ludicrous angel to take on this. Like these attorneys don't have the professionalism to deal with the situation.
Cj Reed
Cj Reed 8 months ago
Probably gonna get some negative feed back on this question but it must be asked. Why Dershowitz? He has close ties to Epstein. He's said awful things about Some of Epstein victims. And Ken Starr too, everybody knows his connections to known Pedo's. Why would POTUS HAVE THESE TWO MEN ON HIS DEFENSE TEAM WHEN A LOT, A WHOLE LOT OF AMERICANS associate them to pedophile and/or pedophile cover ups? Judging a person by the company he keeps isn't always right, we should never assume, but unfortunately many ppl do just that very thing and I'm not the only one aware of this...people have always and will always judge you by the company you keep. So Why? Why
Cj Reed
Cj Reed 8 months ago
@Doc GonzalesDO YOU HAVE PROOF OF THAT MR. GONZALES . IF NOT, YOU SHOULDN'T SLANDER THE PRESIDENT LIKE THAT....AND I will reserve my opinion until I am shown proof. INNOCENT UNTIL '"'"'"PROVEN"'"'" guilty,....that is suppose to be part of the American way! I didn't post the question above to give POTUS HATERS fodder to feed off of...I truly want to know y those men were chosen last minute to be on POTUS defense team. I know how ppl are and/or can be, I'm no exception, and we all are guilty of jumping to wrong conclusions. I TRUELY WANT TO KNOW THE REASONING OR CAUSE OF THE LAST TWO CHOICES. POTUS MAY NOT HAVE EVEN CHOSE THEM...IDK, MAYBE HE WAS GIVEN NO CHOICE. IDK. IM CONFUSED BY IT....BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN HE IS A BAD PERSON!
Love Cat
Love Cat 8 months ago
Let's show Dem what fair trial is ,,,,,shame on Dem's
Fingers Crossed
Fingers Crossed 8 months ago
Hogan is a good guy but I keep seeing Alfred E. Newman
paradigm respawn
paradigm respawn 8 months ago
Dismissal would Crush Pelosi's Agenda!
100101mint mint101001
A dismissal is not an acquittal if anyting Pelosi would be celebrating
Carolyn Nigro
Carolyn Nigro 8 months ago
Republicans are much more attractive and articulate than Democrats.
malcolm clark
malcolm clark 8 months ago
Hysterical...if candidate Donald Trump did anything wrong LOL ! - Thats a good one...
Lorenzo Wyche
Lorenzo Wyche 8 months ago
Trump tried to get Matlock
Miklos Hun
Miklos Hun 8 months ago
Please Mr. Gidley, DO NOT mention FACTS to Martha. Pure little duckling may sh... herself at the front of the cameras! Though, it will have NO SMELL over the TV screen, still, it would be very embarrassing...
Nancy Archibald
Nancy Archibald 8 months ago
Be careful MARTHA...you and Shannon Bream are Trump haters. We see right through you two girls.
Cindy Babineau
Cindy Babineau 8 months ago
Please you all let this be a circus by the coup!!! Don't put our wonderful President, families, citizens through that again! The world will be watching don't make us look like fools when so much has been accomplished! Trump kept kept his promise to Americans. Now you all need to end this foolishness & get these haters out of goverment PERIOD!!!
Leo Master Daddy Senpai Oppa ALPHA Male Hunk Stud
Trump supporters believe in flat earth + very gullible. They also support pedophiles and corruption. You guys like how Trump enjoys taking Epstein's private jet know as the "Lolita Express?" Every time he flew on Lolita there were under aged girls walking around naked.
I do care
I do care 8 months ago
Why dignify anything Monica says? She was one and done.
Rumple4skin 8 months ago
Young Sheldon has lost his way.
Jose Robles
Jose Robles 8 months ago
All of you Fauxers fcks are worried about impeachment, but none of you at Faux "news" talk about the consequences of having a NATIONAL DEBT SKY ROCKETING. Not all of us own stocks. So, i ask you propaganda peddlers at FAUX NEWS: WHAT THE FCK YOU GOT TO SAY ABOUT IT? I WILL BE WAITING FOR YOUR RESPONSE.
Gabby Rios
Gabby Rios 8 months ago
As the senate proceeds with the impeachment trial arrangements, it should quickly became apparent that the quality of evidence is without substance and misplaced. As such, a senior Republican leader should step up to the plate and request a motion to dismiss the impeachment proceedings.
Orson Jaques
Orson Jaques 8 months ago
I strongly believe that Donald Trump should act as Howard Roark - eschew lawyers and argue his record on his own behalf.
Melvin Wagner
Melvin Wagner 8 months ago
Mouth Breather Martha is learning how to use those pre-scripted leading questions like a real lefty. Notice her visuals were leading as well.
Marvin Kho
Marvin Kho 8 months ago
So you expect your enemy to cheer on your team? DUUUHHHH!
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