Gibson Surprised Me With My Dream Guitar!

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Check out all the amazing guitars Gibson is making here: www.gibson.com/Guitar/USAS7F953/ES-335-Figured/Sixties-Cherry#
Gibson invited me to come down for a tour of their Gibson USA factory during my last visit to Nashville! Knowing I'm a HUGE fan of the ES-335 model of guitar, they showed me how the guitar was made start to finish on the factory tour. At the end of the tour, Gibson actually surprised me with my dream custom ES-335! Check it out!
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Comments 80
gforce1 Hour ago
Bad Ass, Marty!
Bikram Rai
Bikram Rai 3 hours ago
Marty, how about new lessons with this guitar?
william merten
william merten 12 hours ago
Congrats .....nice to see a dream come true. I did the tour and didn’t get shit.....haha....not really . I did go in to the store part of it. Thanks for all the lessons.
Gwyn Howell
Gwyn Howell 12 hours ago
That’s so awesome
ryan farraway
ryan farraway 16 hours ago
Must of been awesome!
guitarman 17 hours ago
You deserve that 335 and more for all you've done for aspiring musicians. Take a trip to Fender Masterbuild Services in Corona, CA and see if they'll build a Customshop Tele for you....lol. Please be safe and stay healthy !!
JN Productions
JN Productions 19 hours ago
nobody: the bald dude: mInIMuM oF 2 tO 3
Don Stewart
Don Stewart 21 hour ago
You soooooo deserved that Guitar Marty😊🧡👍🤙🤘🤟✌🙏 I'm a Gibson Person like I'm a Ford Man too lol😁 It's all good But a I have always wanted a Gibson J 45. And I bid on one last year and got me a 1966 J 50. It has a few minor cosmetic issues but that gust gives it character and it plays so beautifully ☺😊😀🎸 So glad you got that guitar Marty And thanks so much for all the lessons your one of the best ever at being patient and explaining things. 🎵🎶🎸🎙🎤🎧📻🎛🎚 You Rock Bro !!!!!
You've given us so much over these years that you honestly even you getting your dream guitar doesn't compensate for it. Keep the quality work up Marty :) Good content as always.
Live Outside The Box
LOL you're reaction to the gift was like mine during Christmas time when Grandma wants to put me on spot with the nice sweater she got me. Good job keeping it together. :D
Brandon Walter
You deserve it! Congrats man! thanks for the guitar lessons
Larry Senechal
That would be my dream guitar as well. Congratulations Marty!!
Michael Flowers Jr
That's so dope man!!!
Stan Vreuls
Stan Vreuls Day ago
I remember buying my first guitar.. never played it so what do you do these days? You open up youtube looking for a teacher! 3 years later and I am still learning a lot from you! You might not know me, jt tou taught me the fundamentals of playing my first guitar! You truly deserve that guitar! Couldn't give a guitar to a nicer guy! Thank you so much!
hotmandead1 Day ago
Wow respect for Gibson!
Danny Long
Danny Long Day ago
Nice video.
seng yung
seng yung Day ago
The Way Back Into Love - Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore can u please make a video of it
Dave the guitar guy
Man, again, no offense, but how do you get a tour of the Gibson factory, get a free guitar, visit Ed King's house, when all your lessons are wrong??? I like you as a person, you seem very nice, but all your lessons are wrong man. You taught over 3,000,000 people the wrong way to play "Sweet Home Alabama" AFTER sitting in the guys house who actually wrote the song (Ed King)! You were more interested in his dog, than learning what Ed was trying to teach you! Hey though, good luck in the future, stay healthy brother, but man, learn the songs the right way before giving lessons, PLEASE!!!!!! Much love and peace! I must give a shameful plug here, if you want to learn the right way to play "Sweet Home Alabama" and others, check out Dave the guitar guy. Just posted "Sweet Home the proper way today. :)
James Baltz
James Baltz Day ago
This is sad, ive never even got to play a Gibson 😂
Dan Capua
Dan Capua Day ago
So so deserving! Congrats Sir Marty!
Abe Friesen
Abe Friesen 2 days ago
I wonder how they make the neck
drzitbag06 2 days ago
lol gibson... that can be done in a chinese sweatshop. I would not be surprised if those guys made oreos in that same factory.
I'm am Bipolar
I'm am Bipolar 2 days ago
nick 2 days ago
So happy for you that Gibson gave you that guitar. That has to be such a great experience and can't imagine that guitar being cheap lol.
Stirling Stark
Stirling Stark 2 days ago
lmfao! this explains everything about gibson! -the painters dont wear maks and prob have 8 brain cells among them -too much wood glue in some areas and not enough in others -their quality control guy is stoned and wearing sunglasses indoors like a douche bag no wonder the name of the company is destroyed
Mxtri 2 days ago
nobody in the world deserves this more than you
garry Holloway
garry Holloway 3 days ago
No body deserves it more than you for what you have given to millions all over the world . From this day and for the rest of time you will be known as Marty clause . Congrats Marty you truly deserve it .
Jason Fulker
Jason Fulker 3 days ago
Superb film showing the process fascinating and well deserved marty as you've helped me so much get back into picking my guitar back up. Thanks dude
Have you been eating them ?
Benjamin King
Benjamin King 3 days ago
Something tells me he knew he’d be receiving that 335 beforehand. Definitely a great contributor to the guitar community.
nguquaxa nguyen
nguquaxa nguyen 3 days ago
nah i'll buy an eastman
El Miguel
El Miguel 3 days ago
Well deserved Marty.... as I always said.... nutt'n like a Gibson. The factory is a throwback to good old American handmade factory workers who have so much pride. Let's support Gibson and keep America strong !!!! My dad gave me an ES 335 I believe made in 1981 and it sent chills up my spine when the Gibson guy said all the ES models were made from that one machine. God Bless you Marty, you're a good guy. Go Gibson, Buy American !!! Nothing Chinese!
Scott Miller
Scott Miller 3 days ago
Much deserved marty.. you’re the best
bleufishtv 3 days ago
Nice man . Enjoy. I just picked up a guild starfire v
Paul Mackeigan
Paul Mackeigan 3 days ago
You definitely deserve it Marty 😎
Emilio Estrella
Emilio Estrella 3 days ago
The finish looks so good. See thru is the way.
Landen R
Landen R 3 days ago
My dream guitar too
Haiden Mariani
Haiden Mariani 3 days ago
Damn happy for u that so awesome he just gave u it😂😂
Mike Last
Mike Last 3 days ago
Nice going.. this is super cool.. congrats to you!
Darkest Wonder
Darkest Wonder 3 days ago
Congratulations Marty! I've always appreciated how generous you are with your knowledge - you deserve it, bud!
John Wilson
John Wilson 4 days ago
Really interesting, Marty. What a great looking guitar and to think you got to watch it being made and then own it.Wow!! Looking forward to hearing it :)
Tom Payton
Tom Payton 4 days ago
The final tester at the end of the production line has a pretty good job haha
eleazer hmar
eleazer hmar 4 days ago
I Think I have seen this Jim.
Steve Percival
Steve Percival 4 days ago
Love my Gibsons 🖕
Tina Mancusi
Tina Mancusi 4 days ago
Hey Marty! Just want to let you know I mentioned your channel in my last vid. I've worked at a bunch of recording and mastering studios in NYC for 15 years. Sending you a big thanks for putting your classes up online, your skills are much appreciated! Keep rockin 🎵🤘🏽
Options Specialist
Robpan1960 4 days ago
You deserve it Marty you have given alot yourself
David Guillen Torres
Stable Genius
Stable Genius 5 days ago
My 120th anniversary fireburst les paul is so good to me, hope yours is as nice to you Marty!👌
GaryDGuitar 5 days ago
I wish Gibson would surprise me with my dream PRS.
eddie lee
eddie lee 5 days ago
Applause applause! For one that has gave now you receive!
Rick Rose
Rick Rose 5 days ago
I want that guitar.
Rick Rose
Rick Rose 5 days ago
I'd laugh to Marty, but I would like to have one that got as much attention.
Maxime Phuket
Maxime Phuket 5 days ago
So happy for you Marty, I'm French and your "hey what's up you guys" always put a smile on my face. Keep rocking mate !
Hamilton Stamper
Hamilton Stamper 5 days ago
he looks like a kid in a candy store haha, hes so happy to be there
Richard Perrotti
Richard Perrotti 5 days ago
Congrats Marty! Well deserved!
Ed Phillips
Ed Phillips 6 days ago
Congrats Marty !
Mike Dunkley
Mike Dunkley 6 days ago
good for you Marty, you deserve it, and dont ever ever sell it!!!!
Envirotek Graffiti Removal System
Awesome! Love the videos
Raveesh Sood
Raveesh Sood 6 days ago
F*cking deserve it man. You've been there since forever and taught us so much.
Rishabh Seth
Rishabh Seth 6 days ago
Oh Marty. You have taught me such essentials. Whatever I know it is because of you. I have been playing for quite some years. Your style of teaching is just so cool. I recently bought a Squire bullet. My first electric guitar. You deserve the best. My all the best wishes for you.
Teemon Pumba
Teemon Pumba 6 days ago
Tx marty ... 😁😁
Paul 6 days ago
I want a job there!!
Ehhhh I don’t like it... I don’t like the fact that guitar crafting is so detached. Feels wrong
neil churcher
neil churcher 7 days ago
Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy...
Chinmoy Jyoti Kathar
So is that guy like the Satya Nadella of Gibson??
Jef Horians
Jef Horians 7 days ago
Great video. I never realized there is so much done by hand.
Patrimoine visuel
Conflict ot interest?
W.Wright Jackson
W.Wright Jackson 7 days ago
Hey Marty did you meet Herb J. Grew up with him, we were like best friends. Keep pickin and grinn from Nashville, Tn.
garn1177 7 days ago
Who down votes a video like this? Pretty sad.....
MC Stein
MC Stein 8 days ago
Just an honest question: Couldn't he have bought one of these a long time ago? I mean, he's got the money, right?
Texxter 7 days ago
Check the first thing in the description, it’s sponsored
Ervin 8 days ago
Happy for you Marty, you deserve it! Very cool looking guitar!
model guy295
model guy295 8 days ago
Gibson isn't really a company it's our compan :)
Eddy Mazarredo
Eddy Mazarredo 8 days ago
M A R T Y for prez. Seriously tho, stoked to see this clip & want to give THANKS. You have taught me soo much. One day I plan to make some financial contributions to your cause, but for now, a text expression of my gratitude, mad love & respect for your knowledge, passion & wisdom to teach & inspire soo many of us will have to suffice High notes to you on ur new guitar. Cheers Amigo. 😎
Michael Zschoche
Michael Zschoche 8 days ago
Lucky! I need to go on a tour there lol.
W.Wright Jackson
W.Wright Jackson 8 days ago
I'm from Donelson Tn. suburb of Nashville, I lived about five miles from the plant. I painted guitars for a little over a year shortly after they opened. Was doing a lot of cherry sunburst. Wish I still worked there. A lot better place to work at now than it was then. I got to meet a lot of pros there. my favorite was BB King. Great video Marty.
Jimmy Falcone
Jimmy Falcone 8 days ago
Fender is the best...!!!
Switchdoktor 8 days ago
What’s the workers hourly rate
kamaboko1 8 days ago
Would have been funny if they presented him with an Epiphone. Lol. Nice guitar!
Marcos J
Marcos J 8 days ago
Gibson see's potential customers....1.93m chances
kookmurphy 8 days ago
awesome bro, so happy for you
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