GIANT Shave Ice Challenge (ft. Morgan)

Matt Stonie
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When in Hawaii... Eat Shave Ice!!
I've had many Shave Ice in Hawaii in my life, but never have I been to Shimazu before. Saw that they had a Massive Shave Ice on the menu, so I had to check it out..
..With Morgan...
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Jun 20, 2017




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Comments 8 745
kath alejandra
kath alejandra 21 hour ago
No entiendo para que hace el reto el otro wn si se nota que no esta niay con cumplir... Parece nena comiendo 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Jhandee Francisco
I thought passion fruit was poison fruit 😁
mook arunsong
mook arunsong 3 days ago
Cover Musik Indonesia
Matt, I challenge you to eat a lot against the #tanboykun channel from Indonesia
Lorena Lory
Lorena Lory 3 days ago
you eat that nonsense🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
Tyn's Channel
Tyn's Channel 3 days ago
that's notvan ice cream that's an ice candy but not in a wrapper. 😂😂😂
Ap es vorman chyes es gyaten
F 33
F 33 4 days ago
Virginia Remedi
Virginia Remedi 6 days ago
I'm an ice eater & this just made my day.
Tati Rasilawati
Tati Rasilawati 7 days ago
Ok chalenge eating paqui 1 chip Don't forget 👇👇🙏🙏
Saoo Syngkon
Saoo Syngkon 7 days ago
I think it was morgz
SCTiger 8 days ago
I got a huge fever and a stomachache from not even finish eating a cup of shaved ice. About this size: 🍧 It lasted for a few days I believe. Oof
وايل العتيبي
Sophia Awaritefe
Sophia Awaritefe 8 days ago
Morgan looks hot
Me: I like Meh snow cones Matt stonie:Ha look at this can u finish it? Me:no Matt stonie:haha foolish
Joshua Martinez
Joshua Martinez 10 days ago
Can someone say me the location of that part?
M4j3 V4squ3z
M4j3 V4squ3z 11 days ago
My head is hurting me after looking the size of the shave ice
akhil smarty
akhil smarty 11 days ago
(WHILE STARTING THE COMPETITION) Matt: I'm fast as fuck boiii... I can beat him 😤😤 Morgan:Hmmm... Let's enjoy this free shaved ice😇😇
EliteGhost 11 days ago
Been here and it takes so long to eat a regular size
Raphaël Guay
Raphaël Guay 13 days ago
Is that is brother
Skytheguy 12
Skytheguy 12 14 days ago
How are you not fat from all the food you’ve been eating ever since
Rafiq Hesenli
Rafiq Hesenli 16 days ago
Azerbaycanlilara ewq olsun olsun
dragon unlimitedgamer902
Yo these guys would be taking a leak all day in the bathroom
Emili Obando
Emili Obando 17 days ago
Que horribles que son
GRACE! 17 days ago
who else thinks they looked like giant ring pops
Ramos Kucing
Ramos Kucing 17 days ago
Not bad
Jasmine White
Jasmine White 17 days ago
Leo Salas
Leo Salas 18 days ago
deep throught chalenge
Symbolic Woofles
Symbolic Woofles 18 days ago
It takes me this amount of time to eat a small one 😐
Sushkii Gaming
Sushkii Gaming 18 days ago
Brain freeze: Am I a joke to you?
ครีม ชีส
a dirt gusher
a dirt gusher 19 days ago
Oh the intensity of the brain freezes that followed...
MGG75 20 days ago
Morgan laughs just like Eddie Murphy!! I love it!! 😂😂😂
Kaoru S
Kaoru S 20 days ago
Brain freeze!
ابو سلمة اليسي
GraysonH43 Gang gang
2:01 it sounds like he said “damn nigga-“
Akira Min
Akira Min 22 days ago
CRAZY KOOL 101 22 days ago
Me; WHO BITES ICE 😦 Me: realizes he IS normal 🤗
Ahmed Ibrahim
Ahmed Ibrahim 24 days ago
Bor you’re a mae🤗🤗🤫
Josh McIvor
Josh McIvor 25 days ago
Morgan is a damn stoner
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