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We opened a GIANT mystery package that came to our warehouse!
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JStuStudios & MoreJStu is Justin Stuart and Andrew Scites. They both are married, their wives names are Brittany Stuart and Mary Scites. They have been making videos for over 8 years and their ultimate goal in life is to act in movies and tv shows AND/OR have their own TV Show. They are currently in pursuit of their acting career and have some great opportunities in the works.
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Oct 9, 2019




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Comments 1 758
PrimeTQaudro IV
PrimeTQaudro IV 7 hours ago
The JSTUMobile is here
Rafael Chavez
Were is the lotus now
BrockDubs Day ago
Rick and nick bro it’s so obvious Ricky, WOW
Jessica Daun
Jessica Daun 2 days ago
I vote mat
Nathan Mosser
Nathan Mosser 2 days ago
Roxana Izaguirre
Roxana Izaguirre 2 days ago
Mat win
HELIX 3 days ago
10:29 the look if trying see if your dad is about to say your DISAPPOINTMENT
Aimee Happel
Aimee Happel 3 days ago
Sage Red Gaming
Sage Red Gaming 3 days ago
I thought money couldnt buy you happiness and smiles
Ashley Adkins
Ashley Adkins 4 days ago
Melissa Szulczewski
Cobey Evans
Cobey Evans 4 days ago
Your doughnuts on the wall
Blake Wieneke
Blake Wieneke 5 days ago
mate you won
liam mcbride
liam mcbride 5 days ago
CosmicPigeon8 5 days ago
It’s ugly I’m sorry
gamestrone08 hi
gamestrone08 hi 5 days ago
mat and i can do the second one
Jennifer Griffes
Jennifer Griffes 6 days ago
olliebob11 6 days ago
jun patrick cawil
Buy rv
Brandnon Madrid
Brandnon Madrid 6 days ago
I will be glad if you join mrbeast in 2M tree planting program
The Diamond Avenger//Caden TDA
What happened to the RV hunt
Karen Coghlan
Karen Coghlan 7 days ago
Make this blue if you like there Lotus 👇🏻
Falling Down
Falling Down 7 days ago
Ginny Lyke
Ginny Lyke 7 days ago
The AshtonPlayz
The AshtonPlayz 8 days ago
A bunch merchant XD
The AshtonPlayz
The AshtonPlayz 8 days ago
I think it could Be like...
The AshtonPlayz
The AshtonPlayz 8 days ago
That’s it!!
The AshtonPlayz
The AshtonPlayz 8 days ago
A car ?!?!?
Roblox and more
Roblox and more 8 days ago
Crish Allie
Crish Allie 8 days ago
Matt won
sandra anzellotti
I think Matt was better
Tyler Brown
Tyler Brown 8 days ago
Stop Flexing
Rexy Boi
Rexy Boi 8 days ago
Mason Isley
Mason Isley 9 days ago
Adam Bentley
Adam Bentley 9 days ago
Mollie King
Mollie King 9 days ago
:(:(:(:(:( dang it I thought it was a new r.v.!
Loren Bolte
Loren Bolte 9 days ago
that is awsome
Night Yowler
Night Yowler 9 days ago
WoW your Dad looks so happy!! That makes the vidz more cooler In my opinion... Cuz it is rare for me to see other father Happy!
Makena Perrin
Makena Perrin 10 days ago
Put jstu on it
gun grave
gun grave 10 days ago
Why are there people who can just go out and buy this expensive stuff while i and many others can't even afford our bills to survive
Christina Benson Warner
How the heck can you guys afford to get that!?I'd love to learn how to earn so I could get presents for everyone instead of being broke after bills
Bronc Gass
Bronc Gass 10 days ago
I am a broncos fan
Jovita Moreno
Jovita Moreno 10 days ago
That car is like the most Gucci car I ever seen in my life.
jayden grenney
jayden grenney 11 days ago
i love that car !
Christina Merrill
Christina Merrill 11 days ago
Bob Tom
Bob Tom 11 days ago
Lazer beam
Lazer beam 12 days ago
I'm a you tube video maker and I have 4 subs
Brandon Happy
Brandon Happy 12 days ago
Bsjehd dkdvdic uvdi💬icdhd
Alhassan Khan
Alhassan Khan 12 days ago
My father has a better car than that poor person haa
Henry Kotta
Henry Kotta 13 days ago
Mat mat mat mat mat
Kevin Emilio
Kevin Emilio 13 days ago
Bro, what about a silverado cuh
TheSsmith1989 13 days ago
Have these people ever been in area fifty one
Colin Reilly
Colin Reilly 13 days ago
btw justin you look just like your dad
Syulen Hafaz
Syulen Hafaz 13 days ago
You will see my name is xxgacha_sylenxx
Syulen Hafaz
Syulen Hafaz 13 days ago
Andrew Justin i messaged you to on instagram
Thomas Ball
Thomas Ball 13 days ago
W Jones
W Jones 14 days ago
Jessica Pretty
Jessica Pretty 14 days ago
Matt won at flipping
Christian Jenkins
Christian Jenkins 14 days ago
Seriously A car boring
Jimmy Neutron
Jimmy Neutron 14 days ago
Oh come on why cant you buy a bus or something
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