Giant McFlurry!! (20x normal McDonald's size)

Matt Stonie
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The World's Largest McFlurry!! Potentially... I googled it and found no contenders, so I'm not 100% sure... but this one is PRETTY BIG
Either way, summers coming and M&M McFlurry's are bomb, so why not eat a GIANT one!!


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May 28, 2021




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Comments 9 904
COD WRLD 5 hours ago
I swear this man goin get diabetes bro from eating all the foods bro I swear he's eaten so many foods bro he goin get diabetes
Corbin Floyd
Corbin Floyd 9 hours ago
I mean I would do this but not fast
Henry Wilson
Henry Wilson 10 hours ago
*eats McDonald’s ice cream* “This tastes just like McDonald’s ice cream”
oliver bryant
oliver bryant 13 hours ago
I have it
Shawn TheGreat
Shawn TheGreat 15 hours ago
That has to be gross lol. All that fake ice cream
Home Recorded Sound Effects
No way, their Mcflurry machine wasn't broken?
Jisooo 18 hours ago
This is the reason why your mcdonald's ice cream machine is broken
Kay_kayla_ girl
Kay_kayla_ girl 20 hours ago
I love McDonald
Maseratiii 23 hours ago
why are mcflurrys so big in america
So you are the reason why I don't have ice cream 🍦 at my birthday 😡 😂 😡
AustinOoOo25 Day ago
oreo mcflurry is better
navid raimi
navid raimi Day ago
Sorry but Oreo is the best McFlurry topping 👍🏻
RosiePie Day ago
Jihan Viola
Jihan Viola Day ago
i need this
Chocolate Leiderhosen
I got brain freeze just watching this video.
Chocolate Leiderhosen
Sammie Channing
I wish this guy won't turn into zombie someday coz damn... he'll drink even the last drop of your liquid...
TooGasedUp Day ago
Shoulda made it before filming and refreeze it so it wouldn’t be melted, but none the less still great vid!
I love mcflurry
that's a big mcflurry there
Ibrahim Khalid
When you give your whole bucket of ice cream and go for the washroom and when you come back you see this 🤣4:15
Cameron Cleaver
Cameron Cleaver 2 days ago
this is why the ice cream machine dont work
Andrew Jumper
Andrew Jumper 2 days ago
4:51 that’s what she said
Tobias Ostini
Tobias Ostini 2 days ago
But why m&m, oreo is 20x better, the m&m texture ruins the mcflurry, oreo is perfection in itself, m&m should be o&o (oreo and oreo), looks pretty good though
Leonardo Garro
Leonardo Garro 2 days ago
This is epic who would have imagine a giant mucflurry perfectly wonderful
Tori Mello
Tori Mello 2 days ago
Matt stonie please help me.
Наталья Чередник
Братан минус зубы🤯😬😟🤣
Zeno 2 days ago
I feel bad for the toilet
Nazeef Aniq
Nazeef Aniq 3 days ago
Daniel Ryan
Daniel Ryan 3 days ago
i want to see your blood test results
Abdanamah Gaming
Abdanamah Gaming 3 days ago
Me after i saw thumbnail: *MY GOD DAMN DREAM*
blue dream.🦋
blue dream.🦋 3 days ago
IASL IASL 3 days ago
His toilets are the real hero
Wan Harith
Wan Harith 3 days ago
You should give this guys a lot of money cuz dude just let his ice cream melt for the sponsor
petercraig whetstone
Why not just use a Ladle?
Ashton Fish
Ashton Fish 3 days ago
SanctusDei TV
SanctusDei TV 3 days ago
McDonald: what's your order sir? Matt Stonie: McFlurry Mcdonald: ok. small or large? Matt Stonie: Large x20
A Dude
A Dude 3 days ago
I’m surprised that he’s not as fat or as heavy as Tammy from 1000 pound sisters
Kevin Li
Kevin Li 3 days ago
I’m concerned for your health
Just a French Guy without a Moostache
I really respect the amount of burps Matt had 6:08
Just a French Guy without a Moostache
when I clicked all I said was: *oh mah god*
Doggolol Yeahheback
I want to see dream v matt
Jacob Knowles
Jacob Knowles 3 days ago
Its really easy to get 70k food in dragoncity
sweta 🌈
sweta 🌈 4 days ago
Hey Matt stonie i appreciate you can you give me a heart
Spencer Jessee
Spencer Jessee 4 days ago
There should be a spoon designed for competitive eaters
The Gaming Dude
The Gaming Dude 4 days ago
Really love his challenging approach
YoloYester 4 days ago
M&M Minis is always what I get.
tobito 4 days ago
imagine eating it with sensitive teeth
Tay 🔥
Tay 🔥 4 days ago
It’s so hard to find one
Abdullah Inayatullah
Who is the lady behind the camera 📸? You never bring her infront of the camera 🤪. Do make a video and reveal the face of that lady on you next video Matty.
daniella noel
daniella noel 4 days ago
You should have done the Oreo instead when those m&m get cold they get hard
Jayden 4 days ago
Im just wondering how he got those mcflurry because mcdonalds ice cream machine always broken.
Gabriel Castillo
Gabriel Castillo 4 days ago
Good thing the machine was actually working
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TacoDragon81 4 days ago
So thats why the ice cream machine is always broken
Just a French Guy without a Moostache
McDonalds worker: the icecream machine is broken Matt: yes
yCyanx 4 days ago
20x the diabetes percentage
James GArcia
James GArcia 4 days ago
THis is why mc donalds never have any ice cream
Oscar Fuentes benitez
Is disgusting when he burbs
Elvis Escoto
Elvis Escoto 4 days ago
What people who don't watch Matt: My KiDs dReAm iS tO bE a McDoNaLdS WoRkEr People who watch matt: hahahhaha did u even have a childhood???
drew Lol
drew Lol 4 days ago
I won’t be surprised if this guy has a type of problem in the future
Alex Con
Alex Con 4 days ago
Jeremiah Gunckle
Jeremiah Gunckle 4 days ago
Jade Wu
Jade Wu 4 days ago
His dentist is gonna kill him 🤭🤣
1k Subscribers Challenge
Luminous 5 days ago
The machine worked? Crazy it never works on my mcds
CODED 5 days ago
Imagine a bucket size amount of mcflurries on his stomach
aimee 5 days ago
How are you skinny 🤔🤔🤔
Vincent Ziccardi
Vincent Ziccardi 5 days ago
It says not a cut btw
Michael Henry
Michael Henry 5 days ago
Drinking hot water... but sticking your thumb to the roof of your mouth would have been better and none of the volume.
anik20 d'MSP
anik20 d'MSP 5 days ago
Y'all are not he's real followers if you didn't notice that he doesn't have the same colour on each eye
Cobra 1x
Cobra 1x 5 days ago
how tf is he not fat?
Piet Parra
Piet Parra 5 days ago
Why the fuck didn't you put it in the freezer
Tristan Braswell
Tristan Braswell 5 days ago
They don’t have m&m mcflurries anymore
کوروش زارع
Stir fry action Channel
I love M and M McFlurry’s too.
mrz_coolferenc 可愛い、猫
The ice cream machine aint broken?
ChenWeiXuan 6 days ago
Me want ice cream *NOW*
AGRO 6 days ago
No wonder the ice cream machine is broke.
Daniel. Sandberg.
I could eat Mount Everest
Tonya Willis
Tonya Willis 6 days ago
Tonya Willis
Tonya Willis 6 days ago
SR.A 6 days ago
My stomach would explode
Swxggy 6 days ago
Diabetes watching this like 👁️ 👄 👁️
CAlex 6 days ago
You looked way to excited eating the mcflurry
Rocky Road
Rocky Road 6 days ago
Probably run you a 100 bucks to feel that up at McDonald’s
james Beint
james Beint 6 days ago
Matt stonie->you're food devourer who eats your food
René Dietz
René Dietz 6 days ago
Roshan Kathe
Roshan Kathe 6 days ago
How is he so slim mann
The Toaster Clan!
He works out and is on a diet between videos
Samantha LaRita
Samantha LaRita 6 days ago
I can’t even finish a normal one 😂
Shane3033 5 days ago
Diabetus and lactose and tolerancy run away from matt.
SuperGamer7 6 days ago
I had one just yesterday, but it was from my local Ice Cream stand. AND IT WAS GOOD!
Anis Ruzaini
Anis Ruzaini 7 days ago
“Giant McFlurry challenge “ Matt stonie: “ taste like McFlurry” 😱 Me: 😐 wow I didn’t think it wld taste like that too
Removed Bangers
Removed Bangers 7 days ago
Why does this come up when I’m on a diet?
werstlemania01 7 days ago
hi matt
Nobig 7 days ago
I really diddnt think he would finish it I mean it’s still ice cream it’s gonna hurt
Zeruda Densetsu
Zeruda Densetsu 7 days ago
That regular size mcflurry looks like a extra large drink size. 0.0
Jeremiah Remulla
Jeremiah Remulla 7 days ago
He didnt put sprinkles
Answer My Question On every live stream
I need some of those Eminem’s
Derek Skinner
Derek Skinner 7 days ago
The problem with the m&ms is they turn into steel shot when they get cold. That's why I do prefer the Oreo, but hey you do you.
Dan M
Dan M 7 days ago
This is my kingdom come
Detective Juan
Detective Juan 7 days ago
Detective Juan
Detective Juan 7 days ago
Patay Gutom Amp.😂