Giant Cup Pong With a Skylift! | Punishment edition!!

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Hey guys! In this challenge, we stand on elevated scissor lifts and play cup pong! Every cup has a punishment and we must stay up in the lift until we win!
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Apr 12, 2019




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Comments 3 775
Noah Piatt
Noah Piatt 2 days ago
3 days ago
Bobby shot was so cool LOL
Nick Notch
Nick Notch 3 days ago
Kevin is such a cheater for the ginger😂
Vince Sizemore
Vince Sizemore 3 days ago
Kevin- Did my eyes turn orange yet. *cuts to his eyes* *pure blackness*
Byron Melrose
Byron Melrose 5 days ago
Team edge is the best in the world and you look like a graff joe
JJ Lee Vlogs
JJ Lee Vlogs 5 days ago
12:29. Bobby: throws “Ah, dang it.” 12:31. Ball bounces and makes it in. 12:33. Bobby: “No, wait!” 12:34. Bobby and Joey cheer!
Kit Creation
Kit Creation 6 days ago
Who is your favorite TEAM EDGE member Like for BRYAN Dislike for BOBBY Comment for J-FRED
bowserkidgaming Amaya
11:46 he looks like a fat dude chasing the ice scream truck
marshmallowbunny 318
12:30 Bobby: makes shot Dude perfect: ...
Fishgaminggod, robloxer and minecrafter
Many trick shots in this episode
VT VRWORLD 7 days ago
Hey team edge you should do a brothers vs brothers Mathias and Joey vs Bryan and one of his brothers
shane honeycutt
shane honeycutt 10 days ago
Robert Faller
Robert Faller 10 days ago
I have seen i
Summer Thenightskygirl
7:05 Bryan: yes bro you’re caring this team!!! I am amazing Me: HAHAHA 11:18 Bryan: IM SO GOOOOOD! Me: HAHAHA
Becca B
Becca B 11 days ago
Safe to say Bryan and Kevin got into a sticky situation
Scorpion the ninja from hell
12:31-12:33 dude perfect trickshot right there.
Karma The Killer •w•
Oof That video at the end i already saw cuz i already saw like all your videos
Antikosmos 13 days ago
I wish I could be the camera dude for this, you dodge all the punishment and still get to be there for all the fun
Jesswess The Best
Jesswess The Best 13 days ago
Bobby...I did see the video RUvid reccomended
Faded Alex
Faded Alex 13 days ago
Rashid Gafarov
Rashid Gafarov 15 days ago
Easy to drink orange juice 🥤 I can drink 15
AwesomeSean0108 15 days ago
12:31 ping pong
Jj Miller
Jj Miller 17 days ago
Gunter GT
Gunter GT 17 days ago
Bryan saw high on hot sauce
Tosin Oparinde
Tosin Oparinde 17 days ago
I LIKE LOVE Team Edeg I LIKE Joey Bobby Kevin Bryna
Lorenzo Gonzalez
Lorenzo Gonzalez 18 days ago
There are more cups than before
UpUp DownDown
UpUp DownDown 18 days ago
She is so so rude
Lupe Nava
Lupe Nava 20 days ago
I love you guys
Tosin Oparinde
Tosin Oparinde 20 days ago
Come Joey ,😎😎😎 Bryna is Lose
Fearless_Banshee 20 days ago
Oop People:Asians are bad at basketball Bobby: 12:30 Hold mah sushi burrito
Terri Brazier
Terri Brazier 22 days ago
12:30 epic shot
Oliver's TV Channel
I could do the water punishment and medicine ball throw no problem.
AeroiOS 22 days ago
the video it recommended me I already watched lol
marilynn thomas
marilynn thomas 22 days ago
Yesssss I’m soooo goood 11:15
marilynn thomas
marilynn thomas 22 days ago
Your carrying this team I’m so amazing 7:06
GoverGames 23 days ago
9:25 12:25
shadow hunter shadows
i ahve seen it
GD Al 23 days ago
duncan elms
duncan elms 23 days ago
i sore devideo bro
Itzchasergames 321
Itzchasergames 321 23 days ago
I seen it
Angie Farrell
Angie Farrell 24 days ago
i saw it
nghs irc
nghs irc 24 days ago
If u hold ur urine it goes back to the kidneys = kidney infection (I hope so I don’t look stupid and I think)
4Square Beast
4Square Beast 24 days ago
Good job boby for hugging Brian
Michael Sullivan
Michael Sullivan 24 days ago
Joey: it’s our lucky day. Nope
James Hoole
James Hoole 25 days ago
Deanna and Joey Ritz
Is it just me or is Bryan never on Joeys team
Johnathon Chapman
Johnathon Chapman 26 days ago
you should've pissed your pants
the commedian bro
the commedian bro 26 days ago
Seen it
war gaming
war gaming 26 days ago
I’ve seen it
Themosquito44 27 days ago
I have dada
Jeremiah velez
Jeremiah velez 27 days ago
Kevin was so funny when he was running with ice in his back
Michael Ramsey
Michael Ramsey 28 days ago
i seen the vid
Isla Ritchie
Isla Ritchie 28 days ago
Yeah. I've seen the episode before. Just letting you know 😁
Demon Gamer6
Demon Gamer6 29 days ago
i saw the video he pointed at
Fernando Contreras
Poor Bryan he had to drink the hottest thing with out drinking water
Redstoner G.
Redstoner G. Month ago
Isn’t it better if they name it : Big Pong and not Giant Cup Pong ?
Kim Russell
Kim Russell Month ago
That's stupid
WBC_ YEET- Month ago
0:34 Joey:ain’t nobody fresh like me I’m just so fresh and cleaaaaaa!!!
Bethany Woodhouse
Seen it
Rachelle Ferguson
Joey- I need a snot rag Kevin- you have your shirt Bobby- i need to pee replay of Kevin you have your shirt
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