Giant Cup Pong With a Skylift! | Punishment edition!!

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Hey guys! In this challenge, we stand on elevated scissor lifts and play cup pong! Every cup has a punishment and we must stay up in the lift until we win!
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Apr 12, 2019




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Comments 80
Lifecraft Services
Lifecraft Services 16 hours ago
i have seen it bobby and i already have 7 shirts
Kitty Kev
Kitty Kev 2 days ago
Kevin: KOBI! j-Fred KOBI IS DED us:well now he is):
Art Kai
Art Kai 3 days ago
bruh i can't find a normal comment that isn't "J fReD prEdiCted koBes dEAtH" or anything in it :|
Char Bear
Char Bear Day ago
King_Amare 999
King_Amare 999 3 days ago
2:43 he issssss😭😭😭😭😭😭
SpicyWings 3 days ago
2:41 wow
Alli Corn
Alli Corn 4 days ago
BELIEVE Trust 5 days ago
Me when my friends do something amazing i be like : 7:07 🙄🙄😁😁🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
FruityGroovy 5 days ago
You know, after watching a few of these in a row, you start to realize these guys are kind of disgusting sometimes. Like, to the point where I feel some of the stuff in the video should have been slightly censored.
Aiden Hoisington
Aiden Hoisington 5 days ago
They knew 2:42
Lazar Scream
Lazar Scream 5 days ago
2:42 hits hard
Rizzial Haschwalth
2:40 jfred just predicted kobes death..
101 ways to react
Joey says kobes dead me checks when this was made realizing he wasn't dead when this was made😶
TRIPLE C 7 days ago
Okay, just want to clear two things up 1) BOBBY said "Kobes dead" not joey 2) yes it’s bad, but TE didn’t know it was going to happen. Take it easy on them
ashketchup 4254
ashketchup 4254 8 days ago
R.I.P Kobe Bryant
McClain Carter
McClain Carter 8 days ago
Joey: Kobe's dead!! People in 2020:😶😶
Nathan and Tyler Stewart
Me in corona 7:50
Cody Yong
Cody Yong 8 days ago
4:49 that CRACKED me up
Matias Andre Marzal Montoya
i watched the video that YT recommende d
Robo Donut
Robo Donut 9 days ago
12:30 coolest shot I’ve ever seen
Mikel Nelson
Mikel Nelson 10 days ago
98% comments: Yeah, Kobe's dead now. My comment: dude, WHERE did they get those trash can size solo cups???
Youngkingplayz It
Youngkingplayz It 10 days ago
That “Kobe’s dead” joke its sad
Itz Galaxy
Itz Galaxy 10 days ago
Damn Joey called it RIP Kobe’s
Division Pyro
Division Pyro 12 days ago
I have seen that one
marlo bales
marlo bales 12 days ago
Bobby Kobe is dead I am like come on
Lilred5frm614 12 days ago
Yoyo please understand that this was before Kobe died, don’t hate on him, Joey didn’t know
Avan Ng
Avan Ng 13 days ago
Am I the only one that thinks Kevin like Whitney ??😂
Elliana Edwards
Elliana Edwards 13 days ago
Why are you guys saying joey said it bobby actually said it
Lolness_Horror 14 days ago
Bryan: you guys ruined orange juice for me. Me: CHUG IT UP ITS VERY GUD!!!
Local Goon
Local Goon 14 days ago
2:40 to 2:45 this hit home ;(
Justin George
Justin George 14 days ago
Your the best
LiZzIe MaCh
LiZzIe MaCh 16 days ago
ngl when he said kobes dead that hit hard *no hate
No Please
No Please 17 days ago
Those are some physics defying balls
Sir FluffyFace
Sir FluffyFace 17 days ago
How did J Fred predict Kobe's death? Lol
Nathan Bast
Nathan Bast 17 days ago
Everyone talks about Kawhi’s game 7 shot vs the sixers bouncing on the rim 4 times, but what about Joey’s shot at 9:28 ? It bounced 7 times before going in the bucket!
Kanapathipillai Karunanithy
Sadly kobe is dead
Sh3ll3y214 18 days ago
Can I say that Ginger is Cinnamon on steroids?
Don’t ruin The VIBE
Kevin to Bobby, “ Why are you wearing a mask?” Little did he know that now it is required to wear one everywhere
Lifted Galaxy154
Lifted Galaxy154 19 days ago
Now I’m sad
VALERIE COYLE 19 days ago
sekoya gillett
sekoya gillett 19 days ago
Yeah jfred told the future
DangerZoneOfficial 1
Wow team edge can predict the future....
Cassandra Perna
Cassandra Perna 20 days ago
No offense everyone who is talking about Kobe,but...SHUSH with the Kobe!!! Your gonna make me cry! 😭😭🥺
L ME 20 days ago
When u said Kobe’s dead like that it hurts in 2020
Jayden Harms
Jayden Harms 20 days ago
Only OGS remember the old warehouse
Jayden Harms
Jayden Harms 20 days ago
2:43 how dare you say that 😭😭😭
Skye Solesbee
Skye Solesbee 21 day ago
99% : talking about Kobe’s death. Me: bruh that was a few months ago stop talking about it
Skye Solesbee
Skye Solesbee 21 day ago
Start talking about Kobe’s death it literally happened three months ago it’s over with this happened a year ago stop talking about it
Niko Lallinaho
Niko Lallinaho 21 day ago
Aint nobody dope as me im dressed so fresh so clean
Lazy Beans
Lazy Beans 21 day ago
I have a question after J Fred said Kobe‘s dead, did anyone else check what date this was posted
Lazy Beans
Lazy Beans 21 day ago
Rip Kobe
ShadowRoper22 2
ShadowRoper22 2 22 days ago
DeXteRitY EVO 22 days ago
Damn Joey predicted Kobe’s death 2:40
Judah Barnes
Judah Barnes 23 days ago
They made this in 2019 how did J Fred know Kobe was died
Brady McCadie
Brady McCadie 23 days ago
"Kobe's dead" :(
Storm Wolf
Storm Wolf 23 days ago
Is it me or does Bobby's team always win Cup Pong.
Yin Oaht
Yin Oaht 24 days ago
2:40 “kobe’s dead” oh wow
Magical Cowboy
Magical Cowboy 24 days ago
Oh no they said Kobe’s ded
Cass Care
Cass Care 25 days ago
I wonder who will win this challenge maybe I say Brian👍😁
Baby No no square
Baby No no square 25 days ago
2:43 Kobe’s dead 2020 he is j-Fred he can predict the the
Lorin Porter
Lorin Porter 25 days ago
10:34 i gote to go bath room
Its Camila10
Its Camila10 25 days ago
Bryan said Bobby's a little jerk Bobby's just doing his job
Georgehrps Hrps
Georgehrps Hrps 24 days ago
Why Do You Like Bully People, Bro
Tyler Oakley
Tyler Oakley 25 days ago
When Joey said Kobe’s dead my face 😬😐😮
dango 25 days ago
2:43 they predicted Kobe's future
_Drxp_King_ 26 days ago
2:42 just had to say that j fred 😔 still dont feel real
Sulaimaan Nayebi
Sulaimaan Nayebi 27 days ago
people watching this video 30% normle people 60% 2020 people
Nusrat Aparna
Nusrat Aparna 27 days ago
j fred: Kobe's dead me: its true i say that to myself all the time :CCCCCCCCC
Rachard Dennis
Rachard Dennis 28 days ago
Rip goat
Claire Smith
Claire Smith 29 days ago
I’m sorry but can we all just get over kobe? Yes it’s sad. Yes joey said kobes dead before he actually died. It was in the past. It happened. Get over it
Skylynxify Reborn
The saddest thing is that 9/10 of these people only know/care about him from the meme, not because they were genuine fans of him as a pro basket ball player.
London Rockett
London Rockett 29 days ago
Spoonful of ginger + Shot of hotsauce = *AAAAAAAAAAAA-*
preston benner
preston benner 29 days ago
Kobe is dead really. When did he die I must been living under a rock WOW
TheLemonBoy GT
TheLemonBoy GT 29 days ago
It wasn’t J-Fred it was Bobby
Caleb Millward
Caleb Millward 29 days ago
Kristy O
Kristy O 29 days ago
People say Joey says “Kobe’s dead” when Bobby said it 😅
Ricardo Ocando
Ricardo Ocando Month ago
Kaden The Animator 2
Joey/J-Fred: Kobe is dead 2020: Kobe actually dies Me: Why
Lizélle Engels
Lizélle Engels Month ago
they shouldnt show gross stuff like when they are spitting out stuff
Lizélle Engels
Lizélle Engels Month ago
bryan: dude ur carrying this team also bryan: im so amazing
Snippskillツ Month ago
2:43 😳
Rushil Dasari
Rushil Dasari Month ago
Anyone else notice that Bryan and Kevin's lift says El Cheapo on the front 0:25
Adriel Edmond
Adriel Edmond Month ago
2:42 wait did they predict that
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