Giant Cup Pong With a Skylift! | Punishment edition!!

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Hey guys! In this challenge, we stand on elevated scissor lifts and play cup pong! Every cup has a punishment and we must stay up in the lift until we win!
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Apr 12, 2019




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Comments 3 569
Braedyn Baryo
Braedyn Baryo 14 hours ago
Seen it
Leah Smith
Leah Smith 14 hours ago
Yo, I'm a bit behind in the times... but what happened to Matthias?!
Alex Henkel
Alex Henkel 17 hours ago
Ya have seen it
Thelegendtheone Duece
I have
Avijeet Dihllon
Avijeet Dihllon 22 hours ago
I smelt the ginger in my house when the punishment happened how convienient
Who was drinking orange juice while watching?
Cameron DePingu NootNoot
I have seen it
Alexis_ Harts
This is how many times they miss pronounced word in this video 😂 👇🏻
Cooqui Cooqui
Punishments like this makes me wonder if tean edge base has a shower in it
Troll Films
Troll Films Day ago
I saw the giant horse shoe
Kareem Alsaidi real
At 13:31 he said the b word but they made it jerk
Marie Lobitos
Why do I kind of hate Kevin right know
Divyaan Dhanak
Divyaan Dhanak 2 days ago
Yes I saw it
Skyler Brown
Skyler Brown 2 days ago
12:30 that shot tho Bobby so good
Fivenights atender
I seen it
Cool Tiger0110
Cool Tiger0110 3 days ago
Im been done watched them videos
Jack Leger
Jack Leger 3 days ago
is it just me or does bobby get so lucky in every video???? :V
Zakkary Killey
Zakkary Killey 3 days ago
I’ve seen that
Bryson TYLER
Bryson TYLER 3 days ago
If seen it and I am in the future
Tanner Todd
Tanner Todd 3 days ago
I’ve seen both
Hailo Moon
Hailo Moon 3 days ago
Did anyone hear Whitney say a shot of hot sot
Scuffed Cactus
Scuffed Cactus 4 days ago
“COBY’S DEAD!” -J-Fred, 2019
Ezon Pollard
Ezon Pollard 5 days ago
Play knock out
Kaleighsia Davis
Kaleighsia Davis 5 days ago
I’m sick right now so him spiting was not the best sight to see
Lincoln WILSON
Lincoln WILSON 5 days ago
12:30 0.25x speed
Lincoln WILSON
Lincoln WILSON 5 days ago
9:27 Trick shots
Lincoln WILSON
Lincoln WILSON 5 days ago
Play it in 0.25 speed to see the J-dragon 8:37
Julian Martin
Julian Martin 5 days ago
i have seen it
Ashton Smith
Ashton Smith 5 days ago
J jokes are the best
Mario Sanguinetti
11:42 brush those teeth Marvin
J.A.S. Cordero
J.A.S. Cordero 5 days ago
I love you and I watch all your guys videos and when would you do a other who is the dumbest person the other one was Gunner if you do other one I hope it will be Connor or Sam I wish I can see you guys in person do you agree
jacob watson
jacob watson 5 days ago
I love how he says he knows we have never seen it but it was literally the last vid I watched 💀💀
It’s me Jojo
It’s me Jojo 6 days ago
I like j Fred’s new song ain’t nobody dope like me I’m just so fresh and clean sorry I watching this late
DrummerDraw !
DrummerDraw ! 6 days ago
"You have to drink all 12 of those" "I cant drink all that!!!" Me : give the oj to me
Luca Harmsen
Luca Harmsen 6 days ago
Sean it
Doglover Love dogs
13:30 you can hear body your a little bicth
MaKayla Seavey
MaKayla Seavey 5 days ago
My brain hurts reading this
Krishna Ghosh
Krishna Ghosh 6 days ago
11:00 I am sorry for Eric☹️
Muhammad Abdullah Umar
I have seen it
Soccer Bella
Soccer Bella 6 days ago
I saw both of those videos😂
Tony Karjalainen
Tony Karjalainen 6 days ago
12:29 how?!?
VerdeTube 7 days ago
VerdeTube 7 days ago
Marvin not the tough guy anymore Marvin
Gianna Gibbons
Gianna Gibbons 7 days ago
i’m gonna urinine j-fred 2019
Owen Ware
Owen Ware 7 days ago
Don't mind me so fresh and clean
Smooth EE
Smooth EE 7 days ago
Bryan and Kevin are such babies
Sean Mccallister
Sean Mccallister 7 days ago
tyler adams
tyler adams 7 days ago
id love to like work there
Bubba DUGOthesavage
At 7:51 doesn’t it sound like bobby swore?
cutter flung
cutter flung 7 days ago
Fear pong
asheii 7 days ago
Them drinking all the orange juice 🥤 will get them on my period lol 😂 jk
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