Giant Bird Toys in our Mail! (Fan Mail Part 11)

Snake Discovery
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We can't say it enough- you are all so generous!! Thank you for the amazing gifts, everyone!! Today's fan mail opening includes bird toys, PEZ dispensers, an egg cooker and more!
Thanks Charles for editing this fan mail video! He did a great job, and we hope you enjoy it too! :)
We love fan mail!
Snake Discovery
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May 31, 2020




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Comments 100
Tsulehisanvhi System
Some tips that may help to make sure that your gifts get to Emily and ED well. 1 send them to their PO box the address for it is in the description. 2. if your package contains food please write perishable on the box in big capital letters so they know they should open it right away. If it contains fragile things write fragile in big capital letters on the package. Also, use paper to fill empty space in boxes with clay or other breakable items.
David Tilley
David Tilley Month ago
Rianna Millea
Rianna Millea Month ago
@Snake Discovery HI
ClifAndLil Month ago
cassidy vlogs watch videooooooooo
ClifAndLil Month ago
Keela O'Sullivan saaaame I’m not an adult Idk Hi? Ok bye
ClifAndLil Month ago
Прогноза за времето you don’t know what it is? Lol no hate
Lorelei 17 hours ago
Bulbasaur needs more love. He’s my good boi
Pail Horse Gaming
Pail Horse Gaming 23 hours ago
The best starter in fire red is undoubtedly bulbasaur because it can hold its own against the early stage gyms.
Jazmin Alvarado
I have kinda
Akbar shah
Akbar shah Day ago
I picked a pikacho
Elaina Beissel
Elaina Beissel 2 days ago
We're do you live??
Roosdi 2 days ago
Team bulbasaur here ;-) #LateToTheSDGame
Silvia Morales
Silvia Morales 3 days ago
umm i bo art too.
John chen
John chen 4 days ago
It’s Halloween everyday for Emily and Ed, lol
Meagan Jones
Meagan Jones 4 days ago
Picchu isn’t really a starter it’s just that the professor had a extra Pokémon 😬
Valentine Pro2011
Does anyone recognize that they no longer include other gifts when opened
barbara sykes
barbara sykes 6 days ago
Pica to do and he is not overrated he’s nice 🤬😱
Cynthia Olivares
Cynthia Olivares 6 days ago
Pikachu is the best starter!!!!!!
Cynthia Olivares
Cynthia Olivares 6 days ago
Can I have the book I love books.
Kenz C
Kenz C 7 days ago
Weina Zhang
Weina Zhang 7 days ago
Yay!Emily!You made a perfect hard boiled egg!
Weina Zhang
Weina Zhang 7 days ago
I think you should pick Pikachu for second
Sherry JiangXue
Sherry JiangXue 8 days ago
The final evolution of Litten is called Incineroar
Tiffeny Richardson
I want a pet
John Doe
John Doe 10 days ago
Me with my Pokemon cards: I'm rich 😎
John Doe
John Doe 10 days ago
Me:*sees snake discovery* HEYY
Claudette Bertrand
Claudette Bertrand 11 days ago
No fair
Angela Huang
Angela Huang 12 days ago
Litten - torracat - insiniroar
Crazy Amazing Gamer
I have the ray of sunshine shirt to
Jessica Bend
Jessica Bend 13 days ago
Leila Torres
Leila Torres 14 days ago
So one needs to make them a costum Pokémon card with nick on it and the attacks are his cuteness
Raythecatperson Smith
Final evolution of Litten is Incineroar
Honako Dreamer
Honako Dreamer 14 days ago
0:35 pickle
Raging Solo
Raging Solo 14 days ago
The best starter for gen 1 is actually bulbasaur
Abbyッ 15 days ago
How dare pika be in last 😢
jmmeyer0075 15 days ago
CC Hanson
CC Hanson 15 days ago
i have the first feather test bird we gave them to my mamaw tho
Bella Lo
Bella Lo 16 days ago
Bella Lo
Bella Lo 16 days ago
Did you know you can get a Well it is a new one
Penelope Abby Frisch
Bulbasaur and charmander
Bernadeth Lota
Bernadeth Lota 16 days ago
Emily: which one is the best starter? Me: my best starter is *pikachu*
Emily Boyd
Emily Boyd 16 days ago
Pickle Rick pickle Rick pickle Rick
Narwhals 17 days ago
Show me my dad and hard-boiled eggs which is a container and put a little bit of water in it it will work trust me we did a whole carton of eggs under two minutes
Narwhals 17 days ago
I said at the best Pokémon starter is Pikachu
kgustafson71 17 days ago
NyxieXfearless 18 days ago
I would pick carmander but my mom would propely pick bulbasour
Add Addi
Add Addi 18 days ago
I hate the feather test because my bird died and it was a buggie
Tawnie Bryan
Tawnie Bryan 19 days ago
charmander oops
Tawnie Bryan
Tawnie Bryan 19 days ago
charzard charzard
Aliyah Cabral
Aliyah Cabral 19 days ago
The last evolved form of litten is incineroar
utra! sans
utra! sans 21 day ago
Summer The Pokemon Trainer Researcher
I would choose Pikachu cause he’s my fav electric type Pokemon can’t wait to see more of your content
Rebecca Richardson
im getting ready to move my mom is saving up money so we can rent a house :)
Julie Lee
Julie Lee 21 day ago
Wilmaris morales
Wilmaris morales 22 days ago
Lol she loves so much choclate she dont share
ckl2002 loves
ckl2002 loves 22 days ago
Y don't you share Emily u are a little bit greedy I'm sorry to Send this message to you yea a little bit greedy am I wrong or not.share with your candy or chocolate ok I'm sorry for this message I feel ashamed that you didn't share to Ed but still I sorry
webspawner 36
webspawner 36 23 days ago
bulbasaur is the best starter because he evolves into a chonky toad and its amazing
Iker Moreno
Iker Moreno 23 days ago
who likes Reptiles
C F GOH 23 days ago
I love Pikachu
Snake_lover 23 days ago
Also I probably didn’t spell her name right lol 😂
Snake_lover 23 days ago
Every time Emily and Ed get chocolate Shian is just hanging out chillin like can I have some can I have some soo... here’s a chocolate bar for u Shian! 🍫
Iain Cesczar Eduerd IainCE ice
I like pikachu
Elsie-tube CAT LOVERS!!
Well pikachu is obviously the best starter.... BUTT my first starter was squirtle
Alice Rallis
Alice Rallis 24 days ago
Squirtle is adorable soooo he is my first but if I can get a Pikachu I would keep it for sure
Shannon Nimmons
Shannon Nimmons 25 days ago
Emily you have chocolate for life so need to buy more cus you get free chocolate
Dianna Nuttall
Dianna Nuttall 25 days ago
Jordan’s ARC
Jordan’s ARC 25 days ago
pecerchoow and stertall ,bobere sore
Fyre Fly
Fyre Fly 25 days ago
I pick Fennekin. Fennekin would be my starter pokemon
Jasmine Potts
Jasmine Potts 25 days ago
Georgia Hutcheson
Georgia Hutcheson 26 days ago
Charmander is by far the best starter CLEARLY. He is superior.
Georgia Hutcheson
Georgia Hutcheson 26 days ago
Emily said, “If I had pinkies I would be holding them up.” All I could think of is mice.
{aurora -sama} :3
{aurora -sama} :3 27 days ago
Emily have u seen a white cobra?
Ingram Kids
Ingram Kids 27 days ago
I had a corn snake named red river (or river for short) be she was a striped corn snake
Aeon Astrid Apilado
Can you make a Roblox video?* Edit:* video*,*?*
gacha monster
gacha monster 28 days ago
NalsFN 28 days ago
Day 2: Hi I love u and ur vids so can u heart me and notice me plssssssssssss
PolarSlime 7
PolarSlime 7 29 days ago
Patrick Tommy LLC
Patrick Tommy LLC 29 days ago
I love your sexy hott nerd wife edd .
DragonGurl 29 days ago
Emily: actually can I have both of the chocolates? Ed: eh...sure -_- Me: Emily you better share those chocolates >:c
Sanam Saneei
Sanam Saneei Month ago
Ed - Emily can’t hard boil and egg Me - WHAAAAAAAAT!!!
Shouyou Hinata's Lice
𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚖𝚊𝚌𝚊𝚛𝚘𝚘𝚗𝚜 𝙸𝚗 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚋𝚘𝚡:𝚊𝚛𝚎 𝚠𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎 𝚢𝚎𝚝?👁️👄👁️
Liam Huefner
Liam Huefner Month ago
squirtle because an attack you can get on blastoise is op (for cards)
Eden Lloyd-Howe
Eden Lloyd-Howe Month ago
do you like chickens as pets
Logan Cr
Logan Cr Month ago
you should do a Email looking? or opening?
Ash_ Phantom Playz
Are we just going to ignore the cheese-it box in the background xDDDDD
Samantha Gonzalez
I got double 🐍🐍🐍🐍 and a Fox 🦊
Jennifer Lee
Jennifer Lee Month ago
p.s my daughter favorite reptile of yours is Rex
Jennifer Lee
Jennifer Lee Month ago
My daughters will send fan mail real soon Emily
Keto Recipes On A Budget
I literally thought the kitchen they are hatching baby sneks are different from their dining kitchen.
Hailee Lusk
Hailee Lusk Month ago
Mia V
Mia V Month ago
i have over a 1000 PEZ dispensers. Sorry if the word is wrong that's because i'm from Estonia so i cant speak very well Inglis
LolliKidWorld Month ago
Eloise Angove
Eloise Angove Month ago
This is so wholesome to watch!
Colby Irwin
Colby Irwin Month ago
Ms. Yeta
Ms. Yeta Month ago
The necklace was from me glad you like it 😁😁😁😁😁😁
niniko kharabadze
10 :20 lmao 😂😂😂😂😂
Makaela Takirau
Makaela Takirau Month ago
My pez starter pack will need Pikachu
Chiara Sailer
Chiara Sailer Month ago
Whois Nic
Amy's fun house
Amy's fun house Month ago
Can you do more video's about Rex
Tyson Benjamin
Tyson Benjamin Month ago
Link Velez
Link Velez Month ago
Link Velez
Link Velez Month ago
Olivia Day
Olivia Day Month ago
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