GIANT ALIEN SNAIL in JAPAN!!! Digging Deep in Tokyo's Famous Fish Markets!

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Special thanks to Kyoko Nagano for helping us navigate Tokyo’s Adachi Fish Market; and to Tokyo By Food for finding us all the best spots to eat in Tokyo. Plan your own Tokyo food tour with them: bit.ly/TokyoByFood
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ADDRESS: 6 Chome-5-1 Toyosu, Koto, Tokyo 135-0061, Japan
OPEN: 4AM-11AM | *Only open to the general public on “The Adachi Market Day,” the second Saturday of every odd numbered month from 9AM - 11AM
🐟Adachi Market is the second largest wholesale fish and seafood market in Tokyo, after Tsukiji Market. A wholesale market since 1945, it only opened its doors to the public two years ago. Local restaurant owners and retailers frequent the market to purchase the freshest seafood available.
💸PRICE: Tuna 13.60 USD/1,500 JPY per kg | Conch 18.13 USD/2,000 JPY per kg
2. TOKUDAYA SHOKUDO: Seafood Bowl (Tokumorigoka Kaisendon) + Raw Tuna
ADDRESS: 35 Chome-8-3 Tashirohontori, Chikusa Ward, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture 464-0827, Japan
OPEN: 8AM-2:30PM
Tokudaya Shokudo is owned by an Adachi Market vendor. After successfully providing some of the market’s freshest seafood, he opened a restaurant nearby to give the general population a taste of the goodness at a fraction of the typical Tokyo cost.
🦐🦀SEAFOOD BOWL: Crab, salmon eggs, minced tuna, egg roll, apolony, clams, sea urchin, shrimp, cockle, gizzard, sardine and fugu skin. The seafood bowl is served with a side of yellow radish, soy sauce and miso soup.
🐟RAW TUNA: Lean tuna, fatty tuna, rice, soy sauce and wasabi
💸PRICE: Seafood Bowl 11.79 - 14.51 USD/1,300 - 1,600 JPY depending on size | Raw Tuna 7.25 USD/800 JPY
3. LA TARTARUGHINA: Grilled Conch + Steamed Tuna Eyeballs
ADDRESS: 33-24 Akagi Shitamachi, Shinjuku 162-0803, Tokyo Prefecture 464-0827, Japan
OPEN: 11AM - 2PM | 5:30PM - 10PM
👀La Tartarughina opened in 2014 and is one of only two restaurants in Tokyo specializing in Southern Italian cuisine. Owner and Head Chef Taisuke Hasamaki grew up watching his parents (both chefs) cook traditional Japanese foods. After deciding he wanted to become a chef, he moved to Italy and spent a year learning how to cook authentic Italian cuisine before bringing his expertise back to his home country of Japan.
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Hey, I’m Sonny! I’m from the US but currently call Vietnam home. I’ve been living in Asia for 10 years and started making food and travel videos to document my experiences. People either enjoyed my undeniable charm or enjoyed watching me eat things like coconut worms, and thus Best Ever Food Review Show came to be.
I travel to different parts of the world, hunting down and documenting the most unique food each country has to offer. If you see any factual food errors in my videos, please feel free to politely let me know in the comments. I'm a huge fan of trying different, interesting foods in each country. My show is from a Western point of view, but more importantly, MY point of view. It is not meant to offend any person or culture.
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17 фев 2019




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Best Ever Food Review Show
Best Ever Food Review Show Месяц назад
Thanks so much for watching! Follow me on Instagram for more fun food videos! @BestEverFoodReviewShow GO ON YOUR OWN JAPANESE FOOD TOUR WITH TOKYO BY FOOD! » bit.ly/TokyoByFood Next time you're in Vietnam, hit up Onetrip for an amazing tour: www.christinas.vn/onetrip/saigon/
Elder Six
Elder Six 2 дня назад
Can u come to my country its the bahamas 🇧🇸 and taste a counch its a big snail and its ummmmm
felix Месяц назад
Pls go in Georgia this is very beautiful country and our foods are very delicious khinkali,khatsapuri, imeruli,kubdari, shauema, chaqapuli,mtsvadi and more delicious food
Vicente Nevarez
Vicente Nevarez Месяц назад
U better put sum pineapple on that pizza
Steffan Shinpad
Steffan Shinpad Месяц назад
I love your shows mate, top man
TruckerLife AnnRhodesVlog
TruckerLife AnnRhodesVlog Месяц назад
Best Ever Food Review Show wow yummy im drooling
Stallone Santiago
Stallone Santiago 3 часа назад
Seriously researched whale meat ? Japan sucks balls
Tae Kim
Tae Kim 8 часов назад
That's right. Japanese harvest endangered whales for "scientific" purpose...right... That's the same excuse they soon will use to kill off all Tuna for their sushi. Heard most Japanese, especially younger generation, actually do not like Whale meat. Same attitude they exhibited massacring conservative 6 million people (mostly civilians) in WW II...some say over 10 million.
Tousif Zamal
Tousif Zamal 10 часов назад
PETA makes life hard for every one,it seems
Jean-Ian Simard
Jean-Ian Simard 12 часов назад
Eating the ocean one fish at a time without putting anything back.
Jean-Ian Simard
Jean-Ian Simard 12 часов назад
3:30 ... lies lies lies
Marilyn Summit
Marilyn Summit 17 часов назад
You have a problem with them eating whale meat but you feel nothing about the other animals? That’s crazy. Animals are animals. A cow or a whale. People don’t at me saying I am a vegan. I am not. I just don’t like when people can eat one animal and act like the world is wrong for eating the ones you think are beautiful.
Marilyn Summit
Marilyn Summit 11 часов назад
Best Ever Food Review Show I agree. That’s not what I said. Do you have a statement on the subject I mentioned. We are destroying this earth with all the unnecessary breeding for food. Like for instance, our oceans are over fished and not just whales either. Have a nice day.
Best Ever Food Review Show
Best Ever Food Review Show 11 часов назад
Endangered Animals shouldn’t be hunted and eaten. This is not a bold statement. Just logic.
69STARBREAKER 19 часов назад
No eating whale....
Bondo McJefferson
Bondo McJefferson 20 часов назад
I had vegetarian sushi in Tokyo since I dont eat fish. But I'm surprised you didnt have pork tonkatsu!!
EC DC День назад
That big 🐠 👀!
Su Chee Choong苏 志 聪
Su Chee Choong苏 志 聪 День назад
Your eating endangered animals
SplendidK9 День назад
Fish market that doesn't allow you to film. Well, definitely nothing fishy going on...
Gerard Cortes
Gerard Cortes 2 дня назад
12:11 sounds Logan Paul to me
Jefferson Luong
Jefferson Luong 2 дня назад
Awww nooooo the poor whales! And poor fish! One day this is going to make whales extinct.. ehh no hate. Sorry if I offend. Cool food
Daniel Cole
Daniel Cole 2 дня назад
Love it
karine abarra
karine abarra 2 дня назад
Dude your not aloud to kill whales if u do you'll go to jail bro.
Mandy Shultz
Mandy Shultz 3 дня назад
Posidons armpit LOL. Thanks for the vids. I love food!
Gede Kencana
Gede Kencana 3 дня назад
0:47 Saul Goodman style
Shrek Memez
Shrek Memez 3 дня назад
whales are in-dangered animals>:(
MistoAlpaco 3 дня назад
puncru 3 дня назад
Nuclear hybrid fish lol hahahahaha be careful in Japan
Itsumi yeeiiih
Itsumi yeeiiih 3 дня назад
Omg that chef guy looked so cute, I can't.
Liam J Rønnestad
Liam J Rønnestad 4 дня назад
Whale meat is not bad, Norwegians have been eating it for centuries.
Darwin Macaraeg
Darwin Macaraeg 4 дня назад
Joan William
Joan William 4 дня назад
I like when she say she had wale meat one time and they showing all the wale maet all around
toing tolol
toing tolol 5 дней назад
Im waiting you in Indonesia again,JAKARTA,BANDUNG
al katraz
al katraz 5 дней назад
I'd try some whale..or some baby seal brains..
Erni Sifran
Erni Sifran 5 дней назад
Every food He = mmmmmmm delicious try barf juice you will say "mmmmmmmmmm barfy"
Anthony Alexander
Anthony Alexander 5 дней назад
Youre funny bro
Strapgod 30
Strapgod 30 5 дней назад
Colab with brenen taylor
aisyah rahim
aisyah rahim 5 дней назад
can make new video any faster please
CursedToaster 6 дней назад
Yea, May be the freshest place to buy.... but have you ever been fishing in your local river, caught a cod and cooked in litteraly five minutes later on hot coals? I don’t think so xxx
TheGodshatter 6 дней назад
Some people eat the stomach tract with all the vegative matter. I've seen a few videos where they will lightly boil the the stomach in a water sake/ vinegar type mix. Then remove, cook on flat top with oil or ghee, lightly season, then chop into rough couple of pieces and serve with greens and vegetable, maybe seaweed of some sort too.
Nunya Business
Nunya Business 6 дней назад
Go eat armenian food
Ana Chin
Ana Chin 6 дней назад
Oh my god I’m so scared of fish why am I watching this
ilovejimin sikeilovenoone
ilovejimin sikeilovenoone 6 дней назад
Me: do we have homework today Teacher: yes Me: 12:08
MeganPotato Nguyen
MeganPotato Nguyen 6 дней назад
Clap your fins with salt watery joy! Me:CLAPS MY HANDS WITH WATER AND TELLS MY MOM TO ADD SALT TO ME
aji trisna
aji trisna 5 дней назад
LMFAO, go up 😂
Trapaholic Dubstepper
Trapaholic Dubstepper 6 дней назад
Drinking game: Everytime he says "mhmmmmmm" take a shot.
James Schmitz
James Schmitz 6 дней назад
So I got to thinking, if I had a T-Bone sitting in front of me with only the little bits of steak on it I know that I'd keep nibbling away at it until I got bored of it. When you eat a T-Bone you start out all prim and proper with a knife and fork. Ultimately, if you got it from a restaurant you're taking the bone and what's left home. I feel like for me it never fails to be more food than I expected, and I ended up eating the last 30% at home later on in the evening when I get the drunchies. This, you see is where the fun really begins. You take that slab of bone and yummy out of the fridge at 10 at night because you don't feel like cooking and start man handling it into your food chute. Your teeth aren't focused on crunching the meat up, oh no no no... they are focused on getting every last bit off the bone. Once you've eaten all the easy meat you begin nibbling just for the taste of it, what little you can scavenge. And this leads me to my thought, I feel like eating something as gross looking as the eye innards happened long after they ate the eye outer part, lol
Shannon Bliayang
Shannon Bliayang 6 дней назад
Minnesota is my home, come back and get me, let’s get our families together and eat.. I’ve married into a Hmoob family 22 years ago... we’ve been wanting to travel abroad, give us a great reason to go.. 🌶🌶
daisx beohfox
daisx beohfox 6 дней назад
I can see those claims and fish singing "oh finally i cant wait to be food!"
Justice Mayle
Justice Mayle 7 дней назад
Honestly I like watching this but fr shut the fuck up with the "mmmmm” ever 5 seconds like only shit
MasterJorge052 7 дней назад
I love the fact that he calls shrimps, "shrimpy", makes it sound like he'll keep it as a pet instead of eating it 😂
rideordieguy rideordieguy
rideordieguy rideordieguy 7 дней назад
Ene Arandia
Ene Arandia 7 дней назад
Stop eating whale please...
XxQ0an T6anxX
XxQ0an T6anxX 7 дней назад
Fish eye, fish tail, and fish head Are my favorite part of da FISH
Wheng Noyabyab
Wheng Noyabyab 7 дней назад
I like eatiny fish head, and the eyes also!
Silver Light
Silver Light 7 дней назад
whats wrong with eating whales?
Madi_is_ Amazing
Madi_is_ Amazing 8 дней назад
Lol (NOT HATING) salmon eggs is pronounced salmon roe😂
CursedToaster 6 дней назад
Madi_is_ Amazing I thought it was caviar? Edit: just realised caviar is from the sturgeon fish I think?
Eating Channel
Eating Channel 8 дней назад
How can I get a sponsor to sponsor me what do I have to do
robot chicken
robot chicken 8 дней назад
the spiky haired chef's a gangster
robot chicken
robot chicken 8 дней назад
they say..... if u eat fish eyes u will have 20/20 vision?
robot chicken
robot chicken 8 дней назад
the fish eyes look so good...... I'd eat it with fried rice.... and hot sauce.....
kalulew 8 дней назад
As they were talking about whale meat I could hear nothing but bs from across the world.
Ice Snow
Ice Snow 8 дней назад
He's hot, handsome, cool, genuine, respectful, funny I think he's a nice guy 😝😍
code X FIGHTER 10 дней назад
save whales #seashepered
giantsdms 10 дней назад
I just discovered this Channel and it’s like brave wilderness of Asian food and I fucking love it
Dontsleep 10 дней назад
MC JIN turns into a chef.
416 finn
416 finn 10 дней назад
mannnnn just leave the whales outta your food options theyare too smart same w octopus everything else doesnt even compare
chandraryu1 10 дней назад
raw meat..... waakkkkk
Muro 10 дней назад
for some reason my porridge taste bit more disgusting while watching this than it normally is 🤔
Animesh Tiwari
Animesh Tiwari 10 дней назад
What kind of research involves killing and selling the meat to locals? Dont promote these kind of stuff sunny.
Christina Wright
Christina Wright 11 дней назад
Your guide sucks!
Felix Liew
Felix Liew 11 дней назад
Damn... I'm hungry. Tonight dinner, japanese food
steven Amosa Va'ava'ai
steven Amosa Va'ava'ai 12 дней назад
I remember when u first started this page i use to tell my friends you were gnna b the BIGGEST RUvid show coming soon lol still im your biggest fan my man keep it coming haha your funny asf man L🤣L..
Kirk Gulle
Kirk Gulle 12 дней назад
When he bite UMmm
Charliz Robles
Charliz Robles 12 дней назад
Sonny:”you like the oil” Guy:”mmh okay👍🏼”
OH Yeh!
OH Yeh! 12 дней назад
Maritza Arteaga
Maritza Arteaga 12 дней назад
This fish that refuses to have eye contact with me 😂😂😂😂😂
marie perla mariano
marie perla mariano 12 дней назад
love d tuna eyes yum
Njeri Holmes
Njeri Holmes 12 дней назад
DID YOU LOVE THE EYE JELLY!!😂😂😂😂.. I couldn't!! I will NOT!💜
Njeri Holmes
Njeri Holmes 12 дней назад
🤣🤣🤣🤣when Sonny puts mic to frying pan 😌 reaction was priceless 😂💜
tokoyou tokowe
tokoyou tokowe 12 дней назад
😲that seem tastes like tears...
Danny Qin
Danny Qin 13 дней назад
Logan Paul
JUSTICE 14 13 дней назад
the starting oohh kool doesnt sound that good lol
AT kain
AT kain 13 дней назад
Nobody: Sonny: Mmmmm
Kaiserr 13 дней назад
For people that are triggered over the whale eating, they are doing it in regulation. Which means that they don't overfish. No whales are going extinct any time soon so calm your case.
Romeo Blanco
Romeo Blanco 13 дней назад
i watch all the adds and never skipped it.. just to support this channel...
kevin crosby
kevin crosby 14 дней назад
Assholes selling whale meat....smh
xavier sanuel
xavier sanuel 14 дней назад
U gotta hav d worlds strongest stomach 2 stomach some of these food
Leopold 14 дней назад
I guess this Americans is quite ignorant. The USA still hunts whales between 300-600 a year and their Navy kills 1000s indiscriminately a year.
Imagine Existance
Imagine Existance 10 дней назад
I can see the mistake, people still kill it either accidentally or illegally
Imagine Existance
Imagine Existance 10 дней назад
Leopold we don’t sell it in stores like japan does Its illegal in the usa to possess whale meat or even teeth without a permit much less hunt it it may be on the black market but its still illegal Marine mammal protection act “It is unlawful for a person subject to U.S. jurisdiction to: engage in whaling in violation of the Convention, an IWC regulation, this Act or a Secretary of Commerce regulation; ship, transport, purchase, sell, offer for sale, import, export or possess a whale or whale products taken or processed illegally”
keseharian anak kos
keseharian anak kos 14 дней назад
Japanese stole all the whale around the world with research reason
Galavis232RO 14 дней назад
"I know a guy that knows a guy that knows a girl" lol
enzo wicked
enzo wicked 14 дней назад
dude all those years are lies. i just knew whats the real use of samurai 13:12
Apex 27
Apex 27 14 дней назад
Whenever u cut the eyeball out of any animal u want u go around the whole eyesocket that is y it is so big because if they hadnt the eyesocket would pop and everything in the eye would spill out.
Santiago Cochon
Santiago Cochon 14 дней назад
How he got eyeballs as a present
Snowy -chan
Snowy -chan 14 дней назад
Wait you going to my country in Vietnam Ha noi
First Last
First Last 15 дней назад
Slurped that snot on the tuna eye like a champ.
Ramy 15 дней назад
Bullshit research ship, Madam. You just doesn’t want to know but the rest of the world does know this. Yes, I agree with Sonny, hopefully the consumption of whale/dolphins goes out of momentum very very fast.
Leopold 14 дней назад
And the USA doesn't hunt whales? You do know that the USA still does about 300-600 whales annually right?
bloxburg junky
bloxburg junky 15 дней назад
I bet it smells like shit
Mochi 16 дней назад
12:02 such a wholesome moment
daniel pardo
daniel pardo 16 дней назад
can i get a plate??
Judith Burdine
Judith Burdine 16 дней назад
Do you ever get"sick "from some of the gross things you eat????
Jordan Lego
Jordan Lego 17 дней назад
Glaucoma tuna eye. Man your show kills me!!!
Kumbang Gaming
Kumbang Gaming 17 дней назад
Since 1945. Hmm nothing suspicious herr
Daniel Stittums
Daniel Stittums 17 дней назад
This is making me so hungry
Jean Thomas
Jean Thomas 18 дней назад
Yall fucking Asians, need to stop whaling and fucking killer sharks just for their fins you cunts
Aubrey Kraig
Aubrey Kraig 18 дней назад
I wish people would watch me eat for money
Tdabomb 19 дней назад
“Some spiky haired chef “😂😂😂😂 his commentaries kill me every time
NES 83’
NES 83’ 19 дней назад
This guy is entertaining as hell.
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