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Oct 23, 2020




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Comments 100
Ted Jaromin
Ted Jaromin 4 days ago
If you want a christian metal song writer contact me you got an awesome voice
BOO! 👻
Jerelyn Alvarez
Jerelyn Alvarez 7 days ago
G K 7 days ago
не всегда ставлю лайки. Т.к. кручу Лео плей-листами.
Jimmy Nyman
Jimmy Nyman 7 days ago
Phantom 8 days ago
Holy shit bro! This is awesome!
Pink Lighting Repairs
Hamsterdance song dude we need that as metal
Julio Santos
Julio Santos 10 days ago
Fucking awesome!!! Great!
Eli Da silva
Eli Da silva 10 days ago
It feels like a mix between the orginal and Extreme Ghostbusters...nice
gusthebroken2 12 days ago
The new arms race > a competition as to who can vacinate more people than another nation .. ha ha ha ha .. Line up and get yer shot's please we don't want to loose .
rocksully 12 days ago
Ya Bea!
Ichsan Budi Febryanto
Request BTS - Dinamite
Aude Khatru
Aude Khatru 13 days ago
You should do this as an audience participation song. Get the audience to shout "Ghostbusters!" at the appropriate moment. Every great live band needs an audience participation song, and this could be yours.
hks hks
hks hks 13 days ago
you are awesome dude! fiftytwo . icu
Jina Gibson
Jina Gibson 14 days ago
DEATH WISH 15 days ago
Torsten Raab
Torsten Raab 15 days ago
My 5-year old son after diner in the living room "that´s not soooo loud???" --- Sony Sound System: "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED" .... PARTYYYYYYY :-)
Rob Kremer
Rob Kremer 16 days ago
Damn.. FLASHBACK.. 🤘🏻😁🤘🏻
Fool Haus
Fool Haus 17 days ago
Это было огненно ,когда ещё вступление началось ,я уже полетел куда-то 😎😈
djtodd3 17 days ago
Humberto Seara
Humberto Seara 17 days ago
Marvelous !!!! I recomend to tou one greate Brasilian sound Band of " Mamonas Assassinas ". This Band died in aircrashed your airplane in to the mountain. This Band haver to seven months of great and absolute sucess of tô vários generations, kids, boys, girls and more age peoples. I'm recomend to the música of the " Mamonas Assassinas " then name of " Débil Metal"! Is very funy, but the sound is incredible, strong, great metal rock. Thanks Leo and excuse me for pecary english write. I,m from to Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brasil. Florianópolis os the beautiful Island. Thanks. Humberto.
Matt S
Matt S 17 days ago
I love the age gap you can see in the crowd!! Old metal heads and young metal heads just rocking out together
Kayla B
Kayla B 2 days ago
It is such a beautiful thing.
Emil Mihai Dragomir
143 ghosts dislike this awsome cover
Manu K.
Manu K. 17 days ago
Имя Человек
Francine Klossok
Francine Klossok 17 days ago
While listening to this I really want to build the new LEGO Ecto-1 . But i have to wait for it 😑
MoosicDude 18 days ago
Rabea Masaad absolutely smashing it as ever.
Beat Drum Artist 낭이
ruvid.net/video/video-dGEF5izTM4w.html My Drum Cover
진짜..지린다 최고야
User TritBit
User TritBit 19 days ago
hosts bastards?
Charzilleon 20 days ago
Didn't know I needed this, but here it is.
Doba Suleman
Doba Suleman 20 days ago
Hi , Fantastic ... can you do Thundercats ???
Brian Rupe
Brian Rupe 21 day ago
You rock. I love the remakes that you do and the videos are sweet
Дмитрий Родионов
Respect from Russia!!!!
Martin Havlicek
Martin Havlicek 21 day ago
I'm throwing out my music ambitions... he's so good... have you seen his "behind the scene" videos? I'm usless non-music guy. Sometimes it takes weeks to get right scores of song. He can do it "just on the fly". And always Leo adds some special part which brings his cover to another level. See Adele covers, Sultans of swing... it is much better than original, I have to admit. I will never grab my bass again. It is way far that I can do... BTW check Band-Maid. It is Leo but with their own songs. Extraordinary, best in hard & heavy, as good as Leo. Lets invite them to Norway!
Andrew Polanski
Andrew Polanski 21 day ago
really enjoy your channel and your sound, too good !!!! I even took the liberty of putting a keyboard in this mudica, you are a genius !! ruvid.net/video/video-hu4tGsrZJpk.html
Thien Di Pham
Thien Di Pham 21 day ago
Bring this to Finland, come on!!!!
Raymond Zacchaeus Arias
If "Ghostbusters" films became metal *GHOSTSLAYERS!*
AndrewNowe 22 days ago
@rabea massaad dude.. you're literally everywhere. haha just traveling the UK one venue at a time.
gusthebroken2 22 days ago
Best Feeling | Keller Williams & The String Cheese Incident ruvid.net/video/video-jxgILp4ec2o.html
Paul Sharp
Paul Sharp 22 days ago
best ghost busters ever
Spike Trademark
Spike Trademark 22 days ago
To think that there is now a generation that thinks Ghostbusters are 4 untalented women in a shitty remake.
Ramón Gallardo
Ramón Gallardo 22 days ago
i would definitely pay for hearing this Guy!
Tyler O'Brien
Tyler O'Brien 23 days ago
F*** YEAH!!! \../ \../!!!!!
M Faizal
M Faizal 23 days ago
anjiiimmmm bangettt 🤘🏻😎🤘🏻
No Brand YT User
No Brand YT User 23 days ago
Fly Me to the Metal Moon Cover When?
Tomas Nilsén
Tomas Nilsén 23 days ago
is this metal???
Kody Jacobs
Kody Jacobs 23 days ago
Can you do can’t wait to be king
Pampanga Figurez
Pampanga Figurez 23 days ago
I'm here since this guy just have 100k subs times fly and this is my first comment keep rockin mate!
Laszlo 23 days ago
And this is the Xentrix version from 1990. ruvid.net/video/video-I_kK-q6X9a8.html
juhaplayy 23 days ago
my favorite version of this song!
Ruben P
Ruben P 24 days ago
Wait what? You were in Germany? What the frick did I miss?
Aaron Robok-Abbs
Aaron Robok-Abbs 24 days ago
Duuuuuuude! Savage Love frog Lead style!
Cool Ridge Creations
You should lobby to play the themes song for the new movie.... I mean a NEW generation of YOUNGER Ghostbusters should have a theme played by a RUvid "star" that has a good following. I'd lobby for you and I'm a GEN X kid.
Evil Gamer
Evil Gamer 24 days ago
Folk at a concert? Isn't the pandemic still a big thing in europe?
doktorscam5000 22 days ago
Its from 2019
Jei_Mai 24 days ago
🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻so heavy!
Just Playing Bass
Just Playing Bass 24 days ago
Just fab. Can we have a metalised Blinding Lights by The Weeknd.
Tobey FischSchmuck
Tobey FischSchmuck 23 days ago
Watch this ruvid.net/video/video-2UftR5WT9ls.html Leo and UMC worked together for another song, too. Greetings. 🤘
Mark 24 days ago
Hey let's go. I'm ready to post halo theme song in today's video.
bailey13520 24 days ago
You should do a cover of Tribute by Tenacious D. I and everyone I have showed your covers/videos to love what you do please never let this passion die, it has inspired so much in so many people.
putu egawastu
putu egawastu 25 days ago
please do lathi cover:)
Molly Mudd
Molly Mudd 25 days ago
Leo should do a metal cover of kings & queens (ava max)
Louis Gervasio
Louis Gervasio 25 days ago
I am now a sub
Ryan Brucass
Ryan Brucass 25 days ago
Culture Beat-Mr Vain
Ambrose Leahy
Ambrose Leahy 25 days ago
I think it would be interesting if could cover anything by Grizzly Bear.
Devin Brenly
Devin Brenly 25 days ago
My guy I'm telling ya, you got to do the Skyrim songs like all of the bards songs in heavy metal
Ambrose Leahy
Ambrose Leahy 25 days ago
I now want to be a Ghost Buster!
Derek Graham
Derek Graham 25 days ago
do Somewhere over the rainbow
Amanda Sawyer
Amanda Sawyer 25 days ago
This is awesome! Send Me On My Way by Rusted Root would be a really fun one to cover.
JD MaK 25 days ago
PLEASE! Do Ashes by Stellar!!!
Adam W
Adam W 25 days ago
Frankie Miller - Jealousy pls cover
justinmoore49 Moor
justinmoore49 Moor 25 days ago
I love your channel man, I have a request and hopefully people agree with it... Children of the Sun, Billy Thorpe 😀
cdseth99 25 days ago
PLEASE do a Scooby doo theme song, I've hope for that song for so dam long. it would be so sick bro.
oωo 25 days ago
My Little Pony Theme Pls
Bagoy Beby
Bagoy Beby 25 days ago
In the ‘80s the crowd would be moving
Kalannar 25 days ago
please make a metal version of "The Ballad of Lucy Jordan" :)
Raynold Ram
Raynold Ram 25 days ago
Drake williams
Drake williams 25 days ago
You should do turn the page bro
Gary Browning
Gary Browning 25 days ago
Awesome man 😎 ...I just saw Tenacious D cover time warp then came straight to your channel to see your version just to find you haven't done it? ...you would smash that!! 🤞
nivaldo sidinei dias de oliveira oliveira
Jarvis All
Jarvis All 25 days ago
Hey hey, cover "big enough" please
Alessio Scanu
Alessio Scanu 26 days ago
OMG!!! That drummer is amazing!!
Mori ngalati
Mori ngalati 26 days ago
Vili Vilperi
Vili Vilperi 26 days ago
Nice. greetings from the Metal-Universum, Finland.
Wayne Miller
Wayne Miller 26 days ago
Found you by accident and I am so glad I did.......awesome cuts of other peoples songs man !!!!
StarScream 777
StarScream 777 26 days ago
Makes me wanna cross the streams👻😎🔥🤘
Zac Wells
Zac Wells 26 days ago
Hey Leo! Ever thought about a Meatloaf cover?
Kyuza Gaming
Kyuza Gaming 26 days ago
I Like Your All Song 😍 I Really Like Blackpink Song Cover By You 👍🏻 Ori Blackpink Song For Girl And This Song For Man 😄 Heheheheh Just Kidding 🤗 Try Cover Song Someone You Loved By Lewis Capaldi 🤔
Empty Tankard
Empty Tankard 26 days ago
Fkng poseur ) The original track is more metal.
Rachel The Radiant
Rachel The Radiant 26 days ago
Hey Leo have you done your version of Cliffs of Dover?👀
Todd Kasson
Todd Kasson 26 days ago
Cheap Trick, Ain’t that a shame
CrAzY CaNuCk
CrAzY CaNuCk 26 days ago
Metalize "7 years" Lukas Graham
Mihzvol Wuriar
Mihzvol Wuriar 26 days ago
Just to remind everyone, Epic Games is gonna give the Ghostbusters game for free, from tomorrow on, the game is a direct sequel to the second movie, and I hope the third movie follow it's events. Oh and BTW, if you hate Epic Games, yeah I couldn't care less, just please, don't destroy a nice place with all that hate, I'm just passing good news for all my fellow Ghostbusters fans.
SinAn Ever
SinAn Ever 26 days ago
Unchained melody cover please 🤟🏻
Brigita Drexlerová
yeees 🥰🥰 🤟
Marko Kostako
Marko Kostako 26 days ago
It never was long enough for a complete song, but here it works. Do Luv' Trojan Horse ruvid.net/video/video-lbIKlH4HemA.html as metal version, would be fun...
Fart King
Fart King 26 days ago
Do bill withers lean on me. Please
Deathdealer 26 days ago
Funny as it is but in this version you can atleast hear him say "Ghost busters" in the original i allways thought it sounded like they said : "Who are you gonna call ? Those bastards!"
CapSotakMatley 22 days ago
That's because in the original it wasn't the lead singer but a group that "sang" the Ghostbusters part, and its possible that your ears just don't hear that specific frequency as well.
James Adams
James Adams 26 days ago
now do a cover of "Bustin'" by " Neil Cicierega" ruvid.net/video/video-0tdyU_gW6WE.html
FPS Rico
FPS Rico 26 days ago
Dreadhead669 27 days ago
Last year, the last concert on WACKEN. Damn that was sooo awesome. Especially when you played the Pokémon theme and around 10.000 metal heads where singing it with full heart and soul 🖤
Kayla B
Kayla B 2 days ago
I wish I was there 😭 I want to see Leo in concert so bad. I’m east coast US in the south though LOL and now with COVID obviously not even possible. Hopefully one day soon though. I’m sure it was epic 🤘
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