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Jun 21, 2020




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Hayley Williams
Hayley Williams 7 days ago
It was funny when she got mad at the yoga mat
akvile kliciute
akvile kliciute 8 days ago
Bless you
Hilary koh
Hilary koh 16 days ago
Melissa Mohammed
Melissa Mohammed 18 days ago
Very beautiful 😍
Drip 25 days ago
10:47 🤣
Stan TREASURE 26 days ago
Pareecca Jaysen
Pareecca Jaysen 27 days ago
you look australian in that last outfit
Emily Bovey
Emily Bovey 28 days ago
Okay I’m going crazy. I have no crop top and than I cut my t shirt just to have a crop top.....it looks good tho.😌
Loren Loney
Loren Loney Month ago
leave the animals alone. #GOVEGAN stop the murder, stop the torture, save the planet. Animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.
Julia Smith
Julia Smith Month ago
i like the video before waching it. i love this girl man.
ali lloyd
ali lloyd Month ago
i believe you emma 😌
Maisy Holmes
Maisy Holmes Month ago
im watching this now and she is talking about her future self without even realising it. now you do hair stuff and face masks regularly im a little proud not going to lie
Hannah Lewis
Hannah Lewis Month ago
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Miryam Chamlal
Miryam Chamlal Month ago
Who is here in 2021🤪😚
D J Month ago
This is basically episode 1 if u look at all the things she explains in this video
Latesha Presley
Latesha Presley Month ago
The bizarre copyright antenatally part because yacht ganguly miss beyond a holistic copyright. straight, disgusting helmet
El Month ago
I lowkey feel bad for the coffee table :(
machu _
machu _ Month ago
the getting mad at the yoga mat was a m o o d
Ling Ling
Ling Ling Month ago
your eyes is the definition of the song ocean eyes by bilie eilish
nour farhat
nour farhat Month ago
Watching Emma's videos and crying is what i live for
nicole Month ago
Emma: “that was weird” Me: it’s only weird if you make it weird bestie ;)
Mary Jane Higbee
thank u emma, u got me $5 off my shampoo and i rly appreciate it luv u
matt v
matt v Month ago
amount of people that leaned their forehead to the screen👇👇👇
Jenna Salmi
Jenna Salmi Month ago
you're honestly so gorgeous and unique i hope you know it!!
Julienne Mata
Julienne Mata Month ago
*Emma burps all the time* Emma: "Still can't believe I farted earlier. That was really mortifying."
Victoria Holt
Victoria Holt Month ago
the only reason she likes that outfit is bc she added sunglasses lol
mischa:3 Lloyd
mischa:3 Lloyd 2 months ago
aww ur cat is so cuteeee
María Ignacia Aránguiz
billy eolith es youtuber!!
Louie and Angiee
Louie and Angiee 2 months ago
Does anyone like wander Emma’s rhetorical questions and then like she doesn’t answer and then you just feel ignored??? No just me?
Ximena Montiel
Ximena Montiel 2 months ago
jaja amo a Emma ptm
Shaganaa Gunarajan
Shaganaa Gunarajan 2 months ago
Emma, if u see this, I want you to smile.
Fernanda Martinez
Fernanda Martinez 2 months ago
pov: ur going through the comments trying to find what foundation she applied so flawlessly
Fernanda Martinez
Fernanda Martinez 2 months ago
@Kiran Jagtiani OMG! THANK YOU SO MUCH❤️❤️❤️
Kiran Jagtiani
Kiran Jagtiani 2 months ago
I was searching for it as well, then I watched her recent Vogue video and there she has shared this.. some I came back to this video, to tell you...it’s Kosas tinted skin oil. Look it up. Thank me later 😌☺️😇
Jo Clark
Jo Clark 2 months ago
I’m sorry that’s me who has this stuff in my normal routine hahaha!
alexey Terrazas
alexey Terrazas 2 months ago
sometimes i watch emma and i think to myself how much i wish i was like her confident and giving no f*cks wise. ike i try coffee and its a struggle bc coffee upsets my stomach. also my mom hates everything i wear and wont let me leave the house like that. emma is my spirit animal for everything i want to be
Hazel French
Hazel French 2 months ago
If i did a glow up my finished product would literally be how emma looks before. (with a potato face of course.)
A weird kid
A weird kid 2 months ago
Jisu sentiment needs help 🥺
lily caroline
lily caroline 2 months ago
Omg is this when the forehead kisses started🥺
Riya Garbyal
Riya Garbyal 2 months ago
I actually leaned forwards for the forehead kiss 😔
Eleonora D'Amico
Eleonora D'Amico 2 months ago
That foundation looks so good, I wonder what it’s called
Sarah Cate Freeman
Sarah Cate Freeman 2 months ago
I wish I could look at a picture of an outfit on Pinterest and go in my closet and wear it😥
hayley monique
hayley monique 2 months ago
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ΑΝΝΑ ΣΑΡ 2 months ago
Ι ACTUALLY leaned in for the kiss. It felt really good. Thank u for the kiss I am not that weird 😛
A.Z Playz
A.Z Playz 2 months ago
“I get mine in the ✨pear flavor✨” Me: you eat it-?
Patricia Balan
Patricia Balan 2 months ago
Gorgeous babe!!!! just gorgeoussssssss
Kamna Kaushal
Kamna Kaushal 2 months ago
lexi douglas
lexi douglas 2 months ago
Isabel Pieper
Isabel Pieper 2 months ago
Is it just me or........ does that girl have a ton of clothes. Like....... WHAT.😦
Lily Yue
Lily Yue 3 months ago
I like the top she’s wearing in the beginning
grace patchell
grace patchell 3 months ago
she doesnt realize HOW LITERALLY GORGEOUS she looks... even when she was at her lowest in the video she looked SO FREAKING GOOD
Dash Stoe
Dash Stoe 3 months ago
Does anyone usually get bored watching vlogs but loves Emma and can literally just listen to her talk for hours cause she's just a genuinely authentic person ?!?🌟🌟😋❤️
__Sad_Edits__ 3 months ago
8:46 VPN, if you had vpn on your phone or laptop while using the schools wifi, you can access social media lol I use it coz my school blocks it aswell
Madison Moore-Lynch
Madison Moore-Lynch 3 months ago
i love the bad bitch energy in this video
Myeisha 3 months ago
Why doesn't Emma show her love for her cats on screen?☺
Charlotte Booboo
Charlotte Booboo 3 months ago
To answer your question, the reason your eyebrows don't look great with product is because you don't have your eyebrows professionally shaped/tinted. If you get them done they will frame your face and be so much more neater. You can get your eyebrows waxed & tinted and still look natural. DO IT
Haylee Moore
Haylee Moore 3 months ago
I want to pluck her eyebrows so badly hahaha. also I'm so happy the accutane worked for her because she looks glowy :)
Divya Pahwa
Divya Pahwa 3 months ago
starting of the video - my hair is dry and not good in the middle while sponsoring - my hair is good healthier and shinier now 💀
T K 3 months ago
Oh mh gosh emma's eyes are soo beautiful🥺🥺🥺❤️
Emilie Raoult
Emilie Raoult 3 months ago
Elizabeth Diniz
Elizabeth Diniz 3 months ago
Sky Imperato
Sky Imperato 3 months ago
why when ever i wanna do somthing emma posts her doing it then im like damn ok now i REALLY WANNA DO IT
Khyati Joshi
Khyati Joshi 3 months ago
How tf is no one talking about how dumb and insensitive toward the climate it is to do that 67° AC switch to heater stunt?
Kiwi 107
Kiwi 107 3 months ago
im so sorry but the way Americans say mirror triggers meeeeeee
Aesthetic Flxwer
Aesthetic Flxwer 3 months ago
When she said pair flavor that made me want a pair 😂
Tamika Alison
Tamika Alison 3 months ago
Damn her skin after the sleeping mask and clay mask in the morning. So good!
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard 3 months ago
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Charlie Sykes
Charlie Sykes 3 months ago
Who also put their head to the scream but didn't catch the kiss so went back a couple second and catch the kiss on your forehead couldn't be meeeeee
Sharvari Bhatkar
Sharvari Bhatkar 3 months ago
I love how she keeps pushing herself to the better side of life so positive
Navina Bekheit
Navina Bekheit 3 months ago
I don’t get how anyone could call her ugly I mean she is so pretty
Rosie Gillis
Rosie Gillis 3 months ago
when I put my forhead to my laptop in class when my camera was on during class...
Isabela Moreira
Isabela Moreira 3 months ago
16:07 why did i like doing that? dk, just liked, tha was cute
Isabela Moreira
Isabela Moreira 3 months ago
7:31 you're so beautiful like this, wow, look at the color of your eyes with that shirt
Isabela Moreira
Isabela Moreira 3 months ago
3:01 for me it does, like, if I'm at home for too long just laying in bed for days straight i'll go do something simple, like brushing my hair or organizing my room, i feel less horrible, usually
Liz Alexander
Liz Alexander 3 months ago
2:27 you even hear her voice crack when she shows the footage of lost belovid
Janett Weaver
Janett Weaver 3 months ago
I love that shampoo and conditioner. I also like the pear sent. My hair is in really good shape since I started using it.
Ava Gross
Ava Gross 3 months ago
i feel like i relate to Emma. she’s so relateable. and hilarious 😂
Tianna Elizalde
Tianna Elizalde 4 months ago
Besides the hard-boiled eggs, we're practically the same! Only I cover myself with hundreds of blankets. But right now it's cold. We don't have Central heating and air so my house gets down to like 60° when it's 30° outside and I still run the fan and piss off my husband. He sleeps with 200 blankets
Sydney Wilson
Sydney Wilson 4 months ago
what's the name of the hair mask
Portia Johnson
Portia Johnson 4 months ago
You're awesome Emma!!!! Love from a small youtuber trying to grow!!!!
Portia Johnson
Portia Johnson 4 months ago
Who's here in 2021????
jacqueline torian
jacqueline torian 4 months ago
I honestly thought in the beginning she said she wasn’t taking care of HER PARENTS.
inaya m
inaya m 4 months ago
she thinks her content is boring but she always has stories to share and literally the best but worst content and i love is sm!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Brendan Passarell
Brendan Passarell 4 months ago
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Kylie Jim
Kylie Jim 4 months ago
she’s inspiring me
Nicola Payne
Nicola Payne 4 months ago
Ummm, can I just say ur closet is the size of my room and I share a room with my little sister....... (Pls help me) btw love u Emma!
Regina Figueroa-Tovar
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Alina 4 months ago
4:43 is me everyday
Isabella Lord
Isabella Lord 4 months ago
14:03 same with me
Gresa M.
Gresa M. 4 months ago
I flinched when I heard that alarm sound
KITTLES 4 months ago
Ever since my childhood I've been skinny. I don't feel good in my body. The only way I felt good about myself was my hair. They were very thick n healthy but as I got older I started suffering from hair fall even till date. I lost almost half of my hair n now I look like shit because of thinning hair n huge forehead. Lastly my skin also started to change. Acne which I never had in my life ever, started to appear literally all over my face - cheeks, forehead n chin. I look so different n ugly rn it is so hard to accept all of this. I... Sometimes don't wanna live
Olivia Flaherty
Olivia Flaherty 4 months ago
I got the shampoo using your code!
Sasa 4 months ago
i don't do the masks every day but i try to do the serums every night :)
Abida Qureshi
Abida Qureshi 4 months ago
Thisss video actually motivated meee to get up and go showerr, get dressed, and feel goodddd✌🏻✌🏻
Addie Hathaway
Addie Hathaway 4 months ago
“I’m like a barista”💃👄 - Emma Chamberlain 2020
neleliz 4 months ago
Weird question, but does anyone know where that bathrobe is from? It looks the right amount of elegant but comfortable.. thx
SIS vs BRO Gaming
SIS vs BRO Gaming 4 months ago
Why are you so pretty
tinhinane belkalem
tinhinane belkalem 4 months ago
Body goals
Tiffy Spiffy LA
Tiffy Spiffy LA 4 months ago
You guys talk about her skin, but not her mental health? Something's up.
Talia Bawa
Talia Bawa 4 months ago
14:14 guys i swear she is the most relatable person ever!
mila blackwell
mila blackwell 4 months ago
emma: i have never looked worse in my entire life me: thinking about how gorgeous and funny she is whilst i am lying in my bed eating chips
Samantha Marples
Samantha Marples 4 months ago
Bout to turn 21 and force myself to glow up too. It needs to be done
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