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Im dating again you guys! AHH! i've actually never "dated" in my life. My boyfriend loves to go out & do things with me & its so new for me! I'm the biggest homebody EVER!!! (im a cancer) But its been so much fun getting dressed up & having new experiences with him! So I thought I would film a get ready with for a date night! I hope you guys love the look & the video! XOX
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My channel is a fun place for people to enjoy the world of beauty! If you leave mean negative comments or resort to name calling, I will delete your comment & block you. My channel is not the place. This world is so ugly & negative & we desperately need to make a change. I cant control the world, but I can control my channel. Constructive criticism is always welcome! "you're a lying bitch" is NOT constructive ! Don't feel like you need to kiss my ass. Feel free to speak your mind but please respect each other! XOXO

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Feb 15, 2019




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Mimetic Polyalloy
So you left your husband for his friend? Wow. You are a fucking cancer.
Kymberly Steiger
Kymberly Steiger 9 days ago
Dang! Just....Va Va Voom!!! Gorgeous 😍 my hooded eyes are so jealous!!!!
Mrs. B For Life
Mrs. B For Life 14 days ago
After a year look at how far they have come together.
Ginõskõ Hēsuchazõ
Get real girl
parinaz Az
parinaz Az 16 days ago
✨Smile, someone loves you; his name is JESUS!✨John 3:16, John 10:10, John 14:6, acts 2:38✨
Majestic Megzy
Majestic Megzy 20 days ago
This look is stunningggggg
Amy Snyder
Amy Snyder 22 days ago
I feel like people have honestly forgotten how talented jaclyn really is like damn she can beat a face !!!!
shi shi
shi shi 23 days ago
Watching this video after watching her newest video where her face grew outwardly... I am concerned :o
Skyler Alan Bex Sr.
You are so gorgeous!
CaramelDiva7 24 days ago
Stunningly beautiful
Keisha Knell
Keisha Knell 24 days ago
I’m watching the video and recreating the look with her palette and I’m having so much fun like I’m doing make up with a friend
NaTaLiE343 Month ago
Jennifer Harris
Jennifer Harris Month ago
What gel eyeliner do you use?
Priscilla Gutierrez
This is WORK 👏🏻 This is EFFORT 👏🏻 This is TIME 👏🏻 couldn’t have said it better myself. Keep on movin up girl!
Candace Inay
Candace Inay Month ago
WOC ladies would we use the same base colors to achieve the same eye look??? Seem like she used alot of oranges even yellow building to dark Love this 🖤💣 I want to recreate I have every pallet xecpt the ring the alarm armed n gorgeous 😑
shannon hemmer
shannon hemmer Month ago
"im such a dork i hate myself" same her guuuurl
Aditya Budiyal
Aditya Budiyal Month ago
Debbie Hunt
Debbie Hunt Month ago
The editing in this video is absolute bullsh*t!
Shayna Pieri
Shayna Pieri 2 months ago
Hello beautiful Jaclyn! I just want to say hi and show toubaqkkl learn all that you know and have just been able to show mo
Megan Odom
Megan Odom 2 months ago
You and Jordan need a reality show!!
Denise Crawford
Denise Crawford 3 months ago
I LOVE your makeup Jaclyn but I can't afford to buy it, please, please, please!!! I would LOVE to own your makeup collection please lllllll
Denise Crawford
Denise Crawford 3 months ago
Yes do your step by step makeup look, I don't own not one thing of your products and I would LOVE to own your products!!! You have the most beautiful makeup and I would so love to own it everything in your collection!! I need your makeup collection all of it please!! I love blush, blush is my favorite makeup products my dogs are the same as your dogs!! You both look so cute and In LOVE!! I LOVE you both and please would LOVE to own ALL of your makeup collection, bcuz to be honest I'm on a fixed income and I'm on disability and will never be able to afford to buy your makeup and what a dream it would be to own ALL of your makeup collection please!! I'm sure you get asked a lot but I'm seriously broke and to pay my bills is a lot!!!!! PLEASE Jaclyn I would NOT ask if I could actually afford it, and since I can't afford please please please Jaclyn pick me to own everything in your collection please!! I love you Jaclyn!!🌻🙏💯😍😘🙋😘😍💯🙏🌻I also LOVE sunflowers!!🌻🌻🙏🙏💯💯😍😍😘😘🙋🙋🙏🙏🌻🌻
Justin jackson
Justin jackson 3 months ago
Ashvlogs self made
Ashvlogs self made 3 months ago
I just want to say that you were blessed to have somebody that loves you so much the love of my life is gone he passed away two years ago we were together 11 years and he supported everything I did and always said no matter how you look you are always beautiful never take that kind of stuff for granted because I did and I wish everyday I could tell him I always listen to him I wish I could tell him that I no longer don't take anything for granted
Marisela Vargas
Marisela Vargas 3 months ago
But what’s the color or name of the Loncome she used
Redd TattedKutie
Redd TattedKutie 3 months ago
Is that the dog that bit ur face
Redd TattedKutie
Redd TattedKutie 3 months ago
Of course he appreciates ur full face of makeup thats how u make ur money. He knows what hes doing lol
Mish mash
Mish mash 3 months ago
What is happening? She starts off with a light brown all over, then a chocolate, then applies black to the corners and at lash line- next cut is her having all black eyes.😂 Talk about indecisive! Lol
ebony holden
ebony holden 4 months ago
Please do a brow video
Courtney Moon
Courtney Moon 4 months ago
I was not expecting that “damnit” after you were talking about your shadow not blending bc of the concealer under your eyebrows and I straight choked and scared my cats 😂😂😂😂
Raquel Estrada
Raquel Estrada 4 months ago
i hate blush... i use the milani solei bronzer as blush. too much blush looks so weird imo
therealmrsrios 4 months ago
I’m a Cancer too....I knew that why I felt like we clicked even though I’ve never met you!!!!!♋️💜♋️
Alicia B
Alicia B 4 months ago
If only my skin looked this good on the regular.. well actually ever🤣 I’d never stop smiling.. you’re right tho it’s all about the diet, I’ve been trying so hard to cut out dairy😩but forgot giving up pizza 🍕 I ain’t ready yet lol
Nikki Morris
Nikki Morris 4 months ago
Men say they love natural. But they all love full face if you know what your doing.
Denise Jensen
Denise Jensen 4 months ago
You deserve the world girl love you
Danielle DeWitt
Danielle DeWitt 4 months ago
Why don’t you just eat Vegan pizza?
Brittany Lokey
Brittany Lokey 4 months ago
How can people EVER not like you?! You’re hilarious Jaclyn! More videos like this! It’s like I’m hanging out with you.
Lisa Shields
Lisa Shields 4 months ago
Мasha from Russia
Мasha from Russia 4 months ago
burping ??? what the fuck ??? you are not educated yet.
Rebecca Pedley
Rebecca Pedley 5 months ago
and my crack
Rebecca Pedley
Rebecca Pedley 5 months ago
my back
Rebecca Pedley
Rebecca Pedley 5 months ago
my neck
wftwtb g
wftwtb g 5 months ago
im a girrl - meryl streep says that in Death Becomes Her [1992]
wftwtb g
wftwtb g 5 months ago
Chicken Salad Recipe? BRINGIT
April Larsen
April Larsen 5 months ago
❤ love you girl! Do you boo!
Zsófi Varga
Zsófi Varga 5 months ago
She's just a likeable person!
Kate Sharkey
Kate Sharkey 5 months ago
I have your pallete
Samhoffmanxo 5 months ago
“I almost forgot to put mascara on my bottom lashes..can you imagine?! How embarrassing.” 😂😂😂 I love you lmao
wftwtb g
wftwtb g 5 months ago
hehe love it too
Roxanne Lachance
Roxanne Lachance 5 months ago
Hahahah laughed pretty much when you talked about that pizza break down ! I had to change my diet few months ago and also had that break down when I was craving pizza sooooo much and I couldn't get one delivered
Kelly Burns
Kelly Burns 5 months ago
this video is like all promotions ly jacilyn btw
Ari Spag
Ari Spag 5 months ago
3:10 your a pig like grow the fuck up you man
wftwtb g
wftwtb g 5 months ago
and you should just fuck off
Donna Lewis
Donna Lewis 6 months ago
I think 🤔 this is my first time watching your video and I liked it!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Tina K
Tina K 6 months ago
14:14 😂 I love this girl
tulip flower
tulip flower 6 months ago
Go VEGAN!!! there's vegan pizza girl I've been vegan for over a year I kissed good bye to everything I used to eat I don't regret it you wont either.
Haiku Rutledge
Haiku Rutledge 6 months ago
"My partner" works just fine too. I get what you're saying.
امحمد حمص
امحمد حمص 6 months ago
de hecho Azucena
de hecho Azucena 6 months ago
Jaclyn Hill the Queen of the Smokey Eye. Nothing but Love.
de hecho Azucena
de hecho Azucena 6 months ago
Yes, Jaclyn looks great, I need to cut out dairy.
Stephanie Aleo-Correll
I wish you could do my make up so I can feel like a woman for once..
XOTearja 6 months ago
I absolutely love your personality! You fckn rock! Keep shinning babe❤️love you
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