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Chloe Ting
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Abs Abs Abs! Everyone seems to be asking for a QUICK and short schedule, so I put together a 2 weeks schedule to help you get closer to those defined abs and to lose weight. A 2 weeks program is easier to commit to, and you can always do it again after you finish it!
Enjoy the abs workout guys!
Find schedule here: chloeting.com/program
☆2 Weeks Shred Challenge☆
EP#1 - 13 Mins HIIT Workout - ruvid.net/video/video-2MoGxae-zyo.html
EP#2 - Abs in 2 weeks - THIS VIDEO
EP#3 - Arms & Core - ruvid.net/video/video-3Pr6n-nKfMA.html
EP#4 - Lower Body - ruvid.net/video/video-I9nG-G4B5Bs.html
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Aug 12, 2019




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Comments 80
Chloe Ting
Chloe Ting 10 months ago
WHO’S IN FOR THIS CHALLENGE?!?!? Day 1 officially starts TODAY! Leave a comment about your progress guys!
Ismael Guzman
Ismael Guzman 2 months ago
I like your @ss
preeti disawari
preeti disawari 2 months ago
I have started today.... I will make it this time... i want to get rid of this fat tummy..... want to fit back in old clothes.... I m 27 and look like 35 above.....
Lakeisa Johnson
Lakeisa Johnson 3 months ago
How many videos do I do a day
Melina Johansson
Melina Johansson 3 months ago
Just a question with these exercises what else do we have to do for 2 weeks to have these abs????
Nino Macaberidze
Nino Macaberidze 3 months ago
Chloe Ting ძალიან. მაგარი. ვარჯიშებია
Kathy Buv
Kathy Buv 4 hours ago
My neck is more sore than my stomach. and legs.
eleftheria karagianni
Is it okay if i do ONLY this video for 14 days? I'm confused someone help mee
Keeta Perkins
Keeta Perkins 4 hours ago
This is intense😱
Daniela González
Daniela González 4 hours ago
nobody: my back during hip dips: *crrrraaaccckkkkkkk*
Maria Jose Bravo Saucedo
Alguien podría explicarme por favor cómo funciona esto? Debo hacer esta misma rutina durante 14 días?
kaybelle 06
kaybelle 06 5 hours ago
✨here to make wearing a guitar look good✨
eleftheria karagianni
A guitar?🎸
Emily Draken
Emily Draken 5 hours ago
Every time I scroll down, these comments never fail to amuse me. Day 7 for me! Keep going guys, it gets easier over time! 👊👏👏
Ochaco Uraraka
Ochaco Uraraka 5 hours ago
God, these comments are so funny 😂
Elle Whiteman
Elle Whiteman 5 hours ago
I think I’m dead
Nels R
Nels R 5 hours ago
I used to do these exercises very late scared that my family will judge me. But since they found out they’ve only been encouraging & even made me a space in the garage for my workouts 🥺
Natush TheWeirdo
Natush TheWeirdo 5 hours ago
Omg, my hands hurts soo baad 😂 So today i started this challenge AGAIN, so i hope i will not give up... And yea, AGAIN, cuz im too lazy to exercise 😂 Wish me luck, guyz 😂🌻
nothing but trash
nothing but trash 5 hours ago
everyone always tells me i'm too skinny, and well we (i) hate to see (hear) it so here's me trying to get in shape and get fit for myself? please root for me. - 5/7/20 day 1: really felt it, hate the up & down plank
salma Muneeb
salma Muneeb 5 hours ago
Up n down planks r the worst
Judith Lynn
Judith Lynn 5 hours ago
Decided to post my progress on here :) yes I’m trying to watch what I eat as well. I’m 5’5 and weigh 143 lbs/ 64.9kg •Day 1- (07/03/20): Was hard, had to take a few breaks for each exercise. (Bad) (2Videos) •Day 2- (07/04/20): Was sore when I woke up, was really hard to complete sets, took more breaks. (Pretty bad) (3videos) •Day 3- (07/05/20): I was really really sore when I woke up. I Struggled a lot more to finish each exercise 🥵had to take multiple breaks during each exercise, everything aches. (Pretty pretty bad) (4videos)
Randomperson 5 hours ago
She makes it look sooo easy ... My legs hurt soooooo bad why does it look so easy in the video 😭 Love you tho ...😍😅
Anna Szalmás
Anna Szalmás 5 hours ago
How it is that there are thousands of ab challanges on YT yet I see this one done by everyone??? Its literally everywhere
sprinclari 5 hours ago
My graduation is in three weeks and I want to feel comfortable in my skin so lezgetit... Day 1: I’m definitely out of shape omg I really need to increase my body strength
Sonia Awan
Sonia Awan 5 hours ago
The worst exercise is the up and down plank😩
merve grant butera
merve grant butera 5 hours ago
chloe: your abs will love you and hate you at the same time me: i hate you and love you at the same time, chloe
Valentina Paz
Valentina Paz 6 hours ago
(Shred challenge 28 days) Day 20: My abs burn like hell 😩
Fajer Aldu
Fajer Aldu 6 hours ago
I started on my first day haha wish me luck y’all ;)
Katriina Eskelinen
Katriina Eskelinen 6 hours ago
Tbh this feels more like an arm workout with a lil bit of abs instead of full on abs. My arms are killing me.
Hitsuji 6 hours ago
I'm watching you from France. It's my first day of the challenge, and I will die 🤣🤣🤣 See you in 2 weeks, if I'm survive to your program 💪🏻
Rebekah Springer
Rebekah Springer 6 hours ago
so, today is day 12 and i can already fortell that i will NOT be looking close to my goal Wednesday morning for more than one reason. 1st, yesterday was July 4th so I had a rather large meal and a LOT of sugar which usually takes me a week to process. Secondly, my period is about to start and bloating, cravings, and mood swings, hit me like a truck a good 2 to 3 days before I actually start bleeding. lol. But i can tell that I am a lot stronger in my stomach than day one. When I get back from Branson, I am going to try and start the 2 week shred challenge if my schedule isn't so messed up like it is now. Honestly, it would be better if I started when school starts but you never know. Its a miracle i was able to squeeze in days 10 and 11. Anyway, keep up the good work!
Elson B
Elson B 6 hours ago
who else is DYING at up and down planks!?!?!? AHHHH
Elson B
Elson B 6 hours ago
anyone else trying to get fit in quarantine???
Tanishka Joshi
Tanishka Joshi 6 hours ago
6:43 haha wat. no.
Traci Cruz
Traci Cruz 6 hours ago
Am really for sure 👍 👌 😅 💯 😌 🙂 👍 👌 😅 💯 😌 🙂
Rrrll_ Kor
Rrrll_ Kor 6 hours ago
What do I say while I practice: Please stop
Suki K
Suki K 6 hours ago
unpopular opinion: plank jacks/bunny hops are worse than up and down plank
Gabriella Ballestas
I hate them, especially bc jumping always gives me a really bad headache.
Inca-n-cather Msp
Inca-n-cather Msp 6 hours ago
Me after the workout thinking I have abs like Chole, then I look in the mirror 👁👄👁
Queen Ava Darling!
Queen Ava Darling! 6 hours ago
Hello Chloe! When I was doing this with my sister, I was wondering how you edit the video like this! Perhaps you can do a tutorial. You motivate my sister an I to exercise every day you are so good!❤💪
*Farfalla* 6 hours ago
how many calories does this workout burn
Brooke 6 hours ago
depends on the person and how intensely he or she is doing it
izzyali w.w
izzyali w.w 6 hours ago
Anyone else’s back killing during this workout?
Hannah M
Hannah M 6 hours ago
Is it normal for the front of your thighs to be a bit sore from this? Little confused here haha
Coty 7 hours ago
alguien me dice si esto funciona?
Ebba Svensson Rönnowskolan 8A
“Hope you’ve enjoyed this workout” bish no, I have not🥵
Kittycat girl12
Kittycat girl12 7 hours ago
-Doing plank with hip dips- Song:What does love feel like? Me: Exactly like this, pain in the Butt.
SonSamSS 155
SonSamSS 155 7 hours ago
А я из России ._.
avrillover27 7 hours ago
Does anyone else find themselves kind of flexing their core just throughout the day? I'll just be walking around and realize my muscles are sucking in my stomach, just a bit, but still find it weird
Sonny Ruiz
Sonny Ruiz 7 hours ago
The 27lk thumdowns are from the people who didn’t get any result bc they didn’t work hard
hoor hawa
hoor hawa 7 hours ago
so i finally able to do this workout day one done ✅ + (25 days standing abs workout 10min + + 2 weeks sherd challenge + burn lower belly fat summer sherd challenge + burn belly fat & legs workout challenge 25 days from chloe ting )
Miso P
Miso P 7 hours ago
Made the mistake of being too eager and skipping active rest days- i pulled my hamstrings. Make sure u do warm ups/stretches b4 ur workout and take ur rest days!!! Ur body needs a break!!!
Alesha Toora
Alesha Toora 7 hours ago
going to update through my journey: Day 1- terrible, i mean i never do exercise so R.I.P my body, half the exercises i didn't even do correctly. feel dead. Day 2-
SkyiiMobile 7 hours ago
*when you get an add in the middle of it-*
the meme winsss
the meme winsss 7 hours ago
I'm starting today😁
Ceren Çolak
Ceren Çolak 7 hours ago
Türkler ses verin 🇹🇷
Gyeong Lee
Gyeong Lee 7 hours ago
When u eat loads of noodles , ice cream and drink fizzy drink and chug down soy sauce and swallow ramyeon like a plate of kimchi.. But do chloe thing's workout f××××× 👌 mint
avocado is life
avocado is life 7 hours ago
Day 1: I hate you up and down plank, I really do (but love u chloe) Day 2: Up and down plank, pls stop killing my arms, I'm begging you :)
hannah 6 hours ago
btw they get so much easier as you go through the 2 weeks (:
Joy Yeong
Joy Yeong 7 hours ago
Remember to keep your abs tense throughout the whole work out!!!
Amandine F
Amandine F 7 hours ago
the planks are killing me
Eduarda Ferreira
Eduarda Ferreira 7 hours ago
Como passar para o vídeo do dia seguinte? Ou é sempre o mesmo durante o desafio?
SZ 7 hours ago
Omfg how can 10 minutes workout be so intense and hard. Im sweatiiiiing 😅😅😅
wind ey
wind ey 7 hours ago
I'm at day 3 >>> skip most workout cuz I'm tired 😂😂😂😂😂😅
Anna Guitton
Anna Guitton 7 hours ago
day 1 : really hard, i can't
İrem 7 hours ago
Day1:✔ Day2: Day3: Day4: Day5: Day6: Day7: Day8: Day9: Day10: Day11: Day12: Day13: Day14:
DAnielle PEna
DAnielle PEna 7 hours ago
y’all swear by this?
Purisima Calderon
Purisima Calderon 7 hours ago
Anyone elses back hurt😂is that normal?😂
Pamella Evelyn
Pamella Evelyn 7 hours ago
repeat this training how many times? I will start doing
coco channel
coco channel 7 hours ago
I hope you realize that you changed my life
María Parralo
María Parralo 7 hours ago
The plank position is the hardest, make it stoooop
Aleyna Sever
Aleyna Sever 7 hours ago
I finished day1✅
Ultra Fast
Ultra Fast 8 hours ago
There are 148k comments if you find mine your a boss!
Laura Clemente
Laura Clemente 8 hours ago
Anyone else puked doing this, Just me. Ok
Alijah Djanphie
Alijah Djanphie 8 hours ago
Day 11 completed. I’m am especially proud of myself today because I did not take any extra breaks at all and after every set I did not take a minute break. I just kept going and pushing myself.
Fãith Hêrê
Fãith Hêrê 8 hours ago
first day and I've lost it in the first 5 minutes. the struggle is real 😭
JëØn FØFÖ 8 hours ago
Guys don't give up in fact I was 52 kg but now and after 2 months of working out I'm 41.6kg and I have really good abs
Diego Morales
Diego Morales 8 hours ago
It is working I already have the abs
Rosemary 7673
Rosemary 7673 8 hours ago
Day 1: IM DYING. IM DYING. HELP. ME. IM SO OUT OF BREATH. I QUIT. I QUIT. Ew I think I just puked in my mouth! My back hurt the most in this.
Sara Whistle
Sara Whistle 8 hours ago
Wow!!! I'm doing this challenge. Day 1: ✔️ Day 2: ✔️ Day 3: ✔️ Day 4: ✔️ Day 5: ✔️ Day 6: ✔️ Day 7: ✔️ Is it normal that I can't see results?? Please remind me and say me GOOD LUCK!!!!!! I CAN DO IT!!!!
Jannine Ramos
Jannine Ramos 8 hours ago
Day1:✅ Day2: Day3: Day4: Day5: Day6: Day7: Day8: Day9: Day10: Day11: Day12: Day13: Day14:
Ghadeer sh
Ghadeer sh 8 hours ago
Thanks 😘☺️
Rajinder Kaur Aasi
Rajinder Kaur Aasi 8 hours ago
How many times to do this workout in a day?
Iva Buba
Iva Buba 8 hours ago
I just started this progress I fell so good wish me luck..
Amanda Goh
Amanda Goh 8 hours ago
This will motivate me, 2 weeks challenge abs workout. Start from tomorrow Every evening. Day 1: Day 2: Day 3: Day 4: Day 5: Day 6: Day 7: Day 8: Day 9: Day 10: Day 11: Day 12: Day 13: Day 14: YAY!!!!!
Surbhi Sharma
Surbhi Sharma 8 hours ago
1.4 lakh comment shit man but no 1 has seriously posted their results
Brittany Peters
Brittany Peters 8 hours ago
everyone that disliked this was just too scared to do it
rafael rivera
rafael rivera 8 hours ago
Too easy. I used it to warmup!!!!! ;P
kiwi kiwi
kiwi kiwi 8 hours ago
I’m challenging myself to do it I hope l’ll continue for 2weeks Day 1:✅ not sweating , I feel my belly hurting but not very bad I workout every day that’s y
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