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Date of stream 7 Sep 2019.
Live-stream chat added as Subtitles/CC - English (Twitch Chat).
Stream title: HackerRank warm up LETS GO
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Sep 7, 2019




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commaai archive
Follow and subscribe www.twitch.tv/georgehotz for more live streams | Programming archive🡿 ruvid.net/group/PLzFUMGbVxlQs5s-LNAyKgcq5SL28ZLLKC
wara wiri
wara wiri 11 months ago
Thanks for all ur videos george! Ur streams really help me alot!! Keep posting :D
MrX Month ago
Lmfao you gotta love this guy instantly bans trolls and how about that skill? A true expert. Legend man!
Omar Olivares Urrutia
5:47:24 The happy life of a programmer... after 5 hours 19 minutes and 59 seconds coding. "You wouldn't get it"
Pyae Sone
Pyae Sone 2 months ago
Thank you so much for your piece of advice, never give up and never surrender.
Pyae Sone
Pyae Sone 2 months ago
I would like to see your desktop setup really, how is it? like 2 screens or 3 screens ? Keyboard ? What do you use ?
commaai archive
commaai archive 2 months ago
instagram.com/p/Bx0DMrUAxE-/ & happyhackingkb.com/ & github.com/geohot/configuration
BUMBOKLAATRY 3 months ago
5:47:23 the chat blows up like crazy
Reagan 3 months ago
"ohhhh i can ask my friends for help on social media" hahahaha
Sagar Tiwari
Sagar Tiwari 3 months ago
George to be a hacjer should I need to learn web development
Nick M
Nick M 4 months ago
I have to sub. I'm so new to this shit but fk I want to know even half of what you do
Moritz Schäfer
Moritz Schäfer 4 months ago
4:30 George Hotz is a confirmed Non-Genius.
IceSoulTv 4 months ago
this series is cool
IceSoulTv 4 months ago
with python is hard and u are slow.
gst800 4 months ago
int pp[BIG] indeed
Erwin Lomibao
Erwin Lomibao 4 months ago
41:08 the Stackoverflow is_prime() is written in Python 2. It already gave him a hint!
zhrO zh
zhrO zh 4 months ago
george i seen your typing very fast now, i have to say i need a new keyboard, what would you suggest on a model to buy? normally i prefer logitech or corsair ones....
MrX Month ago
Lol Keyboard dont matter. Its the master that uses it that matters. He is using a regular Apple keyboard as far as i know.
egodsown 4 months ago
Thanks for sharing! You are the best!😀
93hothead 4 months ago
what was this coded in C??
Pusssy BrawlStars
Pusssy BrawlStars 5 months ago
Im going to start studying to be back end dev in highschool next year does anyone have any website like this so I can learn before we start studying next year? I want to be well prepared, they also said we gonna work with Javascript, HTML, CCS, PHP, and abit of MySQL to build some security to the websites
cwagnello 5 months ago
almost 6 hours to solve a "medium" difficulty problem o_O
Fanatrick 5 months ago
Seeing Hotz struggle with the first few tasks made me feel so good lmao
Ankush Bhardwaj
Ankush Bhardwaj 5 months ago
Watching this stream while getting wrecked on a hard Hackerrank problem solving question. Now I'm extremely enjoying my failure for 2 hours.
Fr0zenOfficial 5 months ago
deserves a dislike for that he switched back to lightmode..... what a mad lad
Sylvain Rocca-Serra
Sylvain Rocca-Serra 5 months ago
if h > 23 h = 0 that's it man
BanditPablo 5 months ago
How high do i have to be
Kaloyan Stoyanov
Kaloyan Stoyanov 5 months ago
36:38 he admit things escalated quickly :D
akfjghajlkfsglkj 6 months ago
tbf, the prime disks question is worded like ass.
lucas 6 months ago
What is his stream?
commaai archive
commaai archive 6 months ago
Riff Bear
Riff Bear 6 months ago
this was cool. I'm definitely in the retarded camp but I hope theres more of these.
Pepperonin 6 months ago
After watching this video I finally decided that I don't want to be a programmer. Thanks
NeverGiveUp 6 months ago
Wow, finally some real content on the bright webs. Keep up the good work, friend!
Téva D
Téva D 6 months ago
the guy literally takes a dump at 28:01
VXIOW 6 months ago
"because I'm a shit streamer" I love this guy lmfao
D.K. 6 months ago
what? he solved this triplet challange quicker than I could understand the task or even read it
Passionate Boy
Passionate Boy 6 months ago
Seeing this, I can say George hotz is an Average Coder. Taking 5 Hrs to Solve this kind of Problem is stupid. I Solved this Problem before this stream and it literally took me 5 Minutes using Java 8.
Timeh MC
Timeh MC 3 months ago
@Passionate Boy average coder george hotz means potato coder for me haha :( thanks for posting some ressources :)
Passionate Boy
Passionate Boy 5 months ago
@Ayman Belhaj Hey I Think, Start Learning C++ by Derek Banas, He has a Brilliant Series on it. Then Go to Rachit Jain and Learn STL, Then Go to Hackerrank and go to C++ Section and Solve all Language Specific Questions, then Move to Hackerrank Algorithm and Solve Question in C++, then Move to Codeforces, This Plan will make you very good at C++.
Ayman Belhaj
Ayman Belhaj 5 months ago
@Passionate Boy thank you so much for your fast reply i'm struggling now with C++, i'm used to the way things work in python3 & i find my self too lazy to code in C++ but it' faster especially for a website like codeforces where run-time matters a lot thanks a lot again
Passionate Boy
Passionate Boy 5 months ago
@Ayman Belhaj Hey the thing is you need to Learn Algorithm and Data Structure to Solve Advance Problem. Since you are able to Solve 700-800 Problems, You are very good with Implementation. Now go to GeeksforGeeks and Learn Algorithm. Binary Search, Stack, Queues, Graph, Dynamic Programming, Greedy etc. Go to Hackerearth Practice Section and Practice Problems, Solve at least 20 Problem from Each topic and then try Hackerrank, You will definitely become more better at getting the problem solved. For Tough Algorithm cp-algorithms.com is best. They have Code in C++ but you can also use Python.
Ayman Belhaj
Ayman Belhaj 5 months ago
hi man i am trying to learn how to problem solve using python i already know the basics but i can't seem to get the hang of problems like those in hackerrank or any other place i can only solve like 700 & 800 problems on codeforces also !! can you help
Young Nigga
Young Nigga 7 months ago
5:27:51 "Ok guys, I have a plan" **Takes an aggressive piss**
Claudiu Leoveanu
Claudiu Leoveanu 7 months ago
please go lose your mind on Codewars! we will enjoy it a lot
JustMe111094 7 months ago
That's when you realize that this coding quizzes have no real world applications. Dude owns a startup developing a real product and still cant solve a hr problem :D
Andrew Fuerst
Andrew Fuerst 7 months ago
God damn this was informative. Thanks!
Gary Lau
Gary Lau 7 months ago
I can't even solve the easiest question! What should I do?
CGMe 6 months ago
Padmaksh Terkar
Padmaksh Terkar 7 months ago
you r funyyy
Oreo222 7 months ago
this guy seems pretty good
John 7 months ago
what keyboard are you using
John 7 months ago
@commaai archive Thank you
commaai archive
commaai archive 7 months ago
Michael Lesko
Michael Lesko 7 months ago
Lol a day in my life. I spend hours finding a solution, then look online to find a 3 line answer.
wakamoto1105 7 months ago
So... did he miss something obvious? (serious)
Liven Navfal
Liven Navfal 8 months ago
I love this guy
Andrew Boldi
Andrew Boldi 10 days ago
@Liven Navfal WOWOWOW. nice photo. it looks soo nice. how did you take the photo?
Liven Navfal
Liven Navfal 10 days ago
@Andrew Boldi naah.. I was the one who took the picture tho
Andrew Boldi
Andrew Boldi 10 days ago
@Liven Navfal wait really?!? 😂
Liven Navfal
Liven Navfal 10 days ago
@Andrew Boldi that is me, in the picture. How dare you use my pic!? 😂
Andrew Boldi
Andrew Boldi 10 days ago
Liven Navfal me too lol. and we have the same profile picture
Isaí 8 months ago
Y con mis humildes 31 problemas resueltos de project Euler XD
Hasomy Hola
Hasomy Hola 8 months ago
Thank you
FuatCemOzyazici 8 months ago
Çok iyi yaaa askdgjalkha
Miller Hall
Miller Hall 8 months ago
eargasm 8 months ago
no idea what hes doin but im impressed
Sibi Akkash
Sibi Akkash 8 months ago
pp [BIG]
Dheeraj Poonia
Dheeraj Poonia 8 months ago
Hi hortz could you please help me for cracking my placement coding test 🤗
Julian 9 months ago
18:07 Haskell does this by memoizing all functions.
Hunter 9 months ago
8:10 this guy really holding his stream hostage if they're hating lol
Petter 9 months ago
He spent suprisingly long time on that time zone problem ....
Tiago Almeida
Tiago Almeida 9 months ago
What's this guy's screen resolution? Holy shit
Robert Gama
Robert Gama 9 months ago
difficulty medium?? bbruh
Jonathan Ciesla
Jonathan Ciesla 9 months ago
Warming up with 6 hours left in the day GOOGLE and APPLE so we relax with outside views like a college library campus.
Nico Vzz
Nico Vzz 10 months ago
the man, the myth, the legend, my dude geo, never give up, never surrender!
徐藏器 10 months ago
python plz
k y
k y 10 months ago
Serious question: don't you get really sore from spending that many hours sat down? People have DVT with much less than that :x
Bronko 10 months ago
Why do you do print(%d%d, x, y) instead of just print(x, y) ?
M W 3 months ago
Criticizing him on a print statement lol. gtfo
Vaibhav Choudhari
Vaibhav Choudhari 9 months ago
Signs of a hardcore C programmer
iNSIDE the mirror
iNSIDE the mirror 10 months ago
I was expecting this so much! Thanks George
Jose RF Junior
Jose RF Junior 10 months ago
Show Time !!
CateDoge 10 months ago
He did more in 5 hours than what I did for a year in my beginner java class. :/
Despierta Humano
Despierta Humano 10 months ago
A day in the life of a software developer
MUM VANOSS 10 months ago
is that keyboard hhkb silent?
Sangharsh Seth
Sangharsh Seth 10 months ago
Awesome man you are the best.
zntei 10 months ago
Who's smoking crack? Don't smoke crack kid.
Chika Ibeneme
Chika Ibeneme 11 months ago
I laughed so hard at @5:11:29 LMAO 5 hours for that lol....,you're awesome man
skeptic moderate
skeptic moderate 11 months ago
Why is this so irritating to me?
Andrew Persaud
Andrew Persaud 11 months ago
these are the kinds of dudes google wish comes for an interview but they get some scrub like me whose biggest glory is reversing a doubly linked list
WikiPeoples 11 months ago
How the fuck does this guy stay focussed, working, for 5+ hours straight...
Yuzuki1337 11 months ago
Damn GeoHot is a name I havent heard in a loooong time
Kage1128 11 months ago
Where is the hacker music, disappointed...
ianpan870102 11 months ago
13:56 Died laughing. "Guys, like..I don't know if I'm dumb, but they look the same to me."
GeizigAdam 11 months ago
python is way to easy I tried it in C, I failed.
lifting is fun
lifting is fun 11 months ago
I would never hire him
Sayam Qazi
Sayam Qazi 9 months ago
@lifting is fun dont worry he wouldnt wanna be hired by you.
lifting is fun
lifting is fun 10 months ago
@Vanilla Pepsi nah, despite his skill, he's selfish and impatient with others
Vanilla Pepsi
Vanilla Pepsi 10 months ago
Then you are a fool
Too Long Didn't Watch
Too Long Didn't Watch 11 months ago
Which website is he using?
commaai archive
commaai archive 11 months ago
JUNUHUNU productions
JUNUHUNU productions 11 months ago
5:47:32 Dude :)
Belajar Tutorial
Belajar Tutorial 11 months ago
i like how he shouted because of the error.
thinklbs 11 months ago
why do i see windows?
Glyph Suritos
Glyph Suritos 11 months ago
"OMG!!!! this looks hard~~~~~" i look to the right of screen @ 1:50 , "Difficulty: Easy" i dont know why i laughed so much at this part, when i didn't even have a clue just as much as he does.
badboybarber1 11 months ago
He makes this stuff look easy, my head hurts, way too complicated.
Jo Do
Jo Do 11 months ago
Haha, this is funny!
Brendan Metcalfe
Brendan Metcalfe 11 months ago
Awesome to watch the struggle haha, happens to the best of us
rip meep
rip meep 11 months ago
using namespace std; *smh*
Stone 11 months ago
When does Temple OS 2.0 come out???
ace swag
ace swag Year ago
Nice one bro, you finally got your dream home in CA, great job mate. well done :)
Glenn Posadas
Glenn Posadas 7 months ago
Does he own it? Or just rent? It looks nice!
Max Muster
Max Muster Year ago
The price of freedom, so to say, and one of the reasons i am used to say that Assembly is an anarchist Language, whereas C (typicaly) is a fascist Language. Betov.
Abu Durum
Abu Durum Year ago
I'm a dude who worked very hard to get good grades to become a doctor, but then suddenly realized that I didnt want to stay in my home country for the next 9-10 years and possibly even more to be that. I am now looking to becoming a really good computer scientist/engineer. These videos are a good inspiration for me about somebody who is really good in this field.
MrX Month ago
Abu Durum Still a big change in direction lol
Abu Durum
Abu Durum Year ago
@Navjot Singh Lol I think I need to clarify I see how you understood that wrongly. I never became a Doctor. But the country I am in has free education and limited spots for people to study medicine. So they just take an objective measure and only let the people in with the highest grades. Therefor the competition and the grades you need in my country are particularly hard to get to study medicine. But no I never became a Doctor, that was the plan, I got the grades but then decided I'd rather want to be a computer scientist (it just takes too many years of your life to become a Doctor I would basically waste away my youth).
Navjot Singh
Navjot Singh Year ago
Wow, going from a doctor to computer science is a pretty big change!
M Rusli
M Rusli Year ago
Say Geohot, did you update ios 13. I detected there is a bug on ios 13. Can received phone call. Make outgoing call. Received sms. Even mobile option is turned off. What the hell to apple man???? LoL!!!
Vorp Y
Vorp Y Year ago
its 3am and im not sure why this is fun to watch i absolutely hate coding
Navjot Singh
Navjot Singh Year ago
Why do you hate it?
laura yang
laura yang Year ago
It is damn amusing to watch geohot can't solve a hanker rank problem.
Jadyn Theodore
I learn a lot about programming from your streams, thank you very much for sharing!
Walfran Pinto
Walfran Pinto Year ago
"Lets go drink some tea because its tea o'clock." *Toilet flushes*
Steven Hyde
Steven Hyde Year ago
man, I want to be in that level
willd0g Year ago
Holy shittttt
NeroPox Year ago
Age of Empires Pog
IAM4701 Year ago
Does anyone find george similar to the brad Pitt of 12 monkeys?
Paul Riddle
Paul Riddle Year ago
2:48 holy shit, that's fast. I would have been reading that shit for 30 min at least to try to understand wtf they want.
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