George Farah: The Real Reason Big Ramy Keeps Losing Mr. Olympia

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George Farah discusses Big Ramy's constant switching of coaches, his conditioning, and his mentality.
It's been a while since we've seen Big Ramy on a major competition stage. The last time we saw him at Mr. Olympia he placed at a disappointing 6th. That was in 2018. He was unable to compete at the Mr. Olympia in 2019 due to an injury that left him unable to prepare for the event in time. Now we are just over two weeks away from the Arnold Classic, the first big competition Ramy will be competing in in over a year. What can we expect and will it show promise for his showing at the Mr. Olympia later this year? In our latest GI Exclusive, George Farah discusses the main reason why Big Ramy has issues winning the Mr. Olympia.
George Farah believes that Big Ramy is a Mr. Olympia champion... he just needs to come in on point to actually realize that potential. Ramy's conditioning has long been a criticism of the talented bodybuilder. It's the number one reason people believe he hasn't yet been able to win the Mr. Olympia competition. But in our conversation with George Farah, he explains that Ramy's conditioning isn't the real issue per se.
Yes, Big Ramy has often had lackluster conditioning when he steps onto the Mr. Olympia stage. But according to Farah, that's not because Ramy is failing on his conditioning. It's because of his mentality. Farah shares a story of when he was training Ramy and saw him just hours before a competition. He was shredded and in incredible conditioning. But then a mishap occured that pulled Farah away from back stage - unable to return. When Big Ramy stepped out to compete, his conditioning was suddenly completely off.
George doesn't know what exactly happened - but he believes the only thing that could have caused such a sudden change in his physique was a change in his mindset. Big Ramy gets too deep into his own head moments before competing and it causes him to fade.
Perhaps he just needs the right coaching team to make him feel mentally prepared. Big Ramy has switched coaches a few times throughout his career - including a controversial split from the Camel Crew after his 2018 showing at the Olympia. We asked George Farah his thoughts on that. Farah thinks that loyalty shouldn't have a place in a coach/bodybuilder relationship. Big Ramy should find the coach that works for him - and he hopes that the perfect fit comes soon.
As Goerge Farah said at the beginning - Big Ramy has all of the right tools to become a Mr. Olympia champion. He just needs to get in the zone, get in the right shape, and keep it that way on the night of the competition. Perhaps the 2020 version of Big Ramy will finally find that perfect combination. The Arnold Classic will be our first chance to see if he's going in the right direction.
Check out George Farah's complete breakdown of Big Ramy in our latest GI Exclusive interview above!
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Comments 80
4D bullshit Patroll
Ramy loses because judges look at the wrong parameters. Put a photo of Big Ramy and Bonac next to each other and show the non body building public and ask them who they think won the Arnold and they will be absolutely shocked it was Bonac.
Lithuanian GLOCK31_NH420
He doesnt speak English and hes middle eastern. That's the reason.
Waylon Harper
Waylon Harper 11 days ago
I can't stand people who never answer the damn question.
David Enright
David Enright 12 days ago
I gave up
CallMeLum 12 days ago
Ramy needs to look up symmetry and conditioning. Like seriously, does he see nothing wrong with his overall silhouette?
Michael Laidler
Michael Laidler 12 days ago
He loses because his physique looks terrible. It would be a sad day if he ever wins.
johnie bobonica
johnie bobonica 13 days ago
George seems like such a full of shit toss pot.
Jims Tv
Jims Tv 14 days ago
Love the way george says awesome a person with bigger ❤️
SANEKH GAMING 14 days ago
U know what I m saying!! 😝
Mr Nice Guy
Mr Nice Guy 14 days ago
Tushar Modak
Tushar Modak 15 days ago
He just keep going round the round bush. As he never answered the interviewers?
Smile :)
Smile :) 16 days ago
George just a leech for ramy's money.
AThomas Mathew
AThomas Mathew 17 days ago
The answer is @ 6:50
Acik adi
Acik adi 17 days ago
Simple answer..couse he's not Us citizen and he's is muslim....Mr O champ only for Us
saleh islaih
saleh islaih 18 days ago
It's all about love's steroid
ilumix led
ilumix led 18 days ago
His obsession with size is what stays in his path to winning every show
Robert John
Robert John 19 days ago
Ramy does not have the desire for an O. That comes from within.Have you ever seen him look like he enjoys the preparation of competing? Does he seem happy or comfortable on stage with the confidence of a champion. His proportions are not those close to winning an O anymore. He’s going backwards folks. As for his condition he looks great 10 weeks out. 10 weeks later he shows up 7 weeks out.
KP 2010
KP 2010 19 days ago
Chad Nicholls is a wrong way to
Amanda Laschola
Amanda Laschola 20 days ago
First of all big Ramy is out of proportion. He either comes in big or conditioned but never both at the same time.
Mathews Okumu
Mathews Okumu 18 days ago
By the way Amanda I want to knw u
Mathews Okumu
Mathews Okumu 18 days ago
True Amanda.
AADITYA PANKAJ 20 days ago
Ramy needs to stop playing size game just need to focus on conditioning
Alpine160 20 days ago
Ramy needs the mindset of dorian, in contest winning shape four weeks out and heavy, full, but that wasn't enough for dorian he just didn't want to be in winning shape he wanted to be in even better shape, that's why he'd sacrifice another 15lbs and go Down to that dry super grainy look, then blow everyone away, Ramy needs to do the same.
E jock
E jock 20 days ago
how many pro shows has george won?...🤨🤔
Mychael 23
Mychael 23 20 days ago
Awesome guy!! 💪🏾
Miguel Gomez Vita
George os gentlemen
Michael Malinowski
Bring kai back please I know he could win the olimpia with you
redazi1 22 days ago
U wan im saying
Dana Najem
Dana Najem 22 days ago
He needs the trainer of Phil Heath then he can win
Aish mehan
Aish mehan 22 days ago
I just love george .loyal , and not at all fake ,
Rav Singh````
Rav Singh```` 22 days ago
So why does Ramy keeps losing!!!! *Fit Guru:* I love everybody, I've no bad bones in my body..... 😆
A Hajj
A Hajj 22 days ago
Every time I watch coach Farah talking I learn a lot new and interesting things in life. I would kill for 1 hour of coffee and just good talk with such a life expirienced person. I am proud to be from Lebanon after watching his videos❤️❤️
al jude
al jude 22 days ago
Me and Chris (aceto) are friends.........lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
louis gonzalez
louis gonzalez 23 days ago
I dont understand why you guys always photoshop the bodybuilders for clicks, bodybuilders who actually put in the time in to earn their physiques yet you make them look foolish by blowing up their proportions.
pellius 23 days ago
George seems like a real good guy and he likes to talk about himself a lot but I sat through 10 minutes without him answering the question about Ramy not winning. He has to be more specific than saying Ramy has to come in shape and has enough voltage in his body to light up a city. George, we already know you love everybody and don't hold grudges but please stick to the subject.
Backcountry Enthusiast
He gets his posing routine from Paul Dillet?
Robert Gordon
Robert Gordon 24 days ago
So full of it.
Owen x comedy
Owen x comedy 24 days ago
Ramy was really really close at the Arnold. His quads are ridiculous. IMO, that was the best he’s looked. He just needs to nail the conditioning, which exposed him in the back poses...But he was very close this year. Can’t wait to see him at the Olympia.
Cody Gardner
Cody Gardner 24 days ago
George you are a legend such a kind inspirational guy all the best peace man
Tony .R
Tony .R 24 days ago
He’s a meathead that’s why!
Tej Gill
Tej Gill 25 days ago
Lived in middleast. I think it's the salt in the meat. They put waaay too much salt in their food.
Ondre Mayers the bajan born kid
Being big isn’t everything
TrappenWeisseGuy ;
TrappenWeisseGuy ; 25 days ago
Some guys are winners and some are losers. Ramy is the Willy Loman of bodybuilding. He doesn’t look like he believes he will win.
Travis Hamilton
Travis Hamilton 25 days ago
Go see ole Charles Glass.....
ASMR ANONYMOUS 25 days ago
I love this guy but this could've been a 2 minute video lol
Adrian G
Adrian G 26 days ago
This guy sounds like a confident and honourable guy. Rare in todays culture.
Neeraj Thakur
Neeraj Thakur 26 days ago
Branch is gentleman Dexter is beautiful man Ramy is good man
Murhamdilah 26 days ago
Ramy don’t have aesthetic. He need to stop growing the thigh. Need to proportion the limbs.
Peter L.
Peter L. 27 days ago
Start at 7:29 according to George: 'we all carry immense energy in our body (up to 700 trillion volts) and we can heal everything and do anything and so, now on the other side with a wrong mentality and state of mind you can mess everything up, so, you can be ready ......and shredded (for a show), but, if people talk to you and stuff and blah blah...... it's state of mind, if mind is not 100% - this has been his demon. He needs a proper state of mind.' So to win an Olympia - Ramy, on top of his coaching team needs to hire a sports psychologist and a bodyguard to keep his mind right and other people away from him and from playing with his head, respectively.
Im Yu
Im Yu 27 days ago
"...what happened?..." is not a reason.
JJ 27 days ago
He should have won.... better than the winner.
A leader create leaders ,Don't create followers..💪🔥
Steven Stars
Steven Stars 27 days ago
This guy is as nice as he is knowledgeable...rarity nowadays
vwbora26 27 days ago
what does he mean ?
Raul Garcia
Raul Garcia 28 days ago
You gotta love and admire George Farah man , what a great individual
Hasan Amir
Hasan Amir 28 days ago
Holding a pen like he ever used to look more professional. That's why generation iron suck
Andrew S
Andrew S 28 days ago
The gyno in thumbnail?
Pedro Paulo
Pedro Paulo 28 days ago
here is a thing George should love too : objectivity
Don Biggs
Don Biggs 28 days ago
I feel Big Ramy is phenomenal & a specimen. I feel they robbed Big Ramy at least 2 Olympia platings, where he could have easily beaten Phil Heath. The same thing that happen to Kai Green is happening to Big Ramy. The Olympia is just not for him. He can make more money from starting his own nutrition company & endorsements he don't need to win the Olympia just like Kai Green is doing. I also think Ramy changes coaches to much stick to 1 good coach.
Richard Rivera
Richard Rivera 29 days ago
Ramy is not a symmetrical guy. Bodybuilding at that level is more than just massive.
Ron Herrera
Ron Herrera 29 days ago
Hany Rambod!
Hamada El Mansour
Hamada El Mansour 29 days ago
Ramy? Oh yeah, and I...I....I.....me.... me.... me!
Farhan Ahmed
Farhan Ahmed Month ago
I met him and he was very down to earth, very humble and after watching him speak now his respect in my heart has increased by 100 times.
Ronin Al
Ronin Al Month ago
Ramy needs to stop training legs for at least two years so his physique can look more appealing. Until then, he won’t win jack shit.
Fazli Ahad
Fazli Ahad Month ago
The only reason is bad judges,,
Carlos Esquivel
Carlos Esquivel Month ago
So why hasn't big ramy won the Olympia yet? *George:* I Love Ramy Waste of time
Fabio Marques
Fabio Marques Month ago
Wow George is 42!!?? he legitimate looks like he's 58
Robert Robinson
Robert Robinson Month ago
If you are a good leader you wanna create leaders, not followers. Amen to that quote 🙏🏽💪🏽
Brandi McCarty
Brandi McCarty Month ago
I love George!!! Such a humble and we'll respected man ever!! Has a huge heart of gold. Speaks the truth!
Warriorwithin Month ago
Interviewer: What about Ramy? George "The Lord of BS" Farah: Me, Me, Me. Interviewer: But what about Ramy? George: I wanna tell you something about Me.
jayant malik
jayant malik Month ago
Give me RENT!!!
Jen Thomas
Jen Thomas Month ago
Answer the question Guru
Jen Thomas
Jen Thomas Month ago
Get to the point guru
Syed Ridzuan
Syed Ridzuan Month ago
For me, Big Ramy have problem with their natural body symmetry. He is too wide.
Hafiz Adahan
Hafiz Adahan Month ago
Constructive criticism at it's best. I love this man for knowing how to express himself so well
6:29 why did he cut him while he speaking and changed the subject
why no comments ? only 5
Dylan McKenna's Granola bar
Basically what Nick's strength and power says in every big ramy video.
Lenny B
Lenny B Month ago
Man these gurus seem completely useless 😅
JuicedMoose Month ago
They sing in Arabic Allah Ack Bar
JuicedMoose lol he is arabic i am sure he say this cause am arabic
Joel Thompson
Joel Thompson Month ago
Infadel, infadel, lalalalalalalalala.
Jonathan Yulan
Jonathan Yulan Month ago
“If you are a good leader, you want to make more great leaders” this right here is the philosophy all human beings should take! I really respect and give this man all the praise, because you can see the passion, the love and the respect in even the way he speaks. A true inspiration to any person, I want to be a leader not a boss and this interview is the epitome of that
Walter Kirchner
Walter Kirchner Month ago
I know what you are saying.
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