George Carlin - Little Moments

Reza Ghalavand
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....so in the midst of stirring up the shit myself a little bit from time to time, which I enjoy, I do like knowing I can always come back to those little things that make us all the same, little moments we share, universal moments, things that are so unimportant to us we hardly ever mention them to each other.
Did you ever look at your watch and then you don't know what time it is?
So you look again, and you still don't know the time.
And you look at a third time, and somebody says what time is it?
and you say I don't know!
Did you ever notice how sometimes all day Wednesday, you keep thinking it's Thursday?
And it happens over and over all day long.
And then the next day, you're all right again.....


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May 10, 2014




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Michael Whalen
Way ahead of his time !! Miss you George 😌The world isn’t the same without you Brother 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Denise McDougal
Denise McDougal 2 days ago
He is so missed.
Todd Michaelsen
Todd Michaelsen 2 days ago
Anyone know what year this special is from?
Cherryl Kazik
Cherryl Kazik 3 days ago
George Carlons is the bomb!
Zoe TheCat
Zoe TheCat 3 days ago
i sat on the throne to pee. While peeing, I stuck my finger at the back of my mouth (Guaranteed sneeze attack). The bladder sphincter immediately tightens. Moral of the story is that.....Sneezing has priority. Now you know.;-)
Geneva Ayte
Geneva Ayte 4 days ago
I saw him live about 20 years ago. I was laughing so hard and so loud, I had to put my jacket over my head so as not to cause a disturbance in the audience. He would be on joke 10 and I was still howling on joke 2. I thought I would pass out. He was an exquisitely talented entertainer. RIP.
Jason 4 days ago
6:26 - I've never once heard him make a mistake and apologize for having to start over. I didnt even care... it actually didn't bother me, nor the audience. People just don't care about mistakes when you're this funny. Fuck I miss this guy. He was on my bucket list :(
Robert Manini
Robert Manini 4 days ago
Prozy Studios
Prozy Studios 5 days ago
This goes out to the reactionary chuds who think Carlin was some kind of right-wing capitalist anti-SJW hero. Mans was a leftist.
Larry Kin
Larry Kin 7 days ago
Divide and conquer.And we still haven't learnt.🤔
i predid my prelaundry preyesterday
NeedForSpeed2004 8 days ago
5:40 *W I D E C A R L I N*
Wutaii1 Nostalgia
I was too young for this man but Jesus man I would pay real money to go back and see him.
Mad Mike
Mad Mike 7 days ago
😆😆! Maybe that's George's strategy all along: die, & when he comes back to do another show in N.Y.C., charge two or three times as much for tickets. Sounds exactly like something he'd do, right before surprising everyone again, the moment they come to pay for their tickets: "Gotcha! Actually my price for admission is the same. You didn't *reeely* think I'd charge hard working people $100 each, did ya?!"
Big Lance
Big Lance 10 days ago
Who else remembers when mics needed a cable? lol!
Monroe West
Monroe West 11 days ago
Upper class pays none of the taxes?!
yn wht
yn wht 12 days ago
tell me he has not taken psychedelics, the florescent lights, OMG
Grandy 28
Grandy 28 13 days ago
Observational comedy at it's absolute best. The brilliance of this man is so sadly missed. Thank goodness for video tape and RUvid...long may they both endure...
john le
john le 14 days ago
if you get the need to sneeze while pissing just hold it on sneeze then continue. if you sneeze while you piss ... it hurts.
James Beck
James Beck 14 days ago
It looks like he's Waring a diaper
Lebard 14 days ago
I love this man :'D
Jacobite 14 days ago
It's the chemicals in the water friend.............
OddityDK 15 days ago
Preplanned is really popular at the moment. So is join, combine, link, gather together as if there is an “apart” alternative. Revert back is another one.
Yuri Travels
Yuri Travels 15 days ago
This is amazing stuff
Richard Conner
Richard Conner 15 days ago
GREATWHITE2 16 days ago
Sounds EXACTLY what is happening today.
Joe Rosati
Joe Rosati 18 days ago
Fucking love this guy
Anthony Erenberg
Anthony Erenberg 19 days ago
Very true, just observations
Brandon Jerrols
Brandon Jerrols 19 days ago
2020 and his words still hold up. Funny, sad, insightful, and disheartening all at once
Hartfelt Opinion
Hartfelt Opinion 19 days ago
Good comedian but absolutely f ing nuts
Charles Green
Charles Green 19 days ago
“You ever look at your watch,and then you don’t know what time it is?...so you look again,and you still don’t know the time...so you look a third time,someone asks you what time it is...you say I don’t know”
fuzzy dunlop
fuzzy dunlop 22 days ago
'Emergency defecation situation'
OblivionMike 23 days ago
We're all drinking a fine wine here folks
Marlies Hof
Marlies Hof 23 days ago
The mystery of the moving pillow 😂 I feel busted
Jan truitt
Jan truitt 24 days ago
You would think that he is talking about the year 2020!!!
paul nguyen
paul nguyen 25 days ago
How he is talking about upper class has all the money but not paying any taxes hahaha #Donald trump
stopthe BS
stopthe BS 26 days ago
help me, I miss this man terribly
André Breton
André Breton 26 days ago
Those fucking extra words are more annoying than ever now... I'm tired of reading and hearing about "sanitation protocols". It's just cleaning! Things are either clean, or they are not. Only a dipshit could feel safer just because the words they use sound more professional.
Paul Boulter
Paul Boulter 27 days ago
How about waking up thinking you’re late for work,you start getting ready and then you realize it’s your day off lol 😂
funnybones Buck Newton
3:18 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
M A 29 days ago
A man ahead of his time.
Cal Aylmer
Cal Aylmer Month ago
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Scott Landrie
Scott Landrie Month ago
This is complete Cometic Genius! I'm over here 🤣. Was happy to have had chance to Seen George Carlin Live. He had a gift to make us Laugh, Speak Honesty, Tell it like it is. Thankyou!
fucking funny
Lawrence Allred
Lawrence Allred Month ago
I can't open. WTF?
Michelle Lannon
Michelle Lannon Month ago
Always Loved this man!!! One of the Best Ever!!~
Prajjwal Datir
Prajjwal Datir Month ago
I remember watching this clip on Anonymous Channel 4 years ago!
blackpagan100 Month ago
That opening statement about class should be heard by all in the far left/right movements of 2020!
Tim Bromaghin
Tim Bromaghin Month ago
He was the best... He is missed!
Tom's Ghost
Tom's Ghost Month ago
this video was brought to you via the pre-uploading process. . .
Ezio Pichierri
Ezio Pichierri Month ago
With the way people are today they would hate him because he is too brutally honest and people are ridiculously easily offended today its fucking pathetic.
Snake Month ago
ali ahmed
ali ahmed Month ago
The greatest comedian philosopher walked ever on the earth
natedogs212 Month ago
George Carlin was a Genius!
Brent Leckner
Brent Leckner Month ago
I absolutely love George Carlin, could watch him 24 hrs a day!!!!
Mr. Allen
Mr. Allen 26 days ago
Oh yeah? Could you? Could you actually WATCH George Carlin 24 hours a day? What about sleep? What about eating?
Stephanie Krol
Stephanie Krol Month ago
Trill Ogkush
Trill Ogkush Month ago
God is a woman. She is here in the physical. Lovehaswon.org
linc thomas
linc thomas Month ago
Sparky 1228
Sparky 1228 Month ago
Scary thing is all this is still true about our lives today.
David Slocum
David Slocum Month ago
"May the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house." G.C..
Richard NZ
Richard NZ Month ago
Richard NZ
Richard NZ Month ago
little moments ?
Dr. Top Hat
Dr. Top Hat Month ago
I can’t get it out of my head that this guy was the narrator for Thomas the tank engine
baldheaddriver5 Month ago
This recording sounds different from the HBO show.. too much other useless edicts are left in..not edited.
Lesley Gent
Lesley Gent Month ago
How eerily relevant....
Greg Abrams
Greg Abrams Month ago
This is truer than ever in 2020!
wallaceneal Month ago
Money seems to be all that matters in this life. Funny thing is we’re all going to be dead soon and then money wont matter. Weird world we live in.
Ford Prefect
Ford Prefect Month ago
What are we, fucking stupid?
Half Insane Outdoor Guy
says the guy who lived in at the top with the multi-millionaires...
buster nuttz
buster nuttz Month ago
Ever hear of someone who needs/wants to purchase a hot water heater? WHY? Hot water doesn't need to be heated!
frenchkjfan9 Month ago
Oh man, that was funny...
TheBros2theend Month ago
Jesus Christ loves you
T M F Month ago
God bless George. I hope his next life is as productive as this one was 😉
Antonella Hobbs
Antonella Hobbs Month ago
A genius, a saint, a man with courage.
Eric Ralph
Eric Ralph Month ago
There will never be a comedian like George again!
Maria S Agapw Tigka
Pre-suck my genital situation. Hahahahhaaa. Legend!!
Eric Sanchez
Eric Sanchez Month ago
Hes going unload explode the bowl
Eric Sanchez
Eric Sanchez Month ago
Q pimps her out pimp burns her
Mallory Bedney
Mallory Bedney Month ago
“Holy shit. My hips are in my chest.” LOL
Who SoSerial
Who SoSerial Month ago
I should legally change my middle name to *'Schadenfreude'*
Agent K
Agent K Month ago
*my idol...* he’d roll over in his grave.
Traekas7! Month ago
Hahahahaha 😂🤣, its like he’s talking specifically about me!!! Oh! My Gahd!! George is too much!! RIP, George...
critical moss
critical moss Month ago
When he made a very defined applogy for messing up his sentence.
Raphael Fritzler
This video got me laid. Thanks George!! Still cursing from heaven. 😆❤️
adam Month ago
he says while pushing wealth difference..
Morniek Month ago
Fulton's Reviews
Damn, what a pro. Such a smooth reaction to starting a joke wrong, yet he still killed the place! Legend!
Karen Malay
Karen Malay Month ago
I wonder what he would have thought of 2020.
Darchendon Month ago
get high and watch this again
Birol eroglu
Birol eroglu Month ago
i love this man. R:I:P. he was so right
Angelito West
Angelito West Month ago
I needed this , this morning. Btw sneeze and fart at the same time lol.
Tony Samayoa
Tony Samayoa Month ago
Oh George, if you were not the greatest, you were without any doubt one of the greatest.
Richard Conner
Richard Conner Month ago
Nancy O'Malley
Nancy O'Malley Month ago
Regarding the train moving bit, I get that weird feeling when I'm pulling into a parking spot while the car to my left is leaving his spot. I have to stop just so I know I'm not the one still moving!
P. A. Andrews
P. A. Andrews Month ago
Top Play Games
Top Play Games Month ago
Just to woke for this world! Refreshingly hilarious!
Xx_Insidious Frame Breaker_xX
First memory I have is me walking into a room and thinking wait what did I need
EFIL WV Month ago
Ever use a mirror to watch yourself take a dump?
JustReckless Month ago
This man is too intelligent for the people of 2020
jrea424 Month ago
This man knows how the world works..
Colfax the Grim
Colfax the Grim Month ago
guardian08527 Month ago
The government had Carlin killed because he was getting too close to the chain link fence/pillow conspiracy!
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