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Well we've made it. The land of the two mosques. You've heard of this one. The Kingdom of #SaudiArabia. Let's go.
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Jun 3, 2020




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Comments 80
Geography Now
Geography Now Month ago
Saudi Arabia is a country with a LOT of backstory and overall international acknowledgement. The birthplace of Islam. The cradle of Arabism. Today they find themselves at a unique time where they must coalesce the future with tradition. So much to discuss and it all happens on the world's largest peninsula. #SaudiArabia is up. Enjoy.
Mohamed Musa
Mohamed Musa 18 hours ago
Correction: Ramlat Al Jadilah is located in the Sultanate of Oman. Please double check. :)
حوراء حسين
ليش ماكو ترجمه ترجم
Adnan Al-Areqi
Adnan Al-Areqi 20 days ago
As a Yemeni and follower to your youtube channel, I am so pisst off that you have not mentioned the brutally bombarding of Yemeni civilians since 2015. Until now I have panic attacks whenever I hear a military or ordinary plan, 30 million are having a misery life because of socio and mainly economic driven war. For your knowledge, the binary cold war narrative, even if it's true to a limited extent, is not accurate and this is what is been portrayed by the media for the audience's interest and actions. Please educate yourself before talking about war and sensitive issue that is causing a devastating impact and hunger on population. it is not only about content selling, likes, and getting money! it is very essential for this to be highlighted even for populations inside Saudia Arabia if you follow-up the news closely you would see how facts have been fabricated and the war, in general, is even not legitimized. Not to mention the fact that Sawda mountain is in Aseer that was taken in the 1960s from Yemen. anyway, I have friends from Saudia Arabic and I know most of the time populations have nothing to do of the superstructure committing crimes against humanity.
Sam Weaver
Sam Weaver 21 day ago
Hi there from Slovakia still waiting for your video for Slovakia I hope you put as much work as you have put in all these videos because your videos are so detailed have a nice day :D
shihab telecom
shihab telecom 21 day ago
"There is no God but God (Allah) Muhammad is the massanger of God"
Rafi Dwi
Rafi Dwi 2 hours ago
Love Saudi Arabia from Indonesia 🤗
Drastic Danny
Drastic Danny 6 hours ago
13:03 lol you left out yemen
Fiby Botros
Fiby Botros 6 hours ago
This made me LAUGH OUT LOUD 😝
The Snowflake-Cracker
I know you guys wanna avoid controversy, but you could AT LEAST have mentioned the Yemeni war which is the home of the worst human crisis today.
Sim Trate
Sim Trate 10 hours ago
"the stigma stuck to the American public" --- for the American public, as it should. Murderous treachery is the Saudi game. You too Pakistan.
son of Babylonia
son of Babylonia 11 hours ago
🤣🤣🤣🐫 🐫 🐫
ForOnline InternetUse
Loose Change
ForOnline InternetUse
You forgot to mention that the punishment of a rapist is sentenced to death!
انا مش ميمر
تحيه لاخوانننا السعوديين من العراق 🇮🇶❤🇸🇦
Ruoom 17 hours ago
Lots of information are wrong, I hope you to be more accurate
UnsuitableAk 23 hours ago
pretty sad that they didn't say the BAD stuff such as whats happening in Yemen
Jett Coe
Jett Coe Day ago
غبغفلغل اغعانزعلرتلدقلغذاخببة قمبتيلرتفزبغيشثثفدا
Abdullah Balobaid
I’m surprised how accurate this video is. Thank you!!
Omar. Day ago
haven’t even seen the video yet but i bet my left eye that he’s about to REALLY butcher some names lol
How the hell does the house of saud have 20000+ members? There needs to be a separate video just on the house of saud
Alireza Salimi
Its rightful name is PEPSIAN GULF. If you have read history, you could realise whichone is true one.
Raimbek Omarov
Hi from Kazakhstan!
MateoRide Day ago
Internet isn’t restricted, I’m literally watching you rn, without vpns or anything
قوة السعودية
Look at the money that comes from the Hajj, added to the public fund, from which it goes to the private sector, and from it it goes to investments in Makkah. I say something during the era of the Messenger. There were companions named Osman bin Affan who bought a well for Muslims to drink with. They gathered and sold trees that grew and became commercial and now after almost 1380 years the government took the money and invested it and now hotels are built in them but there are no taboos and feeding the poor search for the story to benefit
هزعا / hz3a
قطر ههههههههههههههههه
Dahlia Lubis
Dahlia Lubis Day ago
was dat the same guy that narrated the frogge thing
KING GAMER 2 days ago
ليش ما في ترجمه😭😭😭😭
MOHAMMAD Qahtan 2 days ago
God!!! I wonder how much time they spent to study all that!! Even me ( who lived in Saudi since birth) i don’t know all this stuff.
ahmed bakh
ahmed bakh 2 days ago
I liked this video but .It’s bullshit we as a saudi’s citizen can take any job we wanted with fake interview and poor education and experiences like what we saw it in this video just because we saudi’s
اساطير رولينز
Why don't you do the translation?
اساطير رولينز
The Gold
The Gold 2 days ago
you forget to say the heat that cook me now
SMOL BOI 2 days ago
You also forgot that cats sneak into your house
Ryoom Blwi
Ryoom Blwi 2 days ago
Well Irbid only to talk about some of the comments that talk about Yemen, to be frank I do not really know the details of Yemen's problems but to say that Saudi Arabia hates Yemen or that we do not want our Yemeni brothers l will not accept it, We love our Yemeni brothers, do you know how many Yemenis live in Saudi Arabia far from the war ??, the relationship between Yemen and Saudi Arabia is strong and will still be a strong relationship, you will not fail because of how many people are trying to spoil between the brothers,🇸🇦❤️🇾🇪.
Salim Riaz
Salim Riaz 2 days ago
I love saudi Arabia from Bangladesh 🇧🇩💞🇸🇦... বাংলাদেশ💞সৌদি আরব
moodini99 2 days ago
Note: skip Gary Harlow
Le Revenant
Le Revenant 2 days ago
A video about Saudi Arabia that's almost 95% accurate! You deserve a round of applause. 👏👏👏
李诺 2 days ago
deepika batchu
deepika batchu 2 days ago
I like gografy of nepal
Amjad’s 3 days ago
I’m Saudi and I already know all this information but i enjoy watching this video 😂
Hasan X
Hasan X 3 days ago
I liked how you explained the relationship between gulf countries 😂😂😂
Antrix Godz
Antrix Godz 3 days ago
From Haiti 🇭🇹 to Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 ❤️
Jonathan Muñoz
Jonathan Muñoz 3 days ago
really? almost 30 minutes?
Indian follow INDIAN Religion, proud Aryans
Saudi Arabia hell for women rights. 👎👎 Women freedom joke to you 😂😂 What mentality .👎👎😡
Mr. Y
Mr. Y 3 days ago
19:31 that's just plain stereotypical Saudi has an unemployment rate of over 30%. And no, it's not because the Saudis have no technical background, most of those unemployed have university degrees, some even have MBAs or PhDs and are still unemployed. And saudis don't work in low income jobs because they can't support their families with less than 2000$ monthly. And contrary to what most people think, Saudi has a high rate of poor families, especially in the south and north regions.
Omar aljughiman
Omar aljughiman 3 days ago
No way ! You can’t say the Persian Gulf it is the Arab Gulf
taim alanazi
taim alanazi 3 days ago
I never thought I can learn something new about my own country 😂😭
Walid Fofoki
Walid Fofoki 3 days ago
It is hard to find an America that is not trying to impose their lifestyle on others ..Black Lives Matter ._.
Who's Who
Who's Who 2 days ago
You realize your an American, projecting an American issue on a video about Saudi Arabia. As you impose a movement on an unrelated video.
Mr. Goodie2shoes
Mr. Goodie2shoes 3 days ago
Islam allows many things.............under a limit. IF YOU GO BEYOND, YO F*****!
Trost 4 days ago
I love the land and the people of Saudi Arabia but I hate their government for Yemen
ساره الحربي
So beautiful video, I liked that's you mentioned a lots of details.. I love it. -please excuse my mistakes in English, I still learn it.
NAWAF N̸ 4 days ago
14:28 Saudi Arabia is the only Arab country that did not colonize for me. My grandfather killed many Turks, the British, and most of the Saudi tribes. I fought all the strange people. You don't talk about our history, and you don't know it because it is our sensitive string.
Waving Flags of the World
Saudi Arabia is the 13th-largest country in the world 🇸🇦
Arabian BoyQ8
Arabian BoyQ8 4 days ago
Love to Saudi Arabia from Kuwait 🇰🇼 ❤️🇸🇦 Our brothers
saif alfalasi
saif alfalasi 4 days ago
Well done 👏👏, cant wait UAE episode
OziestBar 4 days ago
This guy speaks too fast really
MANSOUR 4 days ago
MANSOUR 4 days ago
K S A NO 1
MANSOUR 4 days ago
Asjad Azeez
Asjad Azeez 4 days ago
29 minutes 😲😲😲😲😲😲
T O 4 days ago
is that song funky cold medina about S.A?
Joshua Giron
Joshua Giron 4 days ago
Why do Muslim pray to a black cube/box?? Yet in their Quran, idolatry is forbidden...
Asjad Azeez
Asjad Azeez 4 days ago
You have a lot of misinformation and misconception. Get well .
Sam Levy
Sam Levy 5 days ago
After the Aussie accent I un-liked the video just so I could like it again.
ibrahimpqr 5 days ago
14:32 ah you did a mistake, saudi arabia actually had nothing to do with the UK it wasn't neither a colony nor a protectorate
ibrahimpqr Day ago
@Asjad Azeez No
Asjad Azeez
Asjad Azeez 4 days ago
It was a protectorate
حيدر حسين
كل الحب والتقدير للسعودية من اخوكم من العراق ياريت كنت انا سعودي واموري تمام 💔 نحبكم
reemJE 5 days ago
6;36 that’s fountain was used in October war 🇸🇦🇪🇬🇸🇦 yes worth to mentioned.
Rayen Kalifi
Rayen Kalifi 5 days ago
Saudia Arabic is a holy and sacred country for the Muslim world and the god give to her the riches and natural resources to help every Muslim in the world
Rayen Kalifi
Rayen Kalifi 5 days ago
Why you don't do a special video about the UK or the British islands
Maged el Araby
Maged el Araby 5 days ago
The Egyptians send their regards ❤🤍🖤
Young Dumb and Everything in Between
How did they mention sidewalk skiing so casually??
DeutschSpanier87 5 days ago
I was expecting a joke followed by a punch like "this is lake Asfar, which as-far as I know has little water"
Januzai Ramli
Januzai Ramli 5 days ago
What I notice is that if you're a Muslim, it's either you love or hate Saudi. Pretty much all Wahabis loves Saudi while the rest of Muslims either love or hate them, almost all of the Muslims who talks about Illuminati/anti-Christ/ Day of Judgement hates Saudi
Hoda Haddad
Hoda Haddad 5 days ago
Ok Saudi stop putting money of kaba on terrorism stop bombing Yemen just f off
Joe R
Joe R 5 days ago
Why not talk about how their country has messed up gender segregation and that women have less rights?
Mrfaris63 4 days ago
Less rights?
M. Alfajri Azri
M. Alfajri Azri 5 days ago
jalabi99 5 days ago
13:12 yay Barbs' mom!
Winelkay Gonzalez
Pff, when he said Saudi Arabia has two things Islam and Oil. I said "Pff, We in Venezuela 🇻🇪🇺🇸 has more oil and oil reserves than Saudi Arabia".
Fred Hugard
Fred Hugard 3 days ago
You from Venezuela?
كسم إيران وآل سلول
احا لية مفيش ترجمه
Aleppey, Kerala, India
11:16 to be honest... He's a bit annoying..!
Sikandar Ejaz
Sikandar Ejaz 6 days ago
why saudia arabia is not in alphabetic order
Hae Soo
Hae Soo 6 days ago
I'm a Filipino but was born and raised in Saudi Arabia 💚 Saudi is like my 2nd home 🇸🇦🇸🇦 I love that country, so much memories!!
Erik Van der Zee
Erik Van der Zee 6 days ago
The thing that looked like it was cut by a laser was cut with a primitive cable saw. They had those back then.
koookoo kaakaa
koookoo kaakaa 5 days ago
No it was a saudi warrior who cut it in two halves
Fareed Ahmed
Fareed Ahmed 6 days ago
Love macca madina
Mm5361mM 6 days ago
There is wrong information about the work system in Saudi Arabia, in the video saying "that the owners of companies hire Saudis in the name because the Saudis do not work", the information is inaccurate and the reason is that the heads of companies do not want to hire the Saudis and the reason is because he does not want to pay a good salary for the Saudi youth, and this is a problem We Saudis have faced it for years 💔Many Saudis are forced to work with low salaries despite their high capabilities. All that happens is that companies employ them with very little salary, and after a period of time instead of increasing your salary, they dismiss you from work and employ another person, I am with a group of young people we fight this type of company Either through lawsuits or through social media, we hope one day that the problem will end.
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