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Fun fact, there was an alternate intro written to this episode but we couldn't do it because I couldn't find any Adidas track suits.
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Comments 80
Drex 9
Drex 9 42 minutes ago
I knew that Buddhist thing because I saw the Qitzikwaka vid before this
Jivan Scarano
Jivan Scarano Hour ago
15:36 How the hell can anyone read that‽
Gab pogi
Gab pogi 3 hours ago
Sagkreg Jaskrov Makarev
Russia in 1940s: Where is Berlin? Germany: Oh dude hope not lost wait who's that? Russia in 2000s: Where is *My Vodka where it is blyat*
VIRAJ VEREKAR 4 hours ago
superb very nice video to give us a broader perspective of Russia
VIRAJ VEREKAR 5 hours ago
mistake in 14:56
Matvey Zakharov
Matvey Zakharov 8 hours ago
Жаль без перевода на русский . Понимаю только 60% видео :(
Adam Hakimi
Adam Hakimi 13 hours ago
Who watch this comment
FBI_ GAMING 13 hours ago
all love to Russia from Iraq Russia RU❤IQ
Nivel Monteiro
Nivel Monteiro 17 hours ago
Map shown in beginning is not accurate. Most part of Caucasian region & south of black sea is not shown..
“Five emerging world regional powers”. Yeah, South Africa is not that. The concept of the BRICS countries is old and doesn’t mean anything.
rbg 1827
rbg 1827 19 hours ago
Russia has almost the same number of people as Japan! Mind blown!
Steven Kyle
Steven Kyle Day ago
Love from China。 You know in China we call Russians 战斗民族 or people of fighters, and we consider brown bear a common home pet for Russian families. Some people even call bears the giant Siberian hamsters. They are really cute when they are babies though
Austin Ashley
You really cut him off😆
Chrischi4598 Day ago
How could you forget Tschaikowski?! Russia’s most famous composer!
RGuty Day ago
30 minutes to talk about Russia! Love Russia from Peru!
Alexander the Greek
Love Russian brothers from Greece 🇬🇷❤🇷🇺
Love Russia!!
Dayday Mclovin
Even thought our governments might not like each other I think Russians seem like pretty awesome people, love U.S ( I'm from California 😂)
demir kasapoglu
1:30 why is the easter europe part so bad like why is it in the Balkans and Italy 😂😂😂
Arttu Vaananen
Saimaan leke has fresh water seals
Muhammetnur Gulberdiyev
I am russian.
As an American, I love Russia, I just hate their government. Russian people seem homely tho!
Joshua Lieberman
pringelsthegamefreak I can feel the same, hate both governments though
Ameer Ali
Ameer Ali 2 days ago
Lots of love to Russia 🇷🇺 from Pakistan 🇵🇰..
Ipsita Malakar
Ipsita Malakar 2 days ago
Love from India to our friends 🇮🇳♥️🇷🇺
constantine jacob
Cross Country Grind
My man Timofey Mozgov who gave me his autograph
Pursuit Mane
Pursuit Mane 2 days ago
Both Russia and United States are friends separated by Politics.
Ariffio Dava
Ariffio Dava 2 days ago
Dont forget Aleksandr Akimov!!
Da De
Da De 2 days ago
Politics is probably the most toxic invention ever created. Everybody would get along very well if there wasn't politics
Sonic Hedgehog
Sonic Hedgehog 2 days ago
🇦🇫Afghanistan: 6½ minutes 🇺🇳Most episodes: ~10 minutes 🇨🇦Canada: 13 minutes 🇮🇩Indonesia: 15 minutes 🇯🇵Japan: 16½ minutes 🇨🇳China: 20 minutes 🇮🇱Israel: 20½ minutes 🇷🇼Rwanda: 21 minutes 🇷🇺Russia: *I DARE YOU TO WATCH THIS ENTIRE VIDEO IN ONE SITTING*
Amraya Baptiste
Amraya Baptiste 12 hours ago
I didn't
NVMN Day ago
USA: Just wait...
Mean Fomhair
Mean Fomhair 3 days ago
Наконец-то! :)
BrazilBallGamerZ BMGO
I'm a Brazilian geoegrapep... *rage noises*
Ana plays
Ana plays 3 days ago
I hate Russia because in the war in 2008 my dad was in the war and he got a trauma because of stupid questions and I was in my mom stomach at that time too so that’s why I got trust issues so thanks a lot Russia we’re still trying to get our lands back and you should be grateful half of our military is Russians but you guys just want to make our country worse
Puppeteer Pandas
Puppeteer Pandas 3 days ago
“The *planet* of Pluto” 😐
B birhane
B birhane 3 days ago
I realy realy love russia😘😘😘 from ethiopia
Aneek Makwana
Aneek Makwana 3 days ago
Cossacks were Ukrainian aswell and Kiev and rus was not only Russian was ruthenian (Ukrainian) aswell
Altay Öz
Altay Öz 3 days ago
Hey barbie i think that instanbul was the largest city in europe
Niccolo Petrilli
Niccolo Petrilli 3 days ago
Other athletes: Vladimir Tarasenko, Ivan Barbashev
Obregon Kairos David
RUSSIA! One of my favorite countries in the world. Really love the place and the people.. hope to visit there soon.. can’t wait 🇷🇺💕 Love from:🇵🇭❤️
Stiina Tolli
Stiina Tolli 4 days ago
where is geography now!sweden?
Kevin Diaz-Ortega
Bruh how the heck is this video 30 minutes longs and the Cuban one isn’t even 10 ):
Get out of Ukraine
doctorino sixerino
17:57 , I fail to see the issue
Keshab Mukherjee
Keshab Mukherjee 5 days ago
Love Russia from India... best friend forever 🥰🥰🥰
Hyena laughing matter
serbians are not slavic people.
Vitalii Kacherovskyi
At 5:07 you've shown ukrainian cossacks + Kievan Rus was not a predecessor of Russia. It's capital was Kyiv with ukrainina hetmans in charge of it.
Kazakhstan Fan
Kazakhstan Fan 5 days ago
Russians are obsessed with Vodka
Olivier Kok
Olivier Kok 5 days ago
Hey I am a russian food now
Thomas Mario
Thomas Mario 6 days ago
Senodh Jayasinghe
Your ‘Russian’ friend looks like Pedro Pascal.
Гоголь Надоел
1:41 Что у вас за карта? Как вы вообще с такими границами России называете себя "географией"?
Tonie San Jose
Tonie San Jose 6 days ago
hey can you do united state of america
Avela Khuboni
Avela Khuboni 6 days ago
17:52 bóy bạck your bags wêre gonig to Russia
yo that first map is a joke wtf
the RiNica Show
the RiNica Show 6 days ago
U forgot nicaragua
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant 6 days ago
arvydas sabonis should be in list of athletes
FailedChannel 6 days ago
tiny countries are way more interesting than big bois
Maxie 6 days ago
23:24 Barby: Russians are known for excelling in an arrange of sports, most notably ice hockey Canada: *slam maple syrup bottle* Hold my maple syrup!
Prince 7 days ago
The american guy is so cute and hot.
Miki Stenbeck
Miki Stenbeck 7 days ago
They have also made three great MMO style games, World of Tanks, War Thunder, and Crossout,
Suzane Carmen
Suzane Carmen 7 days ago
I love Russia from Philippines. When I was young I saw a photo of a place from Moscow and I was dreaming to go there. But I still have lack knowledge about Russia.
Maks534 7 days ago
1:35 This map though...
Soggysocks 7 days ago
I wish they had a Ukraine episode I want to learn about that country but I’m not sure or what to believe in on google
Oleksii 7 days ago
I believe you have put Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Estonia and a chunk of Ukraine inside the Russian border on the period from 1:14 to 1:41 and then took some of them in again at 2:29 . If I am not mistaken. Good job!
Oleksii 7 days ago
Oh, 2 more details. Eastern Europe goes to the Italy on a map and America is WAAAAY too close to Eurasia
SaucyyDML 2
SaucyyDML 2 7 days ago
Ovi isn’t the only great Russian hockey player, u got panarin, tarasenko, khucerov, bobrovsky and many more
Alyona Tolpinskaya
Can you do a give away with ur merch also my teacher loves you so I would give it to her
Alyona Tolpinskaya
Omg when he said olvlie my mouth started to water..!
Mihai Dan Popa
Mihai Dan Popa 7 days ago
Anatoli where are you? Ok Vadim. Vadim Blyat where are you? oh Vadim at shop buying vodka. Oh and I remember Anatoli make potato salad
Mihai Dan Popa
Mihai Dan Popa 7 days ago
I'm Irish but I moved to Canada. So greetings from both countries!
Mihailo Djurickovic
🇷🇸♥️🇷🇺 Brother's
Random Guy
Random Guy 7 days ago
Love from Kazakhstan to our neighbours 🇰🇿🇷🇺
Yakub 7 days ago
Русские есть?❤❤
Λ Λ 8 days ago
подожди ты забыл великого сталина и бессвина распутина
max kanfer
max kanfer 8 days ago
United States girlfriend is Russia
dreamkrusher07 8 days ago
You forgot about the Jews
Michael Kenji Izumi
I love Russia and it's language (though it is so hard to learn, speak, and write). I would love to visit there some time if money and time allows me to...
joel Walberg
joel Walberg 8 days ago
For one of the filler episodes it would be great to learn about the former USSR countries in Western Asia aka "the stans" that are now independent countries like Tahjikistan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan.
Amar Jyoti Khan
Amar Jyoti Khan 9 days ago
Irony is that Russia being the largest country by area on world has less area than 3 states of India.
RUSIK _GAME 9 days ago
Im from russia
TPC is my name
TPC is my name 7 days ago
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