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Spaghetti Carbonara is thought to originate in the Lazio region of Italy, first made for the carbonari (charcoal workers) and is an authentic recipe, now popular the world over. Perhaps one of the easiest and quickest Italian pasta recipes, a Spaghetti Carbonara can be rustled up at home for a tasty week night supper.
In Genaro’s authentic recipe, he uses guanchiale (pig cheek) rather than the pancetta that we might use at home, however pancetta is a perfectly acceptable substitute if you don’t have a good Italian deli near to you.
Although British versions of this dish often include cream, Gennaro’s classic recipe uses just seasoned pasta water, fresh egg yolks and pecorino cheese to create that delicious, creamy texture that you will know and love.
Gennaro has fond memories of eating Carbonara in the backstreet trattorie of Italy’s capital city, Rome. With so much to see and do in the Eternal City, including the Vatican, Colosseum, Spanish Steps and the Roman Forum, Rome makes a perfect destination for a city break, not to mention the ideal introduction to Italy for first time visitors.
4 x servings
1 x tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
200g piece Guanciale (pork cheek), roughly chopped into small strips
4 x large free-range egg yolks
75g grated pecorino & extra for sprinkling
Salt & freshly ground black pepper
400g spaghetti
Bring a large saucepan of salted water to the boil and cook the spaghetti until “al dente.”
Heat the extra virgin olive oil in a large frying pan, add the guanciale and on a medium heat stir fry until crispy.
In a small bowl beat egg yolks with pecorino, some salt & pepper. Set aside.
Drain the spaghetti, reserving some of the pasta water, add the spaghetti to the pan of guanciale, with a little of the pasta water and mix well. Remove pan from the heat, stir in the egg mixture, adding more cooking water if necessary. Serve immediately with some grated pecorino and freshly ground black pepper.

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Apr 27, 2016




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Comments 80
Ezra De Guzman
Ezra De Guzman 9 hours ago
I'm at the point where if I'm craving carbonara I have to start making it about a week ahead of when I plan on eating it. Quarantine rules relaxed and the first thing I did was go to a market and buy pig jowls. instagram.com/p/CA4O4rZHo64/?
Solo Tra la folla
Solo Tra la folla 19 hours ago
Bravo Gennarino. Salutiamo..
Ilija Tomasovic
You digest it better when it's not al dente but good cooked
Danar Tri Atmojo
Danar Tri Atmojo 4 days ago
this is real and trully Italian, very passionate about their food. that is why Italian food is sooooo delicious
Abhijeet B
Abhijeet B 4 days ago
How many pans are there on the wall behind him?
Dani Smith
Dani Smith 4 days ago
Absolutely beautiful recipe. :D Thank you.
b1rdkeeper S
b1rdkeeper S 5 days ago
I was in Florence a few years ago and all I ate there was Carbonara lol. Easily my favorite dish of all time. I love everything about Italy and the Italian people.
PartTimeTourist 5 days ago
I am not Italian but Mama Mia I love their Cappuccino, ice cream, Leather jackets, leather shoes, tailored suits sports cars marble & stonework and everything they make because they are perfectionists who produce top quality and they are very good people to deal with isn't that right Maria
Aldo Spadari
Aldo Spadari 6 days ago
Bravo from Italy
Gianluca Giacalone
perfetta !!!! però personalmente aggiungo appena appena un po' di strutto nella padella prima di mettere il guanciale, per dargli immediatamente il giusto innesco di cottura.
Adam G
Adam G 8 days ago
Your so passionate Gennaro and your food is incredible i love watch your videos, keep them coming, Viva Italia
davinci745 9 days ago
Personally I would add garlic to the panchetta, but only a matter of preference
Audrey Ningtyas
Audrey Ningtyas 10 days ago
I'm about to disappoint you sir.. i used different meat and some cheddar cheese..it's hard to find specific cheese in indonesia, also i can't eat pork..forgive me
alex simon
alex simon 10 days ago
How long do you let it cool before adding the eggs?
fackouch 10 days ago
The most passionate chef I've ever seen. What a joy watching him cooking!
Paris Berlinez
Paris Berlinez 11 days ago
..tremendo chanta
Marco páez
Marco páez 11 days ago
Ma roonn' Cé La Passione!! Auguri. Guao!!!!!!!!!!! Lagrime al Ochio. Salute!!!
MrMattpnk 12 days ago
Grazie mille!
top gear
top gear 12 days ago
Roma is the number 1 place for food in the world with no doubt after Napoli 😂
Shamlan Malik
Shamlan Malik 14 days ago
Authentic Carbonara - Cooks store bought dry pasta rather than making one hand made! 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
megachrist 16 days ago
Just cooked it the same way, the result was tremendous, very very creamy! Thanks!
Yassir Knight
Yassir Knight 16 days ago
I love your passion, love from Iraq, and yes I would love to try it. So many times I said love, but I love you all. Let's learn to live together. Peace
ROBERT CRAIG 16 days ago
SAlt091082 17 days ago
Danke, es schmeckt perfekt!
mike Joshua de vries
anyone else liked this before even watch it? ahahah
Attention 18 days ago
I love this guy. I've never wanted to visit Rome but now I want to go.
Fishermanfriend 20 days ago
But where is the pepper ?????????
Mazhar Zandsalimi
Mazhar Zandsalimi 20 days ago
I mean it's raw meat! It stinks. But he makes you believe it's fantastico!
Partybunnie 20 days ago
I am going to try this now.
Sasank Pochareddy
1:51 Man got high from sniffing some pork
Lisa Pinto
Lisa Pinto 21 day ago
Me & Bernie truly love your kitchen .
Lukas F.
Lukas F. 21 day ago
I have to agree with him: There is rarely a more spectacular place than Rome. For what I have seen in my life, for as big as it is and the problems every major urban center carries along, Rome is simply astonishing
leung 20 days ago
Florence comes pretty close. Foodwise it's even better than Rome..
Hans 68
Hans 68 22 days ago
what a great man 😀
Grifel Beatz
Grifel Beatz 22 days ago
Image him casting for porn... “COME ONN! COME HAVE A LOOK! THIS IS THE CREAMY!”
Mwave 22 days ago
His kitchen looks very authentic.
Brian Schwantner
Brian Schwantner 23 days ago
Anyone know what tf he says at the beginning
HEY YOU GUYS 23 days ago
Gennaro Esposito
Gennaro Esposito 23 days ago
Too much water at the end.Carbonara has to be creamy but ticker.
Christopher Lee
Christopher Lee 24 days ago
I'm watching this at 11pm and now I am all hungry. Why do I do this to myself? lol
ValarStyle 24 days ago
i love you
Jacek jackowsky
Jacek jackowsky 24 days ago
Me: *putting cream into carbonara* Italian man: *die*
Pan Makser
Pan Makser 24 days ago
came in with no expectation, but now I'm making this, I'm so fucking going to make this
Vmaster909 24 days ago
is it my idea or does he speak like tony montana? the way he says look at that! reminds me of al pacino
Luca Monzani
Luca Monzani 24 days ago
Sono italiano ! La Carbonara è un'altra cosa...
Leanbelle Garay
Leanbelle Garay 25 days ago
Willem Smidt
Willem Smidt 25 days ago
Gennaro, You make it so delicious that every time I watch Your vids, I am sad not to be in Your cuisine... thank You for sharing Your knowledge!
Juan Carlos López S.
Eres de las personas más divertidas que he visto en mi vida! Muchas gracias por compartir!!!!
Delilah Parillo
Delilah Parillo 25 days ago
dream kitchen
meme lusty
meme lusty 26 days ago
I tell you this men can sell you sand in a dessert
Dirty Dirt
Dirty Dirt 27 days ago
2:24 Marco Pierre White: "U said no oil madafaka? OMFG Where is Harry!!!"
Fabio Ugolini
Fabio Ugolini 27 days ago
the original carbonara recipe only uses egg yolk (I'm Italian and I'm from Rome)
Blake Cantos
Blake Cantos 27 days ago
He went from a cook to mob boss you need listen to or else he will shoot you.
Christos Kourkouloukis
i love him !!!!!!
Michael Johnston
Michael Johnston 28 days ago
Made this a few months back was fantastic!
Mario Kollcaku
Mario Kollcaku 28 days ago
Bravo, e il primo americano che vedo, che sa cucinare la carbonara. Daje Roma .
Robeer Stout
Robeer Stout 28 days ago
i'm sutch in a shock after been watching the new Gordon Ramsy's "Carbonara" in his channel (where he add: Mushrooms, Garlic ,Hot Pepper , Peas and Creme Fraiche) that i need somthing to relieve the pain and the despair. God bless you Gennaro, bless you for a thousand years.
Zach 28 days ago
He does say it's a "Cornwall Carbonara" and not a traditional Carbonara. Clearly made to show his fellow Brits how he cooks the Carbonara they're familiar with - some of his restaurants serve traditional Carbonara but I think he's trying to appeal to a broader audience.
New Trinity Baroque
Amazing CARBONARA. We follow your recipe and it is really the best recipe we saw on RUvid. Then we turn our recordings with Italian music and opera arias (you can hear it on our own channel), and it is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. You should try!
i miss italia and the great food and the tasty expresso ...FORZA ITALIA we love you
Wilson Mar
Wilson Mar Month ago
Where’s Caesar ?
Zanta Fio
Zanta Fio Month ago
Can you be my grand dad please ?
Shay Vidas
Shay Vidas Month ago
i kinda get the feeling he is a bit "faking it"...
no body
no body Month ago
Виктор Вербицкий
I'm from Ukraine and i use to cook in exactly the same way BUT using another sort of cheese and yes It's delicious
Fred A
Fred A Month ago
What a master in simplicity. Typical Italian food, nothing can match.
Shehab Gm
Shehab Gm Month ago
looks delicious
Ala Letaief
Ala Letaief Month ago
i love italians they put cheese on everything
halfthefiber Month ago
Not exactly. In Italy you don't put cheese on seafood dishes, as it can overpower the delicate flavours.
Melissa Zwieg
Melissa Zwieg Month ago
Thank you😌💫💫💫💫💫💫💫
Ivan Month ago
As well with bacon? Bollocks
Italia-1I-18 Vu Duc Anh
so you just put it on the pan and cook it? now now that just save me a lot of ordeal
Tamer Khraisha
Tamer Khraisha Month ago
This is not a good Carbonara. It should not be this liquid and creamy. This is a bad recipe
clark kent
clark kent Month ago
Apple juice cool , are you like it ?
Diego Luna
Diego Luna Month ago
The simplicity, that is lovely!
Messaggi in bottiglia
cucino la carbonara da anni secondo i canoni originali che vedo riportati nella sostanza da questa ricetta, bravo!
Roberta Dinoia
Roberta Dinoia Month ago
you belong to jail , ans stop to say italy
Djaay Month ago
You know its an Italian kitchen when theres more decorative pots and pans than functional ones
Joe Polchlopek
Joe Polchlopek Month ago
Amazing. Simple. And I'm going to make it.
Ryder Eldridge
Ryder Eldridge Month ago
You making me hungry 🍝🥩🧀
Tse Ga Wing
Tse Ga Wing Month ago
His passion is real and he's so expressive hahah, I wanna return to Rome now😍
Paul Bernal
Paul Bernal Month ago
3:44 that one noodle of spaghetti escaped. Don’t think I didn’t notice 🙀
Martin Alba
Martin Alba Month ago
Arguiñano Vs este tío
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