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Here at Quantum Tech HD we love shop tips and time saving ideas. Not all of these ideas qualify for the overused word “hacks” but if something works it's good to know. In this episode you will learn various tips and tricks for woodworking, carpentry and joinery. Hopefully these can then inspire you and increase your skills for when you might need to use them in the near future.
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We hope you enjoy this review of Woodworking Tips & Hacks!
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Mar 2, 2021




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Comments 99
Rumin 6 hours ago
You can just make a sharp fold in the sandpaper
Paul Pardee
Paul Pardee 7 hours ago
This is what RUvid has come to? Fucking pastiche of 5 minute crafts and stolen content?
Tomkl. 13 hours ago
А где комменты от русских профи. Даже не интересно смотреть без советов экспертов.
Rich 20 hours ago
If I had the skills to make some of these hacks, I wouldn't need the hacks in the first place!
Real Estate InfoNet
Great video! Thanks!
Kristian Oyong
Γήπεδο Χάντμπολ
Cannabis Jones
I don't think Quantum Tech HD knows the difference between standard construction practices and construction hacks HAHAHAHA Almost all the videos are just standard construction techniques, not a tip, trick or hack. This is what happens when someone who knows nothing about construction makes a video about construction LMAO
получил хабар и капать
When you're sick of of tearing sand paper badly maybe use scissor
Cone Day ago
3:00 must be one of the dumbest over the top thing I've ever seen.... I just use these amazing things called scissors
bloo choo
bloo choo Day ago
I was gonna say I’m impressed this isn’t just another fake 5 mins crafts channel...but then you spent hours making a stupid contraption to cut sandpaper...y'all know scissors have been doin that job fine for decades?!
An "L shaped ruler" is just called a square. A small triangle is called a speed square.
ich puste die Späne weg 😅🙈
koljamba Day ago
Сразу лайк за НЕ использование слова лайфхак!
Sammy H
Sammy H Day ago
I assume that this also takes around 24 hours to get the job done right? Similar to what's recommended in Renatta Kirmzel's method. Read her stuff and just give it a fair shake, you might end up surprised too.
Colborn Farms
Sandpaper cuts easily with scissors. NO need for all that construct
Colborn Farms
An l shaped ruler? You mean a square right?
L T 2 days ago
When a carpenters kid plays with his tools and thinks he's smart:
Graham Wood
Graham Wood 2 days ago
Not good entertainment
CdnWoodsMan 2 days ago
Best sanding helper for edges is a scotch Brite sponge
The Light Side
The Light Side 2 days ago
Your vertical filming format sucks.
John Doe
John Doe 2 days ago
I literally only came to see how the ridiculous setting in the thumbnail was gonna help anyone with anything. Turns out the content in the thumbnail wasn't there, so I'm disliking and flagging your video :) I would encourage others to do so as well. Don't support this clickbait shit...
O kadar alet bende olsa heykelimi yaparım
Duvan Aangulo
Duvan Aangulo 2 days ago
Сергей Федотов
Ага, заныкал саморез потом хер разберешь
Fets Dor
Fets Dor 3 days ago
I was watching MMA. How the hell did I end up here?
Wild_Elroy 3 days ago
8min 35 sec of my life gone and will never get back. What a waste of time, these are not hacks and not time saving at all.
Дмитрий Сорокин
Что хитрого в готовом инструменте?
Serfrost 3 days ago
A lot of these are... Just really fucking stupid. It's like whoever made the video expects their audience to be unable to breathe.
Nikki Razelli
Nikki Razelli 3 days ago
amateur hour on the job site.. hilarious
Dylan Wood
Dylan Wood 3 days ago
I can't wait to save this video only to never use it!
nine kung
nine kung 3 days ago
Joel Tower
Joel Tower 3 days ago
Please slow it down a bit. There are some great ideas here but it's hard to keep up. Hard to watch.
Alp kuzey Ozsoy
Alp kuzey Ozsoy 3 days ago
Alyan anahtar kırıldı lan sizin yüzünüzden verin paramı
WOW Projects
WOW Projects 3 days ago
2:24 nice way
the golden boys
the golden boys 3 days ago
2:55 you heard about a scissor. it comanly used for clipping paper
Sidle Jinks
Sidle Jinks 3 days ago
Like 👍and subscribe 😉
Дементий Весельчаков
Такие простые решения-для непростых задач...)
Harsh Sharma
Harsh Sharma 4 days ago
do not forget bungee gum has ability of both gum and rubber
Ali Oden
Ali Oden 4 days ago
Vay lan DAYIYA bak 🤭🤭
bushbeard_ the_great_and_terrible_hermit
Did you just show the same tip twice?
bushbeard_ the_great_and_terrible_hermit
Using an adjustable t bolt as the base of your workbenches legs is a terrible fucking idea
Pro_ModernGamer 4 days ago
Don’t follow the screw and nail technique unless you want it falling about, the head is meant to be a stop not cut off😂🤷🏼‍♂️🤦‍♂️
billmanhillman 4 days ago
0:15 good luck taking that bitch back apart again
Absolutely perfect 😍😍👏👏👌
ryan pattinson
ryan pattinson 4 days ago
sanding block with roundover and chamfer, OK so roundover may be handy for an even finish... just maybe (but probably not because that sand paper wont last 5 minutes) but chamfer.... CHAMFER!!!!! REALLY!!!! buy a fucking router for the perfect even finish... that sanding block is fucking stupid, i just hope the saw he used to cut that was made for cutting chamfers and not one of those vertical ones.🤦‍♂️
Шамиль 4 days ago
А в чём "гениальность"?
cabaretampere 4 days ago
Awful video
Not great Videos
Not great Videos 4 days ago
Most of these are for those tradesmen with far to much time on there hands
Maksim Manankov
Maksim Manankov 4 days ago
На 1:27 если с такими зазорами вырвнивать ножки, то стоит накинуть еще и гайку чтобы расконтрить болт и не подкручивать каждый день
Mixmasta Kanasta
Mixmasta Kanasta 4 days ago
4 touchdowns in one game!
Funny Animals - Videoclips
xstingrayx 4 days ago
7:16 no.
Paul Shea
Paul Shea 4 days ago
Tell me you don't know how to fold and tear sandpaper cleanly without telling me...
kb love
kb love 4 days ago
Some of theses are just basic stuff
justinjex1 4 days ago
Wow! Faith in human intelligence restored. Thank you
Nega Doge
Nega Doge 5 days ago
If you film in portrait mode, you need a squishy helmet.
Kosta der echte
Kosta der echte 5 days ago
Lynx B
Lynx B 5 days ago
Now I know the usage of Set-Squares
shadow stalk
shadow stalk 5 days ago
I have yet to ever get the rubberband technique to work!! Instead just grap the easy out set save yourself time and stress maybe even save yourself from a bloody knuckle!! Other then that their where some very cheap get you out of a pinch ideas! I Still dont like the video sorry!!
Dave Gerten
Dave Gerten 5 days ago
So...you drive nails into your workbench to use as a stop block? Genius indeed! I did like the incredibly novel idea of using a pliers to pull a dowel out of a hole though- pure genius.
go ѕĸaтe
go ѕĸaтe 5 days ago
the "dutka" one aint new at all, i remember having a toy wooden snake like this 20 years ago
Seek Over Horizon
This video has made me feel like I want to be a construction worker. But since I start it I already know that it wouldn't be so easy and plain as it looks in the video.
Obray Hockly
Obray Hockly Day ago
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Qween 5 days ago
these seem like making extra work for yourself if you have nothing else to do
Campsite Cook
Campsite Cook 5 days ago
Interesting video, but "Tips and Techniques" would be a better title..
Joe Troutt
Joe Troutt 5 days ago
Never thought I would be interested in something I have no interest in doing.
Batu De Roma
Batu De Roma 5 days ago
Mr. Ponton
Mr. Ponton 5 days ago
whoever made this has a fetish for hiding nails and screws in wood, i swear.
Gregory Patterson
It was kind of easy to watch. Can’t you speed up the video?
Stefan Dingenouts
What a load of crap...
tony volbeda
tony volbeda 5 days ago
cutting sand paper way over thought... fold sand paper to desired size... use any hacksaw blade... put blade between the folds with the back of the blade against the crease.. cut the sand paper by pulling the back of the blade thru the crease.
Mr. Ghost Stories
The tape is cool, but the small screws will never support the weight of a bed.
Ivor O'Connor
Ivor O'Connor 5 days ago
Too much cosmetics. I want to see all the screws, nails, etc., when I am finished.
Nick Levo
Nick Levo 5 days ago
Sure... Out of square corner? Raise the entire floor 3/4
Angel Aguirre
Angel Aguirre 5 days ago
The nail trick is fake. He hit a knot with the first then soft spot for the next
broncokonco 5 days ago
Master craftsman: Sinks nail most of the way into workbench as a bump stop... me: uhhh
Kang Afa
Kang Afa Day ago
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Hasan Hüseyin Tamam
hileleri değil teknikleri olacak.
Leon Ramkumar
Leon Ramkumar 5 days ago
"This handy tip will give texture to your wood" Seriously, just buy ribbed condoms.
edbro Aotearoa
edbro Aotearoa 5 days ago
Been a carpenter for a long time and never thought to use my tape measure to do circles. Thanks for the hack
S f
S f 5 days ago
Your vids don't have mass appeal. You don't explain what you're doing, poorly done 👎👎
구레이 5 days ago
Pelvis Presley
Pelvis Presley 6 days ago
Tearing sandpaper with a ruler is more fast
Wanton110 6 days ago
5:20 No it isn't, that stuff has been around for at least 25 years.. I used it in my high school school shop class project in the 90s
Steve-tron 6 days ago
I love the Japanese dude who suggests you should pound 4 nails into your work bench every time you want to 'secure' a board, then proceeds to lift the entire board up every time he tries to plane it. Shitty Woodworking Tip
? 6 days ago
Glock Wesson
Glock Wesson 6 days ago
I gotta admit the circle drawing with the tape measure is pretty ingenious
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Jintaro Kensei
Jintaro Kensei 4 days ago
@Brendan Prendergast you still use a nail but the setup is reverse. The nail head fits the little slot hole at the end of the tape, allows you to pull tension for really big circles.
Brendan Prendergast
@Jintaro Kensei please do share
Jintaro Kensei
Jintaro Kensei 4 days ago
There's a better way of doing it tho
Goldgoodman 6 days ago
Как сука Ютуб заебал рекламой.
Anthony Hills
Anthony Hills 6 days ago
6:31, have you ever heard of a vice?
Old man
Old man 6 days ago
Most of these are basic every day things, some of them are really obscure and clever!
kb love
kb love 4 days ago
Right thats what i said
Ильдар Ислямов
Я половину стамеской делаю🙄
Connor H.
Connor H. 6 days ago
Some of these were interesting and novel but my favorite was the "finishing nails is extremely tedious" with no advice or explanation
Tech Relic
Tech Relic Day ago
Benjamin Brown
Benjamin Brown 3 days ago
I think the next one with the chisel to hide a screw was supposed to be the alternative. Not sure though and I bet 9/10 times that chisel doesn’t cut a place like that.
Leo Nardo
Leo Nardo 6 days ago
Il n’y a absolument rien d’exceptionnel!! Ce sont toutes des choses que l’on apprend à 10 ans à l’école
Thomas holden
Thomas holden 6 days ago
Need some sandpaper hold my beer
twój sąsiad
twój sąsiad 6 days ago
Major Suchodolski
Карп Карпович
Видео для мегатупых!
Dejo Hann
Dejo Hann 6 days ago
What was the rock in between boards?
Gathas of Persia
Gathas of Persia 6 days ago
........................... got any ideas how to fix the wife from NAGGING ME EVERY 5 MINS ?
Lachiwa XXX
Lachiwa XXX 6 days ago
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