GENIUS People Who Are Winning at Life !

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GENIUS People Who Are Winning at Life !
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Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to GENIUS People Who Are Winning at Life !
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Apr 28, 2019

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Comments 3 827
Sara Warren
Sara Warren 12 hours ago
roses are red violets are blue azzy is the best and so are you!
felicia weary
felicia weary 16 hours ago
Azzy they are called hoverboards
The number of likes is the number of times I bounce a basketball
Rosie Lee
Rosie Lee Day ago
Azzy: “whatever the case is” Me: “yeah, not everyone has a protective case.”
Aileen Ornelas
Look at her eye
Keri Kass
Keri Kass Day ago
Angie Raymond
Angie Raymond 2 days ago
On 4:51 did anyone notice she said "caring is sharing" instead of sharing is caring
Sam Zun
Sam Zun 2 days ago
This is strange but I'm average size BUT I'm short I'm shorter than everybody
lazoly_queen1 lazoly_lapis_lazly
Did anyone else catch Azzy say "caring is sharing" ?
Nelson Ng
Nelson Ng 3 days ago
I wish i was a Dog...cause I GET TO BE PETTED!
Laney Deanecelli
Laney Deanecelli 3 days ago
Azzy you said caring is sharing but it's the other way around sharing is caring
Boedy Reisner
Boedy Reisner 3 days ago
I have never broke my phone in my life
xxStary_firex X
xxStary_firex X 3 days ago
5:50 im watching this on a cracked phone sooioo....😂😂
Trish Tice
Trish Tice 4 days ago
She said "caring is sharing"
Crystal Shaw
Crystal Shaw 4 days ago
Crystal Shaw
Crystal Shaw 4 days ago
Your eyelashes are on fleek gurle
Fabian De Leon
Fabian De Leon 4 days ago
2:37 I don't like warm toilet seats😂😂(this is my brothers account I'm a girl)
Malika Seko
Malika Seko 4 days ago
Gach live
Tweet them the way we wanted ourselves tweet I loved her the she wanted but she never love me the i did 😭😭
Terry Yeager
Terry Yeager 4 days ago
I just broke the edge of my phone today , I dropped it on my porch and my porch is made out of concrete
MasterKraker 1
MasterKraker 1 5 days ago
When you did the tolit I was on the tolit
Lexi Nealon
Lexi Nealon 5 days ago
I actually have a flip phone instead of a cell phone and I am only 12
Zayden Lew
Zayden Lew 5 days ago
You made me sad because I drink hot water but you don't :(
peter grilj
peter grilj 5 days ago
Hey Azzy can i please get a shouout for my channel that i am gaming on and my channels name is peter grilj
Sadie Serna
Sadie Serna 5 days ago
This is my 20th phone
Kim Glynn
Kim Glynn 5 days ago
I know a genius design. The sardines container has divers in the bottom shaped as the tab to open it so that they are easer to stack
chriswjohn 5 days ago
Ruby-Jo Revill
Ruby-Jo Revill 6 days ago
But when you do the plug if you don't want to get out of bed Obviously Your blood is gonna rush to your head And Your Head will feel Heavy
Analia Torres
Analia Torres 6 days ago
BluePolarbear Bruh
How is the glove hands free
Sunflower 6 days ago
9:24 hover bored 😑
Denis Ene
Denis Ene 6 days ago
9:17 hover board
Karim Mezher
Karim Mezher 6 days ago
One Time I Fully Broke My Phone And I Could See Through It It Was A RAINBOW OF BROKEN PHONE We Had To Fix It And Put A WHOLE New Screen But It Took About 1 Month I Just Cried I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT MY PHONE!
Tanner Fun
Tanner Fun 7 days ago
My dog hates taking picture and being in them so i tape a treat to my phone so she can look into the phone
Divine Woodard
Divine Woodard 7 days ago
I love ❤️ you so much
Divine Woodard
Divine Woodard 7 days ago
That meme that is me to
megmee gamers
megmee gamers 7 days ago
4:52 caring is sharing?
Willow Vaughn
Willow Vaughn 7 days ago
We’re all humans at the beginning of the day and the middle of the day too.
Gacha Editors
Gacha Editors 7 days ago
human logic.girl azzy i watched all of these videos
Sexy Panda
Sexy Panda 7 days ago
azzy of you want a dog to look at a camera just put bacon at the back of your phone
Daily Potato
Daily Potato 7 days ago
4:49 “Caring is sharing tho”
Daily Potato
Daily Potato 7 days ago
4:49 “Caring is sharing tho”
Aimee Jo Spitzer
Aimee Jo Spitzer 8 days ago
hands free talking glove Azzy: you would look weird Me: it says hands free...........
Bob Hammerson
Bob Hammerson 8 days ago
9:17 lol its called a hoverboard!!!! 🤣🤣😂😂
Natalya MacDonald-Risner
I love how Azzy just zones out pretends we’re not here
vamsi vamsi
vamsi vamsi 8 days ago
Ihate too
Kofi Kuakumensah
Kofi Kuakumensah 8 days ago
Caring is sharing????
Salma El Deeb
Salma El Deeb 9 days ago
Wait what?! I HATE sitting on hot toilet seats!
StoryTeller 9 days ago
Where I am, stealing pokemon cards is a true crime, not phones
Olivia Grace
Olivia Grace 9 days ago
7:15 he isnt recording...
Cody Bends
Cody Bends 9 days ago
4:50 caring is sharing tho lol
M K 9 days ago
6:33 i have a flip phone.... THAT MAKES ME FEEL GOOD ABOUT MYSELF
Gold Farts
Gold Farts 8 days ago
Does it suck
Dell Lamouche
Dell Lamouche 9 days ago
PumpkinHead Gaming
I'm sorry Azzy but I don't like frog's
Stelio Kontaxakis
Bre O
Bre O 10 days ago
4:52 She said “Caring is sharing.” I think she meant it the other way around lol
Taelyn Montgomery
Taelyn Montgomery 10 days ago
My nephew is 5 months and he can hold his own bottle and said his first word
Evie the Amazing Potato
4:21 I have a doggo like that and he’s called Otis
zena hailey
zena hailey 10 days ago
The thing is a seguey or hoverboard i have one
A SAD GIRL gamer
A SAD GIRL gamer 10 days ago
So u want ur tv to be a slide u want ur pc to be a slide ir comb to be a slide ir cat to be a slide ur bed to be a slide ur toilet be a slide everythinh be a slide ur phone a slide LOL
fadzil sidek
fadzil sidek 10 days ago
Is a hoverboard Azzy 😂😂
Melinda Wachter
Melinda Wachter 10 days ago
the one thing i noticed is that the 'hands free' glove thing LITERALLY needs your hand. 😂😂😂😆😆o_O O_o
Marivel  Sanchez
Marivel Sanchez 10 days ago
Mateo Osorto
Mateo Osorto 10 days ago
1 like if your lazy
Jenna Swift
Jenna Swift 10 days ago
I painted my luggage and I put daisies and my name on it I have a hoverboard but I lost a piece of the cord so 😒
It's kat
It's kat 10 days ago
I've used the laptop one but with a binder clip
Derek Moreno
Derek Moreno 10 days ago
If my ears work right she said caring is sharing at 4:50
Lily The Muggle
Lily The Muggle 10 days ago
10:11 I do that for fun. I’m lazy so I have an extension cord. 😂
Lily The Muggle
Lily The Muggle 10 days ago
One time I had a cool keychain on my luggage... that airport now owes me one cool keychain...
Roxana Chavez
Roxana Chavez 10 days ago
Its a huverbouard
Its_ Afi_gameryt
Its_ Afi_gameryt 11 days ago
6:07 that’s the reason why you turn on location on your phone
shadow striker
shadow striker 11 days ago
Im in turkey right now for holidays and here there is so maaaaany dogs and cats there i saw about 100 cats there : )
LaurenZside roblox
LaurenZside roblox 11 days ago
ummm azzy u said caring is sharing umm XD
Nutmeg Animations
Nutmeg Animations 11 days ago
Twitter: Tweet how you want to be tweeted Comments: Comment how you want to be commented Snapchat: Snap how you want to be snapped cuz if you're mean I'm coming over there to snap yer neck
family love
family love 11 days ago
Roses are red So is blood Am I in a flood (sorry if dark)
Tiffany Ly
Tiffany Ly 11 days ago
The outlet hack, yeaaaaa I did it 3 minutes before I saw it🤨😅
Jamie_The_ Pink_Alpaca
Azzy: there all black they all look the same Me : THATS RACIST
Gacha Wolf Studios
Gacha Wolf Studios 12 days ago
I have broken my smart phones and now I have a phone with a keyboard in it!
Holly gamer
Holly gamer 12 days ago
Azzyland what is wrong with ur eyelashes?..Lmao
Lucy Sharer
Lucy Sharer 12 days ago
Caring is sharing -Azzyland 2019 4:46
Rosy Vega
Rosy Vega 12 days ago
I'm still little but I have a phone
Dawn Keane
Dawn Keane 12 days ago
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 12 days ago
Cyber bullying isn't real just close the tab
Thomas Field
Thomas Field 12 days ago
Madison Wehunt
Madison Wehunt 12 days ago
4:52 She said caring is sharing😂
Brooks Littles
Brooks Littles 12 days ago
It's a hoverboard
Cute dog09
Cute dog09 12 days ago
Hey i have a flip phone and a Samsung Galaxy seven edge you is rude azzyland sorry
Glen Shanklin
Glen Shanklin 12 days ago
You see the people who used to glasses to see the gorillas they aren't that smart how do you see the gorillas if you have cardboard covering your eyes
Cara the Cat! Foster
Well to be honest my Nana had a flip phone but she passed away at least she's in a better place 😇🙏
Ashlynn Reynolds
Ashlynn Reynolds 13 days ago
I’m 10 and never dropped my phone and got it 2 years again
Xavier Santiago
Xavier Santiago 13 days ago
Did you mean sharing is caring
Hxuddin 2010
Hxuddin 2010 13 days ago
"Why would you want a suitcase with someone's face in it" I want azzys beautiful face
What if I was a cat ?
Fernando Gonzalez
Fernando Gonzalez 13 days ago
My.other phone broke
Linda Lambright
Linda Lambright 13 days ago
Hover board
Jennifer Read
Jennifer Read 13 days ago
you are my 1faviret youtuber
Lexi Bailey
Lexi Bailey 14 days ago
I mean stressed over 4th grade
Lexi Bailey
Lexi Bailey 14 days ago
It’s a hover board you dingoes sorry I am just just
Mary Lenhart
Mary Lenhart 14 days ago
5:58 Lol Its 5:55
taylor tyler
taylor tyler 14 days ago
Actually someone stole my flip phone so yeah it still happens
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