GENIUS HAIR HACKS AND TRICKS || Awkward Hair Problems by 123 GO! GOLD

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Always wanted to have bright blue hair and never knew how to make it better - try our simple hair hacks and shine like a pop star!
You'll know how to use eye shadows to dye hair fast and with no effort, how to make awesome hairstyle for long hair and lok gorgeous with a simple hair accessorize!
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00:04 How to dye hair with eye shadows
00:31 Genius hair hacks for your beauty
01:57 Brilliant life hack for smart girls
03:31 Awkward hair fails
04:35 Funny curly hair problems
06:16 Long hair VS short hair troubles
09:05 Funny bloopers
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Mar 27, 2020




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123 GO! GOLD
123 GO! GOLD 6 months ago
Wow I have never used eyeshadows this way😱! Have you ever dyed your hair? Confess in the comments and subscribe GOLD👑 to support our channel👇 ruvid.net/show-UCzAa37OHvk6LQTG6M2GcJEA
_Amy Rouge_
_Amy Rouge_ 5 days ago
@123 GO! GOLD your the best
Ahana Kulkarni
Ahana Kulkarni 9 days ago
I just means . I don't like your videos I just love them 😘😍😘😙😗
Cyril Joseph
Cyril Joseph 14 days ago
I always wanted my hair blond I wish I was born with it and pink at the bottom
Cyril Joseph
Cyril Joseph 14 days ago
Love u Guy's i can't stop watching your videos
Katy Stacey
Katy Stacey Hour ago
I washed a vid with all the names and I what there real voices like this if u do
Nadhira Aden
Nadhira Aden 9 hours ago
Hi guys l love you so much 123 going
Nadhira Aden
Nadhira Aden 10 hours ago
I love you 123 go so much
Penelope S.
Penelope S. 15 hours ago
😂😂😂🤣Super funny hahah
Penelope S.
Penelope S. 15 hours ago
liberty lafaver
liberty lafaver
PandaUnicornKitty Crafters
Old vid clips uggg 🤔 why
Ashlea Hemming
Ashlea Hemming 6 days ago
I love your life hack they're so fun❤❤❤
Heather Midlam
Heather Midlam 12 days ago
Nope,I have it,but it’s not hard to brush ma hair boi
BlossomGaming Yt
BlossomGaming Yt 13 days ago
0:58 who uses curly scissors to cut hair
Skylar 14 days ago
I love you 123go
Skylar 14 days ago
That’s so true
Skylar 14 days ago
Bryan Koren
Bryan Koren 14 days ago
You look like Matilda.
Rükiye Mohammed
Rükiye Mohammed 14 days ago
Wow that eyeshadow trick whas amazing ı won't to do ıt to
Teena Jose
Teena Jose 15 days ago
It was funny when olivia tried to keep hair secured...
Liaba Mkhan
Liaba Mkhan 16 days ago
I love you guys
Natalia David
Natalia David 16 days ago
I love my uncorn
Natalia David
Natalia David 16 days ago
I love it
Md.Jahir Ahmed
Md.Jahir Ahmed 17 days ago
Where is there too go
Juliette Davis
Juliette Davis 18 days ago
i like it
Alex Ari
Alex Ari 18 days ago
I have really long hair so my life is so annoying😐
Keesha 21 day ago
My mom had curly hair but now she doesn't anymore and she got a haircut
Bulliraju Madisa
Bulliraju Madisa 22 days ago
Wow super hair hacks
Aria Gabrielle Santos
Olivia kinda looks like mowe
Elvia Virrueta
Elvia Virrueta 28 days ago
Sofia is a bitch
Kyra Alexander
Kyra Alexander 29 days ago
Comment on my comment yah if you agree with me that they should do all there real voices
Asmi Ani
Asmi Ani Month ago
But which hair have more problem plzz tell me long hair or short hair plzz tell me me long hair
Shivapaarthiban Palani
Olivia is gorgeous with her curly hair, I too want to have like her
Lauren Seston
Lauren Seston Month ago
1:05 I have those scissors Edit 1 Like if you want to hear their real voices
skaardj10 Month ago
Ksjdnnsndksndmndndmnd xdnnd Xbox one controller to Hhsbdggsbghjg FML glitches g game DJjhcbn
Princess Margo Noval
Lana your hair is beulful
unicorn team love is life
Olivia 's hair is so funny😂while she 's coming her hair
Andy Vu
Andy Vu Month ago
janiya gwen odejar
hi ilove your vids
janiya gwen odejar
who is talking but ilove your vids😉
Adele Wang
Adele Wang Month ago
I almost fell off my chair because I thought Lana was actually going to cut her long hair💎🧸🕊🦜
Jau du you du sou meni osom bideos
Kiran Nouman
Kiran Nouman Month ago
I love your smile maya
mohamedmusthafa chungath
Congratulations 123 go gold you have 2 million subscribers 😊
Fiona Ibraimi
Fiona Ibraimi Month ago
I have a little bit of long hair and a little bit of short hair
World Supporter
World Supporter Month ago
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Ahmed Mostafa
Ahmed Mostafa Month ago
Just_u&me Month ago
Lana’s hair is soooo pretty and long😱Love you guys❤️❤️
Ravi Dave
Ravi Dave Month ago
I have curly hair
Ravi Dave
Ravi Dave Month ago
I love curly hair
nagaraju nagaraju
I said you Curly hair looked pretty not with the comb one When you were under the
nagaraju nagaraju
When your curly hair 👩‍🦱 Got messed up It did look kind of pretty
nialah sky
nialah sky Month ago
abdul bari
abdul bari Month ago
Wow you act like that wow
Gabrielle Reynolds
Like is you think Olivia needs to stop making weird faces I do just saying
Veronica Osuna
Veronica Osuna Month ago
Maryfrancis Rodriguez
Don’t cut your hair
Aesha Jones
Aesha Jones Month ago
you have good vido
Purple Bunny
Purple Bunny Month ago
Tips to stay coronavirus free 1 stay six feet apart from people in public 2 wear mask or gloves when going out of your house 4 wash hands when in public or use hand sanitizer 5 stay at home 6 when your bored at home watch 123 go or if you want to do something to get off a screen color read a book or play with toys oh and nap. I hope this tips were useful please stay safe during COVID 19 stay safe everyone😁
Nincy Bonilla
Nincy Bonilla Month ago
You look nice emily😇
Lilly Benga Nsimba
Derrick Thompson
Ayesha Essop
Ayesha Essop Month ago
Hi I love you guys I'm sooooo early
Liz Zie
Liz Zie Month ago
Every single hack you guys do doesn’t even work
M SP Month ago
It's bolshit 😈😈😈😈💀
Dinesh Kumar
Dinesh Kumar Month ago
Kiery B
Kiery B Month ago
Cara friends forever
I watched the video when Sophia her money stolen but it wasn't Sophia it was helly
Mary Julietہ
Mary Julietہ Month ago
Lana's hairstyle looks good 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jeremy Kelsall
Jeremy Kelsall Month ago
Kill me
annaya imran
annaya imran Month ago
Oh what should I say this show Is the best I can't believe how do u do this I love all your videos and u all I don't known how I love u all but u Should give the real voice of yours LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE all u are my LOVE if u are bad or good Duvall are the best
Dawn B
Dawn B 2 months ago
Man i wish i had colorful hair instead of this boring brown hair
Areesha Abbad
Areesha Abbad 2 months ago
X.wolfie.x 2 months ago
I love Vicky
nayelly Flores
nayelly Flores 2 months ago
I like 123 go gold
dzeni dzenana
dzeni dzenana 2 months ago
2 dislike 17 likes
dzeni dzenana
dzeni dzenana 2 months ago
Hi one to three gold
annaya imran
annaya imran 2 months ago
What are you I want to HERE real voice
Bushra Asad
Bushra Asad 2 months ago
#Tin kay
#Tin kay 2 months ago
who like lana
Vanessa tello Palacios
Leena Sharma
Leena Sharma 2 months ago
No Curly hair can snatch your beauty so love the way u are
Mathmaya Mokoena
Mathmaya Mokoena 2 months ago
,i love you
Prachi Kadam
Prachi Kadam 3 months ago
No I have not try 👎
tiffany firth
tiffany firth 3 months ago
I can die my hair
SHIZUKA GAMING 3 months ago
Really the best youtube channel urs 😘😘😘
Deepanshu Depu
Deepanshu Depu 3 months ago
Lana is so intelligent
Extra Flames Rains in fire
Can we appreciate how Emily’s hair is golden Emily in Gold:👩🏼 Emily in brown:👩🏽 💜💜💜💜💜💜
Blxir 3 months ago
WolfhoundWife 3 months ago
Like they always do this to there face like WHA they do this loooooook. :0 :o like WWWwWWhHhhHhHAaaA
Suela Mustafa
Suela Mustafa 3 months ago
My her ar nat ty cheli
Paskel Kids
Paskel Kids 3 months ago
fartun kulmiye
fartun kulmiye 3 months ago
Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi
fartun kulmiye
fartun kulmiye 3 months ago
Hi I’m going a few minutes to do my hair e you are not going to make it to do my first afk
Servant of God
Servant of God 3 months ago
Roses are red Voilet are blue Dont cut ur hair I luv how ur hair look School is starting tomorrow
Haylee Szczesny
Haylee Szczesny 3 months ago
I don't like your videos I love them
rethabile kampong
rethabile kampong 3 months ago
always wanted to get my hair coloured
Billies avocados
Billies avocados 3 months ago
I really think lana is more beautifull with short hair😻💖
francis kolentine
francis kolentine 3 months ago
Lana you truly lucky to have such long 💇hair👍👍👍If i had long hair like you i would stlyle my hair all day.😂😂😂😘😘😘💝💝💝
ERWIN RONQUILLO 3 months ago
Hair hacks is cool and nice💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💖💖💖💖💖💖💖👏👅👁💖💖💖💖💚💜💛💙
Stephanie Morris
Stephanie Morris 3 months ago
So cool to see this
Vikki Berry
Vikki Berry 3 months ago
Vikki Berry
Vikki Berry 3 months ago
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