Generations React To Try Not To Say Wow Challenge

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Try not to say wow challenge reacted to by Generations. Original links below.
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Generations do their best to not say wow in this Try Not To Say
Wow Challenge. Watch to see their reactions.
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Tida, age 9
Lucas, age 10
Jaxon, age 15
Becca, age 17
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Generations React To Try Not To Say Wow Challenge


Published on


Mar 9, 2019




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Comments 80
Shrey Goyal
Shrey Goyal 15 days ago
The Owen Wilson compilation was entrapment 😂 It's like a "Try Not to be Bored" challenged with 200 clips of people yawning.
WeirdFunnyBOY Guy
WeirdFunnyBOY Guy 16 days ago
Becca: That's sad:( Tom: That's cool!
XxCell TeamxX
XxCell TeamxX 24 days ago
I'm just saying wow to the amount of people talking about malcolm
Chicken nuggets44
The Real Winner is Malcom
Rudy the Dark Siren
Its Kuya Mo Kevin
Owen Wilson : *Wow*
bendoesit17 Month ago
5:20 Mark said wow
Cody Watson
Cody Watson 2 months ago
The three phones are impressive because you would have to know the load time of each phone. He didn't start them in the order the title rolled across so he knew how long each phone took!!!
shashang SJ
shashang SJ 2 months ago
Mark Black
Mark Black 2 months ago
i clicked for owen wilson
0nixsta0 2 months ago
Tom "Look how un-superficial this hot guy is, but like that's how humans should be" Yes mate! ❤️
SYNEED 3 months ago
Why are you guy’s giving points for other words you should have only countet wow and I don’t understand what’s so difficult to not say wow I never even use that word
SYNEED 3 months ago
WTF some just where saying I’m Impressed and they got an X like wtf
Alex G
Alex G Year ago
Well this is way too easy lol
Hannah Bohlen
Hannah Bohlen Year ago
I think this was more of a try not to be impressed challenge than a say wow challenge. Like if u agree
Niaya Hicks
Niaya Hicks Year ago
More just to see malcom fail
Mutagens Year ago
Try not to say wow "wow thats cool " *buzzer*
Carol Carnes
Carol Carnes Year ago
It's Rini.
Carol Carnes
Carol Carnes Year ago
I'm your granddaughter and I miss you so much. I hope you see this. I love you so much. And tell grandma I love her too.
Carol Carnes
Carol Carnes Year ago
That old guy looks like my grandpa John. Probably not him though. Haven't seen him in years. If you see this comment grandpa please note: the profile name's first name is a lie
Big Ounce
Big Ounce Year ago
LifeWithLia Year ago
Some of them aren’t even saying wow and you ❌ them out like what ...😱🤔
Visualizer Year ago
Nobody : Malcolm : *WOW*
The Mandalorian
So you cant say Woo Whoa Dang Thats cool Im impressed. Not sure this challenge is accurate lol
Deanna Inzunza
At 8:30 watch Malcolm's wow square at the bottom it changes from 11 to 13 and missed 12
Silence Year ago
Maybe because saying "wow" counts as 2 points as stated in the beginning?? HMMMM
Teha Bakes
Teha Bakes Year ago
I love Malcolm lmao
Olivia Wegner
Olivia Wegner Year ago
*Ruby is my new favorite reactor.* *Mood*
Tsurugaya Otsuu
Lucas is so cute!! I just love him!!
Emiliano Hernandez
Ruby has seen it all. 🤣
11past Year ago
That deaf man is the one of the sadest cutest sweetest video i’ve ever seen in my life. That’s it, i say that with a period.
Tyler Vos
Tyler Vos Year ago
Racecars dont need headlights. Coz the track is always LIT
Jon Fesi
Jon Fesi Year ago
they X'ed them with them just reacting at all.. half the time they didnt say WOW
matthew mac
matthew mac Year ago
@607baku in title yes but in the video they meantion multiple times that they would gain a point for being impressed but would get 2 points if they said wow
607baku Year ago
No it only says try not to say wow challeng
matthew mac
matthew mac Year ago
that's the point they said it's a try not to say wow or be impressed challenge
Gatcha _MacyXx
im the only person that cried when I saw the deaf man
The Undead Assassin
Ok so if the rules extend beyond simply not being allowed to say “wow”, then why even call it the “Try not to say wow challenge”? Why not “Try not to be amazed or surprised?” That seems a lot more straightforward and less deceiving, as a title like that would describe the challenge a lot better and would be less vague and confusing.
saybanana Year ago
Mood goes to Ruby. Even when she was told she won. .... mood. Malcolm seems like a fun person to be around.
Angie Nimo
Angie Nimo Year ago
And the winner of this challenge is Malcolm
Juris Maglinte
Ruby is such a mood
Eli Taylen
Eli Taylen Year ago
Does everyone just skip to them reacting and not listen to the rules?? 2 points for saying wow and 1 point for being/showing that you were impressed, I mean come on even if you didn't hear the rules you can look at the pattern and figure it out
MJlover2300 Year ago
Nobody: Malcolm: wOw
Adam Binder
Adam Binder Year ago
Hahaha Malcolm is AMAZING!!!! So funny!
Marley 0522
Marley 0522 Year ago
I think Malcolm won this challenge....😂
WoAh Girl
WoAh Girl Year ago
Marley 0522 Just wow 😳
MrBroxMan Year ago
6:50 the wonderful thing we use during exams called friction pen.
Jadae Shelton
Jadae Shelton Year ago
Teens react to Shane and Ryland getting married.
Kenysha F
Kenysha F Year ago
Malcom at 9:30 took me out 😂😂
Ghaith Mahi
Ghaith Mahi Year ago
Ruby is a mood lol
interia Year ago
People in the comments dont listeing to the instructions and ask why they get „random“ points...nice
Keegan Viehweg
Anybody else notice how Brittany went from 4 wows to 6 wows at 10:02🤨
Oscar Michaus
Oscar Michaus Year ago
Didn’t you fucking listen to the instructions???!!
Kelsey Hilton
Kelsey Hilton Year ago
If you said the word wow u got 2 points and if you said a synonym of it you got 1 point
Sophia Zermeno
Watch 10:05-10:08 but look at Brooklyn's box it goes from 4 to 6 ???wth
2 points for when they say wow. 1 point for when they were impressed.
Sophia Zermeno
ummmmm you cant buy the same ring, male and female???
Oof Account
Oof Account Year ago
@Samantha Durmus She is right there are female and male rings
Samantha Durmus
Sophia Zermeno you... are you.. can you... really be serious?
Narutoismylover 22
I love Malcom 😂😂
AlterEGGO Year ago
As soon as I saw Malcom in this video I knew he was gonna lose bad xD
The Bum
The Bum Year ago
Joshua Jessop
Joshua Jessop Year ago
easy challenge, haven't said wow in forever it feels like.
Jungle Boy
Jungle Boy Year ago
But the half of the losed people didn't say wow at all! Lol nasty cheating liars
noonskyii Year ago
"o my god" counted too
Deadpool Year ago
They said anything like wow too
Danielle C
Danielle C Year ago
I don't understand... I thought the rules were to not say "wow" or "whoa"....? People were saying they're impressed and they got dinged?
Danielle C
Danielle C Year ago
@big boi refer to my comment above... Also calm down with the caps lock there buddy. I was literally just confused. Not here to argue or create problems. I didn't hear them say that at all. Oh well 🤷 not a big deal
Danielle C
Danielle C Year ago
@cambrie parsons okay well I missed that 🤷
big boi
big boi Year ago
cambrie parsons
Danielle Chavarria the rules were do not say woah or woah and if you were impressed you got dinged for one point and if you said wow or woah 2 points
Amanda S
Amanda S Year ago
“Try not to *_say wow”_* Yet some got marked for the reaction of impression and ‘oh my goodness’. That’s a bit foul.
Gianna Struck
Gianna Struck Year ago
They said that in the beginning... 1 point for showing signs of being impressed and 2 for saying wow
Leo Year ago
Ruby Sounds like female Morgan Freeman
Chelsea Campanella
Or forest gump😂 no shade tho, i love her.
mugheera mazhar
Malcolm, Owen's nose is alright. Hush!
Baptizo -
Baptizo - Year ago
Should have been “try not to get impressed or react” because when they didnt even say wow. They got marked
Gianna Struck
Gianna Struck Year ago
Well they did say that in the beginning
Tara Zahn
Tara Zahn Year ago
Tom's explanation of "a lot of people can do things I cant do, because im uncoordinated, so im impressed by those things".... I feel that in my soul.
heyitsjen /:
heyitsjen /: Year ago
3:57 he said “why was I impressed” not “woah I was impressed” ?? And you still counted him out
Lisa OHORAT Year ago
That's probably why he only got 1 point for it, a 'wow' reaction without actually saying it.
Minato Namikaze
Would be funny if she ended up saying no in the first video.
Francisca Gonzalez
I love Malcolm 😂😂😂
Loysie Year ago
Kids React to Bikini Bottom Mysteries!
Eydamtus 13
Eydamtus 13 Year ago
WOWwowowowowowowowowowow wow
C H Year ago
Wow, eyebrow kid is so big now
Thị Thanh Ngân Châu
WwOOOw I want a Malcolm in my life!! 🤣🤣🤣
ecstasyedits Year ago
Owen Wilson is hysterical.
Eri V
Eri V Year ago
I love Malcom omg hahaha
Richard Sheptak
Zipy Year ago
Malcolm lost the worst out of every video
Ryan Roche
Ryan Roche Year ago
Why wasn’t it try not to be interested
stephanopoulos Dickens
Brittany looking fine
Michel Sampson
Malcolm not even trying is mood 😂
Michel Sampson
Lucas: Easy peasy lemon squeezy. I'm gonna get through this like a boss YASS GET IT BOY
T Stephan
T Stephan Year ago
It says try not to say wow like they got someone out bc he said ooouuu
André Silva
André Silva Year ago
Tom doenst mind to win... NOT EVEN a SINGLE CHALLENGE :D
Mythic Beast
Mythic Beast Year ago
Just say woah
Jiinga Year ago
Malcom: *WOW* wow WOWWW
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