Generations React To Try Not To Get Mad Challenge

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Try Not To Producer, JoseCarlos, just took over this episode! Get
ready for the most sour punishment yet. More amazing content over on
the Try Not To Channel 👉 fbereact.com/SubscribeTryNotTo
Generations React to the Try Not To Get Mad Challenge. Watch to see
their reactions!
Content Featured:
Cookie Monster
TikTok Penny Challenge
Double Parked
ASMR Edibles
Wait for it...
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Reactors Featured:
Robert (Sir Worldwide)
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Generations React To Try Not To Get Mad Challenge


Published on


Feb 22, 2020




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Comments 80
FBE 4 months ago
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•FluffyPuppy• :3
FBE third person and okay ÙwÚ
claire o'driscoll
Maggd 4 months ago
React to Brit awards 2020 Dave performance!!!!! very real and informative for americans
Nakisaka Rymbai
Robert is like a dark lord
Nakisaka Rymbai
That Jayka child is making me mad
Ad1 Day ago
Robert and Brandon is so calm
GameBoy66 Day ago
How to date a video 4:36
Laura Kheimi
Laura Kheimi Day ago
The sour “punishment” would be the best award for me ever lol!
Jenny Lull
Jenny Lull Day ago
11:14 no one: me being jealous that they get to have sour candies: 😞
cxrmen j
cxrmen j 2 days ago
okay but jackson literally vibing to cookie monster is literally mood💀😂
ms awesomeness
ms awesomeness 3 days ago
I want Catherine to be my grandma
SnOpeK Domowei
SnOpeK Domowei 3 days ago
why is it always a german car
Li'l Cookie's Productions
Tori's face when she ate the sour candy was hilarious
Rashed Ghanem
Rashed Ghanem 4 days ago
I love tori😂😂
Winter Parker
Winter Parker 6 days ago
“the lyrics just hit different”😂
Kareisha Jean Pierre
This was something. I was mostly laughing so hard 😂
Andjelija Karalic
Theory: Cookie Monster eats children
King with K
King with K 7 days ago
Only thing that made me mad this video was this Jayka chick
SoupMyGuy 41
SoupMyGuy 41 8 days ago
This video is SO FUCKING HILARIOUS LMAO!!!!!!!!
RicoROfficial 8 days ago
robert's the most chill dude i love it lol
Alfredo Galindo
Alfredo Galindo 8 days ago
What's that cookie monster video
Haley Matlock
Haley Matlock 8 days ago
the only thing that made me mad was catherine.
Tyler McCaw
Tyler McCaw 6 days ago
Annabel Aitken
Annabel Aitken 8 days ago
Tom: Do It! Do it! Editors: Do not do it. Me: Died of laughter. I love Brandon though. So happy.
at 1D we love love
at 1D we love love 10 days ago
Everyone's talking about how sweet Brandon is but i love Tom, he's so cool such a mood
Nayely Caballero
Nayely Caballero 11 days ago
When Cookie Monster said “EEEEEEEeeee” i felt that.
helaholla 11 days ago
I wanna be Tom's friend. He seems awesome
Madie Tichnell
Madie Tichnell 13 days ago
Just seeing the citric acid is making my mouth water 😂😂
hOrRiDcOoKiErAt 13 days ago
I love Roberts non emotion
Lae-Ze Panda
Lae-Ze Panda 13 days ago
8:52 I thought I was the only one with this fear, thank you Brandon
Hayley Curtis
Hayley Curtis 13 days ago
Omg I love Tom
Mina Dannelly
Mina Dannelly 14 days ago
I LOVE sour candy. My mouth is watering watching them eat this.
Avery Lee
Avery Lee 14 days ago
Toms reaction to the last one is everything
ZAmpedNZ 15 days ago
Oh damn... you guys need to put a warning in about sounds... some people are sensitive to higher pitched sounds and it can actually cause them pain, like my cousin I just watched this with who ended up in tears due to that screech... I know you didn’t mean to, but just thought I’d share that as an FYI.
serenity world
serenity world 15 days ago
Tom had the funniest reaction
RandomFandomTantrum _
"Making me feel fabulous." Lol
Lani 16 days ago
omg i did the penny thing and i did not know it was a trend but also i did it on accident
PumpkinBerryPie 19 days ago
The one with the cookie monster face and the noise really just sounded like a sippy cup after the kid has a big drink from it tbh
Nicole Watterson
Nicole Watterson 20 days ago
Catherine, I’m a Gen Z and that Tik Tok trend is stupid!
I had a friend who did something similar to the tiktok challege (around 4:00) but he used a paper clip, and it short-cicuited the power to the classroom.
Akil Scott
Akil Scott 20 days ago
do Karen compilations
Indra Jukāme
Indra Jukāme 20 days ago
Well, the punishment is sooo stupid!!! They are damaging their health/ stomach with the citric acid- it's not healthy at all to eat it pure! 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄
Matthew Aldaco
Matthew Aldaco 22 days ago
Robert looks like an older version of that other react kid that’s on here sometimes... forgot his name. You know the one.
Angel Fashola
Angel Fashola 22 days ago
Dem lyrics are 🔥
Amber Harvey
Amber Harvey 22 days ago
I need to be on this channel I’ll win every time PS. I have no soul/emotions
Anes Ammardjia
Anes Ammardjia 23 days ago
I'm the only one who noticed that jeyka talk like Kim Kardashian
Peachy Gloss
Peachy Gloss 23 days ago
I won all of these, except the part when Jayka said that she parks that way sometimes.
Alan Gamer
Alan Gamer 23 days ago
What’s wrong with honey bee
Jamison Reese
Jamison Reese 23 days ago
Robert with his bucket hat makes me sooooo happy :)
Exceptionally Quiet
"Its fine if your kids are educated" Ten seconds later "Omg! I park like that!" Point. Friggin. Made.
Olivia Grabowska
Olivia Grabowska 24 days ago
7:38 “are those cookies?” 🥺
Marcela Del Pino
Marcela Del Pino 25 days ago
Brandon it’s so adorable, omg
Moonlight unicorn
Moonlight unicorn 27 days ago
I hate jaxson tell him to stop cursing NOW In fact why don’t you that a challenge try not to curse
Sophia Ruelas
Sophia Ruelas 27 days ago
Catherine is so cute
double r3
double r3 29 days ago
The asmr one is disgusting
Jan Williams
Jan Williams Month ago
i have a headache and when that cookie monster yell was there i HATED it
Hayden Seute
Hayden Seute Month ago
7:51 Jim: "Could you imagine the poops?" me: *laughs* Ok, that made it funny XD
Satan's Boredom
Satan's Boredom Month ago
How do I sign up for these?
Superman Month ago
Catherine: WTF because I’m a nice person Also Catherine: *Loses 5 Times*
Wednesday April
Wednesday April Month ago
Why is it that tori looks like shes constantly on the verge of beaking and killing someone
Techno Logical
Techno Logical Month ago
Jayka is a tiktoker, parks car taking two spots, loves asmr and looks. Being a 24 yr old guy, either i'm disconnected with my generation or people are really dumb and have weird interests.
Milba Piñon Orosco
6:50 Dance with Jaxon!!
Millie Griffiths
"It's like a warhead on steroids" 😂😂😂😂
Ex3oツ Month ago
Is it me or did anyone else laugh at the Cookie Monster one
Seiferboy Gaming
When I was in high school, one of my friends decided to see what would happen if he put his house key in the wall outlet. We were at school when he decided to try it. Blue sparks flew everywhere and the outlet and wall were burned! It was one of the outlets the janitors plugged the vacuum into. 😂😂😂 That was before social media, so it's not like he went on Tik Tok and saw the idea there. He came up with it himself.
Margaret Dowd
Margaret Dowd Month ago
frstenpz Month ago
Shut jayka , tik toks full of pedophiles underage girls stolen music and audios and dangerous "challenges" that are stupid
Cathie Joanna
Cathie Joanna Month ago
4:09 Shenita has a daughter? Damn! I thought she was like a teenager😂
The Rookie Gamer 101
I lost from jayka
Jady J
Jady J Month ago
The penny one is stupid and I'm 12
Zoe Borja
Zoe Borja Month ago
Jose Luis Valencia
Seriously guys, y'all x out people when they're not even mad. Lol.
방탄소년단 Month ago
Punishment: eating our candy no one: me: SO- SOUR CANDY!!!!!!!
Username_Taken Month ago
Jaxon, Catherine and Tom made me laugh so hard that I just couldn’t get mad 😂
YvaiatheDemon Month ago
I love how matter-of-factly Jaxon said "the sourness blocks my throat from swallowing...so...I could die." xDDD
Guen Jackson
Guen Jackson Month ago
honestly if i was on here i would be breaking all the computers and head phones. i get mad so easily
Fearne McDaid
Fearne McDaid Month ago
Jesus Ghandi
Jesus Ghandi Month ago
My mouth is watering, I’m really wanting some lemon toxic waste. Not mad, just salivating. How could that possibly be a punishment? :s
Baron Blut Stienbar
5:30 I believe this is common in Britain
Naz KOCAMAN Month ago
Ava A
Ava A Month ago
Tom: Do it! Editor: (Do not do it) You need to give your editor a raise!
Joey Roth
Joey Roth Month ago
6:51 Jaxon and Tori have the right idea. I dont understand how people are capable of NOT dancing to that.
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