Generations React To SURPRISE Disney Marriage PROPOSAL (Best Wedding Proposals Of 2019)

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See the best marriage proposals of 2019 and 2020 so far! Original links below.
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Generations React to the best wedding and marriage proposals from 2019 and 2020. Did we miss any great wedding proposals from 2019, and what did you think of the sleeping beauty marriage proposal from 2020? Let us know in the comments!
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Content Featured:
Sleeping Beauty Marriage Proposal
The 365 Day Proposal
Man Photobombs Girlfriend With Engagement Ring
The 10,000ft Proposal
A Surprise Proposal and Ellen's BIG Wedding Gift for a Viral Couple
Roller Coaster Proposal
Two men propose at the same time
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Generations React To SURPRISE Disney Marriage PROPOSAL (Best Proposals Of 2019)


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Jan 17, 2020




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Comments 80
FBE 6 months ago
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Karen Ling
Karen Ling 2 months ago
my son billy is turning 3 years old today
Peter Kazavis
Peter Kazavis 3 months ago
mateo alexander
mateo alexander 5 months ago
React to tusa by Karol G
Anlas Toko
Anlas Toko 5 months ago
Is it possible for you guys to react to eminems new album music to be murdered by
Tom Jenkins
Tom Jenkins 5 months ago
A couple of good wedding proposals that were pretty cool... ruvid.net/video/video-pnVAE91E7kM.html ruvid.net/video/video-khOUvmOQExc.html
Eric Litynski
Eric Litynski 14 days ago
I've watched the proposal a few times and this was 2nd best to that one - this made me laugh & cry!
Tharuka Thayaparan
Tharuka Thayaparan 17 days ago
Everyone else: Awwwww Jaxon: dRop ThE rInG. dRoP tHE RiNg.DrOP thE rINg!
Luísa Verdan
Luísa Verdan 17 days ago
the last one was on Brazil i guess
Luísa Verdan
Luísa Verdan 17 days ago
o ultimo foi no Brasil certeza
AnimeGamer 244
AnimeGamer 244 22 days ago
You should do generations react to Dhar Mann videos :)
My favorite one was the first one because I love Disney and that guy went through all that for the girl
Giselle Barragan
Bro, Imagine Jinyoung from GOT7 proposed me to get married! I will say yes!!
Arwa 44
Arwa 44 Month ago
الشيبان الاثنين معرسين ببعض 🤮
Autumn Queen Mangle Wild
My computer teacher is a huge fan of three things. Marvel, his wife, and.....Taylor Swift. And to propose to her, they went to a concert and Mr. Computer sung along to Taylor Swift singing Love Story and got on his knee and sung "Its a love story baby just say yes". So cute!
Allie Hecker
Allie Hecker Month ago
Did anyone else see the kid in the door window at 1:32?
I'm asexual and am perfectly happy to have my love life go no further than the occasional crush. However, if I ever do meet that special someone who I know I will be happy with for the rest of my life, I'd want them give me a Disney proposal but with Beauty And The Beast. It's my favorite love story of all time and I've always really related to Belle, so it would just be so perfect for me! I just hope I'm not being proposed to by Gaston. BLAH!!!
F.C Draws
F.C Draws Month ago
I love how Jaxon was just saying "DROP THE RING." Or something like that throughout the whole video xD
Scarlett Kathryn Rose Vlogs
"So are you gonna propose to me?" IF ONLY I WAS THAT BOLD
Carol C.
Carol C. Month ago
I thought these were all going to be Disney proposals because of the title...they were still really cute though.
Summerthenightskygirl _
Everybody: this is so cute Jaxon: DROP THE RING
XxBlackRosexX Month ago
SLEEPING BEAUTY NOT SNOW WHITE...sorry I am very defensive over Disney
I loveeeeee your channellllll!!!! omg every time Jaxon said "Drop the ring!" I cracked up XD
Rachel Willis
Rachel Willis 2 months ago
I love watching proposal videos. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
eilishdemons 2 months ago
The video of the two women who showed up at Ellen got me. Imagine not having your family supporting you because you love someone and then being able to show your love for that person not only for the country, but for the whole world. Love is fucking beautiful to be ashamed of, bro
Anthony birkholz
Anthony birkholz 2 months ago
I had a pretty cool proposal. I proposed on a karaoke stage. In fact, my story is in a proposal book of all great ways to propose. I did NOT copy from the book, It was written after I did it. The author of the book thought it was so clever, it needed to be in a book with some other ways to propose.
Matthew Gavorcik
Matthew Gavorcik 2 months ago
I just love Jaxeon wanting people to drop the ring
Alex Matos
Alex Matos 2 months ago
The last one was in Brazil, so cute...
PlatinumShiro 2 months ago
That last one was just too cute
Random Name
Random Name 2 months ago
YESSSSS LLOYD CANE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! (I literally asked for it a few months ago)
giraffe 2 months ago
the old couple is a whole mood🤣🤣🤣🤣
giraffe 2 months ago
i love how the girl before jax is like "no, put it back. put it back." while jax is like "ring fly out"... boys will be boys🤣
msminmichigan 2 months ago
I'm a 35 year old grown ass man watching this and crying at 2AM. The Coronavirus has us all feeling crazy emotions.
Gabrielle M
Gabrielle M 2 months ago
Is someone every did that for me I would be crying
LUCYTOKCF 2 months ago
the last clip is from my country, i feel represented
Elmaria Jin
Elmaria Jin 2 months ago
The grandpas are tooo cute i jus cant
Lucia Welch
Lucia Welch 2 months ago
Grace Mogara
Grace Mogara 3 months ago
Mel Rain
Mel Rain 3 months ago
A bunch of cats! Yes girl!
yoongi had me like
yoongi had me like 3 months ago
The last video got me wailing, that’s so cute!,
Dar the Star
Dar the Star 3 months ago
These are awesome! I don't which one is better; the first one, or the last one. Actually you know what? THEY'RE ALL AWESOME!!!
Erica McClintock
Erica McClintock 3 months ago
Ok, but wheres tori and eric???
Vanshika Rawat
Vanshika Rawat 3 months ago
Katelynn Jordan
Katelynn Jordan 3 months ago
I am crying so cute !!!!!!!
MadDogRandies 3 months ago
I love Catherine! She’s so sweet! “Love is love!” Thank you for saying that Catherine! It means a lot to a lot of people!
Spritemon 98
Spritemon 98 3 months ago
I remember the 7th clip
Hope Mc Gowan
Hope Mc Gowan 3 months ago
Why are you going to marry someone that you just met I mean she was sleeping and you were like where you marry me I'd be like hell no I need to go to sleep
Jenny A.F.
Jenny A.F. 3 months ago
My name is Jennifer
Ray 3 months ago
but fr Michelle always be in a mood and I love it
Romeo Castro
Romeo Castro 3 months ago
I love how Jaxon was like : DROP THE RING DROP THE RING 😂😂😂
AB 123
AB 123 3 months ago
I know somebody who proposed o his now wife by driving 12 hours to disney world to propose to her! It was ADORABLE!
Mark Black
Mark Black 3 months ago
It would've been cute if any of the couples on the show proposed
Alexander Adrien
Alexander Adrien 3 months ago
Jaxon must have a love life hahahaha. He was wishing for those men to drop the their rings...how cute.
Peter Kazavis
Peter Kazavis 3 months ago
Hey FBE! Why don't you have people react to marriage proposals that were rejected? Those were BRUTAL!!! 😄
DarkLadyJade 3 months ago
Most marriages end in divorce, so yeah. *shrug*
Rynos Music
Rynos Music 3 months ago
“What in the Cedar Point is going on?” 🤣🤣
zphii 3 months ago
I swear to god I heard that last guy go "my cousin-" and START PROPOSING I'M OUT LMAO
Joshua Lowe
Joshua Lowe 3 months ago
0:28 It's not Cinderella or Snow White. It's Sleeping Beauty
Marcel Smet
Marcel Smet 4 months ago
I’m am such a non romantic if it is something like a old institute with the roots in religion Although those two rings made me tear up a bit 😉❤️
Italia Montes
Italia Montes 4 months ago
Wolfe03 4 months ago
I don't believe a lot of these proposals are for virality, but for memories. Sure, you always have the outliers who do all sorts of publicoty stunts because they're so fame hungry, but most people want to have that memory to look back on, that story to remember. Imagine one day finding that video and it's like feeling it all over again 10 years later. Sure, it's not for everyone, but some people want to capture that joy, and share it for the sake of it. Some people like it to be more personal and lowkey, and that's okay, but some people enjoy the thrill of building a whole project fueled by love, and make it a big deal, not for everyone else even though they often get roped in too, but for themselves, and their s/o. And the sheerjoy in most cases such a pleasure to watch, and there's nothing wrong with sharing it, and capturing that. All that's important is knowing your partner's feelings and wishes. Never make it a big production if they wouldn't want it, but if they do, go as far as you wish, because you'll remember it forever. 💓
Milena Lukic
Milena Lukic 4 months ago
I got asked by an arcade plastic bunny emoji ring infront of our friends on a vacation Not gonna change that moment for anything (he later got me a ring i can actually wear)
JX 4 months ago
Everyone married: Marriage is like a rollercoaster Video 6: let's experience that. No shit sherlock
Rose Art
Rose Art 4 months ago
wonders if its a good idea to send this video to my bf for ideas? *hehe*
Amelia Rosalina The Hedgehog
This is so cute and adorable I wish my marriage proposal was like this in a Disney way
Cerpiper GamesnGacha
Cinderella no snow white It's actually Aurora from Sleeping Beauty 😂😂😂
Snsd ngg
Snsd ngg 4 months ago
Why do people date or marry . No idea
Sign Name Here
Sign Name Here 4 months ago
I already renounced marriage a long time ago. But once upon a time, I also dreamt of the day I'd be proposed to.
Thelma Williams
Thelma Williams 4 months ago
3:51 “I thought it was from the man of my dreams”😂😂
Antonia Henríquez
Antonia Henríquez 4 months ago
10:18 guy: *gets on one knee, takes out a ring* will u marry me? the other guy: *uno reverse card*
Terrie Jo
Terrie Jo 4 months ago
BubblyMarble 4 months ago
3:39 these two 😂
olivia S
olivia S 4 months ago
When the second video said turn around did anyone else think about the song from Stranger Things. Just me? 😄🤨
as aventuras da biscoita !!!!!!
the artist who Drew the sleeping beauty one is called kayla coombs.
Christian Cummins
Christian Cummins 4 months ago
My best friends husband lead her on a scavenger hunt to all there favorite places until then where it let to the last place in a musical theater on stage where her husband appeared and proposed to her with all her family and friends in the audience. ❤
drewski west
drewski west 4 months ago
at 1:41 - Michelle, your smile brightens my day so much, you are incredibly gorgeous I hope to one day meet you! You have such a wholesome personality
Joy B
Joy B 4 months ago
What if the girl on the roller coaster said no and then they’re awkwardly sitting through the whole ride
Kris Castillo
Kris Castillo 4 months ago
"You love a man that respects the title."
jiyeonie 4 months ago
that 12 year acts like shes so much older than her age lmao
Gaby Gibson
Gaby Gibson 4 months ago
Frank and Lloyd are awesome
Jefrey Jiro
Jefrey Jiro 4 months ago
Please make videos about people reacting to dimash kudaibergen
Fandom editor
Fandom editor 4 months ago
The Disney one is amazing
salman soltan
salman soltan 5 months ago
Watching this in valentine day makes it even harder😭😭😭
cerulean tear
cerulean tear 5 months ago
I'm such a bookworm that my favorite proposal would be a bookmark with a ring attached in the book I'm currently reading. What a wonderful surprise from someone who understands me.
iiaestheticii 5 months ago
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