Generations React To And Try 5-Minute Crafts (Summer Hacks - Do They Work?)

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5 Minute Crafts Reacted to by Generations. Original links below.
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Generations React to and try 5-Minute Crafts Summer Hacks. Watch to see their reactions and if they actually work!
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Generations React To And Try 5-Minute Crafts (Summer Hacks - Do They Work?)


Published on


Aug 4, 2019




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Comments 2 358
FBE 2 months ago
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aestheticvibes :3
aestheticvibes :3 2 months ago
ironwolf_1s ' Your so rude! Just because he thinks the time is 5 minutes doesn’t mean you can call him stupid.
Verenice Najera
Verenice Najera 2 months ago
Heyyyyy it’s Brandon 😂🙏
Matthew Kajewski
Matthew Kajewski 2 months ago
Classy_koala_kevon 2 months ago
FBE That one guy with the white and black shirt gets on my nerves
Der Enderwender
Der Enderwender 2 months ago
Does someone know if that float thing work
Elizabeth A
Elizabeth A Month ago
I love how everyone has such a different opinion
Morina Destiny
Morina Destiny Month ago
I love how the elders are open about this kind of thang
【Toastsicle Studios】
Me: These are actually pretty coo- Five-minute Crafts: *DIY TOILET* Me: Nevermind
Kookie G
Kookie G Month ago
If I was in the wild....I’d rather do it in there then on the ground😂
The Randomness
The Randomness Month ago
How many flip flops did u break
Kassidy's Lane
Kassidy's Lane Month ago
i hit that notifacasion
The Cat Rat
The Cat Rat Month ago
The women that's getting really mad, guess what.... Juge Judy?!?!?!?
Piranha Patrick
Piranha Patrick Month ago
The first hack wouldn’t it make a noise if you were walking on concrete.
Emujin Zolbayar
Emujin Zolbayar Month ago
Not really, Its's a tiny piece of metal
Afrah_ Besson
Afrah_ Besson Month ago
Nobody cares abt ur wife stupid sharon u hater
Victory Ojo
Victory Ojo Month ago
@Bts Army 10:24
Bts Army
Bts Army Month ago
Barrack Obama Gaming never mind
Bts Army
Bts Army Month ago
Barrack Obama Gaming can u put a time when she did?
Bts Army
Bts Army Month ago
Barrack Obama Gaming oh sorry 🥺🥺🥺🥺
Barrack Obama Gaming
She did actually
Tan En Xian
Tan En Xian Month ago
That blonde hair grandma is so negative 👎🏻
Ariana M
Ariana M Month ago
@Bts Army yup
Bts Army
Bts Army Month ago
Tan En Xian 4:40 her?
Light Omen
Light Omen Month ago
5-Minute Crafts clickbait
Nat Dos santos
Nat Dos santos Month ago
8:51 i lost it 😂👏🏻🤠
Bobbi Enman
Bobbi Enman Month ago
Eyeliner one work just dab it not rub it but great great great job
Chief Ty
Chief Ty Month ago
Sharon said my wife wait what
Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom Month ago
Chief Ty excuse me wtf..
Kermit Scooter ankle
goth girl
goth girl Month ago
You make it IN five minutes. Not that it takes 5 minutes.... duh!
spider-man Month ago
The five minute crafts looks good
Haylie Happy
Haylie Happy Month ago
That woman thinks this a roasting video
Heavenli Pass
Heavenli Pass Month ago
@6:00 bro the way my man said “GENUINE”😂😂😂❤️
Life as Alliecorn
Sharon is so expensive but soo awesome! :D
The Unpopular Channel
I once made a hot glue waterfall thing and it took me 2 and a half flippin' hours!!
Crazy Cool
Crazy Cool Month ago
Honestly i don't hate 5 minute crafts. They actually have some good hacks. It's troom troom that I hate
SarahPlayz Month ago
OMG ME 2 😱
Phuong Nguyen
Phuong Nguyen Month ago
Omggggg everyone in here is almost grumpy
andrewthezeppo Month ago
Sharon is awesome! Those flip flops are garbage and that soda tab will fall off if you take two steps.
Sam Games
Sam Games Month ago
One lady was very mean
BTS LOVER Month ago
Brandon: Tell your roommates that they are aloe vera cubes
Mint Yoongi
Mint Yoongi Month ago
I have seen every. single. one. of. those. hacks... Wow I really have no life 😂😂
Adahli Lopez
Adahli Lopez Month ago
5:14 this is why sharon is one of my favorites. She just states what I think of everytime I watch 5 minute crafts 😂😂
Jose Valenzuela
Jose Valenzuela Month ago
unliking cuz of brandon
tHaT gAcha gUrl :3
BrAnDoN wAs tHe bEsT wHaT yOu mEaN -.-
Ava Blair
Ava Blair Month ago
? Why?
Amy Month ago
Whyy brandon is cool
MYlife Month ago
I love Sharon 😂
HSMFanFR97 Month ago
Sharon is honestly me every time I watch one of these 5 minute crafts 🤣🤣🤣
Imthatgio Month ago
6:08 😂😂 why he said that so hard
Pro Posiedon36
Pro Posiedon36 Month ago
6:06 *
Jacob/Rainplayz Month ago
Life as Alliecorn
Rachael Fixico for real
Jacob/Rainplayz Month ago
She always think shes rich
andrewthezeppo Month ago
Big Share is the best
Rachael Fixico
Rachael Fixico Month ago
@Ava Blair what do you mean?
Ava Blair
Ava Blair Month ago
Thrift Momma
Thrift Momma Month ago
F you fate
Deok Soon
Deok Soon Month ago
I hate them
Llaytonp 29
Llaytonp 29 Month ago
Why is Sharon always so miserable about everything and why do i love it soo much 😂😂
Arlenys Pichardo
Buy me one if you think there so "cheap"
User 123456
User 123456 Month ago
Y does everyone hate on Sharon. She is one of the best on the channel other than Brandon. Her sarcasm is the best 10:54
Dafuq Bish
Dafuq Bish Month ago
tocooltoswag gamer he?
tocooltoswag gamer
Mia Rosemary it’s just he keep hating every time
Boot Month ago
10:24 weird flex but okay
Elizabeth Wells
Elizabeth Wells Month ago
Elizabeth Wells
Elizabeth Wells Month ago
I am getting view
Elizabeth Wells
Elizabeth Wells Month ago
We meet again Elizabeth u have my name
Katiee Gloria
Katiee Gloria Month ago
With the thong you can just use a bread tie...???
Isaiah Riley
Isaiah Riley Month ago
Sharon is speaking for the rest of us
Dafuq Bish
Dafuq Bish Month ago
Romel Negut “REST OF US” Read first dumb dumb
Eujin Son
Eujin Son Month ago
Isaiah Riley 😂
Romel Negut
Romel Negut Month ago
No, she speaks for some of you.
mees almokhtar
mees almokhtar Month ago
Love her❤
Sensitive_Ray Month ago
So many people are hating on her smh
Yeeter Peeter
Yeeter Peeter 2 months ago
Nadia B
Nadia B 2 months ago
8:54 you can’t lose all your friends because you don’t have any😂
Doggo Kuro
Doggo Kuro Month ago
lol I was gonna say that
Life as Alliecorn
Nadia B
Nadia B Month ago
Daisy Fletcher 😍
Daisy Fletcher
Daisy Fletcher Month ago
Oh u are correct
Tiny Dancer
Tiny Dancer 2 months ago
Fa. 28
Fa. 28 2 months ago
The old lady with short hair is ...... I just hate when she keep shouting 😡
Alli `
Alli ` Month ago
She was just being negative
Monkey buddy Games
Fa. 28 her points male sense idiot she was the smartest one you loser
qloss 2 months ago
Fa. 28 i love her lol
Fa. 28
Fa. 28 2 months ago
Nadia B yes
Nadia B
Nadia B 2 months ago
Exotic_ Dummy
Exotic_ Dummy 2 months ago
You know what else can be a temporary tattoo? Just draw on your skin with a permanent marker.
S Eats
S Eats 2 months ago
Man the old guy hated everything
Doma _a
Doma _a 2 months ago
@BlueButter IceCream Well that's awkward 😅😅
BlueButter IceCream
BlueButter IceCream 2 months ago
Doma _a I think they meant Sharon😂
Doma _a
Doma _a 2 months ago
What old guy ?
Travis Stimpson
Travis Stimpson 2 months ago
lady with short hair is definitely a trump supporter smh
Travis Stimpson
Travis Stimpson Month ago
ARagTagHooligan sure
Travis Stimpson
Travis Stimpson Month ago
Rachael Fixico aha educate me then
ARagTagHooligan Month ago
I am pretty sure I have heard her say the opposite in another vid, but ok.
Rachael Fixico
Rachael Fixico Month ago
Wow. I cannot sanction your buffoonery
Andrea cool
Andrea cool 2 months ago
The gray hair woman should stop reacting please have a little bit of great insight on something💢
Romel Negut
Romel Negut Month ago
@Miz Doe How she's right?
Travis Stimpson
Travis Stimpson 2 months ago
Andrea cool she’s defo a trump supporter lol
Miz Doe
Miz Doe 2 months ago
She right tho
[] T O A S T Y T E A []
Andrea cool do you mean the woman that was disagreeing woman and she kept cussing? If so yes your right
Ashley Ruelas
Ashley Ruelas 2 months ago
Who else watches 5 minute crafts but never do them 👇
Monica Triplett
Monica Triplett Month ago
Ashley Ruelas I do tem
Bunn Bun
Bunn Bun 2 months ago
I do
Kaotoo PC
Kaotoo PC 2 months ago
"tell your roommate those are aloe vera cubes"😂 truee
Ty Orr
Ty Orr 2 months ago
She said that’s my wife’s name in Hawaiiin
andrewthezeppo Month ago
Yeah her wife is Laura they have been in videos together
Travis Stimpson
Travis Stimpson 2 months ago
Ty Orr and?
Gacha ducky DUCKS
Gacha ducky DUCKS 2 months ago
man why does the gray hair lady hates everything 🙄 GET OFF 5 MINUTES CRAFTS
Gacha ducky DUCKS
Kermit Scooter ankle but some times there not bullshit :/ =)
Gacha ducky DUCKS
Kermit Scooter ankle eh true true :)
Kermit Scooter ankle
Because 5 Minute crafts is Bullshit :)
Yeeter Peeter
Yeeter Peeter 2 months ago
T-rump supporter
Travis Stimpson
Travis Stimpson 2 months ago
Gacha ducky DUCKS she’s definitely a trump supporter
Brooke Slattery
Brooke Slattery 2 months ago
Pair of flip-flops is one Australian dollar
Alice C
Alice C 2 months ago
omg how did i not know sharon has a wife i literally love her
andrewthezeppo Month ago
They are in the "celebrity hall pass" video together where couples guess their partners crushes. They have a teenage son
Enoch Chen
Enoch Chen 2 months ago
Omar Aljammaz
Omar Aljammaz 2 months ago
Man this old lady hated all of them
Lunaxx LxZ
Lunaxx LxZ 2 months ago
Sharon is getting on my nerves she thinks everyone has money and if she keeps saying she would’ve bought a new paire of ____ with money she should’ve bought a new shirt.
alexandra 2 months ago
RED BEAT 2 months ago
Try watching this ruvid.net/video/video--M34pHPRn9Q.html
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I love you girls
Gacha ducky DUCKS
Gacha ducky DUCKS 2 months ago
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