GENDER PREDICTIONS: Testing Old Wives Tales! Boy v. Girl

Sarahs Day
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Published on


Oct 29, 2018




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Comments 80
Jessica Frater
Jessica Frater 3 days ago
anyone watching this after fox is born?
Emma's Life
Emma's Life 6 days ago
Kate Montgomery
Kate Montgomery Month ago
I think it is a boy!!!
Ally Mounga
Ally Mounga 2 months ago
WE. HAVE. NO. idea. WHAT. IS. THE. hell.
Courtney Dunne
Courtney Dunne 2 months ago
Best video ever!!
doggroomer74 2 months ago
As a mother of 3 kids...2 boys and 1 girl...you are definitely carrying low in this video
Bronte Louise2
Bronte Louise2 3 months ago
OMG they conceived on my birthday. xxxxxxxx
Chloe Farrell
Chloe Farrell 3 months ago
Why are you gendering someone who hasn't even entered the world?
Emily Peers
Emily Peers 5 months ago
2 seconds in and i'm liking because of the pink hair. LOVEEE
megmoo1234 redman
megmoo1234 redman 5 months ago
2 ways to know if it's a boy , cloudy wee and cold feet
Benisha Clarke
Benisha Clarke 6 months ago
Just like me! I find out in feb 💘
Kirsten Chase
Kirsten Chase 6 months ago
Is fluro the AU word for florescent?
K Louise
K Louise 6 months ago
has anyone else come back to this video knowing sarah has had FOX and finfing it funny that it was so consistant it was a girl
Loco '
Loco ' 7 months ago
It’s a boy hahahahahah
taylor vanagas
taylor vanagas 8 months ago
was this of the Norris nut
Raquel De Almeida
Raquel De Almeida 8 months ago
It's really crazy to watch this now and knowing it's a boy
Bohlale Bosola
Bohlale Bosola 8 months ago
”...And this is why I'm a single mom”😂🚣‍♀️
Bohlale Bosola
Bohlale Bosola 8 months ago
”what” 😂😂
Allora Loprete
Allora Loprete 8 months ago
And they end up having a boy 😂🦋
Alina Qian
Alina Qian 8 months ago
Maddy M
Maddy M 9 months ago
It’s funny because you had a boy 💘😂
Alexis Gold
Alexis Gold 9 months ago
It’s a boy!
Sarah Thirkell
Sarah Thirkell 9 months ago
LOL it was a BOYYY
Hello Love
Hello Love 9 months ago
I love watching your videos sezz 💕 love you 💕
ALR 10 months ago
Taylor Crofts
Taylor Crofts 10 months ago
All these pointed to girl for me and i had boys 😊
Jenn A.
Jenn A. 10 months ago
Kurt spitting the water haha
Jenn A.
Jenn A. 10 months ago
Loved this hair color.
ella 10 months ago
plot twist it’s a boy surprise lol
Dabbin Queeennn
Dabbin Queeennn 11 months ago
There so happy like dam
Kaylee Brow
Kaylee Brow 11 months ago
I always wanted a boy first because I have older brothers and love it but when I found out I was pregnant I immediately thought it was a girl, but it turned out to be a boy!
Steph S
Steph S Year ago
All the old wives tales I tried out told me I was having a boy! Im having a girl LOL! Also I carry loooowww and it's a gril. These old wives tales need updating for sure.
Bonnie Clide
Bonnie Clide Year ago
All of the old wives tales I tried, a lot of these included- were all girl! Alas I am having a boy.
Kay Naomi
Kay Naomi Year ago
carrying high!!
Courtly Dougan
This is so funny I tried pretty much all of these and they were all saying girl and I’m having a boy. Same thing that happened with them lol
Anna and Evie Creations
Its actually a boy lol
Cookie dough
Cookie dough Year ago
Sophia Eleonora
maybe Fox's secretly a girl
Tuathla Ryan
Tuathla Ryan Year ago
Ye did the ring test wrong it’s the opposite way round
zeyzey Year ago
Ahhaa haa just watching the pee experiment, hilaaarious
zeyzey Year ago
I loved watching this video but one look at that tummy I knew it was a boy :D
Maddison Dargel
Haha you two are the greatest, so funny 😂
J Laurel
J Laurel Year ago
I almost peeded my pants laughing watching this. You two are so funny! 😂❤️
Rebecca Buckley
Love rewatching and seeing how wrong these predictions were! Little foxie showed that mumma knows best 💕
Shady Franco
Shady Franco Year ago
When I was younger I would say to my family that I wanted "three big headed boys".😂😂😂 I got three boys. GOD is good.💖 Thank you for the video, I enjoyed it. You guys are a adorable couple.
mi- ssi
mi- ssi Year ago
My dad gained weight during all of my moms pregnancys and she only had girls :D
Kt. xsh
Kt. xsh Year ago
"I'm still graceful" "get over yourself"
Mackenzie Rowee
u guys r the most amazing couple and that baby fox is lucky to have u guys!! im only 12 and u guys inspire me so much xx love u
It’s not just your pre-Natals. My pee has stayed YELLOW since finding out. I can drink a ton of water and still yellow. I’m 20 weeks with a boy.
Omg thank you! You gave me the answer to what the rash is on my face! perioral dermatitis. I’ve got the rash around my nose & now it’s around my cheeks & eyes. :(
Also I’m 20 weeks with my third boy!
Nina Simeunovic
This is so cute
Taylor Crofts
Taylor Crofts Year ago
I had every single indication to girl on both but i had two boys :)
Claire Eiser
Claire Eiser Year ago
it's a boy
Joselyn Bachelier
“And then drink it!”
Carmen De Bruin
Who is watching this after foxy is born
Lily Shacklock
Is anyone watching this after the birth
Freya Carmody
Freya Carmody Year ago
Its low!
Vanna Year ago
I just love you and Kurt relationship amazing ❤️❤️
Tobi Meakins
Tobi Meakins Year ago
Oh man this is the most hilarious thing ever hahaaa
Diana Sykes
Diana Sykes Year ago
its ac boy
Jamie Lee Ashton
11:11 onwards 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 btw Sarah your laugh is so cute and hilarious it makes me laugh
Jana Whitesel
Jana Whitesel Year ago
I LOVE that in every google search you struggle to spell calendar because.... SAAAMMMEEEEEE
Kamri and paisley's Vlogs and videos
Why is his pee water
Kamri and paisley's Vlogs and videos
“Have I been moody?” “Yes!” “Come on NO I HAVE NOT!” She says being moody
79 pounds???
meredith ellen
Kurt you're having a girl! 😂😂
Luke Pryke
Luke Pryke Year ago
We have the same birthday yay I love you and want to be you
alexus pedroza
Chania Landsberg
Please do the baby mama dance!
Rhylee S.
Rhylee S. Year ago
Awe you guys are so cute!! ❤️I hope to one day find as good a man as Kurt 💕💗 Also think it’s a boy!! 💙💙😃
Jamie King
Jamie King Year ago
shut up. You shut up 🤣🤣🤣
Carrying high is a girl and low is a boy. My mother had me (I’m a girl) and she was high and when she had my brother she was low. My mum’s friend was high and she had a girl. So I believe that you are low so it’s a boy
Rhianna Bella
Rhianna Bella Year ago
Love watching your videos! You two laugh so much together and it's contagious :)
Cody Stokes
Cody Stokes Year ago
I’m pretty new to this channel(immediately my favourite channel rn btw), and this is the first video that I’ve seen of you 2 like... making the video TOGETHER, and I just. Can’t believe how perfect for each other you guys seem to be... normally I can tell when a couple is like happy together and whatnot obviously, but you guys are literally pERFECT. FOR. EACH OTHER.
Talia Rose
Talia Rose Year ago
Honestly my favourite video
Kyra Leach
Kyra Leach Year ago
I died it was so funny.
Lexi Harper
Lexi Harper Year ago
I had an overwhelming feeling that I was having a boy when I found out I was pregnant, and I'm having a girl !
Jaelan Lopez
Jaelan Lopez Year ago
You guys are going to be the cutest little family ever ❤️💙😍 also can't wait for your gender reveal
Bronte Shannon
Ohhh my gosh the cracked me up ! Also how is Kurt’s pee so clear 😹😹😹
Tiny Hearts Education
We LOVE this! So great for Mamas with similar pregnancy symptoms as well ❤️
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