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Will Smith
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Check out the first look at Gemini Man, in theaters October 11, 2019.
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Comments 100
Juan Chavez
Juan Chavez Hour ago
El mejor
Trevell Tripping
Trevell Tripping 2 hours ago
Gemini season approaching ♊
Kooky Waffles
Kooky Waffles 6 hours ago
I remember watching a movie like this back in the day was The One with Jet Li
ManOfArmz 8 hours ago
Here comes the re-wave of clone movies. Looks entertaining nonetheless. Me and the Wiz will be at the the theaters in support,And please believe cloning experiments have been going on for decades underground. Reality too deep for most of US.
Lucas Sacramento
Lucas Sacramento 8 hours ago
Story by DAVID BENIOFF??? No, thanks. Don't want to be disappointed again.
Toyosi Adesina
Toyosi Adesina 16 hours ago
Big Smith vs Solid Smith: The Twin Gemini
Ora Quoda
Ora Quoda 19 hours ago
How tf???
Gevork Bagdasarov
Gevork Bagdasarov 21 hour ago
Only few times you cant tell tbat it is cg. Like 10% and thats when the character is not talking. But the cgi is still bad. its justice leage bad
Greg B
Greg B 10 hours ago
Gevork Bagdasarov just got done filming
Al Coster
Al Coster 22 hours ago
Why Will smith head move all the way to the left shoulder when he look up at the other Will on the bike
Johnny Peterson
Johnny Peterson 23 hours ago
Big Boss vs Solid Snake 🤔 Old Will vs Clone Will 🤔
catovideo1 23 hours ago
Will just simply good people..👍🙏💯💯💯
shuerzz Day ago
I'm a Gemini, lol. But for real, "Gemini" Man, haha, i see what you did there!
D Sizzle
D Sizzle Day ago
Independence Day Will VS I Am Legend Will
FPKBlast Day ago
*Genie* Man
Shefali Haque
Will Smith died Will smith: it's rewind time
Shefali Haque
Looks so unreal
Abhijeet Singh
Abhijeet Singh 2 days ago
i always wanted to ACT with him ( REMEMBER THIS COMMENT) Soon i will
Alyn Riddell
Alyn Riddell 2 days ago
j'ai commandé l'eau
Will y’all messed up this trailer. Should have not showed it was you vs you thanks for ruining the movie now I have to wait till dvd so I forget everything
Bang Shaun
Bang Shaun 2 days ago
Of course David Benioff decides to make a copy of Rian Johnson’s Looper since they are not expectation subverting cockbags
True Confidence Official
Can we get a hitch 2 💙❤️
Some random guy from the beyond
uhhhhh does this count as a Metal Gear movie?
1% of shaggy’s power was used to make this channel
*Will, does Uncle Phil know what'chu been doing sneaking outta the house?*
Fance Lohan
Fance Lohan 2 days ago
Hahaha Big Boss vs Solid Snake, Kojima san would be proud, probably.
Some random guy from the beyond
I see I wasn't the only one who noticed the similarities
matthew duseau
matthew duseau 2 days ago
Will smith sees himself ah that's hot
Manticore Be
Manticore Be 2 days ago
Director of life of pi and will Smith its gonna be a good movie
Chef Shipwreck-5897
Will Smith: (sees himself) Oh that’s hot. That’s hot.
Mariam Mohamed
Mariam Mohamed 3 days ago
Is that a new movie?
Dazzletoad 3 days ago
Will Smith seems to be getting well into CGI fails these days.
DarkHpokinsn Gaming
Fails? The effects look great in this one, they aren’t bad in Aladdin either
TT BEATS 3 days ago
cant wait to watch this movie
Doni Saputra
Doni Saputra 3 days ago
I'm your fans from Indonesia
Sharingan Eye
Sharingan Eye 3 days ago
Story and screenplay by David Benoiff ? God please don't make this suck like GoT's ending
Slim Jones
Slim Jones 3 days ago
🧿🧿🧿💦💦💦🎫🎫🎫💎💎💎 🌀🌀🌀💧💧💧 🌊🌊🌊 *Jesus Christ promises all who believe in Him eternal life.* *He died for us rose from the dead, and Now He lives forever!* *He will also heal your body!*) 🧿🧿🧿💦💦💦🎫🎫🎫💎💎💎 🌀🌀🌀💧💧💧 🌊🌊🌊
Wayne Evans
Wayne Evans 4 days ago
Finaly a good movie after a while he made...but i wonder if its too late for todays audience...lets hope they release this with no competing movies.
Doomer25 5 days ago
Looks awful
Софья Акишева
And that's why cloning is illegal, folks
Uberaham Al
Uberaham Al 5 days ago
Aahhh that's hot
Joe Diehm
Joe Diehm 5 days ago
I don't ever comment. But that s***'s going to be hot
Andrius Dyrikis
Andrius Dyrikis 6 days ago
From one of the writers that ruined game of thrones..we bring you "gemini".
Multicellunair TM
I think he shouldn't have told us in the trailer that the other will is made from will and they r 1 ,, the suprise factor in the movie will be better , but i guess they want to make the best trailer as interesting as they can
RAP Divulga
RAP Divulga 6 days ago
Will Smith monsters
RAP Divulga
RAP Divulga 6 days ago
Meu Deus, Will é lendário
Lildukedeuce 6 days ago
Old Will Smith looks like young Will Smith So they had to make a younger Will Smith to make young Will Smith look old
Gisele Bonesso
Gisele Bonesso 6 days ago
Will você é o melhor. O único da TV!!!
Gareth Lloyd
Gareth Lloyd 6 days ago
Got in one little fight and my mum got scared
DecadeofDecay 6 days ago
Director : I want Will Smith for the main character Staff : okay, and as supporting actor ? Director : yes
malikrashaun 6 days ago
I'm a Gemini so of course I'm super excited about this.
Not Sure
Not Sure 7 days ago
Still the greatest rapper ever.
Cindy Delas Casas
Isaque Sousa
Isaque Sousa 7 days ago
El viejo Lucho
El viejo Lucho 7 days ago
hancock vs j
Jessica Taylor
Jessica Taylor 8 days ago
Lung Busta
Lung Busta 8 days ago
Oh it looks like replica the old John claude van dam movie. Well kinda sorta
Jean 8 days ago
Lollllll Niceeeeeeeee!.
Karan Johar
Karan Johar 8 days ago
What if Jaden Smith played that role?
سبحان الله
الله يهديكم 🕋
Lilsportshady 8 days ago
Fresh Prince vs the legend
manifestation of the laughing till crying emoji
Can't believe they're finally making a movie about my favorite robot master
Steezy Sage
Steezy Sage 8 days ago
manifestation of the laughing till crying emoji wym??
Steezy Sage
Steezy Sage 8 days ago
What do you know Will?
Steezy Sage
Steezy Sage 8 days ago
I love you Will.
Steezy Sage
Steezy Sage 8 days ago
I realized I am the avatar of God, then this comes out. Born June 16 99. Why use this song?
Derp Guy PLAYZ
Derp Guy PLAYZ 8 days ago
As a Gemini I approve of this
KingFait1 8 days ago
This reminds me to much of Looper.
Kenny Lucena
Kenny Lucena 8 days ago
I live in Sao paulo, Brazil .. my dream is to give you a hug, to meet you. I love you.
Beasty Top King
Beasty Top King 8 days ago
Why does the clone look younger than the original?
George Jackson
George Jackson 8 days ago
I see Jerry Bruckheimer in the credits, and I know it’s gonna be a blockbuster!
m u X t e
m u X t e 8 days ago
Will Smith need his own solo Deadshot movie
Sharon Hicks-Jones
*Baby smooth or Rugged.....both*
Dorian Tisato
Dorian Tisato 9 days ago
This is a brilliant concept: the Gemini twins (Castor and Pollux) in modern times. I cannot wait to check this out and who better than Will Smith
Reva Brown
Reva Brown 9 days ago
Where is my popcorn and my slurpy,. My date is made 10-11/19. Oh yea!!!!
Filany Rumaruson
Filany Rumaruson 9 days ago
My laaaavvvvv
Looks like he started to do a old movie they took old fotage and added a twist with him now really 20 yr later ...let's say a movie didn't make it just set on a shelf or in a old mac computer
Belle Childers
Belle Childers 9 days ago
Oh that looks AWESOME!!! Cant wait!!
Steve Richmond
Steve Richmond 9 days ago
OMG I love Ang Lee
zok310 9 days ago
Metal gear solid anyone? Solid Snake vs Big Boss basically.
lilli lilli
lilli lilli 9 days ago
Yes Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss o my God yesssss😭🤣I love you Will Smith😍😝😝😝😝
D MV 10 days ago
Has this guy been in a good movie since the 90s? I thought Men In Black was good, and was looking forward to his next movie, and it turned out to be Wild Wild West, and that movie didn't live up to expectations. Glad he's making money, I just think he's sort of like Adam Sandler, peaked in the 90s and going down hill since. Haters gonna hate.
Greg B
Greg B 10 days ago
D MV pursuit of happiness, I am legend, we’re good movies what are you talking about???
Milli Bandz
Milli Bandz 10 days ago
X had the idea first...
Talalupelele Pollard
This goes out to all the geminis
Malachi the ill-breed
Excited for this, i LOVE Will Smith! Hands down my favorite actor
Jovita Luna bien
Jovita Luna bien 10 days ago
Old vs new
Speed Demon
Speed Demon 10 days ago
Just the black version of the movie looper.
Thaís Barbosa
Thaís Barbosa 11 days ago
Eu só queria saber inglês nessas horas 😔
Derak C.
Derak C. 11 days ago
This would have been a great extension of the Bourne Triology!
miss riri
miss riri 11 days ago
You'r a légende will smith
watchulla 11 days ago
Looks good, I will be there!!
Pamela Johnson
Pamela Johnson 11 days ago
This is EPIC 🤩
Tiffany Valentine-Ray
Cloning is real
Isaac Stoor
Isaac Stoor 11 days ago
so you made a person... out of another person...
Sammy Sells
Sammy Sells 11 days ago
he should have had his son play his younger self
Andréa Gonçalves
Andréa Gonçalves 11 days ago
I love you smith...sou tão sua fã que quando o vejo .vejo seus filmes o peito doi. Dava tudo pra conhece -lo
granjefe2077 11 days ago
I can't wait to see it!!! It seems very similar to metal gear solid
Daniel Bjørkman
Daniel Bjørkman 11 days ago
WHAT THE HELL KIND OF SORCERY IS THIS?! Its like the fresh prince traveled to this decade to star in this movie. Cant wait.
Suelen Soares de almeida
Wow...Very good 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Morph Verse
Morph Verse 12 days ago
This is a bit more effort then conventional deep fakes, but deep fakes and machine learning will be the norm in movies and video games, believe you me. It will change everything..
Sankhadip Mazumder
Sankhadip Mazumder 12 days ago
So finally willy gonna win one golden lady eh !!
Mega Bird Nerd
Mega Bird Nerd 12 days ago
Wow! Capcom finally made a movie about one of their robot masters!
Kalob Black
Kalob Black 12 days ago
Proud to be a part of this film.
Aijay Reuben
Aijay Reuben 12 days ago
I expect a bunch of Gemini Men to be watching this movie once it gets released. ♊️
Daniel Spinosa
Daniel Spinosa 12 days ago
Yeah I’m watching it
Yubah Ortega
Yubah Ortega 12 days ago
Omg Ang Lee! Stop using 120 fps, it feels so overly polished, and complemented with the digital cinematography it feels good so inorganic.
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