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Will Smith
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Check out the first look at Gemini Man, in theaters October 11, 2019.
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Apr 23, 2019

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Comments 7 668
David Adams
David Adams 3 days ago
The Fresh Prince vs IAMLEGEND 2 Will strikes back
David Adams
David Adams 3 days ago
Norbit 2
FolsHeart 5 days ago
This looks Doooooooooooooope! so excited!!!
Jordan Howard
Jordan Howard 6 days ago
Skumic & Friends
Skumic & Friends 7 days ago
Kendall D
Kendall D 8 days ago
Will is such a good actor
Kugelblitz 9 days ago
The Fresh Prince vs Deadshot
PAngel45 9 days ago
This is wierd.
AsifIsOP. 9 days ago
Real Pronouncing of Gemini - Je Me Ne.
Daniel Fuller
Daniel Fuller 10 days ago
The fresh prince of bel air Vs Will Smith
Charles Cooper
Charles Cooper 10 days ago
THIS is the trailer that drew me in. Still seeing
sw00mx 14 days ago
will smijt
Mohan Krishna
Mohan Krishna 16 days ago
Need to improve picture quality and vfx
ALI Wael
ALI Wael 16 days ago
I absolutely will watch this movie in the cinema
Mateusz Nowak
Mateusz Nowak 17 days ago
Whaaaaaat a load of crap!
Vesohag 18 days ago
The new Killer Bean movie looks amazing!!
Adriian Braxton
Adriian Braxton 19 days ago
great movie Will :)
Arbaj Shaikh
Arbaj Shaikh 19 days ago
Indian film fan ki remake hai proud of you SRK 👑
Crystal Currie
Crystal Currie 20 days ago
Is he playing both or does his son play younger him
FLIPPY THE BRO 22 days ago
what are the songs for the trailers?
Luan Moura Lil
Luan Moura Lil 23 days ago
Looo Fuckyou
Looo Fuckyou 23 days ago
David Benioff helped write it? Save yourself and avoid this. Boycott this. Will Smith's son is so bad, he couldn't be trusted to be a younger him.
Matt Beny
Matt Beny 24 days ago
thecrimsonmenace 24 days ago
I thought this movie was about Gemini’s taking over the world with a man
ArcticKaiju 24 days ago
0/10 No Mega Man or Gemini Laser
serendipity 24 days ago
will you really did it, this is truly remarkable. this really relieve alot of memories from the bel-air era. i am really speechless n can’t wait to catch this film
Twisting Dervole
Twisting Dervole 24 days ago
I find it crazy awesome you actually made a movie with the name Gemini Man 30 years later!
Hellfire Black
Hellfire Black 25 days ago
I can smell the nacho cheese n cheese fries from my theater when I see this trailer lmao
Terran 25 days ago
Old Will sacrifices himself to give the young clone Will a normal life. Ill still watch it but ill be disappointed if I guessed the ending months in advance Will Smith.
PowerL1N3 25 days ago
Drake’s - Nothing was the same album cover 😂😂😂
kervemix 25 days ago
I'll be flying to the movies to watch this
walisson guimaraes
walisson guimaraes 25 days ago
It's kinda metal gear solid
Gourav Bhattacharya
Shah Rukh Khan’s already done this in Fan.
Ultralion - [Teuku Kaifansyah]
This music i remember with trailer transformers the last knight
MoahGentle 25 days ago
It seem interesting although all the cgi seems a turn off.B
Corey Aldridge
Corey Aldridge 25 days ago
This is awesome
Gae Elle
Gae Elle 25 days ago
The fact that you can take a black mans face and easily make him look younger lmao black really don’t crack 😂😂
Corey Machado
Corey Machado 25 days ago
Low light VFX looks great! I'll give it a shot
Alpha ASMR
Alpha ASMR 25 days ago
I know that is the younger you bro, but I am not gonna lie. The younger you looks like Jaden or Vice Versa
Will smith is big boss... will smith is solid snake.... will smith is Uncle Phil...Mind Blown
spacedigger 25 days ago
Goddamn I knew Carlton was annoying to him, but so annoying that will became a hitman?.Damn!
Alice Chan
Alice Chan 28 days ago
I don't even know how they did it omg. How did he do both characters so well?
damian dominion
damian dominion 29 days ago
Alphaville - Forever Young!
Victoria Horvathova
Ryan Akwar
Ryan Akwar Month ago
2x Academy Award Winner Ang Lee (won for Brokeback Mountain) 2x Academy Award NOMINEE Will Smith
Demetrie Harris
Demetrie Harris Month ago
Dionna Hayden
Dionna Hayden Month ago
I watched this a dozen times-I’m sooooooo here for this! ❤️❤️❤️
Now that’s a lot of hotness
elora faresha
elora faresha Month ago
Im a scropiooo
GrayPower60 Month ago
Krysi bear
Krysi bear Month ago
The CGI face of younger Mr. Smith on that stunt man is so strikingly noticeable that it's bothersome. I hope they fix that before the movie releases.
Is that actually will smith or that just a guy look like will smith
iamzaymusic Month ago
This looks good I just don't like the frame rate/type of cameras they used on this. It looks like a CW show/movie, not as high of quality. Either way I'm excited to see it.
dreamfaith7 Month ago
Here we g with this cloning Ish desensitizing the world slowly . At attention Agenda Time 👁
R3volution Clan
R3volution Clan Month ago
I think when you say “Of all the people in the world to come after me why would he send you” you should add more anger and when you say “of all” the “all” should be louder with anger keeping the simulator tone till you hit “why” then you add anger and louder pronunciation for “why” then finish the sentence saying “why” with loud anger going forward a bit like if you are trying to get him to answer now and fast like to scare him.
Rosiland Williams
Hello Mr. Smith!! 🤗 I am a huge fan of your work and I also appreciate what you and your family do for our planet and mankind. I ran across a video of Jaden helping the people over in Flint, MI. Gifting them with his water filtration system was genius! 💡I certainly enjoy Jada, her mother and Willow, on their Red Table Discussion.💛 Thank you for all that you guys do. 👏🏽😀 Thank you for sharing this sneak peek! Your movie is going to be amazing and I cannot wait to see it! 🤩 Take care!
chuckey manny
chuckey manny Month ago
3 damn whole months left. Time is moving slow.
Kristoffe Brodeur
must be slipping through a... hole
Anidem Jess
Anidem Jess Month ago
Can’t wait for this
Georgo Armani
Georgo Armani Month ago
Budapest city very nice! Thx Will Smith amazing actor!
Nisar Ahmed
Nisar Ahmed Month ago
Is this legit
Dean Sofic
Dean Sofic Month ago
Gay af dude..what happened to you?
chevalier knight
Basically metal gear
King Dbeats
King Dbeats Month ago
So are they the same person Well no but actually yes
allretti 1991
allretti 1991 Month ago
will smith is just a icon livin
Thumper Month ago
Look everyone...A movie about Will smiths Ego.
Patrice Inglesbirth
Lit. heights.
FaZe Slugger
FaZe Slugger Month ago
I'm gonna see this for sure
Ms Munnie
Ms Munnie Month ago
Great Job!!! You continue to be a FORCE!! 🙌🙌🙌
Art Vandelay Jr.
daniel pereira
daniel pereira Month ago
Sou seu fam mano sei que num vai ler minhas publicaçoes mais adoro seus trabalhos desde um maluco no pedaço vi tos só por que tu me passo emoção vlw pelos filmes e junto mais susseço
Phil Dumon
Phil Dumon Month ago
In west Philadelphia born and raised anyone someone want to finish this ?
Funfarik Month ago
1:29 Putin in fire?
Funfarik Month ago
It`s games effects ?
Ordinary 7
Ordinary 7 Month ago
How can you not love this man nothing but the best
30000TEr Month ago
Nice one
Natosha Gano
Natosha Gano Month ago
Gemini, the only sign that has two sides - wale
ParNeX Month ago
That's so hawt
Redz Jb
Redz Jb Month ago
That looks soooooo good!!can't wait!
Jack Leighton
Jack Leighton Month ago
Genie being chased by the fresh prince.
TheEaGle AsSaSin
... 😑 😐
Alen varghese
Alen varghese Month ago
Dammmm... Dammm dammm dammmm.. Holly mother of Santa clause... I cant wait for this.. Mehnn... I cant... Ur epic... This movie is epic..
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