Gear Heads | The Best Pasta Tools for Homemade Pasta with Chef Tiffani Faison

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Welcome to a special edition of Gear Heads, featuring local Boston chef, Tiffani Faison. Lisa and Hannah visit Tiffani at her Italian restaurant, Orfano, to learn restaurants pasta tricks. Next, Tiffani comes to ATK to learn more about making pasta in a home kitchen and together, they prepare her famous Lobster Fettuccine.
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Check out Tiffani's restaurant, Orfano: www.orfanoboston.com/
Follow Tiffani on Twitter: twitter.com/tiffanifaison
ABOUT US: Located in Boston’s Seaport District in the historic Innovation and Design Building, America's Test Kitchen features 15,000 square feet of kitchen space including multiple photography and video studios. It is the home of Cook’s Illustrated magazine and Cook’s Country magazine and is the workday destination for more than 60 test cooks, editors, and cookware specialists. Our mission is to test recipes over and over again until we understand how and why they work and until we arrive at the best version.
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Comments 54
David White
David White 16 days ago
Best lasagna pan??
Rod Westwood
Rod Westwood 24 days ago
Best tabletop induction burner?
anti-jack-boot 26 days ago
The sun is not an evil thing. Jus sayin
Juan Perez
Juan Perez 28 days ago
What kind of pots and pans?
Blueberry Blues
Blueberry Blues 28 days ago
Great to see this. Thanks to all. Love Lisa all the time.
Robert Sterner
Robert Sterner Month ago
I love this video and liked seeing a restaurant chef (and a Top Chef at that!) working with the ATK folks. More of this, please.
Lawrence Zielger
Has there been a review of meat slicers?
John Logan
John Logan Month ago
I want that pasta machine😂😂😂
toccataforte Month ago
full recipe is where!?
XzTS Month ago
ATK: transfers pasta with tongs Tiff: transfers pasta with a meat fork Asian Cooks: transfers pasta & noodles with chopsticks
ro pro
ro pro Month ago
What's the deal with white chefs (male and female) and arm tattoos?
SeikiBrian Month ago
Don't turn your back on Tiffany. If she thinks you're cooking better than her she'll turn off your oven when you're not watching, or claim that your creations are hers.
Jeff McLendon
Jeff McLendon Month ago
I loved Tiffani in this, and I LOVE the idea of having professional chefs use your favorite gear and hearing their take on it. More please.
Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen Month ago
hannah gorgeous even still while pregnant!
The Shadow
The Shadow Month ago
Too much laughing and girl talk in this video, it absolutely took away from what I wanted to see and hear about the kitchen and ruined the tutorial for me. The three acted like high school teenie boppers, certainly not professional chefs.
Sidney Mathious
Sidney Mathious Month ago
I have tools for making and working with pasta and I use them often in my kitchen when working with pasta and food items like fish, lobster, and shrimp.
Linda Hadid
Linda Hadid Month ago
I'm out of focus see beautiful pregnancy lady.
Laurie Kelly
Laurie Kelly Month ago
This was AMAZING Content. I loved the dialogue and the approaches to cooking ❤️🇨🇦❤️
Kathy Erickson
Kathy Erickson Month ago
I've never made homemade pasta, but this actually makes me want to give it a try...if someone actually makes the pasta dough for me first.
Rancho Diabla Acres
Sauce recipe in the future, ATK?
michelle g
michelle g Month ago
I am lovin this type of episode with the guest chef demonstrating the equipment!!!
Lisa Yerace
Lisa Yerace Month ago
Great vid!
Shani Ballard
Shani Ballard Month ago
Now I’m craving lobster pasta but I live in the Midwest. 😩
SeikiBrian Month ago
When used in a sauce, frozen lobster meat is actually quite good, and widely available. Try: www.mainelobsternow.com/lobster-meat/frozen-lobster-meat-1-lb for one source.
Ashley Moore
Ashley Moore Month ago
So so good!!!!
Alberto Zarraluqui
nice to see Tiffany again!! I'm sorry I missed Orfano when I was still going to Boston often.
DelphicExpanse Month ago
By far the best gear heads episode yet!!! It feels natural, not like a scripted tv show (which is the feel you want, because its RUvid). More episodes like this, and you will be kicking BA's butt!
David Platt
David Platt Month ago
You just know, in short order, that Chef Faison is the master of her domain...... as a foh person, a kitchen I would enjoy working for/with. And given how hot she currently is in Boston, nice get ATK! Very nice.
Ningcheng Shu
Ningcheng Shu Month ago
The lady was so precise, even used a ruler to measure the length of pasta. Deeply amused. Everyone has his/her own little quirks. Quite a fun.
Ningcheng Shu
Ningcheng Shu Month ago
@mrbear1302 I just say it's not necessary to use a ruler to measure the pasta. When I have my pasta, I don't use a ruler either. Too tolerant? I trust a trained chef's ability without a ruler, to maintain the consistency at any lengths he/she intends, to satisfy the customers. I don't know before, a chef would use a ruler on daily basis to cook pasta, so it's a fun to watch.
mrbear1302 Month ago
@Ningcheng Shu so you are saying if you went to a high caliber restaurant and had linguine that was all different lengths and sizes you wouldn't notice and possibly say something? I don't believe you?
Ningcheng Shu
Ningcheng Shu Month ago
@David Platt "...knowledge re the creation of a very successful business group...the lineup of establishment..." doesn't provide you the same amusement as measuring pasta with a steel ruler, does it? You're a bit too serious, bro.
David Platt
David Platt Month ago
"precise, little quirks....." you demonstrate a total lack of knowledge re the creation of a very successful business group, in this case the lineup of establishments that Chef Faison currently heads.
Chris Holt
Chris Holt Month ago
That was a lot of fun, and the lobster pasta looked amazing. When's Hannah's baby due?
Jason Allen
Jason Allen Month ago
"Special episode"? Am I the only one who got a whiff of undeclared sponsored content? 'Cause that's the vibe I'm getting from this episode.
Simon Savelyev
Simon Savelyev Month ago
Nope, no sponsors here :)
Deep Diver
Deep Diver Month ago
A bit disappointed they didn’t show how they made the pasta
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy Month ago
Paelorian Month ago
I've never seen Tiffani before but she has great chemistry with Hannah and Lisa and clearly is as able as she is affable. I really enjoyed this video. I'd love to see a sequel!
xoxo2008oxox Month ago
I had that manual crank pasta machine...I don't recommend it. Even added the motor (so noisey). Get the pasta/sheeting attachment for your KitchenAid mixer. You should have one of those!
SeikiBrian Month ago
*xoxo2008oxox* "I had that manual crank pasta machine...I don't recommend it." I'll counter you by saying that I also have that machine -- the Marcato Atlas 150 -- and I *do* recommend it. I've used other brands, including Imperia and the KitchenAid mixer attachment, and I went back to the Atlas.
Kathleen Bryce
Kathleen Bryce Month ago
xoxo2008oxox Right on....I took a class and had a chance to use a hand crank and then a kitchen aid attachment. Bid difference especially if your doing this by yourself. The extruded pasta can get long.b
Paelorian Month ago
Why do you recommend against a hand-cranked machine?
David T
David T Month ago
First person I've seen wearing a ring while making pasta. Whenever I make pasta my hands and wrists are covered in flour and dough.
matthew maclellan
pasta water down the drain, oh no!!!
tarjei99 Month ago
This was fun to watch. Thank you!
Holly M
Holly M Month ago
Thanks, Great video
Morio Murase
Morio Murase Month ago
I can't help but chuckle at the step taken back by Lisa when the chef tossed the pasta.
Danielle Anderson
I think I blinked and missed the part where they reviewed equipment.
Nimbuck Month ago
I don't know. I think the reassurance that the equipment that has been chosen as "best in class" being praised by a restaurant chef that uses similar tools while at work is a great concept.
Richie Grey
Richie Grey Month ago
Congratulation sssssssssss
Brian Klaus
Brian Klaus Month ago
I really need to move to Boston Good stuff as always ladies!
MarcoNoPolo Month ago
8:32 I want it a little "Al Dontay" = Al Dente
SeikiBrian Month ago
@Karl Delavigne You're saying that a native Italian doesn't know how to pronounce his own language? You're an idiot and a troll, and I'm done with you.
Karl Delavigne
Karl Delavigne Month ago
@SeikiBrian And BTW there is no single A sound in Italiano. According to you, it would be Itahliahno. There are different A sounds, and none of them is the A sound in father. You obviously can't hear it.
Karl Delavigne
Karl Delavigne Month ago
@SeikiBrian Yes, and he is not saying "Pahhsta" with an elongated vowel. I have come to the conclusion that most Americans cannot hear vowel sounds and diphthongs correctly. And I happen to be part Italian so I know what I am talking about.
SeikiBrian Month ago
@Karl Delavigne Why don't *you* go and watch an Italian like Nick Stellino and listen to *his* pronunciation: ruvid.net/video/video-LhjWvMBl5-4.html&feature=emb_logo Or how about Gina Petitti: ruvid.net/video/video-AnyNZM1X73w.html&feature=emb_logo If you had studied even a little Italiano, you'd know that the "A" in Italian is like the "A" in "father," not the "A" in "man." See: ruvid.net/video/video-hZK9waWTdes.html&feature=emb_logo
Karl Delavigne
Karl Delavigne Month ago
@SeikiBrian Why don't you go and watch an Italian like Antonio Carluccio and listen to his pronunciation, as well as "Parmesan".
Dux Dad
Dux Dad Month ago
And the sauce recipe is where?
David Platt
David Platt Month ago
What part of "gearheads" or "pasta tools" do you not understand.......?
Karl Delavigne
Karl Delavigne Month ago
The word is restaurateur, not restauranteur 😯
Karl Delavigne
Karl Delavigne Month ago
@Dave Jones Ah, the rage of Caliban yet again.
Dave Jones
Dave Jones Month ago
Jesus, give it a rest already.
Bending River
Bending River Month ago
Did she garnish that with Shiso? What was the purple leaf?
John Lord
John Lord Month ago
Those curved shears are THE BEST for getting into crab and lobsters !!!! Just take to the local seafood place and be able to have an easy meal to eat - vs - still fighting the critter for the meat (and eating shell pieces).
John Lord
John Lord Month ago
Chow down time Ciao Ciao ....
hearttoheart4me Month ago
It's nice to see how Tiffani going from her machines in her restaurant to what a normal home would or should have to enjoy a great pasta.
Katya Paden
Katya Paden Month ago
Love this! I’ve done some pasta videos and love seeing the pros work!!!
originalhgc Month ago
And, how was the sauce made? I missed that part.
Alexis Dix
Alexis Dix Month ago
It's good to see what Tiffani has been doing since Top Chef.
mrbear1302 Month ago
When I saw this all I could hear was David saying to Tiffani on Top Chef, "I am not your b****** b****** !".
Ken Shaw
Ken Shaw Month ago
@America's Test Kitchen Truly. I was at Sweet Cheeks before a game at Fenway several years ago and it was amazing.
America's Test Kitchen
Her Boston restaurants are amazing!
Passion for food
Oh the pasta-bilities are endless!
Toast Man
Toast Man Month ago
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