Gayle Goes Big (And Retires?!) as Kohli Hits 43rd Ton | Windies vs India 3rd ODI 2019 - Highlights

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India wrap up the series win in a rain-affected game thanks to another Virat Kohli century and Chris Gayle hints at retirement.
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Aug 15, 2019




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Comments 3 496
J.A.W 4 days ago
300 ODI's that's almost a year of cricket...
Rishangr Kapoor
Rishangr Kapoor 4 days ago
West Indies scored 240 runs why did India need 255
Kohyaar Ansari
Kohyaar Ansari 7 days ago
Chris Gayle , love you buddy . You are the only one true lasting cricket entertainer , after your retirement , I have left watching cricket. I did watch all West Indies matches of World Cup 2019 bcz of your batting. Whenever you got out , I left the screen . I was crying when I came to know that you would retire after India-WestIndies series . But I'll miss your innings like you had batted against Pakistan in a Test match in which you scored more than half century but along with 11 classical fours , and against India when you hit number of towering sixes including a century . Ashish Nehra was star at that time but you nailed him . Australia , England and South Africa were your second homes . Collectively you are the person who brought old West Indies dominance in cricket when you started to destroy bowling line ups . I'm a 2000's era guy but my cricket Idol is Viv Richards , but after his Swag I came to know that you are raw power after him in cricket , who put countries to read their religious books to get you out . Love you bro 💙 , being a 16+ it is my dream to meet you in West Indies bcz I am curious about that how normal , cool and hard-working you guys are in your life.
The Best There Is
The Best There Is 11 days ago
Kholi is that triumphant that even the toss he rarely loses. Edit: But as much as I'm an Indian fan, CG is a legend, and in my opinion, he's the most dangerous batsman ever to play the game, cricket will never be the same without him that I know for sure, especially pertaining to the shorter formats of the game, it's sad..
Deepak adole
Deepak adole 15 days ago
rktraders 234
rktraders 234 17 days ago
0:04 - 0:08 what song is that ??
rktraders 234
rktraders 234 17 days ago
Say song name
Dinesh Gurjar
Dinesh Gurjar 19 days ago
Sanjay bangalore Sanjay bangalore
Dear kohli why didn't you score against New Zealand in World Cup against underdog west indies you scored back to back hundreds
Pradipkumar Sahani
Pradipkumar Sahani 24 days ago
Nikolcls poorn
Pradipkumar Sahani
Pradipkumar Sahani 24 days ago
Sara fatima
Sara fatima 25 days ago
We will miss you gayle ...😩😭
Sara fatima
Sara fatima 25 days ago
Yayyy... Congratulations team India..... Sooo happy 😉....#bleedblue....
kalirajan 26 days ago
Congratulations Indian team
Extremely NooB
Extremely NooB 26 days ago
love for virat, rost of haters ruvid.net/video/video-NGn_tt5JPwM.html
tasfik rahman
tasfik rahman 26 days ago
salute gayle
Sukumar Nair
Sukumar Nair 27 days ago
Miss u universe boss 😭 U are a legend 18+ centuries in t20 unbelivable Miss u a lot ❤❤
Sonal Dang
Sonal Dang 28 days ago
Unfortunately the universe boss retired good luck West Indies without Chris gayle. Chris gayle say by.
Biology and Chemistry 9th and 10th
virat best of all
MF Creation
MF Creation 28 days ago
Chris Gayle is Lion Of Match..
Jake Lee
Jake Lee 29 days ago
I feel Virat Kohli lied to me on Vodafone.
Badam Suraj
Badam Suraj 29 days ago
There is a good friendship between Virat Kohli and crysgayl
Nabil Khan
Nabil Khan Month ago
Miss u the bosssssss
Rabi Narayan
Rabi Narayan Month ago
Thanks u boss for making my childhood awesome
rana rana
rana rana Month ago
Gayle I love you so much U are the really universal cricket boss
ankit kumar
ankit kumar Month ago
Pant is chor
Bol do ab salo ki ye match bhi Rohit. Sharma ki vjh se jite hai 😡😡😡
vijay yadav
vijay yadav Month ago
gale is boss of universe but gale is universe of sixes
27mailam Month ago
Akeem Reid
Akeem Reid Month ago
I heard one of the umpire say keno Paul is reversing bk Tht is redondant
bulu bisoyi
bulu bisoyi Month ago
Anmol Sonwane
Anmol Sonwane Month ago
Universal Boss 😭😭
malu manu
malu manu Month ago
MOHAN T Month ago
MOHAN T Month ago
Srabon TheGoldFish
Respect for the universe boss #Gayle
Shabnum Kabir
Shabnum Kabir Month ago
16:23 chahal look like Mister Bean in glasses
supun harshika
supun harshika Month ago
West indies dont want to win.miss field .
rohit todi
rohit todi Month ago
Balakrishnan T
Balakrishnan T Month ago
King Kohli
Sugath Dengama
Sugath Dengama Month ago
Universe boss is the king of cricket He is legend of the world cricket
ayaan patel
ayaan patel Month ago
Did Chris Gayle really have to retire
shankar Shanu
shankar Shanu Month ago
🇬 🇦 🇾 🇱 🇪....... 🇹 🇪 🇦 🇷 🇸 🇫 🇴 🇷 🇾 🇴 🇺 😭😭😭
g k ma l
g k ma l Month ago
India is the best of world
Abdus Sami
Abdus Sami Month ago
Who will miss gayles sixes. Hit like
PARINDA Month ago
We will miss Gayle, like sir Richard and Clive Loyd, while name will come of West Indies....wonderful man with always smile...
Kaustov Banerjee
Afroz , Universal Boss...
PlanetYTP [ YouTube Comedy ]
15:49 Mate... that shot from Kohli was ridiculous. What a legend. Hope this isn't Chris Gayle's last match. :( Much love, from Australia.
Gautam Kumar
Gautam Kumar Month ago
Pant is too reckless! He needs to be disciplined ASAP. Iyer should bat at number 4 from now onward.
R Assassin
R Assassin Month ago
15:51 For this i came here !!
Rajat chakraborty
shreyas iyer is mature player then rishab pant
Jay prakash Yadav
Virat kohli is run machine kohli
Joe VAN DIJK Month ago
He retired because he's in love. Unfortunately with himself. Bit of a low life after his behaviour in Australia
abc abc
abc abc Month ago
Thank you India..
Zain Gujjar
Zain Gujjar Month ago
virat the king kholi love nd respect from PAKISTAN
islamic chaneel
islamic chaneel Month ago
Miya bhai out kare gail ku
Salman khan Salman
Iyer is better bating
Veeran Shanmugam
Pant was useless
Dinesh Kumar
Dinesh Kumar Month ago
Vikas Tyagi
Vikas Tyagi Month ago
Pant should be dropped now.its is more than enough
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