Gauge 1 Live Steam Merchant Navy Loco 35028 Clan Line

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Richard Sears introduces his Aster gauge 1 Merchant Navy locomotive, remarkably true to Ron Jarvis' rebuild of Bulleid's original locomotive.
Ride 70000 Britannia around Richard's track at ruvid.net/video/video-ME5lA7aXir0.html

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Nov 18, 2017




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Comments 2 256
AB RailFan
AB RailFan 2 hours ago
Maulana putra nugraha
Teing ah te ngarti ngomong naon mern?
satvindar singh
Nice Man perfect train
Imrul Kayes
Imrul Kayes 2 days ago
নুনু টেরেন
M. S.
M. S. 3 days ago
Very very nice. A truly beautiful set-up.
Aniket Kumar
Aniket Kumar 3 days ago
Wisnu Dwi
Wisnu Dwi 5 days ago
Muhamad Habib
Muhamad Habib 5 days ago
I love you
Terry Jennings
Terry Jennings 6 days ago
Richard, This gave me the inspiration to go out and build one of these locos. I have now completed the construction of a Aster Mikado (heavy), Steamed it yesterday for the first time and it runs great. The big problem is controlling it when its running on track at ground level. Next step is to fit remote control. What is the system you are using (manufacturer etc.?) Great video by the way..
David Curry Films
Looks so realistic its spooky. Great video.
Jorge Vergara
Jorge Vergara 9 days ago
A Rahman Shaikh
A Rahman Shaikh 10 days ago
Subu Kamble
Subu Kamble 10 days ago
What a talent........ I think once he will be a scientist....... This is a real man's achievement...
john smith
john smith 11 days ago
“Now for my tiger tank that shoots real shells...took me 8 months to build and I got the honey I shrunk the kids guy to shrink me up one of them nazis to drive it...yeah an actual nazi”...
Nawaz Mohammed
Nawaz Mohammed 11 days ago
It's really awesome 😍
Hassanein A'kader
Hassanein A'kader 11 days ago
Ian McGregor
Ian McGregor 11 days ago
Super cool. Maybe someday if I ever retire
Viresh Badiger
Viresh Badiger 12 days ago
He can make a museum for kids by creating such a tremendous arts......so good😊😋✌👍
gabriel ibañez
gabriel ibañez 12 days ago
10:06 Rick Grames
nice sir
Syedahamed G
Syedahamed G 13 days ago
Very Nice....
Ingo de Vries
Ingo de Vries 13 days ago
Nice Video mfg from Germany sorry my Englisch ist Not so good
Chris Oly
Chris Oly 15 days ago
I'm into rc tanks, I understand this man perfectly, trains are my first hobby , great job mate
I Hate Click Bait
I Hate Click Bait 18 days ago
Check Out Red dead Redemption 2 if you want to Rob this train
William H. Baird
William H. Baird 18 days ago
That live steam locomotive is really epic
Nithars Nithars
Nithars Nithars 20 days ago
BaSza Official
BaSza Official 20 days ago
12:15 dzwiek jak prawdziwy pociag
Inside Rockers
Inside Rockers 20 days ago
The Lian Sin
The Lian Sin 21 day ago
Wow amazing. I can't figure out how he made such precision miniature. He might be originated from intelligent being from outerspace
Gillian Sears
Gillian Sears 22 days ago
I'm proud to say, this is my brother - more power to you, love you very much
Jock Stenhouse
Jock Stenhouse 23 days ago
Brilliant 😎
Ranajoy Sutradhar
Ranajoy Sutradhar 27 days ago
Sir,It's an amazing idea.. I love this..
Jay Munyi
Jay Munyi 28 days ago
Amazing innovation, big minds. 7million views is wonderful
JamesFan05 Month ago
Man livesteam can be a pain sometimes haha
AB RailFan
AB RailFan Month ago
This is WAY better than stupid video games!!!!
Денис Мелкумян
Very interesting and, very nice.
abu khalila
abu khalila Month ago
keren tenan, salam gulo abang
Adel Dola
Adel Dola Month ago
Start 10:33 😁😂
BIGGLES flys again
This wonderful machine..aka a train....is obviously your child and I can see the love you have for it !.....and that is lovely to appreciate these days...TYVM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cactus Live
Cactus Live Month ago
Збс увлажнитель собрал, только для чего он катается непонятно
Rajit Kaur
Rajit Kaur Month ago
Amazing sir
Leong Yin Yee
Leong Yin Yee Month ago
CHUU CHUU!!!!!!!
theunwelcome Month ago
woo, model trains!
Артём Хазипов
Хуйня полная.
kummer45 Month ago
This is the gift of youtube. A gift to the world that we see people like him doing what he loves the most. He'll be remembered for thousands of years into the future.
optimus maximum
optimus maximum Month ago
He has his train and im 44 and i have my ho scale train collection but this nice guy went beyond building what he loves in his yard 👍 Loved it!
Elite Dangerous Club
Do services suffer from leaves on the track?
daniel B
daniel B Month ago
Love the passion
Jack Larson
Jack Larson Month ago
when did Rick Grimes take up model railroading???
Sadiq Saifi
Sadiq Saifi Month ago
Hobbies Month ago
great !
David Pulanco
David Pulanco Month ago
Woah..........I never thought live steam could get this small.... Impressive. That's coming from a teenager! XD XD XD
Terry Jennings
Terry Jennings Month ago
I'm in the process of building a Aster Mikado Heavy from kit... Just wish I had such a wonderful track layout to run it on. Great video by the way..
Esra Yuksel
Esra Yuksel Month ago
Ahaaa da buldum. Petrolle alakalı olduğunu biliyordum 😸👽
vivian samuel
vivian samuel Month ago
its so amazing to see this
GTfour01 Month ago
Near 7 million views and riggtly so. What a great piece and so elloquently explained.
Joseph Hinch
Joseph Hinch Month ago
What a lovely train. It sound just like a big un.
ô picatchu
ô picatchu Month ago
Wonderful !!
howie cheng
howie cheng Month ago
This looks soooo cool
Francisco Luna
Francisco Luna Month ago
Life stops the very moment we stop being kids. What an amazing train and train operator!
Komose Komose
Komose Komose Month ago
Denis Ivanov
Denis Ivanov Month ago
*Этот комментарий не стоил того чтоб его переводить на другой язык*
Quentin Bush
Quentin Bush Month ago
Love it, I want one. I admire people like you firstly who have a natural flair for demonstrating on camera the technical operation of a lovely model and then for sharing it with us in your garden.
Samant Rao
Samant Rao Month ago
great work. can't imagine the time, effort took to finish the project, apart from the skills.
The Polar Express.
hedlik Month ago
" I never fucked my wife, I swear !"
Maxamud Maxamed
Maxamud Maxamed Month ago
Burka hooyadaa
Alan McGregor
Alan McGregor Month ago
If i was his neighbour, I'd volunteer to work on some realistic viaducts, mountains and other scenery etc.
Boy man
Boy man Month ago
Very creative.. I am amazed by your hard work..
Oscar Vergara
Oscar Vergara Month ago
Muy bueno el tren...
Hiram Abiff
Hiram Abiff Month ago
Was waiting for it to blow a whistle.... ='(
DeeboBelfast Month ago
FF to 11:15 to see it move tryin save a couple of mins of your life folks
QD World
QD World Month ago
Simply Genius!!!!
Martin Bauer
Martin Bauer Month ago
Hey, Great work, and appreciate the share. Thanks.
wiki learn
wiki learn Month ago
Wast of time .This old man should give time in serious jobs.
Thanks for reminding me how stupid the internet is, I forgot for a moment there. “Waste of time”, are you sure? He put time and effort into making this, have some sympathy.
Andy Bladen
Andy Bladen Month ago
Amazing throw your Xbox and iPad away you don’t need those great model here passionate guy as well
Brian Cullen
Brian Cullen Month ago
This is so cool
Asif Khan
Asif Khan Month ago
Good job sir
Godfrey Anyanwu
Godfrey Anyanwu Month ago
Just start the damn train
Luis Simoncello
Luis Simoncello Month ago
Vai se fuder kkkkk
Keith Bohn
Keith Bohn Month ago
I was wondering where a person be able to buy trains that run on steam
Nhilzer Month ago
That was fun to watch mister, I'm definitely searching for other videos :). Great job.
Lit baller
Lit baller Month ago
I respect people like this
Me too!
Jud Clark
Jud Clark Month ago
The personal train of Patrick Swayzee
masonjeff18 Month ago
The dedication he has is impressive
Hope Month ago
Just so you know these cost tens of Thousands of Dollars.
That is true, model trains/layouts are very expensive. Some locomotives cost more than a thousand dollars alone!
MacK Olives
MacK Olives Month ago
10 minutes refuel & 5 minutes run
1chicco1 2 months ago
Fantastico ! bravissimo ingegnere.
Claerton Arcoverde
Claerton Arcoverde 2 months ago
Simplesmente lindo , quase real.👏👏👏👏 congratulation.
YU CHEN 2 months ago
why do people thumb down for this? how come
YU CHEN 2 months ago
12:18 this is so cool, you can even hear the rhythmic clicks
Samresh Jalan
Samresh Jalan 2 months ago
Can you please share the design?
Nepoleon 2 months ago
The things I'd buy if I was rich!
Eagle Eye
Eagle Eye 2 months ago
Time and Pressure is that all you need to do some incredible work in this world and this man surely has it ✌️👍👌
george medeiros
george medeiros 2 months ago
Aloha from Oahu Hawaii 96782, cuz real cool wish I had one, i had all the small trains my mom bought me for gifts back in da fifths 1951is wen I was born, now the trains would worth some money today lol, I'm 68 so I had a few in my real younger age smile aloha
Aragorn syn Isildura
This steam locomotive is just unbelievable !!!
Hardedy zurhayandi Putra official
Saya suka good 👍
柳园 2 months ago
Wow!its so fast!
Carcinogenic2 2 months ago
I must be daydreaming... this is absolutely gorgeous!
Karthik Sankaran
Karthik Sankaran 2 months ago
Great engineering, my favourite childhood sport - Toy Trains!
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