Gauge 1 Live Steam Merchant Navy Loco 35028 Clan Line

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Richard Sears introduces his Aster gauge 1 Merchant Navy locomotive, remarkably true to Ron Jarvis' rebuild of Bulleid's original locomotive.
Ride 70000 Britannia around Richard's track at ruvid.net/video/video-ME5lA7aXir0.html

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Nov 18, 2017

35028Clan LineMerchant NavyAstergauge 1




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Comments 2 469
Networking Friend
Very Good work...It will be more good if add train horn .
Training Mod
Training Mod 4 days ago
Wow so nice video
Biswajeet Singh
Biswajeet Singh 5 days ago
I love it
Farhat Khan
Farhat Khan 5 days ago
Anil Gupta
Anil Gupta 5 days ago
Lawrence 6 days ago
I love this train
Sijoek Ek
Sijoek Ek 6 days ago
HI I liked
Ajay Prajapati
Ajay Prajapati 8 days ago
Ma makinik hu kam mila ga ky
Really amazing. Very nice
Jatin kumar Biswal
Very good idea
MD Salauddin
MD Salauddin 9 days ago
Shah rukh khan Shah rukh khan
Wyri good
Chiggaisyours 9 days ago
Sir, i want you to be my grandpa
Arif R Chavda
Arif R Chavda 9 days ago
Bharat me chutiya log there he uski taqat bhi nahi aisi train banana ki
Sarfaraz Shaikh
Sarfaraz Shaikh 9 days ago
Cameraman sucks
sintu choudhury
sintu choudhury 9 days ago
U take to much time to invent your loco
Erick ondieki
Erick ondieki 9 days ago
Mr Sears that is awesome loco right there....
Shiven Joshi
Shiven Joshi 10 days ago
This train is only for ants and time is 11.00
Nando Bloon
Nando Bloon 10 days ago
Kakean ngocot jancuk
Dinesh Dsouza
Dinesh Dsouza 10 days ago
Abe gorele hatke
Dj Anuj Hamirpur
Dj Anuj Hamirpur 10 days ago
It's amazing
Khadija Azrak
Khadija Azrak 10 days ago
It's amazing! What's wrong with the people who put thumbs down??!!!!
Danger Gamer314
Danger Gamer314 7 days ago
Khadija Azrak (A) it not that Engine (B) it a pack (C) it not a pack I like it though
Govind Sharma
Govind Sharma 11 days ago
Jay Mahant
Jay Mahant 11 days ago
khodelich dar le
Honey rajput
Honey rajput 11 days ago
Mo ula
Mo ula 11 days ago
supar sar uvar great
Chaithanya Sai
Chaithanya Sai 12 days ago
Where can I buy this one
Technical Shivam Sharma
Awesome Creation
phoolsing1 12 days ago
maja aa gaya
Ram Lakhan
Ram Lakhan 12 days ago
Prahlad Gautam
Prahlad Gautam 13 days ago
What a beauty
Deepak kumar Sunaya
madhachod bakbasat kar sale
Saswata Koley
Saswata Koley 14 days ago
tech art
tech art 14 days ago
Oh my god its amazing. Sir. I salute you sir. For make it
Free Fun
Free Fun 15 days ago
He's fucking lazy
New golden assam
New golden assam 15 days ago
Brilliant 💡
sk asraful Sk
sk asraful Sk 15 days ago
Khusbu Kumari
Khusbu Kumari 15 days ago
Very nice
Khusbu Kumari
Khusbu Kumari 15 days ago
Su Trisno
Su Trisno 15 days ago
siddh 28
siddh 28 16 days ago
Superb uncle From where I can buy this train Nd what is the cost..?? Plzzz anyone which hv..
siddh 28
siddh 28 15 days ago
Sir i don't want like, Plz give my answer bcaz I want it...
Adam S
Adam S 16 days ago
SHAKIL BAGWAN 16 days ago
Mian Arslan
Mian Arslan 18 days ago
very nice
Shriram Ravichandran
11:00 Am I correct?👀
Feri Setiawan
Feri Setiawan 18 days ago
Kakean cocot
Prabith E
Prabith E 19 days ago
Uncle please give me this train
hajara thasneema am
Please dislike me
Ewood Railway
Ewood Railway 21 day ago
Truely amazing, I've subbed to your channel
Vikash Giri
Vikash Giri 23 days ago
Cool train
Dibakar Mahapatra
Dibakar Mahapatra 25 days ago
Pubg mobile game game
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