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HEY EVERYONE! Today every beauty guru is retiring because Garrett Watts is here to take the crown. I've gotten my makeup done by A-List celebrity makeup artists, all the way to my personal trainer.. But today takes the cake!!! Garrett is the sweetest and on his birthday he decided to come over and paint my face.. it was time for a new look! What do you guys think?? I think I love Garrett's laugh ALMOST as much as the look!
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Jun 17, 2018




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Comments 55 665
Shane Cabuka
Shane Cabuka 47 minutes ago
I need an adult to watch this! so much love for the excitement and flirts
mathildamooo 56 minutes ago
Can we mention that this makeup looks really good?! So artsy 😍👏🏻
Laura-Chan Day ago
Garret: *snif* what does this one smells like? Jeffree: umm... regret Garret: *closes the palette* love it
unknown shinobi
Garrett is more hyper in this video, maybe it's because of the red bull!! They look so cute!!! Hahahahaha!!!
Hera Anwar
Hera Anwar 2 days ago
I love how excited garret is 😂
izzy 2 days ago
still waiting for the 'i did garrett watts makeup' video
NativeTexan 2 days ago
Garrett HAS to be a sweet little 6 month old puppy that has been reincarnated into the body of a human man. He is SO sweet and pure and full of sunshine and rainbows and joy. Jeffree and he have the CUTEST chemistry. ❤
ChevyDude65 ChevyDude65
Oh my God why is this so stinking funny!!!! Its like a total nerd and a slut trying to seduce him but hes too stupid to come in out of the rain. Pure genius. Just pure genius.
Sinead Bales
Sinead Bales 3 days ago
LOVE Garrett
Jaybee Moon
Jaybee Moon 3 days ago
Why is Garrett so CUTE! 😍😘
AmyAdore1 4 days ago
I love how kind Jeffree is... I know he gets a bad wrap, but it’s obvious he really cares about his friends
Just Jodia
Just Jodia 4 days ago
Garrettttt!!!! Be my friend!
Nicki Harmon
Nicki Harmon 4 days ago
Garrett doing Euphoria make up before Euphoria was a thing
SOLTBRAF 4 days ago
Jenna said no?? I really hope that's because of a scheduling conflict and no other reason because my heart is broken otherwise. 💔
Alison Rawbone
Alison Rawbone 4 days ago
Garrett is too cute
Jiggle Puff
Jiggle Puff 5 days ago
I love how Jeffree kindly guides and corrects Garrett the whole time. Breaking bad habits before they start. Don’t touch the face!
l i l y
l i l y 5 days ago
17:21 *shoves peen on knee* 😂
SpaceCowboy Eddie
Okay I'm re-watching this video a year later and....'Garrett is only here because Jenna Marbles said no'. Ummmmm I WANT A JENNA AND JEFFREE COLLAB!
Morgan Muldoon
Morgan Muldoon 5 days ago
I have never seen Jeffree more turned on before. Garrett is irresistible.💕🐶
Kathleen 5 days ago
Omg hearing Jeffree talking about James Charels after the whole drama Bitch I'm shooooook
Rayshel White
Rayshel White 5 days ago
Jeffree is actually the king AND queen of makeup
Smolbean 6 days ago
18:02 Jeffree's look after that comment ppp
Smolbean 6 days ago
the description thooo so cuuuuute 💕
Kasey Fairbank
Kasey Fairbank 6 days ago
The sexual tension in this video is so much
Emina Husovic
Emina Husovic 6 days ago
3:40 Garrett: ‘Oh! Color Mates! Is that..good...stuff?’ Jeffree: ‘....’
cookie panda_YT
cookie panda_YT 7 days ago
x yg
x yg 7 days ago
We need another collab!!!!!!!!!!!
x yg
x yg 7 days ago
Garrett is so precious and funny. How is he still single? I need a friend like him I feel like we would totally vibe.
Alison Rawbone
Alison Rawbone 4 days ago
100% agree
Lomas World
Lomas World 7 days ago
Garret always acts like he's a few hits from overdosing on meth
annIEro0 7 days ago
Loved the eyes and ears... haha. I'm so sorry being this late, the video is sooo funny!
Erica Williams
Erica Williams 7 days ago
I freaking LOVE Garrett but I get a bit of anxiety watching him. Hes ways so hyper amd fidgety but hes so adroable and sweet
Sabrina Williams
Sabrina Williams 7 days ago
Is it sad he went from saying James is one of his smartest friends &he just shaded him in his Dollar General video from today (9/15/19). Which I don't want to reveal too much of. Go check it out, Jefrree's got some EPIC, ICONIC, MIND BLOWING surprises! THIS IS NOT CLICK BAIT OR TROLLING!
Tammie XOXO
Tammie XOXO 7 days ago
Omg... I love this 😍 😍❤️ 💙 love you both so much ❤️💞
goodbird Msp
goodbird Msp 7 days ago
Fun fact : Garrett has Tiktok 🤭
Danica Tanner
Danica Tanner 7 days ago
He's like the MADHATTER I'm dyin
Danica Tanner
Danica Tanner 7 days ago
"Spit on me..." Lol Luv u JSTAR
hiba haddad
hiba haddad 7 days ago
9:34 OMG Jeffree is gonna fuck garret
Emily 8 days ago
Jeffree Star having an orgasm for 29:54 straight
Ally Lambert
Ally Lambert 8 days ago
Now Shane definitely needs to do Jeffree’s makeup😊
lynnsundrop 8 days ago
Omg can they just make out?
idk man
idk man 8 days ago
22:12 jeffere: ya we all do that. we’re all whores garrett: oH interesting
idk man
idk man 8 days ago
garret so hyped up that he doesn’t comment on jeffery flirting is hilarious
addison ellerbee
addison ellerbee 8 days ago
Jeffery: Hehe Garrett: should i wash my hands No there fine its not like i touch my butt. hehe
addison ellerbee
addison ellerbee 8 days ago
Garrett is like a little kid in candy a candy store
jello bello
jello bello 9 days ago
Garrett so handsome !!
Lucy Stammer
Lucy Stammer 9 days ago
Jeffrey is so iconic
missgwendolyn 9 days ago
Honestly I don't think Jeffree was being super sexual they just have this super good chemistry because it's SCORPIO x CANCER vibez😏
wildspirit 67
wildspirit 67 9 days ago
Happy birthday!!!
nothing studios
nothing studios 9 days ago
This video is so holsome i love this so much i ship itttt
Elizabeth Harrison
Elizabeth Harrison 10 days ago
Fucking badass! I kept waiting for Garret to fuck it up and it just kept getting better and better. How appropriate that Jeffree looks as if he ripped a bitches throat out with his teeth and has a permanent blood stain around his mouth. ICONIC.
Jennifer Cortes
Jennifer Cortes 10 days ago
Love that waiting all day comment!! 😜
Aubry Stout
Aubry Stout 10 days ago
There are infinite legendary screenshots in the video
Aubry Stout
Aubry Stout 10 days ago
Honestly the green on the ear kinda hits right
Aubry Stout
Aubry Stout 10 days ago
Whaaaaaaaat?! How have I not seen this?!?!?!?! Whaaaat? Omg
saint mc
saint mc 10 days ago
looool imagine you have a make up appointment at mac or smthn and your mua is Garrett
Alison Rawbone
Alison Rawbone 4 days ago
I would stay and make sure he does it how he wants hehe
Elisa Ramirez
Elisa Ramirez 10 days ago
He is soooooooooo cute 😍😍
Cassandra Lemley
Cassandra Lemley 11 days ago
Omg when he sprayed jeffree writhe the spray at the end😂 scared the hell out of me haha
Kodi 15
Kodi 15 11 days ago
I dont drink them that often *PROCEEDS TO DRINK 2 AT THE SAME TIME*
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