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Austin Evans
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Fix your PS4 controller, add more games to your Nintendo Switch and supercharge the Xbox One!
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Science & Technology

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Apr 8, 2020




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Comments 80
Austin Evans
Austin Evans Month ago
oh yeah I forgot one tech tip linus won't teach you DON'T DROP IT
Edmomd Szabó
Edmomd Szabó 18 hours ago
They will teach pc hacks and not lame ass console and switch hacks
sapphi cation
lmao i dropped my dualshock and turns out i broke the vibration on the right side lol is this called a .. singularshock now?
Exgro Day ago
Linus dropped the soap
lokix berry
lokix berry 2 days ago
Y are you bleeping the name of your assistant
Alejandro Garcia
Alejandro Garcia 8 days ago
It’s crazy how he is helping ps4 while using a Xbox shirt
MyDailyLife 333
MyDailyLife 333 3 hours ago
I think he set his Google home to a certain name im new but he might do live streams and has text to speech on and people like to say the name of the device and make it call the police or something like that so yeah unless he is being rude to his smart device
Fear_ Guilty
Fear_ Guilty 6 hours ago
This dude
DragonBallsuper Team
Did anyone else see lachlan
Edgar Gutierrez
Edgar Gutierrez 8 hours ago
I hate it how u have a ps4 controller and a xbox shirt touching your skin
Phoenix 203
Phoenix 203 9 hours ago
Why is google blurred out
RetroYoung Metro
RetroYoung Metro 15 hours ago
I’ve taken my controller apart and rebuilt it they’re really simple pieces of tech really
Baxz 15 hours ago
Mystic Sweat
Mystic Sweat 18 hours ago
That copilot thing would be like having human aim assist
Lucas Welz
Lucas Welz 18 hours ago
Xbox shirt with a PS4 controller
Edmomd Szabó
Edmomd Szabó 18 hours ago
Pc? playing animal crossing on a switch is not gaming
Microlizard60 YT
I dont know why you 9 year olds think just because of the console you have makes you superior like i play Xbox and you guys on PlayStation think its the "GayBox" and people on Xbox think of the PlayStation as "GayStation" like just because of your console that you play makes you better than the other person because personally I LOVE PlayStation and obviously well Xbox because i play it but seriously why does the console you play matter like can we please stop arguing over what your console is and that you think your so much better than the other person with the other console because arguing over what console you have is not what we need to be thinking about right now we need to worry about whats going on in the world and start thinking about other people and how they are not what console they play.
Slingshot Harvey
Dude your trying to hard... why you extra flexing 💪. Weak bro
Orry Yang
Orry Yang Day ago
use less video almost all of the gamers know these features on their console
Xxthe power13xX
I play games I don’t care if you Sub
He’s teaching us ps4 with an Xbox one shirt
He has x box shirt but talk about ps lol
Raptide Day ago
3:08 He just pulled a Linus Tech Tips.
Raptide Day ago
me: ok kids i just want to clarify google is not a bad word...
Psychopath panda
You had a remote in your hand to start and pause for Xbox hake
ELFS Day ago
he's talking about play station yet Xbox shirt...
Official Derp
Fortnite gay
Jonathan Morales
OMG THIS HELPED ALOT. My DualShock 4 has been having a lot of controller drift lately. That life hack helped a whole lot
Botlife_ vortex
no fortnite
does the second hack work on ps4
Carter Hall
Carter Hall Day ago
no one: Xbox users: *cries in siri
xMJM xx
xMJM xx Day ago
Ps4 xbox t-shirt
Harry kent
Harry kent Day ago
I love that he is talking about ps4 but he’s wearing a Xbox t-shirt
I thought he was actually cursing at first 😂 when he told the Xbox to pause and stuff haha
Aaron Stockton
Aaron Stockton 2 days ago
Lil Rambo
Lil Rambo 2 days ago
1st one is lie just plug it in on with the USB
Rowan Sellman
Rowan Sellman 2 days ago
If Little Timmy was a six year old he shouldn’t be playing red dead
GamingCloud 2 days ago
does turning on the ps4 with google home or alexa work
Kill Erzz
Kill Erzz 2 days ago
Can I get a heart
Luc 2 days ago
Austin Evans - NO FF7 for you XBox Fam.
Ezza YT
Ezza YT 2 days ago
What was the game in the last tip
Lucious Nickel1234
Austin: It does not have speakers. The Joy-Cons:REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Dameon Nikitas
Dameon Nikitas 3 days ago
Why do you have xbox and play ps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jxrry10k 3 days ago
Dat Xbox shirt piss me off
LINX_GAMER_KID 3 days ago
Brw06 4 days ago
3:03 he is talking about kids watching porn and getting off parents browsing history lmao
Brw06 4 days ago
After 3 years of having a ps4 I never seen that button in the back
Archie B
Archie B 4 days ago
Nah I use vpn
Trystan Thibodeaux
I have an issue. I bought a ps4 controller and it has a significant drift and this didn’t work
Josefina Rivera
Josefina Rivera 4 days ago
I know
Nuclear Built
Nuclear Built 4 days ago
Y does the Asian guy look like turtle💀
RiftZ_Yourdeath 4 days ago
Ew Fortnite
Larry Richardson
Larry Richardson 4 days ago
Linus Tech Tips: NOBODY GOES TO THE OFFICE Austin: Yeah, we're using the internet a lot more lately. [Matt talks] ok
Ayaan Adeel
Ayaan Adeel 4 days ago
I am soo good at sleeping i can do it with my eyes closed
samhalsey 4 days ago
How can this dumb fuck make a PS4 video wearing a xbox t shirt
Walter 4 days ago
When did logic get into console tech
Nate_alt 4 days ago
Fortnite is such an old game
Jin Kim
Jin Kim 4 days ago
Is he trying to advertise ps4 or xbox
Nicholas Norbury
Nicholas Norbury 4 days ago
Hello I’m a big fan
Zack Neff
Zack Neff 5 days ago
He’s talking about life hacks with a PS4 with an Xbox shirt on
RxiderRZN 5 days ago
Imagine having 2 million views and 59,000 likes 😕☹️
Juzer Kheriwala
Juzer Kheriwala 5 days ago
Wears Xbox T-shirt and show’s ps4 Me:Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat
LegendaryNick Playz
Austin is on a ps4 with a Xbox shirt!
Zarrar Khan
Zarrar Khan 5 days ago
if a button is not working and We reset it will it start waorking correctly.?
i know wae do you know wae
Thank now I know rest ps4 conrolee
Derpytoezwithaz 5 days ago
4000 comment
Kent Mcgowan
Kent Mcgowan 6 days ago
Anybody else here taped on this video because the thought there PS4 controller would have infinite charge
Dutt Dav3
Dutt Dav3 6 days ago
I wish this fixed stick drift
Javier Gurrola
Javier Gurrola 6 days ago
No wayyy I didn’t know
Brinn Culver
Brinn Culver 6 days ago
It’s not tied to the card it’s tied to you Nintendo account I rented a game from redbox and I redeemed the points from it
Squishy 6 days ago
What word did you beep out
watermelon doggo
watermelon doggo 6 days ago
bruh y u playing on a ps4 with an xbox shirt
Gunraj Singh
Gunraj Singh 6 days ago
Every time it beeps on “google”, my mind automatically thinks of something else😳
Crypto 4 days ago
DementedBaller2 YT
Is he bleeping our a bad word? Or his google homes name? Haa
Ramb - O
Ramb - O 6 days ago
If only I saw this video before buying a whole new controller 😐
WeGetWeirdOverHere! !!
Am I the only one watching this instead of paying attention in online class...😂
Angry Prash
Angry Prash 7 days ago
2 reason of world war Xbox Vs ps the great and marvel Vs shit DC
Itryhard ツ
Itryhard ツ 7 days ago
Take that lil ass shirt off 😂
NS_danny5gamer45 7 days ago
I am a PlayStation player not saying I am in console wars and I miss the Kinect it was a cool thing with the Xbox
Kk Slider
Kk Slider 7 days ago
Sorry they patched that last update
Derrick McKoy
Derrick McKoy 7 days ago
Why is the switch lagging on his screen?🤔🤔🤔
lilgamezIplay 7 days ago
MR NOOBIE OOF 7 days ago
He didn’t say hey guys it’s Austin
Karolis Mickevicius
RedVane 7 days ago
I like how he acted like the voice worked but just did it manually
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