Game Theory: YouTube is Ruining Gaming!

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So E3 just happened and it got me thinking a lot about which of the announced games will be the next big game here on RUvid. The answer? None of them. You see, none of these games will be able to do what Minecraft and Fortnite have done on the platform. Not internet darling Keanu Reeves in Cyberpunk 2077, not Deathloop, or any other game. You see, despite the coming launch of Google Stadia, they have built a platform that will not support it. Sit back and hold your favorite game close, Loyal Theorists, the future isn't looking bright.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Stephanie Patrick
Editors: Marc Schneider, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and BanditRants
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


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Jun 23, 2019

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the continuous one
ever since the beginning
Curiosity 2 hours ago
14:05 “demonetization my...” advertisement
Sc0pɛ 5 hours ago
Haris Live
Haris Live 6 hours ago
RUvid's approach may stop new RUvidrs from coming and/or worse get rid of the old ones!
Haris Live
Haris Live 6 hours ago
Know any cursed words? Yeah. B R A N D S A F E T Y !!!
Dillon Schmidt
Dillon Schmidt 9 hours ago
I stood up after watching this video right now, got a glass of water and realized something. If gaming companies advertise on RUvid their own games and put their ads in that all expanding territory, it means that their Games that are already mature get to gamers that watch gaming videos that are mature, and because advertisements are fueling the mature content again, the influencers can get money for showing off mature games, and it becomes a look of them putting an investment into the community that then promotes their products for free anyways. I keep getting random ads for stuff I don't care about, what if most of, if not all gaming videos had ads for more games that you could buy? Hell I found some games like Bloodlines 2 THROUGH RUvid ads. This could work!
Kindlesmith80 9 hours ago
I have no hope. Doesn't stop me from keeping up to date on what trash is getting released.
KT Productions
KT Productions 12 hours ago
I didnt know about the new halo and after he daid that i got goose bumps
07Yoshi Productions!
Nintendo,Sega and other Games: OH NO RUvid IS GETTING RID OF GAMING ROBLOX: Allow me to introduce myself I’m not really Gaming IM A WEBSITE HAHAHHA
Zwei 14 hours ago
I think there was other reasons mortal combat 11 failed...... partly due to the double standards and other stuff.
Ale 3.8
Ale 3.8 16 hours ago
The last time you see dis intro
The King
The King 17 hours ago
Is that the North Korean flag on his shirt?
Static_Supercx23 18 hours ago
I made gaming videos and the first ever video gets demonized for saying hell in one hour
Dissonance Paradiddle
The AAA industry deserves to collapse if it refuses to change..... But yeah this is ridiculous.
Conor Playz
Conor Playz 22 hours ago
hey can you do more videos like this? not to many, like mabye a topic like it once a week? i like this kind of stuff
Youtubw needs to be monitored by big papa google
RUvid is ruining gaming RUvid is ruining music RUvid is ruining entertiment RUvid is ruining his contend RUvid is ruining his self RUvid is ruining RUvid
Eh... fortnite is casual trash for casuals.
Suggest Yo
Suggest Yo Day ago
Minecraft is coming Back YEET YEET (i am late i know)
Bakinator Day ago
So we're going back to word of mouth when making a decision on which games to buy? To be honest, I've kind of missed that... But still, this system is beyond broken
Axel sebastian
Was hyped for MK11 but it got banned in my country
27 8
27 8 Day ago
"Fortnite will stay on top" Lol/TFT: Am I a joke to you?
Mohamed AAZ
Mohamed AAZ Day ago
so you ether play minecraft,roblox or fortinite or get demonetized
Kaura Puuro
Kaura Puuro Day ago
20:39 k
Jamie Singh
Jamie Singh Day ago
Wait... after ALL HE SAID RUvid DIDN'T this down?????
MusicHero Day ago
So either RUvid changes or Stadia dies? 🤔
Brownies beats
There’s RUvid kids for a reason
Gregory Bean
Gregory Bean Day ago
Apx legends is the new fortnite
PinsPins Day ago
Minecraft is on top of fortnite
Master Chief
Master Chief Day ago
*T-Series beats PewDiePie* Minecraft: *Revives itself overtaking Fortnite in a matter of weeks* *PewDiePie begins a Minecraft series* Minecraft: You couldn't live with your own failure, and where did that bring you? Right back to me...
XayahChan018 Day ago
Everyone might as well move to twitch. No one should have to play"kid friendly" all the damn time.
San Luky
San Luky Day ago
_0:50__ i thought for one nanosecond that it was real xd_
As usual, advertisers ruin everything even when you're using adblock and bypassing the ads on streaming services.
Rham Nation
Rham Nation Day ago
RUvid was way better around 2016 and it just got worse for gamers in 2018 and not for just gaming other content creators get demonized because their not “family friendly” that doesn’t matter cause youtube back then you would be 10 and watch outlast, you’ll be fine just a little scared maybe
Nathaniel Gross
5:05 “Why Am I suddenly wearing a crown?” Me: “Because MatPat is King”
AriettaTheWild17 2 days ago
I mean granted the graphics are more realistic now but I played Doom as a little kid, just like my siblings, and our parents were also always told that we were well behaved and polite. How come? Because despite being exposed to “mature content” our parents also actually parented, didn’t just use the TV as a babysitter so they could do whatever they wanted to do, since having children is a responsibility. We were also told to play outside, weather didn’t matter, they make clothes for different types of weather. Oh yeah, we also played Duke Nukem which is also not considered appropriate at the ages we were, but my old favourites were Warcraft and Civilization, with a little bit of Command & Conquer on the side.
Arttu Kettunen
Arttu Kettunen 2 days ago
How dare you call me a laggard 6:53
Funtime Foxy as Marg
I am a gamer and I have a lot of problems with copyright music in games like Geometry Dash Not just that game but others like JSAB and other stuff...
kinan hamasha
kinan hamasha 2 days ago
I personally didn't hear about fnaf until the late 2017!
Brycen Lantz
Brycen Lantz 2 days ago
Minecraft is back
hubert warda
hubert warda 2 days ago
Damn RUvid! It ruined RUvid!
Neru Sulu
Neru Sulu 2 days ago
Mat Pat denies a sponcers and calls them out... What a real gamer
andrew aton
andrew aton 2 days ago
RUvid: Doesn't promote suggestive and violent gaming RUvid Ads: Escape your life in Second Life, Once you start you'll never stop Have you played World of Tanks YEET? You're wasting your life
Iamspongey85 7
Iamspongey85 7 2 days ago
It’s weird because fortnite is bad
Kel productions
Kel productions 2 days ago
"that were not dead inside " but that's just a theory
Hadeks Marow
Hadeks Marow 2 days ago
So, people of the present. This is an old video, I gotta ask. Did anyone listen? This warning Mat-P gave to google. About youtube fighting against stadia. Did anything come about from this warning? Did any policies change when they were informed, did they acknowledge the threat they put themselves under? Is there ANY official statements made or changes discussed addressing the future of youtube in regards to stadia? I need to know, do the words of the informed just fall on only deaf ears and powerless nobodies like us? Cause if I'm being honest, this actually does scare me, but what scares me even more is if we find out that the answers to prevent this are right infront of them, right within reach but the people in power to use them just refuse to listen. That, that is the scariest trend of them all.
XxxgodhimselfxxX 2 days ago
when i seen sky does minecraft i cried
fun time freddy and bonbon
I hope thay dont demonatiz fnaf i love fnaf
Maya Tripodi
Maya Tripodi 2 days ago
MatPat is such a good speaker... MATPAT FOR PRESIDENT!
Squid. Blank
Squid. Blank 2 days ago
Don’t you mean minecraft will remain untouched? Because minecraft is wayyyyy better than Fortnite
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