Game Theory: YouTube is Ruining Gaming!

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So E3 just happened and it got me thinking a lot about which of the announced games will be the next big game here on RUvid. The answer? None of them. You see, none of these games will be able to do what Minecraft and Fortnite have done on the platform. Not internet darling Keanu Reeves in Cyberpunk 2077, not Deathloop, or any other game. You see, despite the coming launch of Google Stadia, they have built a platform that will not support it. Sit back and hold your favorite game close, Loyal Theorists, the future isn't looking bright.
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#Storytime #E3 #Gaming #VideoGames #Fortnite #Cyberpunk2077 #Minecraft #Fail #Matpat #GameTheory
Writers: Matthew Patrick and Stephanie Patrick
Editors: Marc Schneider, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and BanditRants
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


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Jun 23, 2019




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Comments 26 544
J. Rayna216
J. Rayna216 14 minutes ago
"To be honest"..only this once?
Phillip Lempitsky
Matpat if I wanted to make a yt channel about finding the truth and the lies how should I go about it? I know you probably won't answer but it's worth asking
Comment Day ago
Truth and lies about what? RUvid? It's all there. Good research is your key, and that's what matpat does well on most of his videos
Dark Author
Dark Author 4 days ago
(Part 1) The effects stuff like this is having on the market is actually a lot wider than just games. Now more than ever actually I'd say it's a crucial thing to bring up. Online shopping, and the sufferage physical shops have while the storage stays intact. For the most part
Dark Author
Dark Author 4 days ago
(Part 3) Internet activity and shopping is literal killing companies, because they can't keep physical sales up due to online shopping. Which means they get fewer overall brands and clothing deals and then on and on. And bam...you shut down like an old light struggling. Don't let this cycle continue. I rarely online shop unless I have to for this exact reason. It's a vicious cycle that literally endangers the livelihood of workers
Howard Savage
Howard Savage 4 days ago
Can't we circumvent this by advertising games on social media platforms and chat channels?
Rafael Garcia
Rafael Garcia 6 days ago
Good thing tf2 has pyro vision right? Idk
RUvid really is garbage nowadays. Unfortunately there aren't any viable alternatives that that can match RUvid so we're all stuck in this dumpster for the foreseeable future.
Lost Lies
Lost Lies 6 days ago
Hi I’m youube is that what you kids call me these days? Well I have fallen and I can’t get up
Krista Herdt
Krista Herdt 9 days ago
What the hel- You know what, if RUvid doesn't stop being a wussy about things that are supposedly "bad" for the audience then screw them.
Velux 10 days ago
A few companies are unsure of what they want their advertisements on and then other companies are also getting unsure and making youtube worried when they said they didn't want their ads on "mature" content and it became a trend when a lot of other companies started doing that causing the adpocalypse
Aaron Gaming
Aaron Gaming 13 days ago
is Forza Horizon 4 ok tho ...
Nolas Taham
Nolas Taham 13 days ago
Can we just move back to 2015 everyone was chill you could do almost anything without worrying about a thing
BM Blade
BM Blade 14 days ago
The Worst thing is that.... I'm playing raid shadow legends while watching this XD I am disappointed at my self
The Adventures of Fluff And Stone Official
Here’s something sad but probably true Minecraft will die in 2020/2021
Gaming with Lalo
Gaming with Lalo 16 days ago
And then COPPA
InViSoL Gaming
InViSoL Gaming 16 days ago
Honestly I want another platform where gamers can watch violent content, content creators can swear and still get to put ads on their vids, if such a medium can be created I would stop using RUvid
Rubix9595_Gaming 17 days ago
"DOOM Eternal will die" maybe but when Markiplier sees it he will be all over that game in like 3 months now
ShadowCobra676 _
ShadowCobra676 _ 20 days ago
why dont they just advertise youtube kids more?
lucas emmott
lucas emmott 21 day ago
Google should pay MatPat millions of dollars for essentially solving all their problems
Artsy Sock
Artsy Sock 22 days ago
Dekatrea 24 days ago
islandHQ 24 days ago
Hannah Kim
Hannah Kim 24 days ago
EXACTLY yt is ruining gaming thx alot
Coral Cosplays
Coral Cosplays 26 days ago
Maybe they should make a RUvid Gaming website/app. Like they did with RUvid Kids. And so that creators can post their content without being afraid of demonetization.
Phyko Gaming
Phyko Gaming 27 days ago
Not to offend you mat, but youtube will never have power over us gamers, we can still hop on our consoles, mouses and controllers in hand, and play without google nit picking everything
Cream Soda Dream Soda
Can we also just point out that there is a separate app for kids content on RUvid (RUvid Kids) and that (at least when I created an account RUvid itself is restricted to 13 and up. Like seriously brands, this platform is literally supposed to be PG 13 and everyone creating an account has to claiming they’re at least 13. RUvid isn’t supposed to be a family friendly platform, it’s not rated E for everyone it’s literally PG-13. Let us create content accordingly
Sophia - Steven Universe
Sam Montgomery
Sam Montgomery 27 days ago
Anyone watching this after the return of Minecraft that was caused by Pewds?
Echoberries 28 days ago
obviously it's the red plumber
uwu 9989
uwu 9989 29 days ago
that one guy
that one guy 29 days ago
Date:2019 Time to introduce my Fortnite killer Minecraft updates
Waffle Demon Overlord
When everyone starts moving to a new website just tell me about it I'll be waiting
CRABJUICES 69 Month ago
RUvid will fall cause from demonitizing
pilotlily games
pilotlily games Month ago
RUvid calls me out as innaporpiate Me playing doom 1993 that is pixelated as heck Me that is not how you are supposed to play the game
pilotlily games
pilotlily games Month ago
We are the last of the old republic of RUvid We are out gunned out manned out numbered out planned we gotta make a all out stand Soliders dislike all youtube made content use #RUvidmustimprove If we must be crushed let them crush us glourisly
pilotlily games
pilotlily games Month ago
You know what this makes ad plagued Dailymotion look good am i right Marines
pilotlily games
pilotlily games Month ago
Me playing KSP in RUvid Kerbal (astronaut) dies youtube: so you have chosen death
VC Dailey
VC Dailey Month ago
did google make stadia?
VC Dailey
VC Dailey Month ago
brah, fortnite got stabbed in the back and died very slowly and painfully
Hamilton Hargreeves At a dam Disco
Omg I love it when Matpat turns into a weather announcer about games-
Joya Lewis
Joya Lewis Month ago
12:27 love how Jack is included in the Holy Trinity of gaming when he just started to have fun. It’s amazing
Jurrasic Duke Man
Is matpat wearing the North Korean flag as a shirt?
Sam Month ago
evil pie obsessed yikes
Sam Month ago
Niven Israel
Niven Israel Month ago
wtf is wrong with the camera it is horrendously oversaturated
Ally Fey
Ally Fey Month ago
off topic, i know, but i _really_ want to draw that thumbnail.
Ally Fey
Ally Fey Month ago
so... when are you taking the role of the ceo of youtube? we need your expertise.
CL Anthony
CL Anthony Month ago
Meanwhile this channel is nothing but children's games like Pokemon and Minecraft. RUvid is now for children. Sorry adults 🙄🤦🏻‍♂️
BornVolcano Month ago
4:35 to 4:52 why am I just watching this part of repeat? XD
[cs] 1 ꧁꧂
[cs] 1 ꧁꧂ Month ago
RUvid cares about being the worst video-sharing platform and darn kids than money-earning good Creators
MaximKat Month ago
MatPat: DEMONITIZATI- RUvid: Here’s an add about getting free skins on Fortnite. Me: *screams in Minecraftian*
Adela Pelly
Adela Pelly Month ago
Finally, we found someone shorter than Markiplier 22:17
Dergos Official Bootleg Repository
Ok hear me out: MatPat is Spongebob from the musical. Like one of the lines from it goes like this: Squidward (or someone else): Spongebob, the world is going to end tomorrow and we're all going to die! Spongebob: But it might not!
kian najian
kian najian Month ago
this episode was amazing... you just explain things and make them so much easy to understand.BIG LIKE and thank you keep it up buddy!
Spycake the fake Still fake
When it’s 2020 I bet more kids will watch RUvid then adults
max Month ago
curse word: *exists* youtube: wait, that’s illegal
Nkofi Cromwell
Nkofi Cromwell Month ago
RUvid: Who has Taught you these Lies? *[Disguised as Arbiter]* Everyone: "Gasps"
pilotlily games
pilotlily games Month ago
Is this Halo arbi
peter_ Gaming_2750
Cheesy Read more
Davis Harper
Davis Harper Month ago
Well this didn't age well. In 2020, demonetization is no more. but kids' content will make little to no money.
Hyper Super Dark Sonic 71
2:02-2:09 *cough cough* Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded
ShootAsword Month ago
I like how youtube in 2020 will be like “But its opposite day” Cause now children’s content makes no money and demonetization is no longer a thing
Comment Day ago
@Akshay Bhogate commented to know as well. Curious to see how it changed too
Akshay Bhogate
Akshay Bhogate 8 days ago
Hello, Can you please elaborate on your comment? Is youtube changing their algorithm again so that videos will not get demonetized? Thanks
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