Game Theory: The Kindergarten Family Secret (Kindergarten 2)

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I have SO much fun with Kindergarten and, since playing Kindergarten 2, I've wanted to do another theory on it. Today Theorists, we are diving into to one of the biggest unsolved secrets of this game - a FAMILY secret! Does our dear friend the Janitor have a secret child? One that may even be a part of our class? Pencils down, Theorists! I've got your answer!
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Writers: Stephanie Patrick
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


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Oct 12, 2019




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Comments 80
Cherry blossom
Nugget reminds me of Eric Cartmen
Luna MIA
Luna MIA Hour ago
I love his nugget voice!!
Nightfury 13 hours ago
idk why but I like 8BitRyan's Nugget's uuhh sound mimicking (no offence MatPat[I think because I heard him first mimicking I think])
j v
j v 15 hours ago
O my little dumb dumb 😆😆😆
Aggey Semenov
Aggey Semenov 17 hours ago
Why did he knock nugget out. He didn't say why nugget wasn't aloud
Hangaku 19 hours ago
What if the janitor is Rick? From rick and morty? ( I get confused between them bc I’ve never actually watched it, I just wanted to say that the janitor is like the teleporting old guy)
Entity606 and ImaganathaCPE4
I love Nugget, he so cute.
Xenø Phœnix
Xenø Phœnix 22 hours ago
15:47 you mean kindergarden 2?
Saiyan Dillon
Can nugget just have the channel
Froxdy 23
Froxdy 23 Day ago
It's my favorite channel! NUGGET THEROY!! ( I'm sorry I had too)
The Unlucky 13
Oh my god man You know this means The janitor is basically Sweeny Todd
Night Dlopez
Night Dlopez Day ago
2:50 what about Billy
Frost Rusher
Frost Rusher 2 days ago
Hey maybe talk about the contradictions to ur theories so we can fill up the holes.
Kristine Arriaga
Kristine Arriaga 2 days ago
game theory shuld have a tv show
Razor708 Minecraft_Pro
I’m pretty sure that Buggs dad died in a dumpster fire also explaining why in the first game after you get him in trouble and then Cindy in trouble the principal says “I guess I’ll let you of early you little dumpster fire”
Emerald 4 math
Emerald 4 math 2 days ago
So who voice nugget
Eric Southard
Eric Southard 2 days ago
I'd like to hear the Agnes voice some more.
Latis mapping
Latis mapping 2 days ago
I can confirm janitors names bob are genuinely nice, all the kids at my school knew bob, he was a cool guy
Tornado Blast
Tornado Blast 3 days ago
So nugget is a hypocrite
ACEphysixs 3 days ago
Mrs. Applegate smokes too
Sonic Adventure
Sonic Adventure 3 days ago
"Today, school is back in session." That didn't age well.
Tntexploder TNT
Tntexploder TNT 3 days ago
"today, school is back in session" Me watching during the Chorona-virus outbreak: No, no it's not
Charles Ludy
Charles Ludy 3 days ago
The monster you fight at the end of the kindergarten game is the janitor's son
Trystan Armer
Trystan Armer 4 days ago
Kindergarten 2 is finnaly out!!!!!
Trystan Armer
Trystan Armer 4 days ago
Dog Miner426
Dog Miner426 4 days ago
Carter Welton
Carter Welton 4 days ago
Kinda weird how he also accepted the cigarettes gratefully and Buggs said that his dad went out for cigarettes so u know that’s kinda weird
hevelen chagas
hevelen chagas 4 days ago
The scool of kindergarden is a true freak show
Nícolas Ramos
Nícolas Ramos 4 days ago
I thought Buggs' head was like ''grey'' because he has that effect like when you shave your hair and it's slowly starting to grow again, kinda similar with a shaved beard.
Gachax V
Gachax V 5 days ago
I have a pebble brain !!!!
3A23曾祉瑜 5 days ago
Someone:corrects the janitor Janitor:I’M TRIGGEREDDDDDDD
Unicorn Lover
Unicorn Lover 6 days ago
I want to know if the theories right or not
James Gould
James Gould 6 days ago
nugget is happy
Galaxy CookieCrumble :3
I know this kinda has nothing to do with this theory but I always wanted to know who, in the first game, was in the bathroom stall When you go into the bathroom there is a bathroom stall that has someone in it, but doesn't say who it is, and NOONE is missing from the classroom I'm probably the only person who thought this tho
Lionel Guillen
Lionel Guillen 6 days ago
I like Steph's nugget voice
Lapispider :p
Lapispider :p 6 days ago
Lol in the GTlive series someone in the chat said that buggs was the missing child and matpat got interested so i guess the credit for the idea goes to them
Kidzbonkerz 6 days ago
This is the most plausible theory yet! Good job, MatDad.
Lapispider :p
Lapispider :p 6 days ago
Notice how Matpats favorite characters are the only background characters with a voice. All the other background characters that arent in the theory dont have a voice.
James Storan
James Storan 6 days ago
Errm sorry I can't my gadgets can't get it
Henry Jones Harrell
The janitor might be the father of our character we play as
Digby BROWN 7 days ago
Guys why don’t we give him the flask and hug come on guys
Stacy 7 days ago
wait if bugs knew so much about his dad then wouldnt bugs or the janitor noticed each other cause if the janitor is 80 it wouldn't make sense cause bugs is like 3 - 5 years old which would mean if bugs knew so much about his father then maybe he would know what his father looks like right now which couldn't be the janitor because he is actually 40ish years old which would mean either the janitor's wife/girlfriend/one night stance would have a kid about the age of 13/14 yrs old or the janitor had a son when he was in his early 40s then maybe bugs might be his son but with the age "80" i doubt it because if the janitor is 80 then bugs could never be his son.... i think it is just a very big coincidence.
run now
run now 7 days ago
was the yellow (bottom left) circle thing only for the nugget episodes or am i missing something?
Victoria Gowin
Victoria Gowin 7 days ago
Stephanie is so good at voicing nugget
Olly Prak
Olly Prak 7 days ago
Anyone else think that nuggets hair was a farmers hat?... no, just me okay?
Kaname mizurory Mokage’
Me: hey buggs Buggs: what do want cant you see I’m busy😡!!!! Me: I know who your dad is Buggs: what!!! Who??? You better not be lying or you’ll be sorry Me point at the janitor in ta da stance Buggs: I don’t see him you lied to me Me: dude! He right here Buggs: all I see is that janitor.(he thinks for moments......you mean....!!! Oh no no it can’t be The janitor: what’s goin on? What you called me for Me: janitor meet your son buggs meet your dad Both looked at each other and scream in terror Buggs and janitor: noooooooooooooooooooooooo (Ooof they past out ) Me: hmp I thought they’d be happy (shrug shoulders)oh well they get over it and thank me later now time to do some damage and get teach in trouble with principal ohhhhhhhh miss apple bottom I mean apple gate (evil devil laugh hee hee hee😈 In mind Me: I’m such a savage)
Jason Pelavin
Jason Pelavin 7 days ago
Do animal crossing pocket camp because Apollo has a zipper on his chest
Megan Newton
Megan Newton 8 days ago
If it does happen I don’t know how it would have but I really want for kindergarten three if there is a kindergarten 3 for the robot girl to come back don’t you agree
Nat Nat
Nat Nat 9 days ago
But the janitor said he hasn't smoked since he was little, and Buggs says that the dad went out for cigarettes. So Buggs can't be the child of the janitor
Billy da slip
Billy da slip 9 days ago
So that's Buggs' dark backstory.
Thomas Sherwood
Thomas Sherwood 9 days ago
A fine theory but the connections is just because they're based on stereotypes
meme vlog
meme vlog 9 days ago
Zac Thomas
Zac Thomas 10 days ago
He could be the person you play as father
Rob Dinglasan
Rob Dinglasan 10 days ago
What is the deal with nugget WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH NUGGET You mean with margrent
Γιώργος Γαϊτάνης
my mind is blow
Chuck Earls
Chuck Earls 10 days ago
After watching jacksepticeye play this game I can never hear nugget the same 😂
Avrum Phelan Marczak
The intro made me smile
Nicki S
Nicki S 10 days ago
12 minutes in when you start talking about the violence. It's so true. In my hometown there was a father who killed another father at a hockey game because he didn't like the way the game was going. About 20 years later his son ended up in prison for killing someone.
clonetroop 133
clonetroop 133 11 days ago
The reason Buggs has grey hair is because he has a buzz cut.
Thedragonben 11 days ago
0:04 but it isn't!
H34D- HuNtEr-1503
H34D- HuNtEr-1503 11 days ago
It’s not a game theory it’s a nugget theory
mercury YT
mercury YT 11 days ago
Mat pat you are in kindergarten 2. when you go down the nugget hole and look at the pile of nuggets it says “some theorize that it should be bigger”
dustin gibson
dustin gibson 11 days ago
Hears nuggets voice in this video and i can’t stop thinking about the voice jacksepticeye did for nugget In his video
MissyQueeny123 12 days ago
"ruining childhood since 2011" *_thats mah whole life_*
Bonnie da Bunneh
Bonnie da Bunneh 12 days ago
Great voice acting steph litteraly wen ever I here someone else do nugget I just go to u guys playing kindergarten so I can here the all mighty nugget our savior
CokePolarBear 12 days ago
U forgot nugget
Ballz Of Vengeance
Ballz Of Vengeance 12 days ago
I’m pretty sure that Buggs gray hair is just a buzzcut with regular color
Теди Коте
Теди Коте 12 days ago
Is Nugget voice acting Mineta?!
Furry Killer
Furry Killer 12 days ago
Bro we cannot go to school
Bellie Bellissima
Bellie Bellissima 12 days ago
who voiced nugget? their voice kinda reminded me of " gloom"
Aiden Campbell
Aiden Campbell 12 days ago
Quarantine schools out Kindergarten schools in
Tj Soto
Tj Soto 12 days ago
You forgetting bily
Zoe Hartnett
Zoe Hartnett 13 days ago
The janitor reminds me of W. A. (William Afton) kind of
Catloverforfun 13 days ago
jacksepticeye's voice is better....
Gina Sirignano
Gina Sirignano 13 days ago
Simon Opdebeeck
Simon Opdebeeck 13 days ago
Wait, why is Nugget not an option? And why not our main character?
random Stuff
random Stuff 13 days ago
Why wasn't nugget an option?
Dylan Peckos
Dylan Peckos 14 days ago
14:32 beautiful
peighton warren
peighton warren 14 days ago
nuggt is fine i love hm he so cute nuggt
Mayo Mar
Mayo Mar 14 days ago
Is the nugget voiceover by you?
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