Game Theory: The Animals in Animal Crossing Aren't Animals! (Animal Crossing: New Horizons)

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Animal Crossing is PEOPLE! No, really! Theorists, this may be one of the most unexpected theories I've put out recently, but once you see it, you will never unsee it. I have gathered TONS of evidence that our player character is only SEEING the villagers of Animal Crossing as animals. They are not, in fact, ACTUAL talking, anthropomorphic animals. Have I said the word animals enough yet? Well get ready Loyal Theorists, I am about to blow your mind! Animals!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Schyler Martin
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Koen Verhagen, Forrest Lee, and Tyler Mascola
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Jun 6, 2020




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Comments 100
Andromeda 10 hours ago
When my sister changed her hair style and colour, my villagers would come up to me and ask me if I had seen her new look, but strangely enough, I change my hair and even my eyes frequently and none of my villagers have ever told me that I look different, or that I look good. Nobody says a word about it unless I put on a different outfit, and even then, Tank, my jock rhino, is the only one who does it frequently enough to even notice. It’s super weird.
Michelle Ullery
Michelle Ullery 12 hours ago
Who else realized mat did mrs applegates (from kindergarten) voice for Tom nook right at the beginning
Mewko 16 hours ago
Theory Debunked : Ruby the Rabbit sayed this "Did you know the moon is [insert km to moon] away? Im going to walk along the beach that much! Just call me moon RABBIT!" Therefore Ruby knows she is a rabbit. My theory is that the game has cute little animal villagers and nothing more.
Sammie Conway
Sammie Conway 18 hours ago
if zipper is your dad, then maybe the reason he has on a costume is because he is trying to help you. you mentioned in your other animal crossing video that if zipper is your dad, the reason he acts so weird is because he doesn't really know how to be a good dad, and that would explain him going along with your mental disorder rather than trying to help in a way that would be better for you. (or maybe that is the way to help idk) it would also explain why the villagers think it's weird that he is wearing a costume, and why he says it's not.
Diego Gandara
Diego Gandara 20 hours ago
If you sacred the owl you get a new message
Sky Rafalski
Sky Rafalski Day ago
7:14 I live in middle TN and in Knoxville not that long ago there was a tiger roaming the streets released from the zoo and all i could think was. Oh. Well. Thats a thing that I'm a little worried about
apparently this guy has never played Night in the Woods
Stephanie Garner
I've never played is it worth trying
Comic_sans gacha 289 90
I haven’t gotten it is it good?
catherine holmes
They speaking Japanese or Chinese
Jay Um
Jay Um 2 days ago
Bells 🔔 did someone say 🔔
James Playz1
James Playz1 2 days ago
Ya know I just wanted to play the game tho now I don’t even wanna touch it
James Playz1
James Playz1 2 days ago
Isabelle literally is a bell
naramurasaki 2 days ago
In case this hasn't been said: they also comment if you change your hair. I recently just had one of my villagers compliment my hair when I changed the color and style.
The Shuckiest
The Shuckiest 2 days ago
JustTom 2 days ago
for people who say tom nook is a greedy evil jerk here you go. TOM NOOK IS A NICE GUY. look at the evidence. in one of his games (i forgot which one) he clearly states I was scammed once out of all of my money. he also says in a different game Buissness is important don't trust a fox I trusted a fox once NEVER AGAin not after the inccedent. sable or mable (i forgot which one?) states that he always tried to give her presents dispite running out of cash. and in Japeanese folk lore its stated that. Kitsunas (fox) usaully fights against Tonookies. Kitsunas are stated to be more aggressive while tonookies are more tricksters and would usaully come victorius. if you piece this all together you learn Tom nook was scammed out of tons of money due to Redd the fox scamming him. So Tom Nook is missunderstood. and the debt he makes you pay is normal. and how he literally give you unlimited time to pay them. Tom Nook is a normal guy. He is kind and caring and most of all he is Missunderstood
Saint 2 days ago
What if Animal Crossing is in reference to the Crossing between life and death?
Vic Fletcher
Vic Fletcher 2 days ago
Jesus loves you, so consider him today! You don’t know how much time you have left, so don’t put it off until tomorrow.
Seeyes 2 days ago
Ender Dragon prince
there goes emrichu's and jaiden animations love for the game
Erased_ Kaiju
Erased_ Kaiju 3 days ago
Nobody gonna talk about how this is the 500th ep of GT??
maloc1824 3 days ago
Animal Crossing language is still English, its just really fast. While I'm not sure of physical changes, they do comment on hair and clothing.
Roblox Thotty
Roblox Thotty 3 days ago
Could you do a theory about that weird unconscious seagull you find on the beach?
PhoenixStar 3 days ago
There is a loop hole HUMANS ARE ANIMALS
WhatTheFridge 1o1
Wait so otherkin are ligit?
Isabelle Pi
Isabelle Pi 3 days ago
This theory is refuted by the game itself. It is farfetched and doesn't work with one obvious clue : - in the museum, there is a room where you see phylogenetic relations. It states that each sentient species derives from an animal. There are apes AND humans (like in real world), but there are also birds AND bipedal-sentient-birds, same for hamsters and all other species. Exactly like in real world the fact apes exist does not invalidate the existence of humans, in animal crossing there can be birds and sentient birds. They just evolved from a common ancestor. The only difference with real world is that multiple species evolved to sentience. The beginning of the video is the most absurd. "I saw a bird. It means perhaps my bipedal bird pals are not birds !" Imagine applying this logic to real world : "I saw an ape. It means HUMANS ARE NOT HUMANS OMG ! D:"
Adam Janet
Adam Janet 3 days ago
nothing is safe when matpats arond
era 3 days ago
i mean pete flies in animal crossing but alright
milkman 3 days ago
Nintendo : cute game with humanoid animals MatPat : you're playing as an insane person
Gael Villalobos
Gael Villalobos 4 days ago
It would be cool if they had a food theory
Multiverse AU
Multiverse AU 4 days ago
I would like to say that as much of an idiot I can be when playing the game if you listen closely when typing out stuff you can hear it actually say the letter. Meaning that the jumbled sounds that are supposed to be the character's voices are just to fast to decipher. UwU Thank you for letting me waste your time
Kirsty Cochrane
Kirsty Cochrane 4 days ago
Ashley Beth
Ashley Beth 4 days ago
Or... Missing 411? I remember survivor stories of animals walking on 2 legs.
Theother1leftout MA
This is ridiculous!!! What’s next!?!? The Kool-Aid Man is super powerful, and will be the next Marvel Villian?!? Oh wait.
Hayden Fry
Hayden Fry 4 days ago
Maybe the island is just a resort for furries
Unafical A’s podcast
Isabel is a communist
Aries studios
Aries studios 4 days ago
Matpat: it’s Disorganized speecH Me: no no no It’s called beebees
the guy
the guy 4 days ago
Furry disease
Tayler Pommier
Tayler Pommier 5 days ago
It is select evolution
Brogan Middleton
Brogan Middleton 5 days ago
And then we realize their clothes are there to hide the zipper and everyone is just a fury except for the players
Destiney Sibbet
Destiney Sibbet 5 days ago
But I think my temory for the animals are there mutated
Weird Brianna
Weird Brianna 5 days ago
For some reason this makes me want to play animal crossing even more ;-;
A-LEN ! 5 days ago
Here a theory animal crossing crossing the bridge of human and animal.
ITZ Gacha Layla
ITZ Gacha Layla 5 days ago
imagine Nintendo seeing this video...
Jule 5 days ago
Why is it always a mental illness? They could be furrys
Anagayle Minor
Anagayle Minor 6 days ago
More acnh please
Larkin Farquharson
I’m laughing now i was the intro of game theorist and i saw the Words ruinning you’re childhood i am a child
ジジ 4 days ago
So am I.
Larkin Farquharson
Furries the enemy of humanity. GET YO SCALPS READY
bluethenewb 7 days ago
ehh idk if the animals’ language is random sounds though, i was watching a japanese channel playing and noticed how their sounds matched the texts, it’s like super sped-up and pitch-edited japanese 😂😂😂
Sarah Chogsom
Sarah Chogsom 7 days ago
When he said they are not animals i thought he meant humans are trapped inside
normal pink panda 1185
Do to me trying to find Mister whiskers..... it didn't work out, Animal Crossing came up as a horror game.
Gacha Girl
Gacha Girl 7 days ago
It’s less scary fnaf
devisous 7 days ago
I always thought that for every animal there was 2 types, the normal animals and the human like ones..
TheOnly NickRam
TheOnly NickRam 7 days ago
Mat Pat!! I recently saw something that blew my mind about animal crossing. There is evidence that Tom nook isn’t a raccoon, but in fact a MAN IN A SUIT. I believe this is theory worthy. Maybe it’s possible since the bunny man was a suited person.
Grape Cola
Grape Cola 7 days ago
Ok but please stop Matpat you know this isn’t true or even a planned true idea
Acriz Caazi
Acriz Caazi 7 days ago
I like the Disney idea better where the animal villagers are “domesticated” or evolved. Unlike the other normal animals in the Disney universe who are “wild”/unevolved.
Mateo Baysse
Mateo Baysse 7 days ago
what aboute the online : we see other people like humans and not animals !
Aiden Tobar
Aiden Tobar 8 days ago
Can you do an amoung us theory next?
Secret 8 days ago
fun fact: my sister never let me play until my birthday this 2020 in june, and as soon as we started we time travled ( i went back) so i could go to her island and she spamed me so much money (bells) and i had no inventory left and cool clouthes im basically done but i need to find some bridge peice thing, then the sisters are gonna move soon from now and then once i get the bridge ill get characters, (one is teh cute pink squid Marina)
Sam Baroglio
Sam Baroglio 8 days ago
I actually get what you're talking about now. XD Actually pretty funny - but also serious.
Bluebossstudios 8 days ago
Rule 34 artist:you fool know you've given me moral high ground hahahahaha
Kyla Gacha 7u7
Kyla Gacha 7u7 9 days ago
Matt: A small bit of people have lycanthropy syndrome Every single avatar (you controlling it): *visible confusion*
Agus Handoko
Agus Handoko 9 days ago
if you are very skilfull enough about science, lore and video games and also LOL (actually i prefer dota), why you dont make a theory base on champions or different games about LOL or what the purpose of the game LOL. i love to hear theory about that, make your head scratching enough for digging the lore deeper than the ocean itself. I love watching this channel, so keep it up Mat. Consider my idea ^_^
Its_Nicole 9 days ago
No one mentioned the wolf guy vine!!
Isabelle 9 days ago
I...... uh, what?
loaf of snek bread
Nintendo made this to make people happy and relaxed, it's supposed to be a fun game, but it's not fun anymore when people stat theorizing way beyond the game. It dosen't have a lot of story, you know. Geez.
Denise .Waffles
Denise .Waffles 9 days ago
matpat u forgot to mention 80s child murder in the script!! 😫😩
Brody Lauderdale
Brody Lauderdale 9 days ago
The fourth part of your logo should be a blue one named “real theory” that explains theory’s in real life
Gabbard Family
Gabbard Family 9 days ago
When he showed 4 split video games he should have put horizon zero dawn
James R
James R 9 days ago
What about other people in animal crossing new horizons
Dank Duck Studios
Make a part 2, Add more to this theory
Green-Fong! 9 days ago
This is basically a human, keeping a monkey as a pet
Green-Fong! 9 days ago
They are the humans, the other animals are the monkeys
Just Moon
Just Moon 10 days ago
eRm- FNaF anyone?
U s e r n a m e
U s e r n a m e 10 days ago
Forget that whole theory everyone's just a furry
Kool Unicorn Videos
Game theory ruining your childhood favourite games again
Nxjt 10 days ago
6:42 - It would've been more funny if it said that the patient saw their mom turn into a horse because in Chinese, "吗" (Mă) but mother in Chinese is "妈妈"(Māmā). Aah yes, Chinese, a language where you can accidentally call your mom a horse.
this is stupid
Madeline Burke
Madeline Burke 10 days ago
It’s a town of furries…
Zekromite Metalworks
The villager is just coping with societal anxiety by seeing cartoonish animals instead of people. There, case solved. That's why certain social subcultures exist by the way.
Matthew Bunn
Matthew Bunn 10 days ago
So animal crossing is a game about Furries Dear God
I don’t care that you broke your elbow
But when my friend comes to my island she’s a human
uvz7 222
uvz7 222 11 days ago
I always think im the one in the world and rest of people are NPC's
Carter Riley UwU
Carter Riley UwU 11 days ago
these r 2 funny i saw ur bunny day 1
TheRussianoofio 11 days ago
Why can the player see other humans/players. I think it is a different story look at bna for example people who can turn to animals like in animal crossing I think that is what your working with
Elizabeth Jordon
Elizabeth Jordon 11 days ago
That's super sweet and all, but haven't you noticed that some of the character look like humanoid versions of those animals. I'm not saying that you're wrong, Matpat, but could it be possible that the Animal Crossing NPCs are actually humans fused with animals. But hey, as you always say "That's just a theory, a GAME theory."
*_Loser Rat_*
*_Loser Rat_* 11 days ago
If you realize there is a meme called animal crossing which has the same art style except not 3d and the animal crossing meme is *OLD!*
Kristie Stuart
Kristie Stuart 11 days ago
hmm... seems like gaster made a visit
Laurence Martino
Laurence Martino 12 days ago
its simple anthro furries and feral furries
Naufal AF
Naufal AF 12 days ago
But how about happy pet story2 the game and the game is kinda like animal crossing but your Character is just an animal mess cuz your Character you can change everything so yeah its kinda weird and everyone is mix match animals that are colored......weirdly
tiredcat 12 days ago
Yes, the villagers do comment on when you change your hairstyle.
Allie's Intro
Allie's Intro 12 days ago
I really thought he was gonna go on a tangent about furries
pluviophiive 12 days ago
Tristan Charles
Tristan Charles 12 days ago
U should do a goat sim theory
PurpleFan87 12 days ago
Plot twist: they are all furrys
Estelle Smith
Estelle Smith 12 days ago
No hate to you in the slightest, MatPat, but, coming from the stuff my friend has told me about Animal Crossing, Celeste is an _astronomer_ ,not an astrologist. Astronomy is the study of the night sky and science, astrology is more zodiacs and horoscopes.
venti waffles
venti waffles 12 days ago
what about other players-
King of chaos
King of chaos 12 days ago
Mat still hasn’t explained the strange villagers like ribbot is a robot or stitches is a stuffed animal or Hopkins with the plug in the back of his head explain this MatPat also when I heard that the animal crossing characters weren’t animals I thought it’s a schizophrenia episode
Yeet Animations
Yeet Animations 12 days ago
I have one word for you matpat FLEAS
Tom Arkell
Tom Arkell 13 days ago
how do you explain online players
Tom Arkell
Tom Arkell 13 days ago
not in an aggressive way, just curious
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