Game Theory: Minecraft, STOP Punching Trees!

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There are a ton of interesting things in Minecraft, but one that stands out to me is the fact that to cut down a tree you PUNCH IT! You punch a tree! How does Steve not break his hand? Loyal Theorists, I want to find out if you can really cut down a tree with only your FISTS and not injure yourself... too bad. Don't try this at home Theorists, let me do it for you!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Tyler Mascola, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Marc Schneider
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
www.diffen.com/difference/Hardwood_vs_Softwood en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Janka_hardness_test


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Oct 19, 2019




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Comments 80
Rola 2507
Rola 2507 30 minutes ago
I’m late to this but minecraft days go faster than normal days so I’m guessing time in minecraft goes by faster too. So Steve really could be spending hours chopping trees. Poor Steve :(
Flutterin Hour ago
Its a game. People who can't tell reality and game apart. Stop playing games. Please.
Freddie Adams
Freddie Adams Hour ago
Didn't Austin already say he was the strongest video game character
drozdzu1234 3 hours ago
Wait u counted😐?
Rahmat Babbar
Rahmat Babbar 7 hours ago
Mathet is very strong
Cruz De Leon
Cruz De Leon 8 hours ago
So funny that you censored a pine cone!
HELLO IM EXOTIC 10 hours ago
10:51 *Star Platinum Za Warudo*
make it a meme
make it a meme 14 hours ago
How do u know he’s holding it in his pants
Tkore Joh
Tkore Joh 14 hours ago
I said film theory 🥺
Walter Easter
Walter Easter 14 hours ago
but i am a kid
Mandoe 20
Mandoe 20 14 hours ago
That Australian accent sounded like a Russian and French.
charmanda games
charmanda games 15 hours ago
Steve for smash ultimate?
Raid Dirt
Raid Dirt 15 hours ago
Steve is stronger then superman here's how :creative mode
Ufxp Blf
Ufxp Blf 16 hours ago
10:50 is that a jojo reference
Reptilia Gaming
Reptilia Gaming 19 hours ago
I was taught at school that hardwoods are hard, and vise versa Not sees Just saying what ive been taught, dont know whos right
BeanToronto AJ
BeanToronto AJ 19 hours ago
2011 I was born in that year lol 😂
Yami's Corner
Yami's Corner 21 hour ago
I was tutoring a kid and he broke his hand trying to get wood from a tree.
Mr Fish
Mr Fish 21 hour ago
You know more of the backstory of Minecraft than Mojang
Blue_Hood 32
Blue_Hood 32 23 hours ago
If we think of how a full Minecraft day lasts a total of 20 minutes (both throughout the day and night) and it takes Steve 3 earth seconds to punch down one of those blocks then if I did the math right (which I probably didn’t but still) it should be taking Steve 3 seconds in his time but about 3-5 hours in his time....again probably didn’t do the math right BUT STILL
Dhariel Rodriguez
0:17 minecraft perfectly cut scream
Darren Edgell
That is not an Aussie accent
gennaro gerrard
"stop punching trees" every minecraft player: IMPOSIBBLE!
Cereal KillerYTツ
I like how it's "ruining your childhood since 2011"
Elaine Hale
Elaine Hale Day ago
Game theory: "ruining your childhood since 2011" Me: lol Also me: "ha, its true!"
Asra Is me now. I've taken him.
This just gives me more appreciation for trees
Whitelisted Day ago
Hey Mat if the red in your logo is a reference to film theory then what does the yellow stand for. Is it a third channel
Twylah Snyder
This sucks
Max Playz
Max Playz Day ago
How did you manage to make this 15 mins long
Ben R
Ben R Day ago
He still can’t jump a fence...
Naima C
Naima C Day ago
Question, is this calculation considering that time dies not pass at the same rate as ours. If we were to make Minecraft time be equivalent to our "Real Time", how long is Steve really punching to remove one block of a tree?
G18TBH 2 days ago
גיל-עד וינר
Stive you're a GOD
Hi Guys
Hi Guys 2 days ago
5:41 wait people make pencil out of that type of wood, so wait how do these students in school break those pencil?
crunchy chips
crunchy chips 2 days ago
Why did you say "boxers" then showed logan and ksi
Lucryatime 2 days ago
36 sulker box of bloc of gold is better
Mon573R 3 days ago
" How is he able to carry all that in his pants?" -Matt 2020
KOKONUTN ya boi 3 days ago
Nathan Ferrebee
Nathan Ferrebee 3 days ago
Don’t feel bad for the puns, they give me a reason to live.
Everest The Solfly
Ouchi tree
Muhammad Abdullah Waseem
In Soviet Russia tree cut u Steve: aight imma stop u right there
MenacingTomato 3 days ago
Yo...matpat really made a jojo reference...my life is complete
Gaddiel Pineda
Gaddiel Pineda 3 days ago
If Steve can do this than, isnt the whole "hiding from monsters and going to new dimensions" just useless if their whole race is like ,one punch man.
I Wear Glasses
I Wear Glasses 3 days ago
Gday comrade, welcome to soviet Australia, here we put gasoline on the barbie
I Wear Glasses
I Wear Glasses 3 days ago
Ahh yes soviet Australia
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya 3 days ago
Well the time runs faster Steve runs faster Steve's punches faster So I think it is possible
Rene Buhia
Rene Buhia 4 days ago
I had a question for minecraft how trees fly
HarmonicaPlayer 105
Who else yelled that’s what she said throught the whole video
TRPBecuz 4 days ago
10:50 iS tHaT a JoJo ReFeReNcE
dlls doel
dlls doel 4 days ago
SomeCringeLord 4 days ago
Therapist: Minecraft Star Platinum isn't real, it can't hurt you! Minecraft Star Platinum: 10:50
Web X Channel
Web X Channel 4 days ago
Make a skin with gloves idk
Ana Cortez
Ana Cortez 4 days ago
Christian Langkjær
A thing i Think u forgot to disguss, what would happen to the Human fist during a punch like theese, when the contact the wood
Xan VVK 5 days ago
Theory: Steve is a Stand User
Xan VVK 5 days ago
Theory: Steve is Saitama
ISaaC Good morning
Can you see a face in the tree at 6:57
SXGaming5 5 days ago
That intro btw lol
Brad Paley
Brad Paley 5 days ago
I'm aussie but I'm not Soviet weird
WIZARD0071967 MERLIN1967
Mister matpat that I inject Jack and freaking roof the rocket I'll get a hundred times over with just one punch how come it take longer to break down stone or anything else case closed (instead cool emoji)😎😎😎😎😎😏
can I get 300 subs with no videos
Quote of the day: "how is he holding all of that in his pants?"
Sam Bulic
Sam Bulic 5 days ago
2:30 do U lift bro
meme guy 666 channel
6:53 WTF 😂
Sam Bulic
Sam Bulic 5 days ago
WTF indeed. I'm Australian and I'll tell you this, we're not that hardcore, but we are probably the best people you'll ever meet.
meme guy 666 channel
0:14 lol what did you expect from that? 😂
clara_oswald oswald
I love the puns. They truly have never left.
pastel creativity
"Never punch trees.. They have a better chance of falling on you then giving you wood Kate. Not everything revolves around that minemake. Or whatever it's called." -My mother
Icy Craft
Icy Craft 6 days ago
0:15 AaAaAaAaAgH
Shadow Bonnie 231
I love in Australia and btw there’s no such thing of a Soviet austrillia.
Shadow Bonnie 231
Minecraft was made in 2009 so technically game theorists was made after Minecraft.
I DONT KNOW sempai
Is it bad it bad that I always laugh at when he breaks his arm
Orgeron Family
Orgeron Family 6 days ago
4:54 I thought it was via morning wood..?
hrt sgwr
hrt sgwr 6 days ago
why minrcraft world is not a real world either
A Random Lucario
A Random Lucario 6 days ago
Star Platinum: Za Wurdo!
First name Last name
Steve can have a full inventory of Shulker boxes that’s full of Shulker boxes that carry gold BLOCKS Not to mention he can eat INFINITE NOTCH APPLES
Judy French
Judy French 6 days ago
When you die will your son take over the game theory channel?
PROSIGNITE Bruh 6 days ago
“Soviet Australia”
Nicholas Martin
Nicholas Martin 6 days ago
I believe it's birthday is in May May 17th
Benny the dog
Benny the dog 7 days ago
In Minecraft, leaves don’t grow back when u brake them. So dose that mean the trees are dead?
Muhammad Surtee
Muhammad Surtee 7 days ago
Jojo part 3 stardust miners Main character: steven kujo
Eric Parker
Eric Parker 7 days ago
Ironwood was a often sought after form of wood used for early hockey sticks. It's rarity and cost often forced people to use other forms of wood
Gian Van den broek
Steve is stronger than Shaggy
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