Game Theory: How to Overthrow a Dictator (Far Cry 6)

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The Far Cry series has a long history of charismatic and not so good leaders in their games. They are games with a deep dive into how bad leaders come into power... and how they stay there. Now, the games generally focus on bringing down these bad leaders - and they do a great job. I've learned a LOT and it follows many of the lessons we've learned throughout our own history on the subject. If we know how a bad leader stays in power, we can figure out how to take that power away. Get ready for a power lesson in Game Theory!
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And their interview with Giancarlo Esposito
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Tyler Mascola and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


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Jul 12, 2020




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alex f
alex f 2 months ago
Matpat, as a Mexican, fearing my life, and what is to come, I thank you. I don’t know what is to come, or if I’ll ever know how to use this information, but I appreciate you and the hope you have give the planet. I also thank you in the way you talk about important stuff, keep the good work.
@king ankle biter the cartels and the corrupt goverment
Valeria Project
Valeria Project 8 days ago
@lol vegan I'm not trying to be funny, bit is this guy going to use this to overthrow Mexico? We might be looking at a real life hero's comment, :)
Nolan Uytterhoeven
But I’m from Belgium
Nolan Uytterhoeven
Hello I can say a few Mexican words and Spanish so Allo amigo
Blaine Brown
Blaine Brown 12 days ago
@Paul Brown lol
Петар Лавчиски
Matpat: how to overthrow a dictator Russia would like to know your locatoon
Nike Store Employee
Who's the main character of farcry 6 tho
Martin Ferreira
This is happening in Argentina
Michi Eibi
Michi Eibi Day ago
12:00 Kaliningrad was a part of the Sovietunion
Jake Day ago
This will be great information if Biden somehow becomes president.
FRPlayerOne Day ago
We've tried that in France ... didn't work. Now it's even worse.
WolfMan831 Day ago
1:42 His name is Giancarlo Esposito and he's been in a lot better stuff than Breaking Bad.
alex silent
alex silent Day ago
This theory doesn't explain protests in USA, yellow wests in France and German protesters chanting: "Putin! Putin!"
What ?
What ? Day ago
A a comunist country should be great on paper no one is too poor too be bullied and no one is too rich everyone is not different and if the rich cry and try to protest the poor wont be happy about that
bannzz4444 E
bannzz4444 E 2 days ago
Dont let blm see this
Julio Núñez
Julio Núñez 2 days ago
Fun fact: The guy that is going to play the villain is actually chilean, so, he knows what is living under a dictatorship-
Sudhi418 2 days ago
Kim Jong Un watching this: Write that down, write that down!
NovaGAMEing35 3 days ago
no one is going to talk about how Anton's son has one ear showing and one ear covered. The signal I get is that he can be persuaded to either side, good or bad.
fredome stinke i want order
Devon Wesley Hahn Kurkowski
Chile's dictatorship was installed by the United States and let us pray for the Soviet Union.
Adolf Shitler
Adolf Shitler 5 days ago
Like American media intentionally lying that people even care for Biden.
Not nooby At games
Next theory how to cheat the geniva protocol and do war crimes leagally
Noah McGuire
Noah McGuire 7 days ago
oh and hes awsome
Noah McGuire
Noah McGuire 7 days ago
pagin min is my favorite vilin cause hes super rich and crazy and gets what he wants
RealSpartan 5206
RealSpartan 5206 7 days ago
I love how in far-cry the villains go like: 1: bad 2: pretty bad 3: (insane)ly bad 4: better than the golden path endings 5: bad cult leader
{Iroh's Soldier boy}
Farcry more like Farleft hahaha
Swuzzys 8 days ago
That would not be very fun tho
CringeDealer 8 days ago
Wow that sound like Russia
Doominator 8 days ago
Matpat: forgets some WII Dictator and only chose Soviet Union The N$zi and Italy: B R U H.
Deranged 8 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-bSKvyWyayYg.html "Muerta a Anton" I see the developers didn't even bother to check with someone with an elementary level of Spanish to see if their signs made any sense...
Youtube Emperor of Mankind
14:00 isn't Ubisoft the Rapecompany?
Youtube Emperor of Mankind
Thank you for educating me on how to create a dictatorship. Will try ASAP.
4 2 6
4 2 6 9 days ago
Thank you very helpful, I’ve overthrown many dictators with this information
Pain 9 days ago
I want to see them talk about the physics of Rico Rodriguez’s grappling hook
Night_Øwł 9 days ago
If Matpat goes missing I think we know why
GLITCH WORLD 9 days ago
Mr.MatPat I have a request for you if you take them, can you make a theory about the three northberry grove games pls
Josse Nunez
Josse Nunez 9 days ago
Peach Usta
Peach Usta 10 days ago
I waited 1 year for far cry 5 theory but got far cry 6 theory nice
Mikaisno 10 days ago
Gen z : *aggressively taking notes*
carlos alicea
carlos alicea 10 days ago
Why does nobody talk about far cry new dawn is it like a shame of Ubisoft
Stick Memes
Stick Memes 11 days ago
I can’t wait for the Riot shield and baton just to scream police brutality
Mr. Furious
Mr. Furious 11 days ago
12:27 MatPat I think you mean freedom to protest, because freedom to protest and "freedom of expression" are not synonymous. I have the right to protest McDonalds taking something off the menu but I don't have the right to express my "protest" by braking the McDonald's windows and burning it to the ground. Just like how the rioters in America don't have the right to burn down car dealerships and churches.
Budget Gamer
Budget Gamer 11 days ago
uh oh
Zarni Maung
Zarni Maung 11 days ago
This video made me remember how much of a despicable a-hole the Kim Jong Un is. Actually his whole dynasty.
Dalton Cash
Dalton Cash 12 days ago
Given the historical trend of United States propping up Right Wing Dictators in Latin America...
Ballistic Uzer
Ballistic Uzer 12 days ago
Vaas is best waifu
Mercy D
Mercy D 12 days ago
Who else recognized the guy as “the dentist” from payday?
something tells me this game is gonna stir up more riots in the US.
Red is the new orange
everyone that call the soviet union brutal Dictatorship don't know that soviet citizen had the same amount of food as Americans citizens. and that most of pepole in the soviet union want it to stay socialist country
Red is the new orange
@LoZ Collector the pepole of the USSR didnt want the capitalism and in the USSR citizens had the same amount of food as americans citizens
LoZ Collector
LoZ Collector 6 days ago
Funny how the moment Glasnost came into effect and people in the USSR could see what life was like in the West, the system completely evaporated. Under capitalism, there are sometimes bread lines, but under communism, sometimes there is bread.
FaQ24 10 days ago
and that the revolution was made by the people XD
Thomas Perillo
Thomas Perillo 12 days ago
Who else loved far cry primal
Googli300 13 days ago
How to Overthrow a Dictator, or How to Avoid Being Overthrown (step by step tutorial for dictators with images - soon in wikihow)
FishyBoi 13 days ago
*looks at american goverment expectingly*
lil Tildie
lil Tildie 13 days ago
This video is very comprehensive about the subject matter but I'm sorry MatPat it's just a little dated. In fact there's been a tremendous patch to the dictatorship mod and it's a real doozy.
lil Tildie
lil Tildie 13 days ago
-Pt4- With all that in mind we can see why MatPat's version of a dictatorship is vulnerable to "a group of people uniting at the same time" while this form of dictatorship makes them powerless still. Look at the current protests happening around "the world." Look at the previous occupy movement from the last decade. Organized groups of people can't overturn dictatorships that are like this. And we already know why don't we? These dictatorships have multiple sides. Your side regardless of what it might be is only going to be represented as part of one of these sides. Maybe that side will champion your struggles. But the other side will oppose and vilify. For every a nti-ra cism protest there will be an ant i-loo ting counter. For every occupy movement there will be a "stop whining and get a job" counter. When it's easily defeated the response can be light like making a law forbidding the use of heaters for the movement. (A movement that's happening in the middle of winter.) If it should become more heated though the counter can be used to excuse the use of violence and force. So much for the protest. The "Power of Protest" is why you need to be a smarter dictator. It's too easy to have common knowledge and start a protest to overthrow a foolish dictator like in MatPat's examples. They are blatantly blocking out the knowledge that you're going to use against them. Remember the moral. This is why it's much harder for the people when they have the power of protest but don't really know what they should be protesting because there is no common knowledge or at least none that's getting directly pointed out to them by the act of the dictatorship blocking it. If there's no real direction there's no real power behind the protest and so there's no real threat from the protest. Dictatorship stays in charge. This is why you shouldn't be totalitarian. Like in the previous example it's too easy to cause revolt and be overthrown when your violence and suppression raises so many red flags against you. It's much better to be "free" and allow for all these things while controlling for the lynchpin to them all: -Pt5- Real knowledge. Not just common knowledge. Knowledge in general. Knowledge to know that your "freedoms" don't amount to anything when you only know what you're meant to know and have to really go digging for the rest. That's what it all comes down to. Why you need a facade of allowed criticism. Why you need a facade of "world" belief. It prevents the people from learning real knowledge. The example MatPat provides around the 12 minute mark is the perfect example of the foolish dictatorship. Cascades of protestors caused by having common knowledge and protestors that have a singular target on the other side. Smart dictatorships set up their own oppositions to break up the protestors. Have one set of protestors against another set of protestors and you end up standing on the sidelines watching them take each other out because nobody really knows that you're playing them like a fiddle. -Conclusion- "Freedom of expression is so vital as a civil liberty. Being able to publicly communicate your distaste for the current government or any other political cause without fear of retaliation is what allows political movements to arise so the government is actually forced to recognize and respond to people's true preferences rather than their false preferences." Sounds great doesn't it? But no that's only a symptom. When you have a foolish dictatorship that forbids freedom of expression then freedom of expression just like any of the information the dictatorship hides from people will be the very thing used against them. But in a smart dictatorship freedom of expression is readily given. You can freely express whatever you'd like because it's real knowledge that isn't provided to you and so you don't even know what you really should be expressing. The dictators are fine with this kind of freedom of expression because then they won't have to really respond to your true preferences will they? Even you won't really know what that preference is. They don't really have to come up with a false preference persay. They already constructed a "world" preference a "world" belief which is likely going to be your "true preference." And even if it isn't you'll be taking up your true preference against "the world" and not the dictatorship. That's why I will agree with MatPat here. Marketing and PR is the true power but it's the true power behind the dictatorship. The ability to control the information without hiding the opposition is the strongest power a corrupt system and evil people have against those who might realize the truth and rebel. Now that that's out of the way let's get into specifics: For example in this video around the 4 minute mark there's a mention of a particular dictator who MatPat claims is a "notorious dictator" that inexplicably can hold onto his power. I'm sure most if not all of you would agree with him. The video explains this in terms of MatPat's version of dictatorship but I'd argue my counterpoint here. Here's a question. Have you spoken to real locals from there? Real ones meaning not those few who "fled" from it. And if you somehow did did you speak to them with an open mind? Do you think MatPat has? You see because De nnis Ro dman has and Denn is Rodm an also shares the same opinions as the supposedly silenced locals. He's not from there right? He has the access to all the tools that they supposedly don't right? So how was he "made" to agree? Perhaps something else is going on. What is the real knowledge here? What's the "world" belief? That brings up one last element to what this version of dictatorship can provide the dictator. It's interesting MatPat brought up the subject of "winning Diego's allegiance." I'm sure at least some of you guys have watched the movie Argo right? Have you looked up why the events of the movie even happened? Well it's not too hard to figure out. It was belted out exposition style in the first ten minutes of the movie. See there is a certain entity that loves that sweet sweet crude stuff that some places have but they don't want to pay for it. They want controlling interests of it. So what's an entity supposed to do? Change the rules by changing the ruler of course. In this case you first win the allegiance of someone who can claim succession over there. Likely they have the outdated dictatorship system. Once you've got your Diego then you use PR to attack that place's current ruler to justify using force to remove him. Once your Diego becomes the new ruler they are your pawn and so you get everything you want. Clever right? Control real knowledge with marketing, PR, and press it's the most deadly power of the smart dictatorship.
lil Tildie
lil Tildie 13 days ago
So let's start off the same as this video. "How do they do it?" Well contrary to this video if a dictator uses things like "Lies, Fear, Control, Violence" to hold onto power especially when everybody hates him that's really the weakest strategy he could take on. You're much better off weaving to manipulate than to control. That web is much harder to find the strings to unravel. But how does one do that? -Pre- "Information is king or maybe more accurately how kings can be overthrown." "Not being able to say things that are critical to the regime." This is that weak old model. Watch the movie 1984. Now in the movie (or book) this weak model is used to prove a point. It wants the audience to know the setting is a dictatorship. We can clearly see something is wrong but it's also because we can clearly see something is wrong that if this system is used in reality anybody can see that something is wrong and it'll get overthrown. "It's common for journalists to be silenced or killed." And this would be another clear sign wouldn't it? Weak. So how can we improve on this? -Pt1- MatPat brings up misinformation but doesn't really get into it well enough. See misinformation only works if people don't have a source of accurate information to compare it to. That means you need to control what people perceive as accurate information and to do that means creating a facade. In these dictatorships that MatPat brings up you're not allowed to be critical of them right? This is the vulnerability. There's a moral from a place I'm not going to name that explains why: The very act of hiding something will draw attention from those you were trying to hide it. Sounds counter-intuitive but it's not. When people aren't allowed to criticize they will know that there are criticisms to be made. Nobody's perfect after all. Once people know there are criticisms and are not allowed to voice those criticisms they start to think. That's bad. Lesson 1: Don't let your people think if you want to hold onto your dictatorial power. You need to actually artificially create divisions that give rise to criticisms. Maybe split your dictatorship into two or more "sides" with each side critical of the next. What this does is create the facade that the people can be critical of their rulers but these criticisms were manufactured by the sides of a single dictatorship. For example you could have one side say that the economy should give tax breaks to the poor so they have income to spend and boost the economy. And then the other side will argue against that by saying a trickle down economy is better because you give money to the rich to then pass down to the poor. So the first side can then accuse the opposition of making the rich richer while the poor common folk are left at their mercy. Both sides rally some people so that now you have some people against other people and the dictatorship has no targets on its back. Much better than offing journalists now isn't it? And this solves the problem of nosy journalists too. Because they have only these very vocal points to talk about anyway and both sides are manufactured. In other words they don't know what could actually harm the regime. Now that we have this set up we can move on to the next step. -Pt2- "Spreading your own propaganda" and "Making sure anyone rising against you can't do the same." Very true. But you can't do this by "limiting access to information." At least not in the conventional sense. You can't burn books and you can't forbid people from looking for it. Remember the moral we just went over. If you outright block the information people will immediately know it's there. What you need is total media control and you do that with some help. What needs to happen is to gather some like minded allies to form a block where you can then create the facade of the majority. If you can say "the world" thinks this and do it convincingly you've got media control. The information you promote will also be promoted by these allies. This makes "the world" think one thing and once they do it's very hard to make people think something else. But here's the caveat. You have to leave the information that you don't like accessible. It's not enough to create facades of criticism and facades of "worldwide" common beliefs. You still need to leave the stuff you don't like available to anybody to look at. You might say that's a weakness then right? Not if you're smart about it. Instead of leaving it to the people to look at this potentially harmful information you first have to point out that it isn't what "the world" thinks so it's wrong right? This gives rise to doubt. A person looking at this opposing information will have to think twice about believing it. Similar to MatPat's "Preference Falsification" what the smart dictatorships need is the "illusion of [their system] being widely supported." Again you're creating the facade where criticisms are allowed because all the criticisms people come up with were manufactured by the dictatorship and the opinions "the world" has were also created by the dictatorship. In this case it doesn't require violence to silence anybody. You silence them by instilling doubt about their rebellious thoughts. It's the "Emperor's New Clothes" mentality where nobody will speak out with the opposing information because they don't want to be seen as unworthy. "The world" is thinking this. What are you doing thinking that? Are you a heretic?
Lord of Death Gaming
Anyone every think of the option ( C " We are going to be Diago overthrowing his dictator father because we learn all his horrible secrets? "
Rimantas LTU
Rimantas LTU 13 days ago
O mai god my smol country (lithuania ) is in video very epic
CringeDude Reviews
CringeDude Reviews 13 days ago
Plot twist: Far cry games are 10 years after breaking bad
Doctour Two skull
Doctour Two skull 14 days ago
This video as getting more and more useful as time goes on
1 2
1 2 14 days ago
This is a good guide for communist Country
1 2
1 2 14 days ago
Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay 15 days ago
This is irl right now in America
Saad Sachwani
Saad Sachwani 15 days ago
It's like in basinkse in avatar
bemersonbakebarmen 15 days ago
Never buying anything from a company that promotes harassment and explotation.
ARCANUS 16 days ago
The Far Cry 6 looks good asf
Azure Grypthon
Azure Grypthon 16 days ago
Giancarlo Esposito also played a character named the dentist from payday 2
Joe King
Joe King 17 days ago
GT: How to overthrow a dictator? Gain control of information. American "Free" Press: ........ HERE'S A NEW SOUP RECIPE!!!!!
Jeremy Brummel
Jeremy Brummel 17 days ago
I think the key to victory in any military set up is to disable the enemies communications and equipment. No radios, ammunition, gas, or food on the enemies part would make victory much more efficient.
Jacob Engle
Jacob Engle 17 days ago
I'm so excited for the new far cry
Atharva Uterkar
Atharva Uterkar 17 days ago
Raivas & Perith
Raivas & Perith 18 days ago
I can't tell if I'm being taught to stop a dictatorship or start a dictatorship.
the random commenter
Hire the scorpio and the dictator will be taken care of
Gacha PlayZ
Gacha PlayZ 18 days ago
Thanks to MatPat, I might have a new idea for a novel series. My mind is like a zombie apocalypse...
Yo Soy
Yo Soy 18 days ago
Matpat: North Korea's government spends all its money on weapons instead of feeding its citizens! The american government under which matpat lives: 👀💦
bling_ _brute
bling_ _brute 18 days ago
Giancarlo is also a different kind of villain, the dentist from Payday 2
Stohe Claims
Stohe Claims 18 days ago
communicate clearly and in in secret and if they ask blackmail them with something everyone already knows
Stohe Claims
Stohe Claims 18 days ago
Me taking notes like come on now
Zdossyz 18 days ago
Is he sudam Hussein back
not_henrys_mom 18 days ago
3:55 CEO of knowlage
The Inappropriate
The Inappropriate 18 days ago
Im sad that matpat falsely explained how history turned out for the soviets to justify his explanations. thats not the complete “why” soviets fell
Tue_hoodini gaming
Tue_hoodini gaming 18 days ago
The ogs knows Giancarlo esposito as the dentist
Northfall _
Northfall _ 18 days ago
If only the violent, racist movement in my country had one leader.
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith 18 days ago
Thanks, might try this some time
Ogi 19 days ago
in serbia everybody is willing to protest
Anthony 19 days ago
Probably one of the most useful informative game theory on this channel. I really hope people in the less fortunate countries and oppressed can get the freedom they deserve as human beings
epic reasav
epic reasav 20 days ago
Wouldn't it be cool if u played as the kid and u rise up ever against anton or the protest
Quiet_JB _______
Quiet_JB _______ 20 days ago
The secret service is hunting u Matthew
Wee Pinbell
Wee Pinbell 20 days ago
So it's like waiting for someone else to turn in their test before you do after you're done
Mathias shapkinovsky
And the lies about North Korea
Mathias shapkinovsky
Do not ever mention the Soviet Union in a bad name again
Shabill Alma
Shabill Alma 20 days ago
@Mathias shapkinovsky Well everyone has an Opinion
Mathias shapkinovsky
Shabill Alma Well it disturbs me from watching his content because I personally believe in ideas that contradict and it’s hard not to give out about it
Shabill Alma
Shabill Alma 20 days ago
@Mathias shapkinovsky I'm questioning wether Your joking or serious
Mathias shapkinovsky
Shabill Alma interesting reply
Shabill Alma
Shabill Alma 20 days ago
@Mathias shapkinovsky Lol
Storm Trooper
Storm Trooper 21 day ago
CIA wrote the book on how to set up dictators.
Blax 21 day ago
to overthrow a dictator just play an just cause game
Post Prophet
Post Prophet 21 day ago
Coordination problem you say? Hmmm. Mlk John f Kennedy John Lennon 2pac. Biggie. The people loud enough to spread a message killed for talking about government corruption and other things. Still most of the murders unsolved. Makes total sense now. Lol. Really fcked up if you think about these AMERICANS
Mauri-Mattias Läänesaar
Remember how the Baltics literally held hands in a chain through the countries to protest the Soviet overrule? (Also, how the Estonians sang themselves free, I like that)
Central Intelligence Agency
*Slowly Loads Silenced pistol*
Trashcan.mp4 21 day ago
the “How to Overthrow a Dictator” part sounds like something from epic how to
senabecool 21 day ago
when you said dictators have long reigns, its no different in Indonesia our dictator, the 30 year long Suharto, brought the country from peace and prosperity to chaos and turmoil
Teddy Carns
Teddy Carns 21 day ago
thanks! this really worked on the cuban government!
Vidak Klikovac
Vidak Klikovac 22 days ago
peter plays
peter plays 22 days ago
12:00 I am latvian
Budskin 22 days ago
idea for one of the theory chanells law theroy
remi 22 days ago
Ppl watching this in north korea like
Minecraft Is still good
revolt like the bolsheviks did in 1900s and establish state capitalism then socialism then anarcho communism
Furious Fox
Furious Fox 22 days ago
Now I've got weekend plans!
a 22 days ago
Idk why but i think i am always the first one to protest on things because in games i always just like CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGE and if i am Alive for long enough i Will make other people charge too... Hmmm
sabin97 22 days ago
the only way to overthrow a dictator is with the military. if the military wants a dictator, there will be a dictator.....
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