Game Theory: Ellie Is NOT Immune! (The Last of Us Part 2)

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The Last of Us franchise is a story of humanity trying to survive in the face of a virus turning people into fungus creatures that are not quite zombies. We learn early on in the first game that Ellie is immune, perhaps even the only immune person there is. This makes her invaluable to those trying to find a cure. Except, I think she may not be immune. The second game shows a lot of evidence that something else may be going on with Ellie. Something that may tell us the future direction of this story and the future of Ellie.
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Writer: Stephanie Patrick
Researcher: Zach Stewart
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Koen Verhagen, and Josh Langman
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


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Jul 18, 2020




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Comments 100
Sweedal Gracius
Sweedal Gracius 3 hours ago
Paisa kamane ki ninja technique
SOUL5 The Furry
SOUL5 The Furry 3 hours ago
Uh I don't have a medical degree but I understood another of the conversation from the doctor don't know why though probably just parts of me from my bio weapons stage 😅
Iconic Gaming
Iconic Gaming 4 hours ago
How would she be infected with a different strain if she was bitten by a clicker with the normal strain? I think the next game should have her team up with Abby (yes I hate her too) and find the fireflies to find a vaccine from her fresh bite. The first vaccine required brain surgery because the bite was too old. Now she has a new one.
Nightcrawler316 9 hours ago
The problem is, when Ellie was bitten, it was by a host that had previously been infected and turned. So unless you are claiming the cordyceps that was transferred to her by the other host magically became the other type you explained, your theory doesn't add up. The truth is, she was bitten by someone with the cordyceps fungus that turned everybody else, her body had an opposite reaction to it than the others, so it makes her unique aka "immune."
AFC MANCOS 19 hours ago
If she's not immune how come at the end of the game when those two men were about to die an upsidedown clicker bit her????????
Joshy animations
Joshy animations 21 hour ago
"Something serious" *Sirius pops out* "did someone call me?"
Seokie The Dutchie
Seokie The Dutchie 21 hour ago
Can we not try to explain why ellie is immune, it ruins the experience of that game. I love your content tho
Jann Rodriguez
Jann Rodriguez 22 hours ago
Wait. But what about her bite? She got bit by an infected, and her infected had the zombie cordyceps... How did she get the other cordycep? Unless your telling me that this infected wasn't actually infected and was running around biting people in plane sight
Arnav Yadav
Arnav Yadav 23 hours ago
Then wouldn't even dina get infected with the good cordys? Since they .........you know...
Aiman Za'im
Aiman Za'im 23 hours ago
Well that sounds like immune with extra step
Aiman Za'im
Aiman Za'im Day ago
Well that sounds like immune with extra steps
SyphonEXP Day ago
Matt: she’s a protagonist she won’t die Last of us 2: hold my beer
J4yl3n Day ago
I saw him irl
Albert Castañeda
Albert Castañeda
Hello There
Hello There 2 days ago
Gobbledygook is my new favorite word
Sameel Abdullah
Sameel Abdullah 2 days ago
Last of us 3 matpat saves the world from cortoseps with cortoseps
Jason Beard
Jason Beard 2 days ago
That intro music triggered me. I feel so robbed.
j w
j w 2 days ago
Now the game even makes lesser sense than before. If she should be this weak how can she go on these crazy endeavors?
Nigshi Nigs ',:3
Nigshi Nigs ',:3 2 days ago
(Y'all don't need to read this. I promise you.) Let me guess.... In 0:17 (where you did that glitchy thing on the "third part???" of the circle), you did that on purpose for the release of Food Theory. I dunno, I just noticed that Food Theory started in July 24, and this episode/theory was uploaded on July 19 which is PRETTY CLOSE come to think of it... Do you guys noticed that too??? or is it just me??? o-o Anyways, it's just a guess... AND BTW I HAVEN'T WATCHED THE WHOLE INTRO WHILE TYPING THIS I really am an idiot sandwich ;-;
Mar Reseñadora
Mar Reseñadora 2 days ago
ellie and riley were both infected at the same time. why then, riley gets infected with "bad cordyceps" and ellie with "good cordyceps"? i see a hole in your theory (but it was pretty interesting to listen to it tho!)
Superxander 2 days ago
She's lucky then
Joe mamma
Joe mamma 2 days ago
the whole point guys is that she is not immune she is infected but killing and making a vaccine will not work
TrU MagneT
TrU MagneT 2 days ago
It's wierd because Ellie was bitten by an regular infected (from: last of Us left behind) how does that work matpat?
Playstation Pro Gamer
Ok I just have 3 things to say 1: saying she is not immune. If she's bitten by a RUNNER which most of the population has how come she isn't turning into a runner like most of the population has. In any case she is immune 2: If she is not immune how can she breath spores that also kills most of the population. In any case she is immune And last 3: SHE WAS BITTEN BY A RUNNER and your saying that onlyyyyyyy that RUNNER that looked like any other runner contained and carried the cordyceps to cause ellie's immunity thats just pure BS and a side note if it contained the right cordyceps and could allow a bite to allow the spreading of the so called correct fungi then what did the previous host have. The super beneficial fungi. In any case SHE. IS. IMMUNE
What an absolutely useless video. If she wasnt immune there wouldn't have been a Last of US Part 2.
M Y 3 days ago
Ellie has HIV!!!!!!
Teo Yong Xiang
Teo Yong Xiang 3 days ago
I used the fungus to beat the fungus
David Durham
David Durham 3 days ago
A tad confused, she was bitten by a runner with the bad kind of cordyceps, why would it change species in her?
Osama Altwaijri
Osama Altwaijri 3 days ago
This theory is good but it has a very stupid plot hole that breaks it and make totally invalid, and that is the zombie that bite Ellie has already turned which means he has the zombie infection, so basically how is infected with the good infection not the zombie one, and did the girl in the DLC dead, even though they were bitten by the same zombie.
Anastasia 3 days ago
I like how mat makes me feel powerful with the whole immune system thing
Who Cares 666
Who Cares 666 3 days ago
So technically she became immune from another type of the fungus
Damian Martinez
Damian Martinez 4 days ago
so then why was the Infected that bit ellie, which I think also bit riley infected in the first place ?
Chow Jun Xun
Chow Jun Xun 4 days ago
so this is like smallpox, get infected by cowpox and immune to smallpox
Julian Sosa
Julian Sosa 4 days ago
If Ellie is immune why does she die every time she gets bitten
Noct 4 days ago
Correct me if I'm wrong but Ellie was bitten by someone who already turned into a "zombie". Doesn't that mean she should have the "infecting cordyceps" in her body and not another type of cordyceps? Or did the fungei mutate (if this is possible)?
Lol 321 nana
Lol 321 nana 5 days ago
But she got bitten by a zombie
Czarina Fiona Yu 680
I want that immune fungi to walk outside again... I miss traveling
ZGaming 5 days ago
So how did a zombie-cordyceps-infected person transfer a non-zombie-cordyceps strain? Edit: Okay, so I realize now that the fungus could have mutated once inside of her. But it's pretty darn lucky that it mutated before reaching an amount that would incapacitate her.
Darkvoid021 5 days ago
So there's no need to reverse engineer her "immunity" into a vaccine. She just gotta go around biting everyone (or injecting them) so they'll be infected by the fungi strain she has in her body and be immune from the dangerous strain that zombies have.
j w
j w 2 days ago
She can't spread the virus. Should've been clear as she bits Abby in their fight in Seattle.
marii salazar
marii salazar 5 days ago
So long story short; she is immune.....
jerzey deville
jerzey deville 6 days ago
That Ellie's data of lower immune cells reminds me of SCP consisting from 6 different strands of common fungus causing [redacted].
Mikahiel Olstos
Mikahiel Olstos 6 days ago
she was exchanging sweet saliva with dina, that means her child is also affected
Sasha Denae
Sasha Denae 6 days ago
I see your theory of a concurrent fungal infection strain and raise this as an alternate explanation: Ellie already had a suppressed immune system. Plenty of conditions can cause a person to have a pathologically weak immune response. These conditions are more common in females and often first develop in childhood. We first meet Ellie when she's young, so even if she was diagnosed with and maybe treated for one of these conditions, it's plausible that she isn't very educated on it. Kids aren't always fully aware of their medical history, so she'd likely know that she gets sick more often than other kids and might be vaguely aware of her diagnosis. Depending on when her symptoms developed, she might not have even been diagnosed yet! Like I said, they often start in childhood, and initial onset can be triggered by stress...a zombie apocalypse, for example? So let's say that she is naturally immuno-compromised due to a condition, likely congenital, that she may not even be aware of yet. But if she's compromised by nature and not by the antifungal fungus you suggested, wouldn't she get sick upon being bitten? Not necessarily! For this, we can actually look to current Covid research, believe it or not. I have a type of autoimmune arthritis. That means that my immune system got confused and attacks my joints by mistake. The medications for autoimmune diseases are drugs that weaken parts of the system, so it can't damage your body as much. But that of course means that it can't damage invaders as well. You would think that people on these drugs would be more likely to get Covid, and that's true... but they are far LESS likely to get severe symptoms and die! Immunosuppressed patients, whether suppressed by a congenital disease, a virus like HIV, or a drug, produce far fewer cytokines, an inflammatory marker mentioned in the surgeon's audio. What makes Covid (and the Spanish flu too) so dangerous is that it can trigger extreme overproduction of cytokines, called a cytokine storm. This is what causes the most severe symptoms in Covid infections. The cytokine storm creates so much inflammation in the lungs that it starts destroying lung tissue. So naturally, a person who doesn't produce the normal amount of cytokines on a regular basis is less likely to overproduce them and develop severe infection. My theory is this: Ellie has a suppressed immune system. So when she is bitten, she DOES get infected! With the "bad" strain and everything! But her immune system does not respond with a cytokine storm and other severe inflammatory processes. It barely mounts an immune response at all. I believe that the inflammatory response is what causes enough damage in the brain to allow the fungus to get a foothold and highjack the body entirely. No inflammation, no damage, no ability to take over the central nervous system. She essentially becomes a carrier. Someone who carries the infection in her body but doesn't have symptoms herself. I suspect that if she bit someone for whatever response, she could spread the infection despite not being a zombie... but that's just a theory.
Doug Foster
Doug Foster 6 days ago
Dude, you're a clown! lol I can't finish the video because of the clowny gentleman that is presenting the information. Thank you
Nathan Lauer
Nathan Lauer 6 days ago
I get that you think that she doesn't have the same cordyceps but a zombie bite here so it would transfer the "one she doesn't have" to here meaning she is immune
Hannah-Florence Standley
Title:Ellie isn’t immune 16 mins later; Me:Right so she’s immune
The Lord
The Lord 6 days ago
it is however immune anyway
Jasper Cunningham
Well I can tell he’s running out of ideas
saturn123408 9
saturn123408 9 7 days ago
i like how mattpat is not saying it but giving hints about joel's death abd that he dosent agree
Kevinas Kutkevicius
3 words: IDC
Phish Fuud
Phish Fuud 7 days ago
so asymptomatic? but she kissed Dina and she never got infected..
Ethan Knifsend
Ethan Knifsend 8 days ago
But how did she get the good cordyceps, given she was bitten by a zombie with the bad cordyceps
Ethan Knifsend
Ethan Knifsend 8 days ago
I guess she could’ve somehow gotten the good cordyceps before, but I think the weight of the story would be diminished if she wasn’t immune.
Em Beboso
Em Beboso 8 days ago
Ellie: I used the Cordyceps to destroy the Cordyceps
Aboath chan
Aboath chan 8 days ago
Only hole in this theory is that allegedly Ellie was bitten by an infected which is how she contracted her strain of infection. If her carrying a different strain was the case then why was the one who bit her not sane?
Micheal Mackey
Micheal Mackey 8 days ago
His video should be named , "i think ellie is immune because she has a good fungus fighting bad fungus" and even that totle is a reach because being asymptomatic is a thing. you said she was immune in 500 words. And those medical charts are how old ? Oh and you can't apply a possible mutation to one and not the other ? #clickbait change the name.
Mini 8 days ago
Still a theory. How would Ellie have gotten another type of the fungus? The infected that left a bite mark on Ellie couldn't have had it. If that infected would have it would have never become an infected from the bad fungus.
HapeeMoonlight 8 days ago
So, if the Cordycepcs that infected Ellie are actually protecting her from other kinds of Cordycepcs... Then why did Riley become a zombie, if the exact same zombie that bit Ellie, also bit her?
Tapadaa 9 days ago
Do y'all understand what this brings Up for last of us 3?
Cho Koon
Cho Koon 9 days ago
*plottwist:* It was actually the one zombie that bit Ellie that is immune to spreading infections
Scott 9 hours ago
Then Riley wouldn’t have turned or was she bitten by a different one? I can’t remember
Dang Dang
Dang Dang 9 days ago
Ellie literally gets bitten again in part 2 and nothing happens, which destroys this garbage theory and even worse video completely
UnknowN 7 days ago
Did you even watch the video? This theory says that ellie is infected by another strain of cordyceps which prevents her from getting infected from other cordyceps strains, which is the reason she can't get infected with the bad strain. The "good" strain of cordyceps has the effects of shutting down your immune system so she could literally get any other desease pretty easily, but can't get infected by the bad strain or any other strain of cordyceps still
Laura Hudunca
Laura Hudunca 10 days ago
U destroyd the last of us
DeadDancers 10 days ago
Remember those guys killed by soldiers with scanners right at the start of LoU1? When Joel and Tess we’re walking down the street? What if the infected one of them also had Ellie’s version? What if a lot of people did/do, but the sensor picks it up and BOOM bullet to the brain time.
Young Beast
Young Beast 10 days ago
Who else saw the picture of nerfers101 in the very beginning in the intro
Its Covu
Its Covu 10 days ago
This theory is already wrong considering that in the DLC from part 1 (AKA Left behind), Ellie was bitten by a runner. The same type of runner that bit Riley. Riley ends up turning and Ellie doesn't. If it was a different strand of cordyceps, the runner wouldnt have had symptoms of aggression like the rest of the infected.
GlitchyMarioBros 10 days ago
But what about the zombie that bit her how did that one zombie give her the good virus if it’s at zombie
Neo Manarang
Neo Manarang 10 days ago
Matt saves the world again
gren 69
gren 69 10 days ago
bro, you didn’t explain how she got infected with the right cordycepts through a bite. if she was bitten by a person infected with the bad fungus and that’s how she got it it doesn’t make sense. and there’s no evidence as to how she was infected with the good one in the first place so if you can’t confirm that the entire theory is bogus.
QuantamYT 10 days ago
here's my theory there is no theory shes just immune they're literally random numbers
JokerSaso 10 days ago
This whole video is useless and clickbait tbh. We all know she is infected, but by immune they mean she doesn’t turn into a zombie. As long as she is still human and didn’t lose her mind she is considered immune.
Ben Maguire
Ben Maguire 10 days ago
Something similar is actually stated in the first game. It states that the fungus has mutated/evolved, but given how limited the fireflies were, they wouldn't have been totally wrong for that assumption.
Dan the Stan man
Dan the Stan man 10 days ago
Ok but how did she get infected with the good cordiceps in the first place when she's clearly been bitten by a zombie with the bad cordiceps?
Idiotix 10 days ago
Game Theory has taught me more than school
Jayden Niehaus
Jayden Niehaus 10 days ago
Thanks for runing tlou 2 even more 😂😂😂
Hannah Dunn
Hannah Dunn 10 days ago
he just solved the whole series in a ingle video.
Кіслыя Вінаград
so the game developers put in some mumbo jumbo to make it seem real, we as the players aren’t meant to read into it, she is immune numbnuts
Zeruknipz 10 days ago
Wait then how did the zombie that bitten Ellie turned into a zombie if it already had the good cordyceps
Zekromite Metalworks
I had half the erythrocytes I should for quite several months and I didn't develop what you described. True, I was weak and when I tried to do something mundane like walking out to head to places or drive the car, the sun would hit me like a truck and force me to stop from shade to shade to recover, but I wasn't suffering hypothermia at all. Ellie shouldn't be doing such displays of athletics at least with a RCC that low anyway.
naosei seila u.u
naosei seila u.u 11 days ago
The game is really good, but some people are hating on the game because of the death of a character that I'm not going to tell who is xD. And hey I didn't want the character to die but that could happen anytime, it is a "person", it's normal. In real life we can lose people we love anytime
iain forrester
iain forrester 11 days ago
Last of us is the best singal player game I have ever played just saying
monkeyinmymind 11 days ago
"Haematocritical cell" *haematologists shudder*
blue frames
blue frames 11 days ago
But she was biten...
jayxson 11 days ago
This was a waste of time. Nothing but click bait. Change the title man. Also very annoying
João Cardoso
João Cardoso 11 days ago
Hm also... If she got bit, but the infection is a kind that doesn't turn her into a zombie, how did the zombie turned into a zombie in the first place, if it's infected by the fungus that doesn't let Ellie turn? How could that that guy turn into a zombie in the first place? Did I just ruined this awesome theory? 😅 Sorry if I did
Leonardo Maia
Leonardo Maia 11 days ago
Soo this kinda creates a bigger problem... From all those people infected, Ellie was the only one that was infected by that kind of fungus? Just like this is the worst fungus in the world to have mutated to infect just ONE people.
Amanda JB
Amanda JB 11 days ago
I dunno it feels like a lot of mental gymnastics in this video, she's definitely immune.
KlaraRae 11 days ago
The evidence here is all good and makes sense to me, but just how did Ellie GET the good strand of cordyceps? She was bit by a totally normal runner, as was Riley, but only Riley died from the zombie infection. I can't remember if the same zombie infected both Riley and Ellie but I don't understand how Ellie got a good strand of fungus from a source that has the bad fungus.
Anonymous Player
Anonymous Player 11 days ago
It’s funny how every game it’s usually america saving the world and also Hollywood movies but now when there’s actually a pandemic going on, Luke Hobbs is gone
Jay Lloreda
Jay Lloreda 11 days ago
I wish they would have added more to the second Plus
Jay Lloreda
Jay Lloreda 11 days ago
I'm glad Ellis kills a b at the end of the game
Malacus 11 days ago
And i will debunk this theory She gets bit again by a clicker But she doesnt turn....
TOXIC-RAIDER 0o0 11 days ago
U just ruined my favorite intro
eddy's t
eddy's t 12 days ago
Yo am i the only one with no medical degree and did understand something from all that medical lingo thingy?
Evan Miller
Evan Miller 12 days ago
How did she get the "good" strain of cordyceps from a clicker with the "bad" strain of cordyceps? I know that would make sense with a virus but like you said this isn't a virus, it's a fungus. I'm not hating on the video, it was very good, I am just curious.
Pro_Master/LJ Simonetti
We all know ellie not immune her immune system is fighting back but she could probably imunne
静けさSerenity 12 days ago
*insert surprised pikachu face*
Midas•Wolf Gaming
Yeah but she got bit by the same nfection of cordecypes which would spread not change
ROBERTO CHAVEZ 13 days ago
so the fungus that is in here is basically letting her body rest but also keeping body healthy and at risk
Manuknight64 13 days ago
the thing is I AM JUST LISTENING
Vlad.B 13 days ago
14:01 is the part where i have seen myself
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