Game Theory: Are Your Mobile Games ILLEGAL?

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I'm sure you've been playing a game or watching a video on your phone when suddenly it is interrupted with an add for a weird and fake looking mobile game. I've seen a lot of channels try out these games to see if they play as advertised, but they haven't covered what I find most interesting about these games. Are they LEGAL? False advertising is a dangerous game, Theorist, so why do these mobile games get away with it? Let's find out!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Tyler Mascola and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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Mar 30, 2021




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Comments 24 267
pieCATuri 7 hours ago
The title is true
Fredzi 11 hours ago
I do enjoy watching theory videos, makes me realise that I'm not so strange to research the loving bajesus out of something. One game theory(ies) that I haven't seen you and the team cover yet is the Little Nightmares series, there's another youtuber who has done ALOT of work on this is Tericho, but I think you could give a different view to his... Anyways, yes banished is a good game to chill out whilst playing there's also Chef
ollugamer 14 hours ago
DEAR Matpat could you please investigate and solve the loose panel mystery in people playground? on the map sea where you can see a blacker panel on the top middle portion of the map. under the light so could you please solve it? IM NOT SPAMMING! HAHA HOW LONG? I WAS THERE WHEN YOU WERE BORN I AM THERE WHEN YOU DIE I WILL LAST TO WATCH THIS WORLD CRUMBLE OH GOD WHY? =)
Scarlet Beans
Scarlet Beans 19 hours ago
"they got banned in the UK" no they didn't ??????
Mpho Matshili
Mpho Matshili 21 hour ago
To be honest for me before downloading a game I would check if there was a gameplay of it that way would i know excatly what the game had in store even if the developers were lying about the content in the ads
Richard Oneil
Richard Oneil 23 hours ago
I got a mobile game ad in this video
DJ Diaper
DJ Diaper Day ago
5:34 ahhh yes hero rescue i hated it but my mom was dumb enough to download and i deleted it plus she was not playing it
Watcher Day ago
And that’s exactly why I turned off targeted ads. Since then my RUvid is experience improved by a lot. No more cringy ads that make me want to die 🥰
nao151080 2 days ago
nao151080 2 days ago
Anyone remember when those static ads up on the top right were all nude fnf characters with amogus pop its blocking a small snippet of it? Ya just gotta love RUvid’s hypocrisy when it comes to ads.
the gentelmen
the gentelmen 2 days ago
Funny enough saberspark made a video about it
Retro Gamer
Retro Gamer 2 days ago
Ok, but is no one gonna talk about how true that intro is?
• 13 Years Ago
• 13 Years Ago 2 days ago
Summoner's Greed: *I am four parallel universes ahead of you.*
I think the "1% of the world can win!" Ads is just for make kids think that they're rare (but then they find out that is the game ez)
Joshua Morris
Joshua Morris 3 days ago
Wait, Mobile game ads appear on RUvid? All I get are ad “Smoking is bad” ads, movie trailers, and sometimes ads with that is MatPat! I never watch any ads and I keep forgetting to watch the ones that has Mat in them.
Joshua Morris
Joshua Morris 3 days ago
I only get Mobile game ads on the Mobile Port of Sonic The Hedgehog since there really isn’t anything else on my device
Ashton Giertz
Ashton Giertz 3 days ago
Aren't there also anti-gambling laws? Most of these mobile games are basically gambling apps with gameplay thrown over it.
tiky 3 days ago
This is fax I saw a roblox mobile ad and it was nothing compared to actual gameplay they made millions of the game and they did that that’s rubbish
Ashton Giertz
Ashton Giertz 3 days ago
6:16 biology is completely different from human behavior. What happened is that they saw how profitable the first guys who did those fake ads were and decided to copy their homework. Or perhaps they're all being done by the same contractor.
Ashton Giertz
Ashton Giertz 3 days ago
If they aren't illegal, they should be. And places that show ads should be legally required to police the ads they show.
Jamar Barnes
Jamar Barnes 3 days ago
Save the girl is save the person from suffering or dying
the unnamed youtuber
Even i was faked like that like the game craftsman I thought it was like the real minecraft but its fake i think its 1:3
FakeTwon 4 days ago
is im watching this video at the end i got misleading ad... what a wrong place to show up
Pony PFP
Pony PFP 4 days ago
That and the ads are rotated out fast enough that by the time one is caught, its out of use. There is a bit more on other facets of mobile advertising here: ruvid.net/video/video-61PzqMLUf14.html. He does bring up points that this one hasn't, though its a bit outdated now.
Not_Wolfycat 4 days ago
9:29 same with RUvid, people take someone's video and use it as their own. not even putting something new, but some fail, some don't.
James Eun
James Eun 5 days ago
Thankyou so much for making this and thanks anyone who helped making these
Simgen x
Simgen x 5 days ago
A million times 5 minutes is alot of minutes. Governments should act.
kitty_Was_found 5 days ago
Me:*plays a town game* My mom:Its so stupid Also my mom:*plays gardenscaps* Me:...Really
Lightning 6 days ago
I hate those stupid adds
Lightning 6 days ago
I hate those stupid adds
I got one of those ads while watching this
Thetreetroll 6 days ago
Banished is a good game I would suggest it. For the love of God don't build wood houses!!
Јелена Борисевић
i dont even play add games
Јелена Борисевић
i HATE when the ads have a fake X that is just clipped into the video and if you click it (try to), it sends you to the app store like if you tapped where ever
Ellen Shade
Ellen Shade 6 days ago
I wanted to share this video From Saber Spark with all of you, IT NEEDS MORE ATTENTION!!!!!!!!! ruvid.net/video/video-KsKlfN9phAs.html&lc=Ugz9oqFrNWwXDPzlMwp4AaABAg.9SRsRGrMRTf9SS1hkVJORT
Starmis 6 days ago
@Ellen Shade thank you for doing this. I went to check and see if anyone is doing this here and I'm so happy you're spreading the word cause now, we are in a war against RUvid.
David Everage
David Everage 6 days ago
yo game theory have you heard of kitten mach it soooo.. bad as lily's garden can you do that it will be great.
Why are they disliking
The Life of Morgan
I don't get ads for games mostly just products
Tito Casado
Tito Casado 7 days ago
Where did humanity go wrong with these “games”
Twilight§bunbun 7 days ago
0:48 you can see a funky pop of springtrap
soniclid1 7 days ago
7:15 bottom right
Nutzloser Youtubesuchti
You: proof to literally everything with good informations Also you: BUT HEY, THATS JUST A THEORY
isabelwise_ 8 days ago
i got one of those adds in the middle of it and thought it was part of your video ☠️☠️☠️
Gibos Gibnon
Gibos Gibnon 8 days ago
I really hate the sexual adds not just cause they’re weird but because they just show how much RUvid doesn’t care about it’s platform, with these being allowed to do whatever they want because they give money to RUvid
ZombieChicken15 8 days ago
Grace’s Cooking Show
Good thing my only apps are cooking apps and RUvid
Jay Lord Pascual
Jay Lord Pascual 8 days ago
Theory about solar smash
wilo 8 days ago
I like the way he said ruining your child hood since 2011 1:05
Slanker 9 days ago
the four horsemen of matpat bad companies meh media, good enough games, lazy productions , lazy productions gold...
Cutie Kitty
Cutie Kitty 9 days ago
Yeah like garden scapes literally could’ve made an add out of a recording of them playing the game instead of making a whole new add. It would’ve been better for us and easier for them.
9 days ago
I’m not drawn in by the ads :D
Olivia kloppenborg
While I was watching this video I saw one of these ads
HUM4N P3rs0n
HUM4N P3rs0n 9 days ago
Aren't annotations still there...?
ginkgobilobatree 9 days ago
The worst things they do are not the ads for games. It takes just a couple downloads to figure out that they are all lying anyway. It's the rigged gambling RNG inside of the games to milk whales and every one else.
IMPanda Yolanda Parker Frazier
games like those are all just cash grabs nothing more nothing less thats why they do the can u solve this and do it wrong so u want to beat all levels but there never what u want it to be and game theory is the best
kartikeya sharma
kartikeya sharma 9 days ago
It always make me rage when i am redirected by these adds when i try to close those adds. Some adds even have a fake cross to redirect to playstore
otis hawkridge
otis hawkridge 9 days ago
Surely adds that steal other games gameplay should be violating copyright
MarcoUltra 10 days ago
Ye Why The Bit**
Gabriel M.
Gabriel M. 10 days ago
I hate those ads (also I have the true experience because it's the same phone used in it)
Yen 10 days ago
KL Harris
KL Harris 10 days ago
i once fell for one of those ads. After deleting the game in disappointment, I now make it a policy to watch the game on RUvid first.
ColaNotes 11 days ago
this is a comment!!! that really agrees. :/
Levi Worland
Levi Worland 11 days ago
Anyone else here get ads which have narration? I've seen so many of those it's actually hurting my brain to the point were I go "Yeah yeah sure your games great NOW GET OFF MY BLOODY SCREEN I'M TRYING TO WATCH MINECRAFT" or whatever game I'm trying to watch when I get one. At least on computer I can have an adblocker and on console these ads don't show up at all! Anyways, thanks mobile ads for being cringey nonsense you are. JUST KIDDING, GET YOUR COMPANIES TERMINATED! If you can't tell, I hate these ads. I haven't seen one in a long time though, so there's that.
Mirowchy 11 days ago
I started playing gardenscapes back when it had actual ads showing gameplay and made me interested in the "build a cute garden" aspect. I stopped playing at some point when the stages got too difficult and it felt like I would've needed to pay for powerups to get through them. I was pretty damn confused when I first saw one of their newer nightmare ads, like "why are they torturing the wholesome butler character D:" which made my already lessened interest plummet to zero.
MannytheMan 11 days ago
At one point a saw an ad advertising a ripoff Minecraft game, and they showed a Minecraft youtube video from an actual RUvidr!! (This one in particular by Portemay ruvid.net/video/video-mEIqOiEwJJ4.html )
lenwax 11 days ago
Back in my time anotations appered every 10 seconds and started to promote things like scams good tmes.
Ken Nguyen
Ken Nguyen 12 days ago
What about netboom
ravenlw87 12 days ago
That into mad me laughing in tears Idk why
Alec Birdsall
Alec Birdsall 12 days ago
I report all the games as offensive. Since as a gamer I feel qualified to say it's offensive to my culture to try and pass that stuff off as a real game.
justicecaparros 12 days ago
Noob game theorist viewer: lame people Hacker game theorist viewer: EPIC CHAD GUYS
HotFiretrash69 12 days ago
Game theory I love ur vids keep up the good work and also you are really smart
joe heiple
joe heiple 13 days ago
There was This dragon ball game ad I got it showed dbz broly and then while it showed his card it then played a clip from dragon ball fighterz a game that's not on mobile ik bc I play it on ps4.
Alê USA 13 days ago
my dad played garden scapes long enough TO GET TO LEVEL 6,539
a basket
a basket 13 days ago
the company gives more budget to their ads than their actual game like ._.
Sara Calvet
Sara Calvet 13 days ago
The I found a game for buddies ads make no sense. How is it dor buddies??? It says you use your finger or telekinesis on a GAME.
Brian Odafi
Brian Odafi 13 days ago
turn to god repent for your sins and get educared on god
Sykotes 13 days ago
i wanna know what games have the highest uninstall rate lol
Suny Demolon
Suny Demolon 13 days ago
I never instal these bad game cause: 1:sometime it not like the add 2:it's ALWAY repeat 3:IT NO USE TO INSTAL
QueenEdwardIII 13 days ago
I only just saw the slogan at the bottom of the title: “Ruining your dreams since 2011.” Lmao
Sandra Sandra
Sandra Sandra 13 days ago
I use the RUvid app a lot, so I see these ads. A LOT. But, suprisingly, since moving to Sweden, about a month ago, I have not seen a single one. Before I saw at least one a day. Thought I’d share.
A 13 days ago
Game thery has probably the best intro ngl.
The Mighty Black Cat
I legit saw an ad that showed miles morales and called it Spider-Man when it was just a game that had a stick figure swing on a building
TheRedRaccoonDog 14 days ago
How does Evertale get away with this?
catzilla the cat king
This reminds me of when I saw a mobile add and in the add I was feed and grow fish and when I got it IT WAS TERRIBLE AND NOTHING LIKE IT
lolliii 14 days ago
MatPat: I'll just play a better game also MatPat: *puts out Bowser's fury*
Ben Octari Cat
Ben Octari Cat 14 days ago
Remember when the Homescapes and the Gardenscapes ads ACTUALLY showed what the game was about and not the clickbait ads they currently are?
B!3EK 14 days ago
That's why I'm a f2p player
Newerbeasts 14 days ago
Me: Plays Homescapes coz I saw gameplay and liked it. Also Me: Gets stuck on lvl 20. My Dad: Ur just bad. Me: No! Him: Yes. Then Me: Play it then! My Dad: Speedrun time! 1 year later: My Dad: Lvl 3333.
Moopy Muffin
Moopy Muffin 14 days ago
I got a mobile game add during this video
Kuintessence 14 days ago
0:32 Phone is the pixel 5 :)
ö 14 days ago
0:39 was that a rick and morty reference?
IDidntGoByNames 15 days ago
i hate mobile games because controls are hard
IDidntGoByNames 15 days ago
+annoying ads
Mannuell Juan
Mannuell Juan 15 days ago
"your epic adventure awaits you in your pocket" People who dont have pockets:so i have to play it on pockets time to use another pants
WolfMania 15 days ago
homescapes is actually a really good game
Basically Anime
Basically Anime 15 days ago
Before watching this I found a game theory ad
Tiger Gaming
Tiger Gaming 15 days ago
11:17 that profile pic of oliver stephens is actually markilplier nice work game theory/matpat
Jake Watson
Jake Watson 15 days ago
Not me realizing the "Super Amazing End Card Tournament" was A/B testing
Studio Majko TV
Studio Majko TV 15 days ago
Well all my ads are the same stupidity
Jimbo 15 days ago
Whoever made any misleading mobile games are wanted by the FBI.
X-Studios: The TokuTuber
So the "Super Amazing Endcard Tournament" was also A/B testing?
Shadow YT
Shadow YT 16 days ago
Wow Mech areana has better adds than this They actually show real game play