Game Theory: A Boy and His D̴̬̝͖͍̋͋͛̊͆͑̄͋̄͐̏̔̚͠ő̵͔̦̭͉̟̬͌͊̽g̶̹̀̈́̈́͆̃͌́͆̈́́̎͝ (Boneworks / Duck Season)

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There are so many secrets buried in Boneworks as it relates to Stress Level Zero's other games, especially Duck Season. There was still one thing left, after our last episodes, that I REALLY wanted to talk to you about. That is the connection between Arthur Ford, our Boneworks protagonists, and David, the protagonist of Duck Season. You see there is evidence that they are, in fact, one and the same. The SAME PERSON at different points in his life, circling back to where it all began and closing the loop. How did I come to this conclusion, Theorists? Let's get started.
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Boneworks, He Never Died ► ruvid.net/video/video-bqY0_ZeHs8k.html
Duck Season's Dog UNMASKED! ► ruvid.net/video/video-_0fX0WNMMUo.html
The Scariest Game You'll NEVER Play! ► ruvid.net/video/video-oC88jsc-wpg.html
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The Tragic Mystery of Pokemon's Ghost Girl ► ruvid.net/video/video-0ju3V6IYKM4.html
Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, and Marc Schneider
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman




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Comments 80
GeekyGaia 2 hours ago
So...this is the terminator story
Dimension Traveler
Dimension Traveler 8 hours ago
I want to add something that may or may not work, but maybe it does work. Maybe Duck Season is like a hub and can be found as a little gas stop, and that would explain why there are three doors to three different places involving the void, unlike in Boneworks where there is only one door in the virtual reality. When Mat mentions the door that says "Welcome home.", it could be referencing to how the door connect to the doors in Duck Hunt and therefore David's old house. It would explain how Arthur (old David) could travel back to his old house. Also, when Mat mentions that the hair color of the character might be a bump in the evidence, it wouldn't exactly be unreasonable to how his hair color changed as David grew. There is also the fact that you wouldn't want to have the same hair color that the cops know you have if you're running away from home. David probably died his hair darker so he couldn't be identified, explaining why his hair is so much darker. And that's it. Thank you for reading this!
Azazels Offline
Azazels Offline 18 hours ago
The Kazoo Kid’s name is Brett Ambler. David’s appearance was based off of Brett. David is theorized to be Arthur Ford. Arthur’s design is based off of Brett Driver.
Tofuee111 Glynn
Tofuee111 Glynn 21 hour ago
David has blue eyes and Arthur has brown case closed shut up not the same person
Gamer Ninja
Gamer Ninja 22 hours ago
@Game Theory . Theory: maybe the void can change the users human features so maybe The guy from bone works went in there before. and that’s why he has Brown eyes
3rR0r 2168
3rR0r 2168 22 hours ago
Gnik nolram
Gnik nolram Day ago
Mini theory is soo many
Elijah Bacon
Elijah Bacon Day ago
I was thinking that David was the dog at the very beginning
Mackenna the Youtuber
MatPat: *hands us a theory about ANOTHER indie horror game involving kids* Me: Yeah not surprised. The game industry clearly has a thing against children.
Justin S
Justin S Day ago
this is giving me some terminator vibes
Mortal Death
Mortal Death Day ago
I don't know loads about this game but why does the baseball have 2 dog/cat paw prints on it?
Tien Nguyen
Tien Nguyen Day ago
So, David becomes Arthur because of the Dog, which is future David/Arthur trying to stop David (and his mom)... but that very act of trying to stop David is what made David become Arthur... Also, void nonsense aside, wouldn't killing his past self technically cause a time paradox?
HisMajesty Day ago
*_AirPods Pro have entered the chat_*
Daniel Punh
Daniel Punh Day ago
I think Aurther killed the other families to close the loop
Cow Craft
Cow Craft Day ago
Mini Theory Divid is Athur got Crazy in the void tome irrelevant, Arthur is the Dog! Btw i thought this before you mentioned it!!
EXV_Frostyys ,
one thing I noticed is in one of the endings for duck season your in the game and you see yourself in the future, but the character had brown hair
I_ Like_Dogs
I_ Like_Dogs 2 days ago
I’m actually surprised the earbuds are only 79.99 while AirPods are 200.00
2 days ago
My friend Clayton’s eyes turned from blue to green at ten
Jamesz Burrage
Jamesz Burrage 2 days ago
If you type child in the tree house in a duck season it says immortal
Nemolus 2 days ago
Hey i found the duck season game box is in the exit room on the desk
Shu Liu
Shu Liu 2 days ago
What is Sabrerlake?
NecTor 1
NecTor 1 2 days ago
wnoything 2 days ago
Nabye Arthur is Davids lost dad
Jessica Ristevski
7:59 : was that jimmy page?
Angelo Villarreal
13:32 actually eye color can pretty often change when your older but im only saying this because when i was little my eyes change colors from blue, green, gray, and finally dark brown and when my eye turn to the its final and permanent color was when i was 8 I'm just saying this off of experience
Kylee Gaby
Kylee Gaby 2 days ago
matpat: * explains how the dog in duck season is aurthor's dad also matpat: *explains how aurthor is the dog me : * confused human noises
Natalia Mason
Natalia Mason 3 days ago
This game made me so scared ngl
StarLightEclipz 3 days ago
“Mini theory” Me: why’s it longer then last episode..
Spitfire HD
Spitfire HD 3 days ago
Okay I gotta point this out this is like the fifth time I've been watching this and I just figured something out. Here's my Theory: If Arthur/David is the Dog wich I think then since the Canon ending is what is the real thing happening in the game Arthur as the dog would have known that his younger self kills the dog since he's the older version and it has already happened for him THAT then begins the loop of mom dead David becomes Arthur etc. So basically my Theory is that David's future self only exists because it using the void in the future creates itself in the past. In case you read this Matpat what do you think?
Real Cwaf
Real Cwaf 3 days ago
Boosh i call boosh if you go to the past to see your past self as a kid he would of already know that you were going to destroy the dog so
Tyler Mccleary
Tyler Mccleary 3 days ago
Haha, great conheed & Cambria reference matpat
Rares Lapadat
Rares Lapadat 4 days ago
Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo where is my intro ?????!!!!!!!!!
Caleb Fridy
Caleb Fridy 4 days ago
Until you do a video about So Not Believe His Lies, I'm not giving any more L I K E S
MarteenaRV 4 days ago
So... *inhales* Arthur is a furry
Fate Cate
Fate Cate 5 days ago
the mini theory is longer than the normal one
Savannah Newton
Savannah Newton 5 days ago
what if the dog is arthur? And that's why it says welcome home
_Vicano49_ 5 days ago
if the boy was the dog then if th kid died wouldnt the dog dissapear?
Chancellor Palpatine
person:*starts explaining* (sorry idk your name) my little brain:* Blows up into cells*
Found me Again, huh?
Turns out you're all inside of my game
MegaCharged YT
MegaCharged YT 5 days ago
How did he say “dog” like that
Masteroffire 19
Masteroffire 19 5 days ago
Issac tong
Issac tong 5 days ago
So...are u telling me a kid who suspected a killer to his mother and disappeared can end up getting a security director job???
Kalrach 5 days ago
2:24 "Amityville Realty" May be a nod to Amityville Horror! Wikipedia quote -- The Amityville Horror is a book by American author Jay Anson, published in September 1977. It is also the basis of a series of films released from 1979 onward. The book is claimed to be based on the paranormal experiences of the Lutz family, but has led to controversy and lawsuits over its truthfulness. Link -- en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Amityville_Horror Might we have a setting for the Duck Hunt game? There's gotta be a link from the books to this...
jose gutierrez
jose gutierrez 5 days ago
Nintendo: Let’s make a hunting game that will be easy for players. Stress level zero: Hold my beer
Let's Jam
Let's Jam 6 days ago
8:00 that made the whole video, honestly
Im board so I don't know what im doing
Im not going to lie I canda got it first because of your other video
Mike The Slav
Mike The Slav 6 days ago
What about alora flicking the gammon switch or hard drive at the end of boneworks? Is she betraying monogon? Did she make the bug/ error on the clip board at the end of duck season. And personally I think that Arthur ford is David’s father because his father might miss him or might want to feel closer to his home. I don’t know I just started to think about this a bit.
Sweet And sour
Sweet And sour 6 days ago
i have a theory yes david is a kid who grows up as arthur but in the stuck forever (duck season) ending what if the kid who reopened the duck season when you turn around and the screen opens to see alittle boy with the same looks as arthur is arthur?. maybe but i just thought about it :I just sharing
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith 6 days ago
mini theory It connects to Minecraft
Brandon Lopez
Brandon Lopez 6 days ago
I’m gonna be honest the type of earbuds he’s suggested are worth the money BETTER THAN AIRPODS I own a pair of these not the same kind but they stay in VERY well and if you work out a lot they are very useful
Factfur 6 days ago
"[Changing eye color] only tends to happen to children under the age of 1." I was blue eyed until I was 5. Now my eyes are green.
AwkwardTurtle OoO
But since the woman from Bonebreaker or whatever(I forgot the name already, shush) said Arthur was the 1st one to actually get there...it doesn’t make much sense because the writing says 30 YEARS since someone has first entered the void and if Arthur is in his 20s and David is 11...that doesn’t make much sense even if the Void is a place beyond time. Or I’m just confused cause I’m no big brainer cry.
CMDRLawliet 7 days ago
Question: if the Voidway exists outside of space and time, then why does Nine mention that it’s been 30 years since the gate to the Void was last opened?
blue bird
blue bird 7 days ago
I have the craziest theory:David/Arthur is the dog in order to set certain actions in place
Naitsab 7 days ago
Arthur is not David, David is the hero of this story, he will reappear on Hall of the machine king. Mad max style.
_Anonym_ 7 days ago
Here’s a point you didn’t mention. In the two employees’ conversation in the last theory, the unknown employee mentioned that the only company that has already tapped into the void was “Sabrelake.” Flashback to your playthrough of Duck Season VR. In the Easter Egg showcase room you discovered at the end of the stream, there was a model of an officer in full uniform. Next to him was a logo labeled “Safety Agent Sabrelake.” This agency is obviously tied to the Sabrelake company mentioned by the Monogon employees and the “Hall of the Machine King” game. Through this information, we know that Monogon wasn’t the first company to tamper with the void, and could have possibly caused the events of “Hall of the Machine King.” But that’s just a theory...
Paul Favela
Paul Favela 7 days ago
But one thing I need to know what about the dog from duck season is smoking
killakaynyne 7 days ago
Nah dude loves his mom...he'd try to find a way without killing her.
Egle Bacyte
Egle Bacyte 7 days ago
Mat i saw the cat clock in a melanie Martinez in a music video the video is called cry baby
jamie mitchell
jamie mitchell 7 days ago
jamie mitchell
jamie mitchell 7 days ago
Alex Manu
Alex Manu 7 days ago
But there is one thing you're Missing! Theorizing Needs decisive evidence! Penalty!
Sidhi Balaji
Sidhi Balaji 7 days ago
Did someone notice that at 9:54 welcome is written 'weclome' ?
tnok ton
tnok ton 8 days ago
9:31 this is the original sonic
TheLao 8 days ago
hey matpat, the part where u ask if david is being welcomed home at 9:52 , you put weclome home
0MohawkWarrior0 8 days ago
I keep seeing ads for those crappy earbuds everywhere, but I have found several generic brand earbuds on both Amazon and Wish that are FAR better at a fraction of the price. Every channel on RUvid seems to be pushing high priced low quality crap. It's getting worse than ever.
Toaster Van
Toaster Van 8 days ago
Mat: "E3 this year" Me: * Laughs in march *
Λгkturus_425 9 days ago
Does anyone agree that Arthur's ID card or whatever, makes him look like a combination of 8-bit Ryan and Ryan Reynolds?
Grace Sype
Grace Sype 9 days ago
*Sense Level Zero*
toothfish 9 days ago
its been like three years and our boy matpat still hasnt recovered from that one undertale theory
emotionless fresh
emotionless fresh 10 days ago
I used to have long blond hair when I was younger, and my hair is now a light brown, still getting darker
Axew325 10 days ago
To further solidify this theory in a new update you can see the duck season box in arthurs office.
Djuan Mitchell
Djuan Mitchell 10 days ago
Wait where is his dad? I HAVE A THEORY HIS DAD LEFT FOR THE MILK!!!
Please enter A name
Anyone remember the game DarkWood? Lol
Mikhail Demsky
Mikhail Demsky 11 days ago
does anyone know the song at 9:32 ?
FaZe UnVerified
FaZe UnVerified 11 days ago
I think I’ll stick with my airpods
Fnaf Lover
Fnaf Lover 11 days ago
Well when I has about 5 I had really Blue eyes and now (about 12 years later) I have Hazel eyes ( note: I did nothing to change them, they did that on their own) so eye color can change at age older that 1
jovan sanjaya
jovan sanjaya 11 days ago
0:11 wow that sounds acctually mini
Wolfatron 01
Wolfatron 01 11 days ago
Matpat: david is arthur Me: ok i can see that Matpat: he is also the dog Me: oh no here we go
Blib Blob
Blib Blob 11 days ago
matpat: Sees random suburban house. also matpat: I'm gonna assume that david is the only person in the entire world who lives in a suburban house uwu
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