Game of Thrones Top 10 Moments

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This is my personal opinion of the Top 10 Moments of Season 1.

I could not add much of the #2 scene due to nudity but here is the full scene for anyone interested: ruvid.net/video/video-UaTFc3FW0o0.html&NR=1&

Honorable Mentions for Top Moments:

Khaleesi eating a Heart
Night's Watch Speech + March outside the wall
Jurah finally suiting up and battling
Any of Tyrion's scenes
Ned beheading a deserter with his sons witnessing
Almost any dire wolf scene where they protected their master

For anyone who wants to read the books you can download the mobile version for your phone here: goo.gl/6OLR0

You can buy all 4 paperback version of the books for a total of 20$ on Amazon

You can also buy the hard copy versions for 20$ each on Amazon as well.

The books are well worth the read.

Hope to have more Top Moments for Season 2 which will be based off Clash of Kings!

Also by "Rebirth of the Dragons" I simply mean the Dragons in general are back. Not that those certain dragons have been born before.


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Jun 25, 2011




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kevin shuler
kevin shuler 3 months ago
#1 Jon Becomes King #2 Lord Stark Is Killed #3 The Red Wedding #4 Battle of the Bastards #5 Hold the Door #6 Jon is Killed #7 Jon is Reborn #8 Melisandre lights the Dothraki Sickles #9 Arya fights Lady Brienne #10 Lord Bronn shoots the arrow
JustForFun77077 3 months ago
Joffery is such a bad ass. Probably the best swordsman in the entire series!
Suman Chatterjee
Suman Chatterjee 3 months ago
The king of the Naath
12:24 I'm telling mother '✋slap💥' ah!🤦‍♀️🙅‍♀️
10:23 awww
Upasna Bharija
Upasna Bharija 3 months ago
We would never get jaimi Vs Robb
SUGIONO Legend 3 months ago
12:18 SLAAPH...!! Duh aaaah....!! Iam telling motheer..!! SLAAAPH...!! Hhaaah aaah.... You caan't..!! SLAAAPH...!! Iaaaah....!!
ob ri
ob ri 3 months ago
These ppl r cheering for ned being beheaded, im glad dany burned them all
Dark_ Gacha Girl
Dark_ Gacha Girl 3 months ago
Dark_ Gacha Girl
Dark_ Gacha Girl 3 months ago
Why is your fafourite scene Ned Stark's Dead?
GAZA KID2002 4 months ago
Season 8 leave for me to start watch but base on u all smh I broke that cd
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Nik Solovyev
Nik Solovyev 4 months ago
Inappropriate video? Lol!
The hound had renly throbbing hard
Matt Sivits
Matt Sivits 4 months ago
12:24 No true king tells his mother
Ben JR
Ben JR 4 months ago
I want to kill Joffrey
Rebecca Luxford
Rebecca Luxford 4 months ago
Drogo got the best lay of his life that night lol
dzabageo 4 months ago
Ned: Half of everything is luck. Executioner: And the other half? Ned: Fate.... *dead*
Rebec Darneimoi
Rebec Darneimoi 4 months ago
Khal drogo vs the reborn Mountain????ooooo...best fight scene ever..too bad they made Khal drogo dead too soon
Suraj ram Kuldi
Suraj ram Kuldi 5 months ago
Glo Hugg
Glo Hugg 5 months ago
Sonu Jassal
Sonu Jassal 6 months ago
I m watch all episode and Arya great job
HoP muk
HoP muk 6 months ago
Привет с 2020
sarvinder singh
sarvinder singh 6 months ago
Man tyrion slapping joffery is so satisfying
Geo el pro
Geo el pro 6 months ago
JannikSr 6 months ago
Can’t believe that is 8 years ago ..
janrey miado
janrey miado 6 months ago
Yah hahaa
velvet love
velvet love 6 months ago
I miss Got so much😭
Олег Олег
Олег Олег 6 months ago
Классные отрывки каким пудикам они не понравились?
マルコス 6 months ago
Chester R
Chester R 6 months ago
Where's Dany and Drogo scene? 😁😂🤣
Driver Choi
Driver Choi 6 months ago
피의 결혼식이 없다?
Abhishek Ranjan
Abhishek Ranjan 6 months ago
Peter balish ki ma ka bhosda or joffary ki ma ki choo
Milan Szabłowski
Milan Szabłowski 6 months ago
Catelyn's face at 9:36 is like: What The fuck is happening right now?
Jhii Chill
Jhii Chill 6 months ago
Please let me know where i can watch full season and episodes i want to watch this again!
Jhii Chill
Jhii Chill 6 months ago
I miss this😭😭
Jordan Ngalu
Jordan Ngalu 6 months ago
Ned stark deserved to die
Higor Fernandes
Higor Fernandes 6 months ago
Where is when Danny sad drycaris for the fist time ??????? Unbeliveble dont be in this top 10
Imam enders
Imam enders 6 months ago
John Perez
John Perez 6 months ago
I feel this show 😔
Nantiere Ebenezer
Nantiere Ebenezer 6 months ago
Good selection
hà tây TV
hà tây TV 6 months ago
Việt năm
MADDOG 6 months ago
RUvid police are girly men........... this is nothing compared to what those Middle Eastern states have been uploading
bend0ver_ 6 months ago
U could pretty much get away with anything if your good friends with Drogo (use him for trial by combat)
Babaji Unsuccessful
Babaji Unsuccessful 6 months ago
Tyrion:one word i will slap u agin😆😆
Nayotama Labib
Nayotama Labib 6 months ago
I miss this series
Karen Jantzi
Karen Jantzi 7 months ago
Me when Drogo rips out Mago’s throat: “That’s some tea.”
Kawin Model
Kawin Model 7 months ago
What is this RUvid ban this trones Series
LA Draper
LA Draper 7 months ago
I could think of many better scenes including The Hound at the tavern. I think I'll have two chickens.
neonjoe529 7 months ago
Dany at 2:20: Wait, what?
Sofiane Djelid
Sofiane Djelid 7 months ago
وحوش ادمية
Donny Emig
Donny Emig 7 months ago
Honestly I'm suprised ned lasted as long as he did with jamie
awaaljowder 7 months ago
Not even close to the best 10 moments
gilbertobm 7 months ago
In retrospective Joffrey was the better king. 🤣
gilbertobm 7 months ago
1:13 that is such not a GOT moment 🤣
THEIAN11 7 months ago
Ned getting killed was a good scene? Wtf
Elijah Compton
Elijah Compton 7 months ago
1:00 mark the golden cloak on the right hahaha So fuckin short i never noticed
TheBadgerKing 7 months ago
Ah yes because molten gold = fire
Jonathan Anyaegbuna
Jonathan Anyaegbuna 7 months ago
Watch drogos speech with the RUvid subtitles on😂
Joe Maggi
Joe Maggi 7 months ago
2:00 put the subtitles on 😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nika Nanetashvili
Nika Nanetashvili 7 months ago
This isn't top 10 moments!!!
Julio cesar Saldaña chaupe
Espadeishon ..para las barbas..
Zee M.
Zee M. 8 months ago
Really, Drogo's speech?
bo2web 8 months ago
1:30 That telemarketing voice coming from a foreign call center !
Spectrum 7
Spectrum 7 8 months ago
Piotr Kowalski
Piotr Kowalski 8 months ago
I would add red (bloody) wedding to this list.
Sherry Justice
Sherry Justice 8 months ago
just reminds me of how great it could have been
Chuck's poke
Chuck's poke 8 months ago
#1 I forget that Cersi had compassion once upon a time.
Sait Baran
Sait Baran 8 months ago
Fantassin de Guillaulme
Top ten moments of GoT season 1. FTFY
I loved where Dani tried to burn the night king outside winterfell and he just smirked back up at her. Zero F**ks given.
Carla Fajardo
Carla Fajardo 8 months ago
I love jason to rule khal drogo😘😘😘 and i.m his khaleesi😘😘
King Solarmane
King Solarmane 8 months ago
Dany was beautiful in the early season's
Matthew Barnes
Matthew Barnes 8 months ago
So the mountain is nothing but an overgrown punkass bitch who can't handle sharing toys or attention. Chickenshit bitch.
Ananas 248 c
Ananas 248 c 8 months ago
Most legendary moment THE KING IN THE NORTH crying...
Melissa Oderieugif
Melissa Oderieugif 8 months ago
I'd give anything to see Dany invading Westeros with Khal Drogo commanding the Dothrakis and Dany flying with Drogon. She could've used Viserys as a sacrifice to bring her dragons to life.
Fahad amyal
Fahad amyal 8 months ago
This is top shity moments in GOT. Please correct the title. 😊
it'sme Rohit
it'sme Rohit 8 months ago
#1 should be tyrion speech .
CEO Hirnwasch
CEO Hirnwasch 8 months ago
1:27 when the psychopath starting speech
Faheem Afzal
Faheem Afzal 9 months ago
Amazing show with a shitty ending. Absolutely rubbish writing and execution.
Rahib Abdurahmanov
Rahib Abdurahmanov 9 months ago
Ölümün yakişmadiği tek karakter
stan willmott
stan willmott 9 months ago
12:19 IMP SLAP
Miz Ambal
Miz Ambal 9 months ago
my best moment :D ruvid.net/video/video-2KDeSzXpyNY.htmlm50s
Abrar Marazi
Abrar Marazi 9 months ago
A crown for a king
Patrick Hylton
Patrick Hylton 9 months ago
How can you hay a top ten without the Red Wedding..
David Upton
David Upton 9 months ago
Where did they find that PRICK who played Joffrey? I say that is was type casting at it's finest. A prick playing prick! 😁😁😁😉😉
England World Cup 2018
Daenerys is literally creaming in Her knickers at 2.22 when Drogo ranting about Killing Men in their Iron suits.... You know for a fact that on that Night She told Him that He could give Her some Anal!!!! I imagine the conversation went like this “Hey Khal, Listening to You talk about how You’re going to take the Iron Throne has got Me so Wet and Horny, Come to Bed and I’ll let You Fuck My Arse....
Brady Michel
Brady Michel 9 months ago
Arya is a child and picked up a sword ready to fight what a badass
Ahmed Oday
Ahmed Oday 9 months ago
Not today
Dingwei Jin
Dingwei Jin 9 months ago
Then we find ou that half of conseguence and all death in the serie is caused by that piece of shit of Joffrey..... If he never existed ....the world still have that half people alive ....😅😅😅😅
Karan Jindal
Karan Jindal 9 months ago
The king in the north.
FLY EAGLES FLY 9 months ago
It's fun looking at the auto-generated captions when Khal Drogo talks
amanda yvonete
amanda yvonete 10 months ago
Drogo said that he would rape the women and take their children as slaves and ''the breaker of chains' agreeding happily with him hahahaha! Dany always was ambicious, she wasn't good.
Mary Ellen Putnam-Reinhardt
I want a BABY dragon.. Lol, j/k. They’re so cute.
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leo pard
leo pard 10 months ago
I just say that"illuminate you will not be succeed"
Paul Cowsill
Paul Cowsill 10 months ago
Jamie Lannister will not abide backstabbers.
Dipali Kshetraphal
Dipali Kshetraphal 10 months ago
Not good!! Valar morgulas.. while walker..white dragon .. dracaras. Son many moments must be added..
Oscar Delgado
Oscar Delgado 10 months ago
Joel Lim
Joel Lim 10 months ago
everytime u feel sorry for the kings landing people, just rewatch ned stark’s execution scene, just watch tyrion trial scene. U will never feel sorry for them ever again. Those fools deserved to die the moment they supported idiots over the actual people that saved their lives
Ravi 10 months ago
Whenever I see Ned stark's death, I feel the people in kingslanding deserved the wrath of Dany...
FLY EAGLES FLY 6 months ago
I know it is a TV shows there is no reason to get annoyed about fake people being killed but let's not pretend that there weren't children there some of which werent even alive at the time of ned's death...
Deepanshu Mahore
Deepanshu Mahore 6 months ago
Agreed... I'm glad she did it
Alec Wolf
Alec Wolf 6 months ago
@Mare or stallion, There's far more inside yes I am...now fuck off.
한미라 6 months ago
@Alec Wolf And I kinda loved how Dany died. In her arms of her lover, right before her beloved Iron Throne she always dreamt off. She didn't even came to sit on it. How tragic...
한미라 6 months ago
@Telena Brookshier Wait WHAT? You think burning innocent people (yes they're innocent because they only believed what they had to believe) is okay? Dany fans are crazy.
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